Sabine Get a New Job


Sabine stood, walked to the door, locked it and then returned to her chair and sat down once more. She looked at Jennifer.

"What makes you think that I am going to go along with any of this?"

Jennifer smirked at Sabine. She leaned back in her large leather swivel chair.

"Well for one, I have talked about you with Diane. No matter what you say, Sabine, Diane has told me that even with all your protesting about what she had you do, you got turned on by it, all of it. She doesn't mind that you left. She was getting concerned that everything was going to blow up on her. And then there was this morning. You certainly can't deny that you took off your clothes, right here, just because I told you to take them off. And you didn't protest when I played with you and you came, did you? So tell me Sabine, why, when I told you to strip, did you?"

Sabine's face was slightly red and she looked down at the floor.

"I don't know."

Jennifer smirked again.

"Stand up and take off your suit jacket and skirt Sabine."

Sabine lifted her head and glared at Jennifer. Jennifer smirked at her again.

"Do as you're told Sabine."

Sabine sighed softly and stood. She slowly unbuttoned her suit jacket and removed it. She laid it on a side chair. Then, getting more red-faced, she undid and unzipped her skirt, pushing it down until it fell around her ankles. She bent over and picked it up, straightening it and laid it with her jacket. Jennifer smiled at her.

"Unbutton your blouse and open it."

Sabine once more glared at Jennifer but her hand went to the buttons of her blouse and she undid them, all of them. Then she slowly slid it open, exposing her tits and nipples to Jennifer along with her somewhat hairy pussy. Sabine shivered. She glanced at Jennifer who had a large smile on her face.

"Now move your chair over here Sabine, sit on the edge of it and spread your legs as far apart as you can."

Sabine did as she was told, her face getting redder, but not one word of complaint did she speak. Sitting on the edge of the chair, her ass hanging partly off of it, Sabine looked at Jennifer, seeing her broad smile and taking a deep breath she lifted her legs up and let them fall wide open. She held them up with her hands behind her thighs and shivered as she felt her pussy lips pull apart.

"You like to have someone look at you, don't you Sabine?"

Sabine glanced down her body, seeing her erect nipples and pussy hair. She couldn't see her pussy but she could just imagine what it looked like. Reddish, hidden by her light colored pubic hair, lips swollen and open, a pink, wet gash between her legs. She looked at Jennifer.

"Yes, oh God yes, I like this!"

Jennifer's smile got even wider.

"So there won't be any no's or complaints from you when I tell you what I want you to do?"

"I guess not, I mean it depends on what."

"It depends on what I want Sabine, not what you want. And don't tell me that you won't do what I want either. Perhaps you may find some things difficult, embarrassing and humiliating, but you will do them. Now a rule for you. You no longer have a pussy Sabine, you will refer to it as your cunt. Let me hear you say it, please."

Sabine's face turned redder. She hated that word!

"I have a cunt."

"Yes, you do Sabine. You have a cunt. So if I tell you to show your cunt to someone you will say, would you like to see my cunt?"

"Would you like to see my cunt?"

"Good girl!"

Jennifer leaned back and smiled at Sabine, not a totally pleasant smile.

"Reach down and open up your cunt for me, please."

Sabine shuddered but her hands went down and she placed her fingers on the inside of her lips and pulled them outwards, spreading her lips open, showing the pink and wet center to Jennifer. She was ashamed, embarrassed and humiliated, but totally turned on. She wanted to masturbate.

"My God, Sabine, your cunt is so wet! Peel your hood back and show me your clit."

Sabine did as she was told, feeling totally dirty and humiliated, but deep inside loving what Jennifer was telling her to do. Her clit was stiff like a little cock and really sensitive.

"All right enough of this for today, Sabine, now that we've determined that you are not going to say no to me. Tonight, when you get home you will shave off all your pubic hair. And after you are dressed give me the key to your apartment. I'm going to make a copy of it and will stop by later today, after work. Get dressed and make sure you wipe off your cunt before you do."

Sabine got up, moved the chair back to the front of Jennifer's desk and without being told, removed her blouse, leaving her in just heels and stockings, otherwise completely naked. She had her eyes lowered but still could see Jennifer and that she was looking at her, looking at her mostly naked body and that sent a warm rush through her body. Sabine turned and walked away from Jennifer to her private bathroom, feeling her ass sway and bounce behind her, somewhat embarrassed at how large she felt it was and promised herself to begin exercising to tighten it up.

