tagSci-Fi & FantasySable and The Supers Ch. 02

Sable and The Supers Ch. 02


Author's note:

This is version 3. It was edited once for inconsistencies/continuity errors really embarrassing editing mistakes, and now it has been edited so I don't have to retcon later on.

I wrote the first story as a stand-alone satire, then it grew out of hand. Since I've returned to it and established a proper plot and universe, I've gone back and am re-editing these to make sure they fit.

Original Author's note: if you haven't read the first one, this really isn't going to make any sense at all, so don't blame me if you haven't and you get confused.


Sable lay on her bed, rhythmically tapping her fingertips together and staring thoughtfully at the ceiling.

For some reason, she hadn't thought about changing out of her costume into something more comfortable. When she thought about it, that bothered her.

It also bothered her that Sunburst Girl, when she recovered with the help of about five minutes in the headquarters and a glass of milk, had gone straight back to being brainless valley girl and appeared to have entirely forgotten about everything that had happened inside the Engineer's workshops, relating it as "We were caught, and Sable broke us out!" It may have taken five minutes, from her telling, not three hours.

Also, but far from finally, it bothered her that nobody said anything about revenge or a retaliatory attack. They just took it as another part in life, and started talking about who was going to do the evening patrol.

Even less was making sense than anything to date already hadn't, including this sentence.

The behaviour of her colleagues, however, was beginning to seriously worry her. If they had all at one time been normal humans who had died and been given a second chance, well, they couldn't ALL have been children's television presenters or kindergarten teachers, could they?

She had tried asking Fern about her former life and the horticulturist had acted as though Sable had made an indecent reference to her grandmother. Clearly, it wasn't just prior names you Don't Talk About.

Even worse, she had a sneaking suspicion she was beginning to play along with their little brainless fantasy. What was it the Engineer had said? "Try doing something evil, and see how well it works for you," or something like that.

There was the costume, for a start. Yes, she had discovered limitations in the clothing designer, but she was wearing a fucking corset!

Then there was her behaviour when she "rescued" Sunburst Girl. That stance, and saying... She shuddered, just thinking about it. They were rubbing off on her.

Her telephone chimed. "You're patrolling with Zephyr!" Volcano's cheerful voice thundered.

Oh, am I, she thought sourly. Patrolling worked so well last time!

But she went, anyway.

They found a bank robbery in progress.

Sable assumed that there must be non-Super criminals operating somewhere in the city, but these were not they.

The first clue was the smoking, half-melted hole in the bank's facade.

Zephyr, saying "Cover me!" dived straight towards the hole.

Sable thought that was such a good idea she crept around the back.

Sure enough, four goons were carrying sacks of money out of the bank's back door, towards a large van.

After first checking briefly for supervisors, she quickly dumped the thugs in a large garage skip against the back wall of the bank and locked them in, disabled the van and locked the money in that, and then tiptoed inside the bank.

Zephyr was, astonishingly for someone whose super power involved wind, holding her own against someone who could shoot bolts of energy from his fists.

He kept missing her, and she had managed to stir up a small indoor tornado which was making a horrendous mess but was also making it hard for the Villain to keep his footing.

Sable stayed still and quiet behind the door, eyes flicking around the huge inside of the bank. There didn't seem to be any more goons around, she couldn't see anybody else involved in the fight, and nobody seemed to be moving, so...

Taking a deep breath, Sable hoped the villain was alone and encased him in a vault of blackness which she shrank until he was forced into a foetal posture and running low on air.

Zephyr was surprised by Sable's appearance and produced handcuffs with bad grace. Sable stopped herself from making any lewd comments about the cuffs.

The bank was grateful, effusively. The customers were grateful, tearfully. The cops were grateful, admiringly. The media which turned up as soon as it was safe to do so were gushing in their praise as they stepped over bits of bank.

Sable stared in disbelief at the holes, the chaos of paper, the several customers who had been quite severely injured, and silently cursed the lot of them for fools.

She left Zephyr to talk to everyone, and slipped away quietly.

She was not impressed, and wasn't sure she could keep it in.

"Are civilians immune to injury?" she asked when they were all gathered in the headquarters for mutual congratulations.

