tagBDSMSabin's Stroll

Sabin's Stroll


The night was exceptionally cold, but Sabin didn't mind. It was cleansing, crisp and somehow exactly what he needed tonight after the long week. Stuffing his hands into his pockets, he walked his normal walk. Past the coffee shop with all the late night college students trying to read for tomorrow's... today's classes, down under the tracks that circled the city, the noise reverberating down through the endless steel and glass of the buildings and down near the old stadium long since deserted due to "poor ticket sales." Tonight, however, Sabin wasn't at ease. Something was different. He felt as though someone was watching him as he strolled past a darkened theater. There was just something he...

"Gah!! What the hell??" Jumping back and nearly out of his skin. "Damn, just a stupid cat." He bent down to greet the cat, which was now hugging his leg affectionately as if the cat knew him. "What are you doing cat? Mistake me for someone else?"

"Oh there you are!!" Another voice rang and Sabin turned back down the alley to meet it. Out of the darkness appeared a figure. A graceful, elegant looking lady, in her early 20s Sabin conjured. Her shoulder-length black hair met the start of her flowing blood red dress and the click-clack of her heels echoed up the alley as she walked towards him. "I'm terribly sorry sir. You see little Vero here loves to run and meet new people, so long as she can scare the life out of them while doing it." A wicked grin shot across her face.

"Oh don't worry about it. But isn't it a bit dangerous out here for a young girl like yourself to be out here alone in dark alleys? The cat seems smart enough to find her way home in the morning." A gentle purr from the fur ball around Sabin's left foot told him he was right. "It's not like the city is as safe as it once used to be."

A smile flashed upon the face across from Sabin's. "Oh, the city is safe enough for my tastes. I'm Malinda by the way." Her black eyes looked about, as if scanning the area for something. "And thanks for finding my cat."

"Hey, no problem. I didn't find her; I was just in the right place at the right time." Looking down he saw the cat still wrapped around his foot, seemingly sleeping. "I'm Sabin, nice to meet you. No offense to you or your cat, but... do you mind?"

A soft laugh escaped Malinda as she looked down at the pile of fur near the ground. "Awww. So cute." Reaching down Malinda gently scooped up the cat and cradled her. "She's really harmless. Aren't you Vero?" A gently purr. "Thanks again... Sabin was it?"

"Yeah, don't worry about it." He turned away, looking back down the empty streets. "Hey, I was just..." Turning back towards where Malinda had been a few seconds earlier only to find a dimly lit alley with a locked stage door. Nothing. No one on the street except him. "Wow... I need to lay off the... whatever it was I drank, ate or read." He chuckled to himself. But somehow the small laugh was about the only consolation he found. Something deep inside told him to get home, now. Cutting the rest of his walk short, Sabin returned to his loft. Looking about, suspicious for no reason, nothing was out of place; everything was just the way he left it. "Maybe I just dreamt it all. Wow... that would have looked odd. A 24 year old just talking to himself in the middle of the street." Shedding the light coat and shoes, Sabin walked to his bed to set down for the night. "Sleep is what I need... Yeah... Just some sleep." And with that, he kicked off his pants and threw off his shirt, both of which fell haphazardly onto the chair a few feet away. "And in the morning I'll wake up and just shake this feeling."

Unfortunately, the next time Sabin woke up, it wasn't morning. He could feel something. Someone. The loft was still dark, but he could make out shadows from the dull light of his computer case. Nothing. Sighing and putting his head back down on his pillow he wondered what the hell was wrong. He _knew_ that he had felt someone sit on his bed. "Maybe... maybe a glass of water..." And with that, Sabin groggily rose from the bed and walked to the kitchen. Or so he would have liked to. Halfway there a hand touched his shoulder. Swinging instinctively he expected to hear bones meet flesh, but was instead perplexed to hear nothing but the current of air he had assaulted. "Great, first I can't sleep... now I'm attacking the air." A flash caught his attention outside, illuminating the room and blinding him... only to darken the room just as quickly. "Power failure, in this block? What the hell? There goes getting water." The quiet of the room was eerie... no hum of the computer, no refrigerator compressor, no dim led lightning from the baseboards. "At least my eyes are adjusting to the darkness."