Sabine walked back out to Jennifer's desk and impulsively walked up to her.

"I have something to say, Jennifer. I think I am going to be all right doing things for you when it is you and me, but I don't know how I am going to handle other people being there. I'm not sure if I can deal with that."

Jennifer smiled again.

"Sabine that is what I really like. Knowing that you may be embarrassed or humiliated by what I tell you to do and when you are doing it. Frankly, I don't think that I could do half of what you are going to be doing, but that isn't the point. The point is that you are going to be doing it, not me, and I get to see you when you are doing it. I just want to reassure you that after today we won't be getting you naked here and no one from work, well almost no one maybe, will know what you are doing. Other than that just prepare yourself Sabine."

Jennifer obviously liked that Sabine had removed her blouse without being told to do so. She watched Sabine put what clothes she had back on and leave the office, returning in a few moments to hand Jennifer the key to her apartment building and door along with a piece of paper giving the address and apartment number. Jennifer smiled at that, realizing that Sabine was subconsciously giving Jennifer more than she had asked for.

Sabine's afternoon was quiet filled with work that was new to her but still familiar and somehow satisfying. At quitting time she walked into Jennifer's to let her know that she was leaving, but in a way hoping that Jennifer would tell her to strip naked again. She was disappointed.

Sabine went home and completely forgot about shaving her pubic hair. She also forgot about the no underwear rule, or she just ignored it. She had undressed and hung up her suit, put her blouse in the hamper and dressed in bra, panties, and sweats, made a microwave dinner and ate. She was sitting in her small living room when she heard a noise and nervously got up to check. Imagine her surprise when she saw Jennifer coming through her apartment door.

Jennifer grinned at the surprised look on Sabine's face.

"What did you think I took your apartment key for Sabine?"

There was nothing Sabine could say to that.

"Now that I am her, would you please take off your clothes."

Sabine hesitated, unsure of herself and Jennifer.

"Oh come on, Sabine. It's not like I haven't seen you naked before, is it?"

Sabine's face turned slightly red and she slowly stripped off her clothes.

"I see that you are not paying attention to me, Sabine. Didn't I tell you that underwear is forbidden to you, unless you are on your period?"


"Well then, why are you already disobeying me?"

"I didn't expect you."

"That is not an excuse that I will accept."

There wasn't much of answer that Sabine could give to that.

"I know this is a surprise Sabine, so I will give you some latitude, but I would prefer if you would be naked at home, just in case I come over. Otherwise, I will let you know when I am coming. Here's a cell phone that I will call you on to let you know when I am coming to your apartment."

Sabine took the cell phone and set it down on her kitchen counter, somewhat embarrassed that she was nude and Jennifer was completely dressed.

"Now, I am going to show you how you should be waiting for me when I tell you I am coming here."

She led Sabine to the entry hallway, directly in front of her apartment door. Then she had Sabine squat down on her heels, open her knees wide and lean back on her hands.

"I want to see you like this when open the door, Sabine. With your tits and pretty pussy on display. Which brings us to another issue. Didn't I tell you to shave your cunt?"


"Well, why is there still hair on your cunt?"

"I f-f-forgot."

"I guess I am going to have see that you don't forget again. Get a pair of heels on."

Sabine got up and hurried to her bedroom for a pair of heels. She slipped them on and scurried back, finding Jennifer holding a coat for her.

"Put this on and come with me."

Sabine put the coat on and followed Jennifer to her car. They got in it and Jennifer drove off. Sabine felt awfully uncomfortable wearing only a coat and heels and not knowing where they were going.

Before long they were parking in a driveway of a rather large home in the western suburbs. Jennifer motioned her to get out of the car and did so herself, leading Sabine to the front door. She rang the doorbell and when it opened there was a woman about Jennifer's age there.

"Jennifer, good to see you!"

"May we come in, please?"

"Of course."

The woman stepped back and Jennifer gently pushed Sabine into the home, following her.

"Andrea, this is my new assistant Sabine and she has been forgetful. I need your help to help her to remember better. I also need the loan of your husband."

