tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSabine At School Ch. 02

Sabine At School Ch. 02


\ It had been a couple of weeks and nothing had happened. I hadn’t heard from Rebecca or Amy and my roommate, I am sure, didn’t believe me. Looking at me how could anyone think I would take off my clothes? I was plain, small breasted and had started wearing jeans and heavy tops again. The skirt and no panty rule was a thing of the past. I looked like any ordinary college girl.

After that night when I let the boys strip me and I walked out naked I was fine until the next morning. Then I started to think how stupid that was. I was sure that the boys would tell their friends and a lot of people would know that I had been naked at an off campus party. That would surely get back to the school and it was a church affiliated one. One that certainly would not look very happily at one of its female students running around naked.

But, as I ran into each one of the boys that were there, they only smiled at me and said Hi. The girls I was pretty sure wouldn’t say anything. If anyone had, I would have been up in front of someone. Nothing happened to me. A couple of the girls were pretty cool toward me, but I guess that was normal. They probably thought that I was fucking anyone I could get to take his dick out for me.

Anyway, I calmed down and things were back to normal except for the urges that I got to go outside and get naked. I held them back for a while. Finally I couldn’t wait any longer. My roommate, who was a lot like me on the outside, had a car. I didn’t. She was like me in the sense we dressed alike, were shy and pretty quiet.

It was a Friday night and we were both in our room. I had to do something or I was going to explode.

“Melanie, do you want to go for a drive?”

“I don’t know. Where to?”

“Just somewhere away from campus. I’ll buy some gas for you.”

Since we were normal college girls, we didn’t have a lot of money. I guess the free gas made an impact.

“Sure, if you buy gas I guess I can drive.”

I smiled at her.

“Let’s get ready.”

She looked at me like I was an idiot. We just had to get our purses and walk out the door. That was her opinion. I had to get ready. I stood up and undressed completely, something that she didn’t do often in front of me. She just looked at me. I went to my closet and took out a sundress I had brought with me. It had thin shoulder straps and was fairly light. I found a pair of flats and slipped them on my feet. Then I got my purse and looked at her.

“Are you ready?”

She just nodded. She was wearing a shirt and jeans, probably a bra and panties, socks and tennis shoes. I opened the door and she got up, got her purse and we left. We got to her car and got in and she drove off.

“Where to, Sabine?”

Our school was in a smaller city, separated by a river from another even smaller city. But the two had three colleges. Two were on our side of the river and one on the other. I had an idea.

“Drive up north to the other campus, Melanie.”

We really didn’t mix with the other college since it was mostly an agricultural school, but it had dorms. And dorms would have people. Quite a few people actually. She looked at me curiously and then headed north. I sat in the front seat shivering a little. Even with that need in me I still got nervous and scared. I didn’t want to be caught. I don’t think I wanted to be recognized. But I was willing to take the chance just to get this out of my system for at least a while.

The sun was low, but not close to setting as we neared the campus. I had Melanie drive around for a while as I scouted the territory. Both for opportunities and escape routes. I was foolish but I wasn’t stupid. There were a couple of places on campus where there were guys playing football on the lawn by their dorm. It was a nice enough night for it. I had Melanie drive back to the first place I saw them. When we got close I was trembling but I had to do something. I looked at Melanie.

“Pull up next to the curb by that dorm.”

I pointed and she saw the guys out on the grass. She didn’t know what to think, but she did it anyway, the darling. I looked at her.

“This is me. Promise you won’t tell a soul.”

She looked at me and promised, with a curious look on her face. I got out of the car. The guys noticed me right away and looked. I just stood there a minute, getting up my nerve. Then I had to act.


They heard me and looked over. I smiled at them and then grasped the hem of my sundress. I slowly lifted it up, higher and higher until my bush was out in the open. I smiled again at their open mouths and pulled it higher still until my little breasts were bare too, erect nipples and all. I was shivering but excited inside as I watched them stare at me, stare at my body. Then I turned with my dress still held up so Melanie could see me too, then I lifted my sundress in the back and bared my ass to them. I stood for just a few seconds like that and then opened the car door and got inside.

“Drive, Melanie.”

She sat for second or two in shock and then put her car in drive and pulled off, just as two of the guys started for us. They shouted after us as we drove off.

“What are you doing? Jesus, Sabine!”