The sound of a high heel echoing through the loft brought his senses to their edge. "Who the fuck is there?" Turning to where the sound had come from he saw only darkness. Another heel step, this time from behind him. Turning sharply towards that noise only to hear another heel step from his far off right... he panicked. "Just show yourself. I'm right here. Come on... Have at you!" Slowly backing up towards the kitchen he kept the now steady heel clicks in front of him. Then suddenly... he felt something behind him... Trying to swing at it, Sabin found that he couldn't move. His brain sent the actions to his muscles, fight, break free... DO SOMETHING!! But the muscles didn't listen... or couldn't.

The heels stopped as he gave up on struggling. "Hello there Sabin." He knew that voice. It was the same voice that had greeted him on his walk. The same voice that had caused unrest in his soul. But there was no body associated with the voice. No elegant figure to focus on, just... darkness. "I told you Vero likes to scare people." A slightly wicked, but somehow seductive laugh pierced the darkness. "You're mine now, Sabin." A figure finally appeared in front of Sabin. There Malinda was in her elegant beauty. Still in that same red dress and heels, but adding to it a pair of blood red gloves that covered her forearms.

Sabin tried desperately to move. Still nothing. "Why... What are you doing? And what do you mean I'm yours?!" More struggle, more nothing. It was no use. Something... Someone had him.

"Now there's a good boy. Submitting to your new mistress." A wicked grin flashed across Malinda's face as she stroked Sabin's chin with her hand. "It's quite simple. You have something I want... No, something I need. You see. I need your blood." The gloved hand crossed over to Sabin's shoulder and neck. "And there's not a lot of good ways to get blood anymore." Standing behind him, Malinda ran a hand quickly down Sabin's spine... sending chills through his body and causing hundreds of hairs to stand on end.

Shivering at the hand racing down his spine, Sabin managed a coherent thought for the first time in a few minutes. "And this is where you're supposed to bite my neck, suck my blood and leave me to die... or did I miss something?" He really didn't believe in vampires, they were nothing more than elements of fiction and fantasy. Weren't they?

"Well... I could do that." She admired Vero's work. He really couldn't move. She'd have to treat her to something later. "However, just sucking one's blood is, well, highly inefficient." She wrapped her arms around Sabin's torso, gently tracing a circle in the middle of his chest. "I only need a fairly small amount to sustain myself. But once you puncture the arteries of a human, well, things get messy and then you have to do something about it."

The circle being traced across his heart drove Sabin into a craze. He hated light sensations. Well, mostly. This was just, puzzling. Here he was, apparently trying to be seduced by a vampire in the middle of the night? Another cohesive thought formed on his tongue and made its way to the still air of the loft. "Yeah, I could see it getting messy. But that's what happens to all humans. Puncture a blood vessel and we like to bleed." Oh god... Just... wake up Sabin. That's it. WAKE UP!!

Malinda smirked... slipping a hand down to his bottom and slapping it firmly. "See, not in a dream. Or else you would have woken up." Another slap on the other cheek, and another, and another. An evil grin formed on her face. "Still think it's a dream?"

The first slap did more to stun him than anything. What? Did she just...? The thought was interrupted by the second and by the forth he knew the answer to that question was 'Yes, she was slapping my ass' "So instead of sucking blood you spank ass now or something?" The comment was smart in his mind... but then again, so was the lash that he felt a second later across his bottom.

She hadn't come unprepared. She had been studying her prey a while now. And the small piece of flexible leather she had Vero bring had just left a very red mark across the bottom of her victim. "Oh no, I tend to keep pleasures separate. Consider this, purely business." She sent another lash across a little higher than the first. "And this is just low end business..." Slightly cringing at what had just escaped her lips.

Sabin, however, didn't find it as funny to feel the second stripe across his bottom. Composing himself, he figured his best way to escape would be to play along. He couldn't run while he was... Paralyzed. He still hadn't figured that one out. "Well... then how can I serve you?"

Coy, Malinda thought, very coy. "It's not how you can serve me; it's what you can give me. Rather, what I will take from you. The only question is whether you wish to remain alive at the end of it." She gently tapped the leather strip on his bottom. The stripes were still there and she smiled at them. His bottom was twitching ever so slightly as she tapped the leather against it. "It's your choice. But know this..." She walked in front of him, staring deeply into his brown eyes with her ones of pure darkness. "I've stalked you, I know you. You have few friends outside of the internet. Your job is well... unfulfilling to say the least. And this..." She motioned around the loft. "...is not the place you feel you belong in. Oh yes, I know all about you Sabin. Why do you think I approached you the way I did. Vero is not my cat, she is my... well... apprentice. She is also my servant. As you will be."

