tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSabine At School Ch. 10

Sabine At School Ch. 10


When I woke up the next morning, Melanie was already out of bed and in the bathroom. I closed my eyes and remembered the night, shuddering as I relived her spanking my pussy. Strangely enough, I felt a tingle between my legs as I thought about it. I wanted to look at my pussy, but I was afraid of what it might look like, so I didn't. I was tender. Melanie solved that for me as she came out of the bathroom in a robe and her hair wrapped in a towel. She marched over to me and pulled the cover and sheet off me.

"Lie back and open your legs, Sabine."

I shivered, thinking she was going to do it again and my eyes filled once more.

"No, no, you silly goose. I have something for it."

I laid back and covered my eyes, not wanting to know if she was going to swat me there again. I felt her hands pull my legs wider and then something cool and moist on my pussy. I looked up to see Melanie peering at my pussy as she rubbed some lotion stuff on it. I could just see the top of my slit and it was a little puffy and a deeper pinkish color, but not red as I imagined it. Melanie's hand and fingers, as always, felt good on my pussy and I closed my eyes and let the nice sensations flow over me. I was really enjoying this when our door opened.

Ms. Wilson, the resident head, walked in.

"I've had some reports of...WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?"

Melanie stood up, remaining surprisingly calm under the circumstances. I shrieked and reached for the sheet, pulling it up. The resident heads had master keys to the dorms and had blanket permission to enter rooms where there was some possibility of misbehavior. My face was hot and burning.

Melanie looked at her coolly.

"Sabine seems to have a little rash or something and I was putting some antiseptic lotion on for her."

Ms. Wilson looked at her suspiciously and then at me. I was shaking.

"Is that right Sabine?"


"A rash, you say? Let me see."

"Ah, Ms. Wilson, it's, ah, on my, um, vagina."

"And I haven't seen one before? As I remember, you insisted on showing it to me twice earlier this year, Sabine."

She walked over to the bed and grasped the sheet. I reluctantly let go and shuddered as she pulled it off me. Melanie, the bitch, helpfully pulled my left leg open and Ms. Wilson peered at my pussy. I was beet red and humiliated. She reached down and lightly touched my pussy.

"It does seem a little inflamed. Let me see the lotion."

Melanie handed it to her and she read the label, with me lying on the bed, legs spread.

"That may help, but if it doesn't get any better in a couple of days, I insist that you see the school doctor, Sabine. But that isn't why I am here. I had some reports of screams and slapping sounds from your room last night and thought I should check on it. What do you two have to say?"

"May I get my robe, Ms. Wilson?"

She nodded, curtly, and I got up and scurried, naked, to the bathroom. Once inside I leaned against the wall, shaking. I knew we were caught and there was going to be hell to pay. I slipped on my robe and tied it tightly and walked back out to face the music. Ms. Wilson was sitting on my chair, the one that I fucked myself on for Melanie and I blushed, wondering what she would think if she knew what it was used for. I sat on my bed and Melanie on her chair.

"I don't know what anyone said, Ms. Wilson, but I did scare Sabine last night and she did scream, but that's all, isn't it?"

Melanie looked at me.

"Yes, Ma'am, she scared me and I screamed, that's all."

"And what about the slapping noises?"

"Well, ah, we had a pillow fight, right Sabine?"

"Yes, we did, that could have those noises, I guess."

Ms. Wilson looked from Melanie to me and then back to Melanie. She frowned.

"Some how I don't think that is the entire truth, girls. Do you want to try again?"

"No, Ms. Wilson, it's the truth. Just like I told you, right Sabine?"

I nodded this time, my mouth was dry and I wasn't sure that I could speak.

"I don't think you are telling me everything. However, if you insist on this story, I must tell you that I am going to be keeping an eye on both of you. Sabine, with your history with others, I will tell you that if you want to talk to me alone, my door is always open. And Melanie, you've been a model student and dorm resident. I would surely think that you would want to tell the truth, so the same goes for you. One last chance, is that your story, scaring leading to screaming and a pillow fight?"

"Yes Ms. Wilson."

Our voices were echoes of each other's. She looked at each of us again and then stood and walked out. The door closed and I sat, shivering.

"Scared me and a pillow fight? Are you crazy?"

"I didn't hear anything from you, Sabine. She didn't give us much time to think up a story, just burst in and confronted us."

"Jesus, she knows something is going on."

"She suspects, but she doesn't have any proof, Sabine. She has to catch us to prove anything."