“I’m getting rid of some internal pressure. Melanie, remember what I told you about the naked girl running on campus? I told you it was me, didn’t I? Well, what I just did is something I like to do, I’ve found out. And I don’t want to do it around our school, so I had to get somewhere else. You’re my roommate and have a car and I felt I could trust you. So here we are. Do you hate me?”

“No, but God, couldn’t you have said something to me?”

“And take a chance that you wouldn’t drive me? I don’t think so. Besides, you’ve seen me naked already and you’re a girl friend. It had to be someone else and I had to have the chance of getting caught. Otherwise it isn’t as good.”

“So, are you done now? Is whatever it is out of your system now?”

“I don’t think so Melanie. Do you want it to be out of my system?”

The little dear smiled at me. I got a nervous feeling, but I felt I could trust her. She looked at me, at my little sundress, knowing I was naked underneath it. She pulled over.

“Why don’t you get in the back seat and do what I say.”

I looked at her, at her smile that was wicked but not nasty. I did what she told me to do. I got out of the car and got in the back seat. I sat down.

“What Melanie?”

I want you to take off your dress and lie down on your back. Then lay the dress over you so it looks like you have it on. And trust me.”

Strangely I did trust her. I slipped out of my dress and lay back, covering myself with it. She was a lot like me and a friend, too. Melanie circled back and drove by the same dorm again.

“Those guys are still there, playing football. Trust me?”

“Yes, I think so.”

She circled again and then I felt the car stop. Melanie made sure the doors were all locked. Then she leaned over and rolled the passenger side window down a little bit.

“Hey, guys!”

I shivered again, feeling nervous and vulnerable, but so alive inside.

“Come over here.”

I lay back, a smile inside. I sort of peeked up so I could see without lifting my head. The guys came up to the car.

“Yeah, what?”

“Do you remember her?”

“Holy shit! It’s that girl!”

“Calm down. Did you like what you saw earlier?”

“Jesus, yes!”

“Can you be good about this and just look, no screaming and yelling, no trying to get into the car?”

“Yeah, guess so, why?”

Melanie didn’t reply to that, she just knelt up and leaned over the back of the front seat. I peeked at her, my eyes mostly closed. I peeked at the guys on the side of the car. Melanie reached down and touched my dress, then took hold of it. She looked at me. I nodded, imperceptibly. She slowly pulled it towards herself. I shivered again as I felt the material slide across my skin. Part of me wanted to grab it and scream for her to drive away. But I didn’t. I let her pull my sundress off me, leaving me naked but for shoes in the backseat. Naked with eight or ten guys clustered around one side of the car staring at me. I felt the flush of embarrassment at how shameless I was being move down my face to my neck. My nipples were up and hard. I could feel my pussy throb between my legs. I peeked up again to see the guys staring at a naked girl. I’m sure that some of them had seen a girl naked before but probably not all, at least not a live one. I slowly drew my left foot up so my left leg was bent and then let it fall open, baring my pussy to them. Then I opened my eyes so they could see that I was aware of what was going on. I smiled at them and let them look at me. Let them look at me naked, at my breasts and my pussy. And I liked it. I felt my lips swell a little and throb even more. I felt a little trickle inside my pussy.

I looked at each one in turn, focusing on his face, his eyes, and the excitement they held. They knew I let it happen, that I was letting them see me naked. I brought my hands up to my breasts and squeezed them gently, teased my nipples for them. Teased them so they could see how hard they were. Teased them for me and so Melanie could see me do it. I looked at her too. She had the same excited look on her face as she looked at me and then the guys.

“Do you want to see her butt?”

“God yes!”

“Turn over.”

I did. I turned over because she told me to do it. I let them look at my butt, my bare, naked ass too. Then, with my thighs held tightly closed, I got up on my hands and knees. I wiggled it from side to side and then I am ashamed to say this, but I opened my legs so they could see my pussy between them. The air felt cool on my anus and I knew that it was exposed too, which sent a shiver of humiliation through me. My face felt hot, I knew I was blushing but I held that pose, showing them all I had between my legs. I looked at Melanie and she grinned at me. Then she sat back down, put the car in gear and drove off to groans from the guys.

“Put your dress back on.”

I did as she circled back again. This time when she parked, she tooted her horn and we both giggled at how fast the guys came running. She rolled the window down again.

“Did you like?”