Somewhere in the back of his mind, Sabin tried to remember if he had ever seen this woman before. Nothing. Surveillance maybe. No, couldn't be. It'd be hard as hell to ghost into his pc and it's not like his loft was easy to reach from the outside. "You still haven't answered my question. What do you want of me??" A mix of frustration and bewilderment echoed in his voice. Her eyes were so deep and when they left his, he felt sad. Sadness, however, was replaced quickly by the sharp crack of leather on his bottom.

"I have told you what you wanted to know. You haven't been listening." Another lash right on top of the last. She could see him grimace, and she smiled. "You will be my slave; I will be your mistress. You will give me some blood every few days and I will reward you for it." An ear wide grin flashed upon her face. Yes, he would do it, there's no way he would turn this down. She traced her gloved finger lightly across the latest stripe, grinning evilly.

Closing his eyes at the sensation, Sabin weighed his options. Who could he go to if he did manage to break free? The police would lock him in the loony bin and the loony bin would tell him to go see the cops. And if he died... then what? His rotting body would be found, without blood, a few weeks later? What choice did he have? Escape was becoming less and less likely and it was through no fault of his. "Okay, I'll be your... slave." Oh god... what had he just done??

"Good." A relieved sigh escaped Malinda's lips and with a glance Vero released him. "Don't move, even though you can." She watched him as Sabin stretched some of his muscles and she allowed him that. That wasn't the most comfortable spell, but it was as effective as ever. "Now... You do realize what you just agreed to. You're mine. Until I tell you otherwise." Walking around him, she saw his head was hung low and felt a little wave of depression. But not now, she could not feel sorry. She needed him, and in due time, he would need her. Placing a hand under his chin she knew that now was as good of a time as any to start. "Shall we then?"

Sabin had nothing but fear within him. Whatever adrenaline that pumped into his system at the onset had since washed out of him and there was nothing in reserve. "How... what." The touch of silk to his lips quelled him. He resisted the urge to send a gentle kiss to the finger, instead looking over Malinda. Vero, he saw over Malinda's shoulder, had cleared his pants and shirt from the chair next to his bed and stood next to it. Malinda's other hand took one of his and slowly led him to next to the chair, heels somehow sounding far more ominous than before.

"As I have said. You will give me blood and I will reward you for it." A wicked grin flashed across her lips, revealing her teeth for the first time. She sat down, smoothing her dress. "I will need blood tonight, and, as such, you will have a reward tonight. However, I must set you straight that *I* am in charge. If you disobey me in any way, there will be consequences." Vero had a shy, yet amused, smile on her face. She was dressed a little less eloquently than Malinda, but her clothes were still very nice. She wore a vibrant green blouse and black pants, which accented her deep green eyes and dark brown hair well. "Do you understand, Sabin?" Sabin didn't need to ask what the consequences would be. A picture was already unfolding in his mind. "Good. Then we can begin." Vero walked around him and gently pulled down his boxers, leaving him naked and blushing. Malinda looked him over once, taking one of his hands in hers. "Don't be afraid. I know it's difficult, but I want you to trust me."

'How could I??' Thought Sabin, nearly aloud. 'I just met you tonight, you sneak in here, whip me, say I'm your slave...' A thousand questions raced through his mind as he was being led over Malinda's lap. Not the least of these questions was still 'What the hell is going on?' A silky hand caressed his bottom and instincts took in to tense up. He was rewarded with a quick lash of leather across his upper thighs. Grimacing at the flash of pain Sabin returned to a relaxed state and once again the gloved hand moved across his bottom.

Malinda looked at Vero, now holding the leather strip, and without a word scolded her. Vero returned a look of sorrow at the disappointment. There went her reward for performing the spell properly. Malinda looked back at her new slave... He would get to know this, and other, positions well in the next few months. But for now this would be the easiest for all involved. "This will hurt Sabin. But, not as much as one you would earn for disobeying me. "And with that... the first slap landed firmly on his right cheek.

At first, Sabin was more shocked. The slaps hurt, but they weren't that bad. And they weren't in the same spot, unlike that leather... whatever it was. It was actually... enjoyable... to a point. But after the fifth or so minute of constant slapping and swatting... it was not as enjoyable. A deep warmth had taken over his bottom and now the slaps were really stinging. A soft groan escaped his mouth and only seemed to incite harder slaps to his bottom. By the (apparent) tenth minute, it was nearly unbearable. Sabin could have sworn that his rear was on fire. And it was burning more brightly with every last slap.