"She's got a master key for God's sake, she can walk in on us at anytime."

"Well, yes, but what are the chances that we will be doing anything? I would guess slim."

"We have to be careful, Melanie. I can't get caught and have my parents find out and you wouldn't be too happy either."

"We just have to get an apartment off campus or something. I'm not giving you up just because Ms. Wilson got a complaint. We'll just be more careful and you have to learn to keep from screaming."

"I HAVE TO LEARN TO KEEP FROM SCREAMING?? You're the one who was slapping me, if I remember correctly. Perhaps we need to cut that out..."

"If I remember correctly, Sabine, you asked me to keep on slapping you. Or is your memory totally crap?"

"Oh fuck you, Melanie."

Her eyes tightened and she stood up and took my left arm, pulling me up and dragging me into the bathroom. She pushed me against a wall and opened my dirty clothes hamper, pulling out a pair of my soiled underpants.

"Get the robe off now, you little bitch, and get over my knee!"

I stood by the wall, eyes wide. Melanie reached over and pulled me to her, sitting on the toilet. I went down over her knees and she reached under me, yanking my tie loose. She pulled my robe out from under me and yanked it off my left shoulder and down my arm until it was off that side. Then she just flipped it over me and it slid down my right arm to the floor. It was tangled around my right wrist and I was naked again.


I tucked my head down and pulled my chin in towards my chest.

"No Melanie, no, don't..."

She responded by pulling my hair back so my head came back up, then she pinched my nostrils until I had to open my mouth to breathe. As soon as my mouth opened, my soiled panties were stuffed inside it. My left arm was twisted up into the small of my back. I tensed and then...


I jerked up, keening, as my ass was struck.


My legs kicked and my head tossed. My eyes filled with tears. Melanie reached between my squirming legs and rubbed me on my pussy. In a few moments I had forgotten about her spanking me.


I remembered again, kicking and blubbering, but her hand went back to teasing my pussy and I whimpered.


My back arched up and I screamed as she caught me right over my pussy, my sore pussy. My legs bent up and stiffened, my whole body stiffened in agony.

She felt me again, teasing and a finger slipping into a wet, hot pussy. She fiddled with my insides for a few moments.


I squealed and wriggled on her lap, but her arm holding mine, held me down. She teased my pussy some more.


I howled into my panties, sucking air through them, tasting myself from the fabric. Melanie whacked me a few more times, heating my ass up nicely, reddening it all over. Then she just pushed me off her knees, letting me fall on my side on the rug in our bathroom. I was lying there, panting and clutching my sore ass, when I heard the key in our door.

"Oh God, she's coming back. Quick, get in the shower."

I hurriedly peeled off my robe and jumped in the shower, grimacing as I turned it on and cold water gushed over me. Melanie picked up her toothbrush and began to brush her teeth. I faced the bathroom so my ass was against the wall. Ms. Wilson walked in. Fuck, I still had my panties in my mouth. I pulled them out and dropped them behind me, facing her and the mirror.

"I was just walking by again and I heard something that sounded like slapping. Another pillow fight, girls?"

I had yanked a washcloth down and was rubbing my face with it. Melanie almost choked.

"Ah, no, I have no idea what you are talking about Ms. Wilson."

She looked at Melanie, then at me.


I kept washing my face.


I jumped as though I was scared and stared at her through the shower door. Hell, I was scared! My hands went over my breasts and pussy automatically. My mouth worked soundlessly.

"Sabine get out of the shower."

"I don't want to Ms. Wilson."

"Get out or I will drag you out."

I shut off the water and hesitantly opened the door, taking my towel and wrapping it around myself.

"Now I know that you two are lying to me. Let's have the story, now."

Melanie looked at me and then at her. Her eyes came back to me, I was no help, and I was only able to tremble.

"You wouldn't understand."

"Try me."

"Ah, God. Sabine?"

I was resigned to being expelled and having to go home in disgrace, my parents finding out about Melanie and I and thinking that I was no better than a slut. I spoke in a low quavering voice.

"Just tell her."

I had given up and was prepared to take the punishment I was going to get.

"Let's go in the room and at least sit down."

Melanie led and Ms. Wilson and I followed. The two of them sat down, but I didn't, making Melanie grin at me. She was taking this a little too well for me.

"Ah, we play games."

'Games, what sort of games?"

"Ah, Jesus..."

"Oh for Christ's sake, Melanie, they are sort of sexy games, Ma'am."

"Give me an example."