"What was that?" Volcano rumbled.

"There were at least twenty people inside that bank. Are civilians immune to injury?" with a nauseating feeling in her stomach, she realised that they honestly didn't know.

They all stared at her, but she was getting used to it by now.

"What do you suggest I should have done?" Zephyr flared up. "Let them get away?"

"Check out the situation," Sable replied evenly. "Scout around. Find their escape vehicle. Wait for them to leave, then apprehend them."

Zephyr laughed, scornfully. "They disappear! Into the sewers, into buildings, down ramps! The Engineer has escape routes all through the city!"

Ah, thought Sable to herself. And so we come to this. I knew we would eventually. I'm going to have to have a word with him, I can see.


She chose the novel step of wearing civvies, after finding out the wardrobe could do that, and visiting his front company as a client. She even made an appointment.

Hiding her height and assets inside a business blouse and suit jacket proved difficult, and she ended up looking like a Superheroine wearing a skirt, suit jacket and high heels. But she was counting on the rules of this world making a pair of glasses a good disguise, and so far it seemed to be working.

The security guard sent her straight up to his office. His receptionist, walking remarkably well for someone in 5" heels, a corseted 16" waist and a skirt that kept her thighs together as well as a leather strap would, showed her into a meeting room, directed her to a chair and offered her coffee.

Sable declined refreshments out of generalised suspicion, then stared at the proffered chair for a few moments before sitting in the other one. Then she steepled her fingers together and waited.

He wouldn't keep her waiting long if she didn't have something to drink...

A door out of her field of view opened, briskly.

"Good afternoon! What can... Oh, hello."

"Hello, again. How's evil villaining?"

"Same as usual. How's heroing?"

"Frustrating. I want a word with you."

"Oh, alright then." He deftly flicked a remote control out of his pocket, pressed something and only then sat down in the other chair.

"So you rig that chair by force of habit, then?"

"Pretty much, yes. Can't hurt. What's bothering you?"

"I helped catch a bank robber three days ago."

"Thunder. I heard about that, yes."

"He was a bit thick."

"Can't argue with that."

"In fact, they all are."

"Can't argue with that, either."

"Except you."

"Except, thankfully, me."

"You appear to have built this entire city."

He raised his hand and waggled it in the time honoured symbol of an approximation. "Large parts of it, yes."

"You would also appear to have the distinction of being the only known villain to not actually have a criminal record."

"The mayor has always regarded my civil works kindly as a mitigating factor."

"I bet he has. In fact, I suspect you built him, as well."

His face split in a wide grin. "I see your thought processes. You want to know whether I really am THE Engineer. "

"Are you?"



"At least, not entirely. Yes, I essentially planned this city. Yes, I do have extraordinary access to the basic rules of the game. No, I did not build this universe, and I did not have any say over my body, yours, or anyone else's. I have purely built within the limitations of this world.

"Whoever the architect is, if there is one, is a far bigger pervert than even I. Trust me, there are much worse areas for you to have landed in."

"So how the fuck, exactly, did you get so much control?"

"Because I really am an engineer, and I worked out the rules. I may not be a scientist, exactly, but the line is always only ever thin. As soon as I realised there were things I shouldn't be able to do that I could, I spent a very long time exploring what they were."

"Like your radiation orgasm machines?"

"Exactly. I'm almost glad I'm not a scientist, actually. I'd probably go mad trying to work out the fundamentals. Mind you, if reality ever gets asserted here, half the city is in big trouble."

"We're talking comic book physics, aren't we?"

"Comic book physics, exactly."


"Are you sure I couldn't offer you a drink?"

"How much do you think I trust you?"

"I'm a villain, I have to at least try."

She blew a scornful raspberry. "So how come you and I aren't good little brainless bit-parts?"

He shrugged, eloquently. "My two theories are: we're lucky and weren't processed properly, or: the boss wants to see what will happen."

"Comforting thought."

"I try not to let it bother me."

"Yes, I can see that. Tell me: have you ever considered trying to break out?"