Malinda was having her own issues. Her hand was starting to hurt from the constant spanking. It had been a while, hadn't it? She glanced up at Vero, issuing orders simply by looking into her eyes and Vero walked off. Malinda continued to spank Sabin's bottom as hard as she could, admiring the blotches of red she had caused. Stopping to rest her hand, Malinda switched to tracing light circles across the beautiful bottom over her lap. She hoped he would react favorably and heard a faint sigh that brought a smile to her face. "Almost there... just a few more." Vero appeared as if on cue with a wooden spoon and looked as though there was nothing else she could have gotten. 'This would have to do.' Malinda thought and audibly thanked Vero by swatting her once on each cheek.

Sabin jumped at the cracks echoing through the room, but then realized they weren't on his bottom. Puzzled he started to talk, but only a yelp escaped as the first crack of the wooden spoon hit the center of his right cheek. He managed to close his mouth and manage only a groan for the one that quickly followed on his left cheek. Sabin managed one last coherent thought before the next blow landed... if his bottom was on fire before, it now felt like the sun had moved ever so close to it. The cracks landed rhythmically and methodically, moving all over his cheeks and upper thighs... not focusing on any one area but also not spreading them too far apart between strikes. He did his best not to wriggle and writhe, fearing that it would earn him worse. 'But at least you can move, Sabin... don't mess that up.'

When Malinda had landed 35 blows on each side, she handed the spoon back to Vero who simply stood there with it in hand. "Shhh... it's all over Sabin." Gently she massaged his crimson cheeks, making sure to caress them rather than torment him more. For the first time, she was convinced that at least this part would work out. "You understand that this would just be a warm-up to an actual punishment spanking, correct?" She noted Sabin's nod. "You also realize that _this_..." she lightly traced a line around one of the particularly red spots... "... is also something good boys get?" She didn't need to see a nod. The fact his bottom was raising ever so slightly to meet her touch was enough for her. "Then... we should continue." She helped him up, slowly, gently. Standing on such a red bottom would be shaky at first. He stood groggily at first... supported only by the deep hug that Malinda had pulled him into.

"Now, for the dirty work..." Malinda flashed a look to Vero, who promptly went off somewhere behind one of the many folding screens. "You apparently trust me, so I will just say this... You will need to trust me some more." The deep stare into his eyes told her all she needed to know. He trusted her... but there was always the chance he would freak out. Vero returned with a towel, but she was now only wearing an emerald green bra and thong, both of which were accented by her pale skin and supple curves. Malinda pushed Sabin onto the bed gently, smiling at the cringe of pain that came across his face as he sat. "I get my blood a very, odd way. No scarring, no arteries to close, not a lot of mess. Well, normally." In one swift move, she let her dress flow to the ground and pile there. Sabin's jaw dropped at the black and blood red lingerie she had on, from her bra right down to her stockings and slip.

Sabin couldn't think if he wanted to. There was no hiding his approval of these ladies bodies. But one thing flashed in his mind right before Malinda sat down next to him and teased his lips with hers. Odd way??

Malinda loved this part. Gently she kissed Sabin for the first time... both exploded into a passionate lovers dance of embracing, holding, feeling and sucking each other's lips. Vero came up behind Sabin, gently kissing the back of his neck, nibbling on his ear... A hand gently slipped down to Sabin's member... finding it wanting of what it needed. 'Now or never.' Thought Malinda as she flashed a look to Vero. Vero held Sabin in a very tight embrace, placing her body next to his as Malinda closed her eyes.

Sabin panicked. The physical bliss was replaced for one fleeting moment of unusual pain (if there were such a thing) and once his tongue tasted it, the brain worked up a panic message that not even it believed. He was bleeding. From inside his mouth. He tried his best to pull away but found it hard with Vero behind him and Malinda holding his face next to hers. The bliss happening with Malinda's other hand didn't help the matter as the flood of mixed signals overloaded the muscles. It was just too much... Sabin twitched involuntarily, finally giving into the rubbing and kissing and reaching a ferocious orgasm. Malinda kept kissing him straight through it, with Vero making sure that he would remain calm. A few spasms and last kisses later... Sabin was finally let out of the embrace. His eyes were hazy at what had just happened, as was his brain. He collapsed onto the bed and fell into a deep sleep...

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