"Ah, Melanie spanks me."


I could see that this wasn't going anywhere. I moved over so I was in front of them but facing away. I swallowed and let my towel loose. My hands, still holding the ends of the towel fell to my sides and the towel slowly slid down my back until my reddened ass was bare.


I stood, my ass bare, trembling. I knew that this was the end for my school career. I heard her get up behind me and walk closer.

"Does it hurt, Sabine?"

"Ah, at the time, yes, but now it's just very warm and ah, um, arousing..."

I heard movement closer and then a soft hand touched my ass, making me flinch and sigh. It moved over my red and roughened skin lightly, feeling the heat bubbling out from it. I alternately pressed back, whimpering and pulled away, gasping as the touch was soft and then more insistent. The hand, Ms. Wilson's hand, left me and I stood, facing away, blushing and not a little aroused.

"And that's it? Just a spanking?"

Melanie walked up beside me and turned my face. She looked at me and then her lips moved to my ear. She whispered.

"You decide what to tell her darling. Whatever you want and nothing you don't."

She stepped back and sat.

"What else do you do, Sabine?"

I turned to face her, letting the towel fall to the floor.

"Melanie dominates me, Ms. Wilson. She does what she wants and I let her."

"So then I should be asking Melanie?"

No, she won't tell you. It has to be my decision. And I am not sure of what to tell you."


"Because you'll use it against us and judge us. It isn't for everyone and because of that people think its wrong. And I don't want to be expelled nor have Melanie expelled."

"And if I listen and say nothing, do nothing?"

"Your word?"

"Yes, you have my word, as long as I feel you are not being pressured."

I took her sleeve and walked to Melanie, standing in front of her. Ms. Wilson was standing to our sides. I moved my feet apart and looked at Melanie, then bent and kissed her. I straightened up and took a hand, placing it on my left breast. Melanie looked up at me and squeezed it softly. I closed my eyes and sucked in a breath.

"Do what you want, Melanie. Its Sabine, remember."

She looked at me and stood. Then she looked at Ms. Wilson. She squeezed harder, making me gasp. Her thumb and index finger pinched my nipple and twisted it. I opened my eyes to see her face in front of mine, and then I looked to my right where Ms. Wilson was staring at her hand and my breast. I whimpered and pushed into the hand, wanting more. Melanie knew. She let go of my breast and then slapped it, hard, making me gasp and making my breast bounce and sway. Then she pinched the nipple again. Her other hand was between my legs, rubbing. I was in heaven with the rubbing. She slapped me again and I sucked in a breath. I let Melanie do what she wanted for a few moments. Then I hugged her, kissed her. I stepped back.

"Sit down Ms. Wilson, please."

I walked to Melanie's dresser and took out the dildo and plug and lubricant. I walked back and set them on my desk.

"Where is the rest?"

"Bottom drawer."

I walked back and bent, opening the drawer and finding the harness and the handcuffs. I picked them up and walked back, setting everything down on my desk.

Ms. Wilson stared at all the toys and then at me, standing naked in front of her. Then she looked at Melanie.

"And all this is consensual?"

"Does she look like she is being forced?"

"There are things that I don't really like, but I get things I do like if I do them."

"Such as?"

I picked up the anal plug.

"This in my bottom. I get something I want for that. And there are other things that don't involve toys that I get something for. It isn't a one way street, Ms. Wilson."

"It's not that I don't want to believe you and you are both of age, but..."

I sighed and picked up the plug and lubricant and handed them to Melanie.

"Are you sure, darling?"

I just nodded and bent over my desk, resting my elbows on it. My reddened ass stuck out

"Ms. Wilson, participate so you will keep quiet. Pull her cheeks open."

I felt strange hands on my ass and my cheeks were pulled apart, exposing everything. Melanie dripped lubricant on my anus and rubbed, then slid her finger up my ass. I whimpered and twitched a little as it went in. Melanie played with me, then slid another finger in with the first, twisting them inside me.

"Enough, darling?"

I nodded. I felt the plug at my anus and another drizzle of lubricant, glad for her consideration. The plug pushed forward and was turned and slipped inside a little. I gasped but held as still as I could. Another push and more slid into me, making my anus stretch.

"Oh my God..."

Another push and I felt my anus feel impossibly open and then the largest part was past my ring and I gulped a breath. I still didn't like it, but it was the easiest thing I could think of to show her. I didn't want her to watch Melanie do me or to sit on a dildo or to have Melanie pee on me. And I certainly didn't want my pussy smacked again, at least not for a while.

