tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSabine At School Ch. 17

Sabine At School Ch. 17


It was Monday morning and we both woke up at almost the same time. I was still held in Melanie's arms and we were both still naked. I had come to terms with sucking cocks for her. It wasn't that bad I convinced myself, even it two boys that I did not know had seen me naked and sucking their cocks. I didn't think of how boys will talk and that soon several more of them would know that I had stripped naked and sucked for Melanie's tutoring. I guess I was sort of stupid that way.

Melanie's and my relationship was mostly a secret and I didn't think of them being any different.

After breakfast, we went to our classes and on the way I ran into one of the boys with some of his friends.

"That's the girl that blew me yesterday."

I jerked in surprise and looked at him, then at the others who were with him. I suddenly realized that some of my anonymity was gone. I could deny it or ignore it. I chose to ignore it and walked on without saying anything or making too much of a reaction. I felt a sinking feeling in my stomach. I didn't realize how cruel boys could be until just then.

Classes went by in a blur and by the time I was home, Melanie was there. I burst into tears and after throwing my books on my desk and flinging myself on my bed I bawled and bawled.

"What's wrong, Sabine, tell me what's wrong?"

"One of th-them saw m-m-me. He's t-t-told his f-f-friends what I d-d-did."

"One of who?"

"One of th-the b-b-boys I s-s-sucked. Oh God, Melanie. Oh God."

"Shhhh Sabine. It's all right. Who is going to believe him?"

"I d-d-don't know, someone w-w-will."

"Just act as if he doesn't exist. It'll be forgotten. I never should have expected you to do that for me. I should have figured a way out of it. But it isn't as if you have some disease or something, Sabine. If you hold yourself above it, it will go away."

"Easy for you to say Melanie."

"I know and I feel bad for you, but it will pass. Besides, you do like doing things for me, don't you? Even if it was hard for me watch, you were sort of cute, kneeling naked and sucking cock."

I managed to look at her and wiped my eyes and nose. I guess I should expect some humiliation at times but I didn't expect having to suck cock for it. Melanie lay down next to me and held me, stroking my hair and making me feel better. I soon forgot about the hurt and surprise of what had happened and just enjoying being with my Melanie.

Eventually we got up and went to dinner. We studied when we returned and soon it was time for bed. Melanie went to her dresser and stood at it, looking thoughtfully. She finally shook herself and spoke over her shoulder to me.

"Take off your clothes, all of them."

I hurried to obey her and soon stood naked. Melanie rustled in her top drawer, the one that held all her toys. She turned to me holding the harness in which she had put a small dildo. She walked over to me and knelt.

"Lift a foot."

I did and she slipped the harness over it and then did the other. Then she pulled it up my legs and stood, fastening it around my hips. I felt and looked funny. Melanie slowly undressed until she was naked and went to her dresser again. I watched as she put lube on her fingers and rubbed it on her pussy. Then she went to her bed and pulled down the covers and laid back on it, legs open.

"Come here, Sabine."

All I could do was stare at her. This was not normal. It wasn't right. I was the one who was fucked, not Melanie.

"Sabine, come here now or I will start thinking that you don't love me anymore."

I hesitantly walked to her bed and looked down.

"You know what to do, Sabine. I've done it to you often enough."

"It isn't right, Melanie. I don't feel right."

"Sabine, you promised to obey, didn't you?"

I sighed and climbed on the bed between her legs. I looked down at her and felt funny and sort of foolish with my breasts over a cock. But, it was what she wanted I said to myself. I knelt between her legs and awkwardly lowered down until the cock was at her pussy. I gently pushed it in, knowing that she had to still be a little tender from her first fuck. I got it inside her and then awkwardly thrust back and forth, fucking her pussy. I held myself up so I wouldn't put all my weight on her.

I felt very funny, foolish and somewhat uncomfortable. It wasn't normal. Normal was me being fucked by Melanie, not me fucking Melanie. But when my darling moved her arms up and pulled me down on top of her fully, it began to feel wonderful. I loved the feeling of our breasts pressed together and the rest of our bodies touching. That was absolutely sublime! I forgot to keep thrusting and Melanie had to remind me, which made me blush for being so stupid. After a few minutes, the thrusting motion came easier to me and I was able to at least fuck her adequately if not expertly. I was in heaven when she lifted her legs and wound them around my hips so she could easily lift her hips to mine as I thrust into her.