"And ruin a good gig?" he grew suddenly serious. "I've never stopped trying to find out as much as I can about what's going on, but I can't even find cracks. Not even noticeable differences in brainwave patterns between me and the locals. Hell, for all I know the locals are people who died and turned down the chance at being heroes."

Sable hadn't even thought of that option. "So can you change any of the basic settings?"

"I believe I've been able to guide things, to get a certain type of people and Supers to this city."

She was struck by a sudden thought. "How long have you been here? How long have you had this city?"

"Coming up on 150 years now."

"Bloody hell!"

"Nobody ages," he said quietly. "At all."

She stared at him in disbelief. "How... But... How..."

"Nobody else seems to ever learn anything, either."

Her look of disbelief was morphing slowly to one of horror.

"Find a hobby," he said, kindly. "Find a very complicated hobby."


She was a little bit numb when she left, and didn't even notice the receptionist offering her a voucher for a complimentary massage and beauty treatment at the new spa they had just opened.

She cursed herself for a fool when the question filtered through to her conscious mind when she was already on the pavement, and vowed to have a talk with him about that the next time they met, as well.


She took a taxi back to an office around the corner from headquarters, automatically being cautious despite almost certainly not needing to.

When she got back to the communal areas, the three other women were waiting for her and wearing casual designer clothes.

"We're going to get pampered," Fern said brightly. Want to come?"

"Where are you going?"

"We're not sure yet," Sunburst Girl piped up. "Do you know a good spa?"

"Oh, I hear there's a really good new one just opened in the Lucifer Enterprises building," Sable replied instantly.

"Oh, that's fabulous! What do you think, girls, want to try that one?" When the others agreed with her, Fern turned to Sable. "Won't you come with us?"

"Oh, I'm sorry, I really can't, not today."

Sable fended off their commiserations, then watched them go. Well, that was one way of confirming if the spa was kosher.

For her part, she was confused, conflicted and frustrated, and wanted good, hard sex. Short of raping The Mole, that meant a nightclub.

The wardrobe turned up a halter top that was slightly less than a sports bra, a wraparound miniskirt that almost didn't make it all the way back to her left hip, a black G-string and knee-high Roman sandals.

Half an hour on the Internet found her the best spot for trouble-free hunting, and she used the cover of darkness to fly to a nearby dark alleyway, where she had to incapacitate two hopeful rapists then critically check her make-up before stepping out into public.

She strode straight up to the front of the queue, charmed her way past the bouncers and left a nearly critical mass of seething jealousy and resentment behind her.

The music wasn't to her tastes, the lighting show certainly wasn't and she would never spend her own money on drinks at those prices, but the meat on display helped to make up for a lot.

Now, she needed someone strong, big in his pants, aggressive but dumb. She was absolutely spoiled for choice.

Then a girl with a slightly blank expression on her face and the clothing equivalent of a bikini on her extremely nubile body tried to throw dust in her face, and the entire evening soured.

There was an extremely busy few seconds before the obviously brain-wiped girl told her where the mistress was (asking "Where is he?" had been Sable's biggest problem) and what her name was (Mica) before the Super marched the slave towards the Staff Only door.

A bouncer with a good sense of oddity tried to stop her, and was left to regret it.

The Villain was wearing clothing from Slut Disco Bunny's premium range, and had glitter on every inch of exposed (a lot) skin. She looked like her own mirror ball. Sable looked at the glitter and jumped instantly to the right conclusion.

Mica looked at her and started laughing before stopping herself and saying "Hang on, you're not... "

Sable let her get exactly that far before encasing her in her own black pyramid. The two bouncers and three girls present tried to save their Mistress, and Sable took great pleasure in thumping them all.

Then she had to call the special police unit, and then wait for them, and after that she was more frustrated than ever and even further from being able to do anything about it.

It was midnight before she was able to get away, and she sat on a low cloud staring at the city and brooding. Oh, the hell with it, then.

She didn't really feel like a mere human anyway.

Seconds later, she landed outside the Engineer's workshop, wondering where the most obvious booby traps where, and the easiest ways of tripping them.

After a brief moment's consideration, she walked up to an innocent looking door and tried to force the handle. A trapdoor opened underneath her, and she plummeted downwards.