Andrea looked curiously at Jennifer and then at Sabine.

"She was supposed to shave her pussy and she didn't and I would like to have Bill do it for her."

Andrea's mouth opened in an "O" of surprise, then she smirked.

"What makes you think that I would want my husband to shave her pussy?"

"I didn't say you wanted him, but asked if you would let him shave her. It's not like it would be the first pussy he's seen Andrea."

"Well, true, but what does she have to say?"

"Nothing. She does what I want and today I want Bill to see her naked and to shave her cunt. If he does a good job and you agree I could have her suck him off too."

"Jennifer, I don't believe you."

Jennifer smiled at Andrea, a nasty, dirty smile.

"Sabine, take off your coat."

Sabine's face got beet red immediately. She was about to protest, but one look at Jennifer's face told her not to say a word. She unbuttoned and then slipped off her coat. Jennifer took it from her and left Sabine standing nude but for heels in the entryway.

Andrea took a look at Sabine, giggling and then she said...

"Well, she does need at least a touch up down there. What do you have on her?"

"Not really anything major. She just likes being nude and having people see her."

"Is that right?"

"S-s-sort of."

Andrea giggled and Jennifer smirked.

"How many people have seen you naked?"

"I don't really know, maybe 30 or so."

"Well, I suppose I could let Bill shave her. Did you bring a razor or anything?"

"No, I was counting on you Andrea."

"Christ Jennifer!"

"I know that you have those electric clippers and I'm sure Bill would donate a razor for the cause."

Sabine felt like a fool, standing in Andrea's entryway naked with the two of them discussing her shave. And besides, it was going to be a man shaving her!

"Bill, come here."

When she heard that Sabine wanted to run off, but she was nude and in a way she didn't want to run off either. She was mostly willing to have a strange man see her nude and she felt she could handle the shaving, even though she thought having no hair down there would be humiliating. Probably not as humiliating as spreading her legs for a stranger or at having two women watch her being shaved bare. And then as Bill walked into the entryway and saw her standing nude in just heels with Jennifer and Andrea and she saw the look on his face, Sabine thought that just being there as she was would be humiliating enough.

"Bill, honey, Jennifer wants you to shave this woman, would you? No fucking though Bill. She also said if you did a good job on it, that the woman might give you a blow job."

Andrea burst out laughing as she said that. Jennifer smiled, Sabine didn't. She felt totally embarrassed, humiliated and very stupid.

"Bill, get the clippers, a razor and shave cream. Jennifer and I will take her to the guest bathroom."

Bill trotted off to get what was needed and Jennifer and Andrea led Sabine the guest bathroom. They had her get up on the counter and put her heels by her ass and let her legs fall open. When Bill came in he was treated by the sight of Sabine with her legs wide open. He chuckled and set down the razor and shave cream, plugged in the clippers and turned them on.

"I'm going to have to touch her pussy."

"Well, duh! Just don't get any ideas of sticking your dick in the slut."

Sabine just closed her eyes, listening to the sound of the clippers, jumping when she felt a hand on abdomen and then when the clippers began ridding her of her pubic hair. As the clippers worked back and forth just above her pussy, she felt Bill's fingers on her lips and softly gasped and inadvertently slightly lifted her hips, resulting in peals of laughter from Jennifer and Andrea. Her face which had been slightly red got really scarlet. And Bill took every opportunity to push her lips aside and open them, even to exposing her clit and sneakily rubbing it, making her gasp louder.

"Bill, quit playing with her and just shave the hair off. And Sabine, open your eyes and watch him."

Sabine looked down past her sagging tits with unfortunately erect nipples to the now sparse hair above her slit. Which was now partially penetrated by one of Bill's fingers as he moved her lips around while running the clippers over them, removing pubic hair from her. Sabine shuddered, feeling aroused. Her eyes were focused on her cunt, watching as she was trimmed. She glanced up to see Andrea and Jennifer smirking at her, knowing that she was turned on by her nudity and Bill teasing her.

Bill removed the clippers, turning them off and setting them down next to Sabine's hip, looking at her, smirking himself. Still she sat on the bathroom counter, legs open and watched him soak a hand towel in warm water, wring it out and then place it over her cunt, warming it, soaking the remaining short hair. He leaned back and the three of them stared at her, smirking, seeing her reddened cheeks, wide open eyes, erect nipples and saggy tits. Her cunt was covered but her insides tingled.

