Sabine and Melanie's Second Year Ch. 02


I walked inside our room and didn't even stop. I walked up to the window, made sure the curtains were pulled back and stood right in front of it. Who knows how many people had seen me naked so far? So what was the difference anymore? Hell, I might as well strip as soon as I walked into the dorm. Why wait until I climbed five flights of stairs? How long would it be before the entire campus knew me as the naked girl?

Melanie chuckled as she watched me make sure the curtains were wide open and I was standing right in the middle of the window. She sat on the couch and watched me stand, full frontal to the outside and especially the boy's dorm across the way. I imagined that every room facing ours had at least one guy in it with binoculars looking at my naked body. I wondered what else she could do to me. For sure, if she came up with something else it would be humiliating.

Finally my fifteen minutes were up and Melanie let me know. We studied the rest of that afternoon, even if it was only the first day of the semester. Went out for dinner and I got to strip again, without anyone seeing me this time. In the evening we just sat around and listened to music and at bedtime, Melanie told me to get into her bed, naked, of course, and she played with my nipples and pussy until I was so horny. Then she spread her legs and I got between them and licked and kissed her pussy until she came. We spooned then, Melanie holding my right breast in her hand, gently squeezing it and kissing my neck. Finally she nuzzled into my hair and fell asleep, still holding my breast and after a long time, I fell asleep too.

The balance of the week was pretty normal except for me taking my clothes off whenever Melanie and I returned to the dorm. We went to classes, studied, ate, listened to music and slept. My pussy had gotten sore from Melanie screwing me so much the first few days we were back together so she relented and left me alone. Since she wasn't screwing me I spent the nights when we went to bed, licking her until she came. That was good for me since I loved to please her. I'm pretty sure that Melanie enjoyed it quite a bit also.

We finally got to Saturday which was good since we got two days off from classes. My pussy was not sore anymore so I was looking forward to the night and having sex with my darling again. We lazed around in the morning until Melanie told me to shower and I ended up drying myself in the window again. Then she told me that we were going for a drive. So, we got dressed and walked down to her car. We took off and ended up heading south on the Interstate. I was curious about where we were going. Melanie smiled at me.

"We're going to play a game today, Sabine. Does that sound like fun to you?"

"Um, what sort of game, Melanie?"

"Well, sweetie, I am going to find a truck and pull up next to it. You're going to look up at it and if the driver looks down at you you're going to smile at him and wave. If he still keeps looking at you, you are going to take off your top for him. And if he seems to be enjoying looking at your tits you will unbutton your pants and point at them. If he gives you any indication that he is interested, you will take off your pants. Then I want you to spread your legs for him. After a little bit of that, you'll get on your hands and knees with your ass pointed at him and make sure he sees your pussy. You'll stay like that until I pull away and then you can get dressed. Then we'll look for another truck. Sound fun?"

"Not particularly, Melanie."

"But, you'll do it, won't you?"

"Do you really want me to?"

"I've thought about having you do it for days and I know I want to see you naked and showing off, so yes, I want you to do it."

I just looked at her and then I thought about how naughty it would be and that I never would see this guy again. I slipped off my shoes and put them in the back seat. Melanie smiled at me. I was nervous and getting excited about all this. I looked ahead and Melanie was pulling up next to a semi truck. She got along side it and I looked up. I could see a much older guy and waited. Finally, after seeing that we weren't passing him, he looked at our car. I could see him see me and I pointed to my top. He glanced back at the road ahead and then back at me. I lifted my top over my head, exposing my breasts to him. I saw a broad grin on his face. He glanced ahead again and then back at me. I unbuttoned my pants and looked up at him. He grinned and nodded. Squirming in my seat I managed to get my pants below my ass and then slid them down, blushing at what I was doing. I bent over and pulled them off so I was completely naked and leaned my seat back a little. I still could see him staring at me and then glance at the road and then back to me. I shivered a little and then I opened my legs. I jumped as his air horn blew and then settled back again and turned a little more toward him with my legs still open. I felt Melanie reach over and toy with my nipples until they were good and hard. I was buzzing inside as I was doing this.