She landed in pitch blackness a mere split second before what felt like an animated metal rope slammed into the small of her back and wrapped securely around her waist. More metal ropes trapped her wrists and her ankles almost before she could react and she was lifted off the ground, stretched into a cross shape, before the lights slowly came on to reveal a malevolent robot face staring at her.

"Oh, no," she said. "I've been captured by the evil villain's evil machines and they're going to torture me relentlessly and without mercy. Whatever shall I do?"

Tentacles wrapped around each breast and squeezed, deliciously.

"Oh. Oh stop. Oh, no."

Then the robot's eyes flashed bright red and directed a laser at her crotch, and she went cross-eyed slightly before she started screaming.


The next morning, the Engineer woke up between two clients who had each, independently, wanted to be kept bedslaves (and paid handsomely for the privilege, an irony the Engineer particularly enjoyed) and woke them both up while he reviewed operations. He raised an eyebrow at the steadily blinking notification on his bedside console, but since it wasn't a warning (which would have woken him up) he ordered breakfast first.

While two young women kissed each other around his cock, he watched the current state of his finances scroll across the screen attached to the ceiling.

He was smugly satisfied and pleasantly throbbing when his rubber maid (not a customer—a good maid had to be kept and trained) bought in a tray with a plunger of coffee, two croissants, a bowl of extremely crunchy bacon and two poached eggs that were so delicately cooked they barely held together.

His morning summary was passing into the results of his running experiments as he began tucking into breakfast, as the two women continued feasting on his cock.

He was feeling replete and lingering over his coffee, still being licked and sucked and nibbled, when he decided it was time to check on the trap that had been patiently blinking its alert at him all this time.

He saw, he stared in disbelief, he started sniggering and then he burst into full and hearty laughter.

Seeing any Superheroine trapped and driven mad by sexual torment made him happy, but since discovering that Sable was as special as he was, he kept a special spot in his fantasies for the dark new girl.

She was still held tight in a cross shape, but her panties were gone and her top was hanging off her shoulders in tatters. The robot was a collection of smooth-surfaced metal tentacles. Four were attached to her limbs and four, tipped with dildos, were fucking her in all three of her orifices.

Every five minutes, clamps firmly attached to her nipples and her clitoris delivered sharp electric shocks, forcing her into a violent orgasm.

Her body was hanging from her shoulders, her skin was slick with sweat and her face bore the glazed, blank, mindless expression of a Super pushed to the point of total exhaustion but, because she was a Super, not going any further.

The Engineer settled back to watch, his cock getting that final twitch of hardening that sat between pleasure and possibly cumming. He had been going to save it for... But why not? They needed a booster of his mind control cum, and he hardly had to worry about getting tired.

As he watched Sable have the thirteenth forced orgasm since he started watching, he came with a luxuriant, satisfied grunt, one slave swallowing what she could and then holding the rest in her mouth, snowballing for the other.

As they sucked hungrily at each other's mouths, he sent a command to the guard robot that had captured Sable and rolled off the bed, leaving the two slaves locked together as he sauntered naked and with cock still hard down the corridor.

By the time he got to the room where Sable was being held captive, she was being suspended off the ground by wrists and ankles held together behind her back, leaving her back bowed downwards, head held upwards by her hair, still being fucked by all four dildos, still with clamps attached to nipples and clitoris.

When he sauntered in, pre-announced by his cock bobbing before him, her eyes briefly cleared and focused on him, recognition flashing inside them, until the next shock ripped the next orgasm from her tormented body.

He laughed—not because it was expected, he just couldn't help himself—as he strolled across the room to her and waved the tentacle fucking her mouth out of the way.

"You... " She moaned, before he gagged her with his cock, stretching her lips to force it in and down her throat.

It didn't even take the effects of his bodily fluids to make her suck desperately—after nearly seven hours of having orgasms ripped from her mercilessly and unstoppably, the prospect of a cock that actually promised to deliver seized control of her mind and wouldn't let go.

The Engineer had super self-control to add to his other abilities, but the combination of his gloating and her super sucking made sure he could only last until her next electrically forced orgasm.

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