We kissed and worked our hips together and I found out why Melanie so enjoyed fucking me. The pressure of the dildo on my clit made it feel amazing. My arms snaked under her shoulders and hers went around my back. Our hips worked in time and the only sounds were our breathing and the kisses we were giving each other. It took a while, but I felt the tingling in my belly build until I couldn't help coming, jerking my hips raggedly and panting and moaning as I did. When my spasms ceased, I slumped on Melanie, breathing hard and fast. She held me in her arms and let her legs slip down to the bed. There was no dirty talk between us; I wouldn't use it on Melanie. Eventually it had to end, though.

"Sweetie, please get off me>"

"I'm sorry Melanie, I'm sorry."

I hurriedly moved back and off her.

"Are you all right, Melanie?"

"Yes, sweetie, just felt a little squished."

I stood on trembling legs and slipped the harness off and I climbed back between her legs.

"Are you sore, Melanie?"

"A little, why?"

"Would you like me to kiss your pussy?"


So, I knelt between my darling's legs and began to give her soft kisses on her belly and then down to her thighs. They were wet kisses and left a trail of moisture on her skin. I was enjoying teasing her but soon Melanie's hands found my head and I was pulled and pushed down until my mouth was on her pussy. Then I began to kiss, suck and lick her, just as she wanted, just as I wanted.

"Oh God, suck my pussy you little slut, suck it!"

As Melanie began to talk dirty I got more into it and licked and sucked her harder, firmer.

"Stick that tongue up my pussy you little bitch! You're nothing but a dirty little cunt. But you're my cunt, aren't you?"

I got hotter and more desirous to make her happy. My own pussy was wet and leaking, just from her talk and my licking. It was so nice, so nice that most people probably wouldn't understand how I felt.

I licked, sucked and kissed my Melanie until she grabbed my head and pulled me hard against her pussy. I wormed my tongue inside her and let her grind on my face until she orgasmed

When she let go of me I sat up, my face glistening with her juices. I was so happy! Melanie was laid out naked in front of me, her legs splayed wide. I could see how swollen and red her pussy lips were and I was both happy and proud that I was the cause of that. Her full breasts lolled to sides of her chest and her nipples were erect and reddened also. She was a vision of beauty. My beauty! God, how I loved her!

I got up and got her robe and helped her slip it on. I stayed naked. Both for her to look at and if she wanted to toy with me. She did both, smiling as she looked at my naked body and smirking when she pinched and tugged on my nipples and teased my pussy with her fingers. It was wonderful.

Later that day I wanted to give Melanie and treat so I slipped on a pair of shoes and a coat and went out. She raised an eyebrow at me, but said nothing. I returned in twenty minutes with two bottles of water and set them down. Then I stripped naked once more and handed her the first bottle of water, blushing as I did. Melanie knew what I was up to and she smiled as she drank it. She finished the first bottle and I handed her the second. By the time she had finished the second one I was squirming, thinking of what I had let myself in for willingly.

Eventually Melanie sat up and took my hand. She led me into the bathroom and I obediently knelt in the shower. Melanie stripped naked too and stepped in the shower with me. She reached out and took hold of my hair and pulled my head back. I opened my mouth and closed my eyes. I didn't have to wait too long before a stream of hot pee splattered over my face and then was directed into my mouth. Soon my mouth was overflowing with pee, pouring out of it and down my chin, my breasts and belly. Mentally I steeled myself and swallowed a mouthful, then opened my mouth again to let her pee in it once more. I swallowed another mouthful and then a third before Melanie finally stopped peeing on me. I only gagged at the end and hurriedly covered my mouth. I hoped that soon I would not even have to do that when she peed on me.

All the while when she was peeing on me and in my mouth, Melanie was calling me names. Piss whore, dirty little cunt, fucking slut. I loved that also. It was not as nice as licking her pussy, but Melanie liked it, so I did also.

We then took a nice warm shower together, soaping each other clean and teasing each other. That was absolutely the best part of the night.

Unfortunately it getting close to the end of the school year and soon we would be separated by summer vacation. Thankfully we each thought of something to make the end of the year memorable.

I had been thinking of the school year since I had met my darling and what we had done together. Thinking of how different my life had become, what we had //done together, what I had become, what Melanie had become. It was a wonder to me.