I sucked in another breath, trembling. I looked over my shoulder to see Ms. Wilson staring at my bare, filled ass.

"Satisfied Ms. Wilson?"

She reached out and barely touched the base of the plug. I winced, my ass was a little sore from the ass fucking I had taken last night.

"Actually, no, Sabine. You still could be doing this under pressure. You could be afraid to say anything. Just like before with Rebecca and Amy. And don't think I am stupid and can't figure things out."

"What would it take to make you believe us, Ms. Wilson."

"I think I should move you out of this room, Sabine. It looks to me like you are being taken advantage of again."

"No, Ms. Wilson, no, please, I will do anything you say if you let me stay with Melanie, please..."

She was taken aback by how fervently I begged her. I certainly didn't do that the first time she caught me in a compromising position.

"Then tell me what goes on in here, truthfully and completely."

Melanie looked at me. I looked at her. Then I looked at Ms. Wilson. Melanie turned and walked to the window. Then she turned around.

"Ms. Wilson, you are not being fair to Sabine. You are asking her to tell you intimate details of her life. You can't expect her to tell you."

"And if I am correct and you have some hold on her? And you are using it for your selfish pleasure?"

"What would it take for me to show you that we love each other?"

I started to open my mouth. It wasn't being fair to me, but it wouldn't be fair to Melanie either.

"No Sabine. Let her ask me. She isn't going to humiliate you just to satisfy her perverted curiosity."

Ms. Wilson glared at Melanie. I was beginning to get nervous that things would be said that never could be taken back. I stepped in between the two of them.

"Just stop it, stop it. I don't want this anymore than I want to leave Melanie. I just want it over and you to leave us alone, Ms. Wilson."

She looked at me, then at Melanie.

"Fine, show me that you truly love her, Melanie."

"If I do, this is over and we get to live our life the way we want to?"

"Um, yes, but I think you two are going to have to move from this room to another, more private room. I can't have students and residents coming to me about noises that they are concerned about and not do anything. If you stay here, it's going to come up again, if you two aren't lying to me."

"Where is this room?"

"It's on the top floor and at the end of the right hall. No one else is within fifty feet of you."

"Jesus, that's five flights of stairs!"

"A small price to pay for true love, isn't it?"

"Melanie, let it be. We'll have some privacy until we can move out of here."

Melanie looked at me and smiled.

"All right Ms. Wilson. You win, now sit down and watch how much I love her."

Melanie removed the towel wrapped around her think mane of blonde hair. She led me to my bed and gently sat me down, stroking my face when I winced.

"Sorry darling, but don't say things that anger me."

She slipped off her robe, standing naked in front of Ms. Wilson and I. Her firm breasts stood out from her chest, nipples erect. Her slim torso gleamed in the light shining through our window. I looked at her, still surprised that she wanted to be with me. She was good looking, attractive and I was plain, a nobody. Melanie knelt in front of me.

"Let me, Sabine."

I flushed, looking at Ms. Wilson. I let Melanie open my legs and gasped when she bent down and kissed my pussy. Then she looked up at Ms. Wilson. She mouthed "watch" to her and then bent down and buried her face in my pussy, kissing and licking me. This time I was the one being loved and I reached down and stroked her hair, whimpering as she drove me slowly crazy. Ms. Wilson was staring at the two of us, both naked and one licking the other's pussy. I watched her, the look of disbelief on her face. And then I had to close my eyes and I clutched Melanie's head in my hands

"Oh God, Melanie, oh God, I love you"

She licked, kissed and sucked on my pussy right in front of Ms. Wilson, naked and seemingly unashamed. I was, however. I was bright red. I could feel the heat in my face. It felt hotter than the heat in my spanked ass.

Melanie lifted my legs up, rolling my ass up and gently removed the anal plug. Then she kissed my anus, something she had never done before. Then she licked it, making sure that Ms. Wilson was able to see exactly what she was kissing and licking. I was moaning when she moved back up and licked my lips and clitoris, lovingly and tenderly, laving each inch of my pussy with her tongue. I was soaking and little tremors had started in my stomach, my abdomen. My hips lifted to her mouth and she sucked and licked me harder, flicking her tongue across my clitoris until I exploded, keening and bucking my hips up and down. Melanie licked and kissed me until I slumped down. I had little after shocks shooting through me, making me twitch. Melanie sat back on her heels and looked at Ms. Wilson.

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