“If you keep quiet I may bring her back again.”

I sat, as far away from them as I could, without me getting out of the car, blushing on the outside and tingling on the inside. They made noises that I heard but they were just noises, not words. Melanie drove off again. I was not in heaven, but close.

“Good enough?”

“I’m not sure. I promised you some gas didn’t I?”

As I said this I got a nasty feeling inside and smiled. My face got hotter at what I was thinking. Melanie pulled over again and I got back in the front seat of her car.

“Talk to me Sabine. Aren’t you embarrassed to let guys see you naked?”

“Yes, I am, but it is also part of the thrill for me. It’s forbidden by our school, our parents, society, everyone. It isn’t nice for a girl to be naked in front of people is it? It’s dirty and sexual and good girls aren’t dirty and sexual. Good girls always do the right things. Well, I do, but I am not always a good girl, Melanie. I’m not screwing around, you know that. What I do is naughty, but it is hurting no one, unless someone recognizes me and says something. Then I would be the one hurt.”

She listened to me; not saying anything but I could tell that she was curious, interested.

“Are you scared?”

“So bad I sometimes feel like I am going to pee myself.”

She laughed at that and so did I. We were silent for a few moments.

“Does it bother you when guys look at your, ah, vagina?”

“Yes and no. I mean it’s a part they shouldn’t be seeing, but it’s the same as my breasts and butt. What really makes me feel humiliated is when they see my, ah, asshole. That definitely is a part that should be covered in my mind. Oh god, I mean everything is, but showing your asshole is, ah, god, I don’t know what I am trying to say. It’s just that that part of me is more private to me. I know I don’t make sense. I mean if you have sex it has to be showing to the guy. With your legs spread and all.”

I fell silent and flushed red. I couldn’t look at her. I mean doing it was embarrassing, being naked in front of people, but trying to explain something that I wasn’t even sure that I understood was humiliating to me also. The silence went on for a while. I sat quietly, replaying the whole incident in my mind. When I lifted my dress for them to see, when I turned and Melanie saw me with my dress up above my breasts and everything bare below. And then she had to know that I lifted it in back, showing my ass too. Then there was the most delicious part. Me, lying naked under my dress and Melanie, slowly pulling it off me, baring me a little at a time until I was naked again, with those eyes burning across my skin. I didn’t do it, she did. She bared me for them. My mind told me I had no choice, even if I could have grabbed onto my dress and stopped her. I gave up control, but this time to a person that I trusted much more than Rebecca and Amy.

Melanie was silent also. She looked at me from time to time. I could see that, but for a lot of the time that I was reliving the experience in my mind, she looked out the windshield.

“Do you get turned on, Sabine?”

I flushed even redder. I didn’t want to answer this question; it was getting very personal. But she was so earnest and curious.

“Ah, yes, I guess, ah, I do. Sort of, I mean, ah, oh god. I don’t know what I mean, Melanie. Yes, I get turned on.”

There, it was out. I had admitted that being naked and seen was sexually exciting to me, at least when I wasn’t running naked away from a bunch of over-sexed college guys. My mind flashed to that night and the terror I felt from the thought of them catching me. And then the fear I felt when Ms. Wilson dragged me downstairs and questioned me. That whole night was a nightmare that I wished had never happened. I shivered, this time from fear that I tried to bury, not from excitement.

“I wondered about that. How turned on? Do you want to have sex or masturbate or something?”

I sat for a few moments, wondering how to answer this question. I didn’t have any ideas so I just opened my mouth and stuff came out.

“Melanie, I am not a virgin. I have had sex before but I’ve been naked in front of guys and not had sex with any of them, so yes, having sex could be something that I would do but I haven’t”

“Do you want to masturbate then?”

“I have once or twice after doing stuff like this. But not all the time. It’s the thrill and embarrassment of knowing what I just did is not supposed to be done and the fear that I am going to be caught naked that is most important to me.”

“But you have masturbated afterwards?”

I had to be red as all get out. I took a breath.

“Yes, I have masturbated afterwards.”

“Are you, ah, horny now?”

God I felt like the purity police were questioning me!

“Not as much as when you just drove off, but yes.”