The times that I had been beaten. The times that she had made me be naked for her enjoyment and the teasing and tormenting, leaving me hanging just short of orgasm for so long. The times that I didn't enjoy that much, but endured because Melanie liked it so much. The ass fucking, the nights with Erin, the night the two of them watched me be fucked by a real cock, the afternoon I was naked and sucked two cocks so Melanie would not have to be humiliated. The times I was punished, really punished. The night after the lingerie party when my ass was beaten red and raw, and the other times that Melanie had punished me, even though I had sworn I would be good. I failed there; I wasn't good all the time like I had promised I would be. The punishments helped me be good for three or four weeks, though. But it did seem that once a month I would backslide and end up naked with my ass red and welted.

As I look back, even that was good. I was allowing her to do something she wanted in a way. Melanie liked to beat me, see the lines rise up, my ass turn red and hot, to listen to my whimpers and moans. And after, I would do anything she wanted to try and make up to her. And it was anything. I'd lick her ass, let her fuck my sore hot ass, torment my nipples and breasts, as long as she would talk to me, pay attention to me.

And the pissing on me, in my face, in my mouth. And finally the swallowing of her piss. That seemed to be something that she really liked, almost as much as seeing my ass stretched wide around one of her dildos.

It so happened that the end of the year with finals gave each of us four days off between our first exams and the last. Four days and nights to enjoy one another. I thought about it and talked with Melanie and we each got to choose two days and decide what we would do and we didn't have to tell each other what it was until the time came. We were both excited and I could see her thinking about what she would want just as hard as I was thinking about what I wanted.

The first day was Melanie's, the second and third mine, and the fourth, hers. I was in a state for days before the first day arrived. I couldn't wait to see what she had decided on for us. The day dragged until the evening. Melanie went into the bathroom and I heard the tub being filled with water. She called me and handed me two prepackaged enema bottles. I blushed very hard and stripped as she watched me and administered them. I felt dirty and nasty as she watched me insert them and squeeze the mixture up my ass. I felt even dirtier as I emptied myself with her watching.

When I had finished and cleaned myself, Melanie left and returned with the handcuffs, nipple clamps and chain, wearing her strapon. The tub was full of warm, steaming water and I had a nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach. My hands were cuffed behind my back and the nipple clamps attached. I was led to the side of the tub.

"Kneel, cunt."

I did.

Melanie got behind me, bent me forward so my face was just above the water, balanced precariously on the edge of the tub.

"Spread wide slut."

I shuffled my knees wider, breathing hard, scared and excited both. Her cock nudged my pussy, rubbed around it and then slid in easily. I knew I was excited and ready but not that ready. Melanie began to fuck me.

"Where's my cock, cunt?"

"In your pussy, darling."

"What's my cock doing, cunt?"

"It's fucking your pussy, Melanie."

"God, you are such a slut, Sabine. An absolute fucking slut. Move your ass you bitch, fuck me back."

I whimpered but I moved my ass back and forth, helping Melanie fuck me. Then her hand grasped my hair and pushed down. I was taken by surprise and as my head went under water I got a mouthful and some up my nose. She didn't stop fucking me. I was held under until I began to struggle and then she let me up, gasping and choking. Melanie let me gasp and suck in air until I was almost breathing normally again, then her hand found my hair and down I went. I was more prepared for the second time, but it's still hard to be under water, held down and fucked at the same time. I began to struggle again and she held me down a little longer and then let me up. I gasped for air.

"Do you know that your asshole is showing, winking at me while I fuck your cunt, you whore? I'll bet your asshole wants some cock too. Am I right, whore?"

I sucked in air frantically, knowing that two duckings were not going to satisfy her. I didn't answer and my head went down again, catching me by surprise. I sucked in water and squirmed and struggled immediately. I couldn't even feel the cock up me. You have no idea what this feels like unless it is done to you. You have no control. You are going underwater whenever your partner feels like it. It could be after you catch your breath or when you are trying to catch it. And all the time she is fucking you.

I hung over the side of the tub, my face underwater. She let go of my head and I jerked up, gasping and choking again. I didn't even feel her spit on my ass but I certainly felt her cock leave my pussy and center on my ass. I shrieked as she drove it up my ass and slammed in and out of me.

"God, your ass is so tight, you little cunt. I think it's better than your stretched out cunt, whore. Fuck me, you little slut, fuck that ass for me."

I pushed back, groaning as my ass opened for her. I was ready but not ready, it hurt but didn't hurt. I was stretched wide open, my pussy gaping below. Melanie let me fuck her for a bit, then her hand was at the back of my head again.