I kept my eyes on the driver and he kept looking at me and then glancing ahead and then back to me. After a bit I got up and kneeled on the seat with my ass facing the trucker. I put my head on Melanie's shoulder to hold me up and reached back. I grasped a cheek with either hand and then pulled them apart. I was really feeling dirty as I did this. He could see my pussy and asshole. And then I backed up until my ass was pressed to the window facing him. The air horn blew again. I felt Melanie reach under my chest and tweak both my nipples. She paced the truck until she felt he had had a good enough show and then she sped up and passed him, the air horn blowing in our wake.

"How do you feel, slut?"

"Dirty and nasty."

"And horny?"

"A little."

"You are a slut, Sabine, but you're my slut, aren't you?"


"Get dressed and we'll find another trucker, slut."

"May I just stay naked, Melanie, getting my pants off was a birch."

:"If you want to stay naked, fine, but turn so your cunt is facing me and lean back on the door."

I did as I was told and Melanie looked at my pussy, stuck a finger in her mouth to wet it and slid it into my pussy. I moaned and grasped my breasts, gently pinching my nipples. Melanie finger fucked me as we drove along, just enough to make me even hornier, but not enough to make me come.

"Here comes another trucker, slut. Sit up in your seat."

I did as I was told and waited. She pulled up next to him and I watched until he looked over. I could see the surprise on his face and I spread my legs so he could see my pussy. Doing this made me feel really bad and really good at the same time. Thank God I was never going to see these guys again. I sat with my legs spread for him and watched him stare at me for a bit, then glance at the road and then back to me. Melanie's playing with my pussy had made it wet and I was sure the driver could tell it was wet, too. After a while of sitting with my legs open for him, I got up my knees and leaned against Melanie again. Then I reached back and pulled my cheeks apart for him too. Melanie took the opportunity to fondle my breasts and play with my nipples some more. I was so hot I couldn't take it anymore and I slipped a finger into my pussy. I was trying to hide it from Melanie but she noticed almost immediately.

"Did I tell you that you could finger your cunt?"


I pulled my finger out immediately. She pinched one nipple really hard, making me squeal out loud.

"We'll discuss this when we get home, you little whore!"

She sped up and passed the truck and I reached down for my clothes.

"I didn't say you could get dressed either, did I? Throw your clothes in the back seat, you little whore."

Meekly, I did as I was told and was left naked with no clothes within my reach. I was wondering what kind of discussion was going to happen when we got home. I was probably not going to get to say anything and most likely my ass was going be swatted. I got very quiet. Melanie was not saying anything either. The drive back to campus was miserable.

Melanie slowed as we pulled off the interstate and I had to sit in the passenger seat naked all the way to campus. I was afraid that I was going to be seen by someone who would not appreciate it and that they would call the police. Melanie would get stopped and I would be arrested for indecent exposure and taken to the police station naked. My mind was going a thousand miles an hour imagining all sorts of things happening to me. None of them were good. We got to campus without incident, however and Melanie pulled into the parking lot. She stopped the car and got out, opening the back door. I turned to look and she picked up my clothes, stared at me sternly and then dropped them on the ground. Then she got back in the car and drove to the other end of the lot and parked.

"Your choice, slut. You can come with me to our room now or you can go and get your clothes. Get out of the car."

I got out, squatting down to hide myself. I could see Melanie getting out and she didn't even look at me, she just turned and walked off towards our dorm. I started to sniffle and I knew I couldn't go with her; it was the middle of the day. So, with tears in my eyes, I started scurrying back to my clothes. I was hiding behind cars and trying to look in all directions at once. I felt very vulnerable. I was totally naked, not even shoes. I finally got to where she had dropped my clothes and they were right out in the open. I looked around to see if anyone was nearby. Seeing no one, I dashed over to my clothes and picked them and dashed back to the protection of the car I had hidden behind. I pulled on my top and stood up; feeling very exposed and pulled on my jeans. My shoes were still in Melanie's car and it was locked. So, feeling much better, now that I was dressed, I walked towards out dorm. I was just stepping out of the parking lot when a group of kids walked up to me.

"Were you just in the parking lot?"

"Yes, why?"

"Billy says he saw a naked girl in the parking lot. Did you see her?"

I was thinking to say no, but my mind was working overtime. If I said yes and sent them the other way, I could get away from them.

"I'm not sure if she was naked, but I saw a girl heading that way."

I pointed to the other side of the parking lot. They hustled away in the direction I had pointed. I scurried to our dorm and hurried up the stairs to our floor. I walked up to our door and not knowing what to do, I knocked.