She looked at me and grinned. I felt a sinking feeling, not of being afraid of her, but of being humiliated again. It felt good! Melanie started her car up and drove off. She headed back towards our campus. I just sat there, reliving again my being naked for strangers. I was not paying attention. Melanie pulled into a gas station and stopped at the pumps right in front of the store. She turned to me and smiled.

“You promised me some gas, didn’t you?”

I felt that trembling inside again.


“Come with me.”

Shivering, I got out of the car. Melanie motioned for me to come over to her side. I walked around the hood and stood next to her. She looked at me and smiled again. Then she lifted her hands and slipped my dress’s straps off my shoulders. Then she slowly pulled one arm and then the other out so my dress was hanging on me. I think my nipples were all that was holding it up. I guess I should describe my dress to you. It’s a sundress, light but opaque. I has narrow straps that go over the shoulders. It’s a muted flower pattern in greens and browns. It comes down to my knees so it isn’t short. The bottom is full, so it isn’t tight on the hips or legs. The neck is sort of scooped but it really doesn’t show much. It’s really kind of churchy. Something that a good church going young lady would not feel uncomfortable wearing in front of her pastor. Her parents would even approve of it. I could feel the breeze that had come up as it did almost every day here swirl up it and tickle my pussy. I felt like something both good and bad was going to happen to me. I hadn’t looked at her when she slid down my straps or got my arms out, my eyes were on the ground, feeling not a little submissive.

“Sabine, look at me.”

I lifted my chin and looked in her eyes.

“I am going to step back and you are going to pump gas. You are not to touch your dress. Not until I say you are through pumping gas. Do you understand?”


I was feeling vulnerable again, and nervous. My dress was barely hanging on me; cool air was wafting against my pussy lips. My nipples were hard and pushing out against my dress. I slowly turned my head to look around to see if anyone else was in the station. No one. But as I turned my head, even that slight movement caused my dress to slip down just a fraction. I gasped and she grinned at me. Melanie pointed to the pump. It was only two steps to reach it and I didn’t want to move. I took a breath and looked at her again. She stepped back, giving me a clear path. I took one step and felt it slip a little bit more. Then the other and then I was by the pump. My dress was just hanging on me.

I reached for the handle with one arm and held the other close to my body. Melanie giggled. I was cheating. I bent and opened the fill door and took off the cap, still holding my arm close. Then I put the nozzle in and started the pump. I looked around and still no one else was there. I looked at Melanie and she was smiling at me. I straightened up and then moved my arm a fraction and felt a little rub across both nipples as the fabric slid over them. I looked down and part of my aureoles were showing. Oh fuck!

Melanie watched me, grinning as she saw the expressions on my face, fear and arousal mixed. She had me stop after ten dollars worth. As I replaced the nozzle everything was fine. It was when I bent over to put the cap back on that my dress slipped a bit more and my nipples were out in the air, tingling and hard as stone. I blushed as I watched her start giggling. I felt so naughty and so excited!

I straightened up and stood quietly, my nipples bare. Melanie walked up to me.

“I’m going to go and pay, you wait here.”

“But I said I would pay for gas.”

“Sabine, this is worth it. Now wait here for me to come back.”

She reached behind my back and slowly, tortuously, pulled my zipper down halfway. My dress immediately fell to my waist. I gasped. She giggled.

“I kind of thought that would happen. Now wait here for me.”

I stood, rooted to the spot, trembling and oh so aroused as I watched Melanie walk away from me and into the station. It seemed like forever that she was in there, but it had to be only a few minutes. I was trying to sweep my eyes all around without moving. No one pulled into the station. My dress seemed to be hung up on my hips which was both making me happy and uncomfortable. I was showing my breasts, but nothing else. Melanie walked back to me. She smiled at me and lifted my dress in the back. Then she pulled the zipper all the way down until it stopped.

“Wait here until I am in the car. Then you can walk to your side and get in.”

I stood silently, thanking her in my mind. She got in and shut her door. I began to walk, feeling my dress sliding down, lower and lower. I held my head up as I came around the hood and saw two male station attendants looking through the large window at me. Had she told them? I didn’t care. They were looking at my naked breasts and grinning. I blushed again, something I do often. Then I put a little sway in my hips, which was a mistake. I smiled back at them and waved and right by the right fender my dress lost its battle with gravity. I gasped again as it slid over my hips and down my legs. I was face on to the window and my dress was at my ankles! My pussy and its hair was in full view and they took advantage to take a good look.

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