"Take a deep breath, cunt."

I sucked in air and my head went down. I managed to close my mouth as I went under. I tried to keep my senses as I went underwater so I could still feel what Melanie was doing to me. My hips stopped moving so I could concentrate on holding my breath. She kept fucking my ass, but partway through she pulled back and slammed up my pussy. I wasn't feeling excited anymore. I was only focused on holding my breath. The fucking wasn't erotic for me at all. It was for Melanie, though.

When she let my head up and the roaring in my head and my gasping breaths slowed, I could hear her panting behind me.

"Fuck yourself, you little bitch."

I pushed back and she allowed me to get into a rhythm. I was beginning to breath normally and beginning to enjoy the cock going in and out of me, when she pulled back and pushed up my ass again. I groaned and stopped fucking, which got me a slap on my ass. I started fucking her again.

"Don't make me be harsh with you bitch, keep that ass moving."

Her hand was on my head, I sucked in a breath, and I went down with my lips clamped tightly shut. My hips stopped, I felt a slap and I was moving again. I managed to keep my ass moving until I was afraid I was going to breathe water. Then that changed to struggling to get up. She held me down for a few moments longer and then let me up. Water streamed from my hair, down my face and back. I gulped air frantically as her hand slapped my ass hard until I began to fuck again. Even though her cock was up my ass, I fucked as hard as I could.

She pulled back and went up my pussy again. I fucked harder, hoping that she would cum soon, trying my best to make her forget that she could duck me. It didn't work. Melanie pounded my pussy just as hard as I was slamming back onto her. Then her hand was at my head. I sucked air, clamped my mouth shut and went down. My ass stopped. She slapped and slapped my ass until I was working it again. Then she pulled back and was up my ass again. This time she reached under my chest and found the chain connecting the nipple clamps. A brisk tug and my nipples began to burn. I pushed up as hard as I could, but she was too strong. I panicked and squirmed and fought harder to get up but couldn't. Melanie fucked my ass for while with my head under water and then let me up. I slumped over the tub's edge, gasping. She tugged the chain once more and I yowled. Out of my ass and up my pussy.

"Move your ass, cunt, move it!"

I was exhausted and out of breath. I couldn't move. I just hung there letting her fuck me. She slapped my ass hard. I couldn't move, I was out of breath as if I had run miles. She slapped my ass harder and harder and I just hung there, not caring. She pulled out my pussy and went up my ass again. One last time she gripped my hair and pushed me under. I wasn't anywhere near ready to be ducked again. I felt her pounding me. My heart pounded in my head; there was a roaring in my ears. I felt her tense behind me and then jerk against me. Melanie orgasmed, holding my head under and then slumped over me, still holding me down. I was frantic. I had to get my head up. I weakly struggled. She hung over me until the last spasms surged through her and then she slumped backwards, her cock sliding out of my ass. I managed to lift my head up and gulp air.

I hung there, panting, my stomach aching from the edge of the tub. My ass felt raw and distended. My nipples, which I had forgotten, began to burn. I felt like she had beaten me for hours. It had been all of fifteen minutes, if that.

I managed to get my breath back and then lifted up enough so I could get off the edge of the tub. I fell over on the floor, still panting, still handcuffed, weak as a newborn kitten. I lay in a puddle of cooling water and just tried to breathe.

Melanie was better than I was but not much. Her breathing was fast and ragged. I lifted my head to look at her.

"Uncuff me please Melanie."

She got to her knees and undid the handcuffs and I rose to my feet, trembling. I held a hand down for her. There was something that I needed to do. I helped her to her feet and we staggered like drunks to my bed. I laid Melanie down on it, not caring that she was dripping water from ducking me. I got between her legs and took her cock in my mouth. All good sluts suck cock after fucking. Melanie had told me that much earlier this year. I was nothing if a good slut for her. She looked at me for moment, then slumped back. I licked and sucked her cock until it was clean. Then I too slumped down, my wet hair on Melanie's thigh. We lay together like that until we started to get cold. Then on shaky legs we got up and went to bathroom to dry off. My ass was tender and when Melanie took off the nipple clamps I went lightheaded as blood surged back into my nipples. She held me in her arms and listened to me whimpering. We left the strapon and nipple clamps in the bathroom and slowly walked back to the bedroom.

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