"Who is it?"


"Oh, is it?"

"Yes, Melanie, it is."

"Do you want to come inside?"


"Then strip, drop your clothes on the floor and knock again."

I wanted to cry. I took off my clothes and let them puddle in a heap on the floor. I knocked once more.

"Who is it?"

I wanted to scream and cry both.


"Are you naked, Sabine?"


"Then you can come in."

I opened the door and walked inside. Melanie just stared at me. I felt about two inches high. And I was nervous. I knew she was angry with me.

"Do you know why I am angry with you?"



"Because I touched myself."

"Because you touched yourself without my permission."


"I thought you understood that you are not permitted to touch yourself unless I tell you that you can, Sabine."

"I know, Melanie, I just got so horny, I forgot. I'm really sorry, I am."

"Well, I am really disappointed, Sabine. There is going to be a punishment for this, you know that, don't you?"

I dropped my eyes and nodded yes. I was hoping it wasn't going to be a bad one.

"Go get the strap."

I looked up and stared at her. In two days I was going to be modeling for an art class. I couldn't let her strap me, I'd have marks on my ass. That would be really humiliating.

"Melanie, not the strap, I have to model on Monday. Please don't strap me, please."

"I suppose you're right. I'll have to think of something, then. Go stand in front of the window."

I walked over to the window and stood in front of it. I heard her open her purse and then her voice.

"Hi, Jeremy! Can you find a couple of guys to come over to my room tonight around 9 o'clock?" Great! See you then."

I swallowed hard and kept silent. She made me stand there, right in the window for thirty minutes. Eventually she relented and let me get my clothes and get dressed. It didn't help, though. Why did she want those guys over here? I sat down at my desk and studied a little. At dinner time we went out and ate, although I wasn't really hungry. When we got back to our dorm and up to our floor, I stripped and handed my clothes to her, just as a door opened up and two girls stepped out. They stared at us, me handing my clothes to Melanie, standing in the hall, bare ass naked. Melanie smirked at me and walked to our room. I found myself staring at the two girls as they stared at me and then at Melanie's back as she walked away with my clothes. I looked down at the floor and started mentally counting to fifty. I heard the girls giggle and one of them said – slut. I wanted to cry, but I kept counting. Finally I was to fifty and walked very quickly to our door. I don't even know if they were still there, watching me.

"Melanie, may I come in, please?"

"Of course, Sabine."

I walked in and went to my bed and lay down, hiding my face from her. I was really upset. First at being seen again and second because I didn't know what was going on and I knew she wasn't going to tell me. At 8:30 Melanie handed me a bra and panties, top and a skirt.

"Get dressed."

I got into the clothes quickly, wondering why I was getting underwear. After I was dressed, Melanie had me stand by the door. I waited, nervously, knowing that something was going to happen that I probably was not going to enjoy very much at all. It seemed like forever, but finally there was a knock at the door.

"Open it, Sabine."

I did to see Jeremy and two of his friends. They walked into our room.

"So, what's going on Melanie?"

"Something that I think you are going to enjoy, Jeremy. Sabine, go stand in front of the couch, facing away from it."

I did as I was told.

"All right, Jeremy, you and friends can strip her, everything off."

I sucked in a breath and wanted to bawl. They looked at Melanie and then at me and in a flash were on me like wolves. Jeremy pulled my top over my head, giggling like an idiot while another one of them was fumbling with my skirt. He finally got it undone and it just slid down my legs while the third was unhooking my bra and pulling it off. Jeremy knelt in front of me and pulled my panties down, staring at my pussy. All three of them were staring at me, staring at my tits and pussy and ass.

"Go sit on the couch, boys."

They did and Melanie walked up to me. She pushed my feet further apart.

"Bend over and grab your ankles."

I moaned softly, knowing what doing that was going to show. I bent over and grabbed my ankles. Melanie rested one hand on the small of my back and then she smacked my left cheek really hard. I squealed and straightened up immediately, grabbing my cheek.

"Bend over and grab your ankles, Sabine!"

"I don't want to, Melanie, please!"

"Sabine, either this or we can go and get.."

I knew she was going to say the strap. I spoke up really fast.

"No, Melanie!"