Soon Bill removed the soaked towel and squirted shave cream in his hand and then applied it to her cunt, rubbing it all over her lips and lower belly. Then he rinsed off his hand, dried it and picked up the razor. Sabine watched in horror and arousal as it scraped over her skin, removing the last bits of her pubic hair, completely exposing her lips and unfortunately her erect clit. The scraping of the razor was sheer torture as it ran over the sensitive skin. She couldn't help but watch, however as her pubic hair disappeared, leaving her belly and lips bald as an eight year old girl.

Bill finally finished, wiped the stray bits of shave cream off Sabine and stepped back again, Andrea, Jennifer and Bill now looking at the naked woman who remained sitting with her legs spread, her now denuded cunt in plain view.

"Like it Sabine?"


"Well, I do and it's going to stay that way as long as I want."

"Enjoy yourself Bill?"

He chuckled.

"Yeah, it's not often that a guy gets to shave a woman he's just met. Even if she's just a bit chubby. But she has a nice looking pussy."

Sabine grimaced but didn't close her legs. What was the point now? She had been naked in front of them for close to an hour by now, most of it with her legs wide open.

"Sabine, I think you should thank Bill for the nice job he did shaving you. Why don't you take him to the living room, take out his dick and suck him until he comes. I want you to take it in your mouth, show me and Andrea that you have and then swallow it. Then I will take you home. Of course, Andrea, with your permission, since he's your husband."

"She can, that way I probably won't have to put out tonight."

Andrea giggled. Sabine sighed and got off the counter.

"I don't know where the living room is..."

Bill chuckled and led Sabine away, with Andrea and Jennifer following. Soon after, Bill was seated on the couch, his erect cock in Sabine's mouth, her head going up and down. She was horny and sucking wasn't bad until Bill tensed, grasped her head and held her down. Sabine felt the first spurt and gagged, bringing giggles from Jennifer and Andrea. And Bill held her head down as she struggled to pull her mouth off of him. Bill held her head until he had finished coming and then let go of her. Sabine jerked her head back and gagged once more, lifting her hand to her mouth.

"Don't spit Sabine, I want to see it!"

Sabine gagged again and turned to Jennifer and humiliated completely, opened her mouth. Both Andrea and Jennifer looked and giggled.

"Swallow it Sabine."

She did, gagging and choking the sperm down. She was both embarrassed and humiliated, degraded somewhat, but still aroused.

"Horny Sabine?"


Of course Sabine was lying, not understanding how being exposed as she had been and then told to suck cock could turn her on. She just wanted to go home. And Jennifer did take her home, but not wearing anything but her heels, since it was now dark. Once in Jennifer's car, sitting on her coat....

"If you want or need to masturbate, go ahead Sabine."

"No thank you."

Sabine was allowed to wear the coat back to her apartment from Jennifer's car but not to button it, so it swung open as she walked. Sabine was scared that someone from her apartment building would see her, but luckily no one did.

Once inside, Jennifer had Sabine take the greeting position, on her heels and ass, knees open and hands resting on the carpet behind her.

"Don't forget, this is how you are to be when I tell you that I am coming over. And, I expect you to shave your cunt at least every other day. If you don't, I'll find someone else to do it for you and maybe bring them here to do it, so they know where you live. Personally, I don't think you would like that. Now stay there until I close your door.

Jennifer turned, opened the door and turned to Sabine, holding the door open to the apartment hallway and looked at the nude Sabine, spread open for Jennifer. She smiled, standing there for perhaps thirty seconds and then let the door close.

Sabine sat quietly after her apartment door closed, eyes closed and reliving the day and evening. How stupid could she have been? How much embarrassment and humiliation was she willing to endure? Was she going to enjoy what Jennifer was going to make her do? Was Jennifer really making her do it or was Sabine a willing participant? Would Sabine stand up to Jennifer and say no? Why did she get aroused, just by taking off her clothes, letting others see her nude body? Was that going to be enough to convince her to continue? At this point Sabine wasn't sure of the answers to any of those questions. She went to bed, it was late and her alarm was early, she needed rest. Tomorrow might be a full day.

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