I bent over and grabbed my ankles. Melanie rested her hand on my back again and this time she smacked my right cheek. I could hear the guys chuckling behind me and tears started to run out of my eyes. Melanie smacked my ass over and over, alternating cheeks until they both were hot and burning. The guys chuckled and laughed and stared at my pussy and asshole, watched my cheeks jiggle with every smack, watched them turning red and hot. About half way through I started bawling, but I didn't stand up. I just stood there, holding my ankles as tight as I could to keep from rising. I was embarrassed, humiliated, and ashamed. I listened to them talking about my ass and pussy and that made me cry harder. Finally it was over and Melanie helped me stand up, but she made me stay in front of them so they could look at my reddened ass cheeks. My ass felt like a hot ball of fiery flesh. It was throbbing in time with my heart.

"All right guys, time to go back to your dorm. Sabine, walk them to the door and give them each a kiss and tell them how much you enjoyed them being here."

I whimpered softly and waited until they were standing. I walked to the door and kissed each one of them.

"Thank you for being here. I hope you had a good time. I enjoyed your company."

My tear stained face put the lie to what I was saying. They all looked me up and down, smirking. Jeremy reached out and cupped one of my tits and ran his thumb over my nipple.

"Guys, her nipples are hard!"

They all burst out laughing, opened the door and walked away. I shut the door and ran to my bed and flung myself down on it and started bawling again. Melanie left me to cry and changed into her nightgown and got in her own bed. I just laid there and bawled until I cried myself to sleep. Sometime later I was awaked by Melanie. She helped me up and took me to her bed and held me gently. She didn't say anything, just held me. I cried a little bit more and fell asleep again, in her arms.

The next morning Melanie was out of bed before me. I lay on my side, pretending I was asleep until I felt something hit the mattress by my face. It was the tube of lubricant. I knew what that meant for me. I opened my eyes to see Melanie, already wearing the strap on. I closed my eyes and then got up and took the tube. Squeezing some onto my first and second fingers, I bent over and pulling my cheeks open with the other hand, I started to rub the lube on my asshole. I rubbed it all around and then stuck one finger inside me. I worked it in and out and tried to make sure I was good and wet.

"That's good enough for you, Sabine. Bend over with your hands on the bed."

I did as I was told and felt her move up behind me. She pushed down on my ass so I had to bend my knees a little. Then I felt her cock rubbing between my cheeks. She pulled one cheek away with one hand and with the other pushed her cock against my asshole. I groaned as she pushed harder and then squealed a little as the tip slid up me. Melanie gripped my hips firmly, holding me still and pushed. I groaned again, I could have been better lubricated. But it didn't matter. Her cock slowly slid into my ass. I felt her belly on my ass and she was buried deep inside me.

"This is also for you sticking your dirty finger up your cunt yesterday, Sabine. I should have used the strap on you anyway."

Then she started fucking my ass with long steady strokes. I felt so full, so stuffed with cock it wasn't funny. It hurt some too. She steadily fucked me until she got close to coming. Then she started thrusting harder and faster. Along with that she started slapping my cheeks, turning them red again. I gritted my teeth to keep from crying out. She kept fucking me hard.

"Maybe this will teach you to keep your fingers out of your cunt unless I tell you to do it. And pretty soon I am going to come and you aren't, you slut. With that there was a flurry of spanks to my ass and she started to moan softly. Then she bent over me and grasped my tits and squeezed and pulled on my nipples, her hips still driving the cock up my ass. I started to cry silently.

"Ah, God, that's it you slut, I'm going to come! Ah, your ass is so tight! I could fuck it every day. You'd like that, wouldn't you, you dirty whore? You'd take my cock up your ass every day, wouldn't you? You fucking slut, you dirty fucking bitch!

With that Melanie exploded and drove deep into my ass. She pulled my nipples hard and I couldn't help screeching. I could feel her twitching against me. I just held myself up and waited until she finished. Then she grabbed my hair and pulled me up and around. Melanie pushed on my shoulder and I knelt. I knew what she wanted me to do. I grasped her cock and slid it into my mouth and began to suck. I sucked and licked it all over, cleaning it with my tongue and lips. When I finished, Melanie undid the harness and dropped it at my feet. She walked into the bathroom and I heard the shower start. I just sat on my heels, naked, with my eyes closed. I swore to myself that I would never again touch myself. After a bit I got up and took the dildo into the bathroom and washed it good. I dried it and put it back in her dresser. I sat on my bed and waited for Melanie to finish in the shower and then took my own.

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