tagSci-Fi & FantasySable and the Supers Ch. 06

Sable and the Supers Ch. 06


Author's note:

This is version 3. I edited it once for inconsistencies, continuity errors and really embarrassing editing mistakes, but then I worked out what the rules of the world were and so now I've gone back to "fix" things that don't quite work so that they do.

Original note:

I had a plan for this one. Production notes. Didn't happen. Oh well, these characters have lives entirely independent of my plans for them. Much more interesting lives than I've got, too, damn them.

There's a bit of lovey, emotional, relationship stuff in here. Deal with it. Blame the characters.

Now: This started out as a parody, satire and piss-take. It evolved (thanks to said characters) into something a little more serious, but it is, fundamentally, not to be taken seriously by anybody who doesn't want to get into serious debates about the nature of reality.

I don't want you to think I'm being at all serious about the Superhero genre, or willing to respect its conventions.

This is also such an interdependent set of stories you will really get very little value at all if you haven't read the prequels yet. Go on, this one will still be waiting for you when you get through the first five.

There may be a seventh by then, as well. Yes, there will be at least one more. After that it's up to who's stronger: Me or a bunch of fictional Superheroes. There'll probably be more.


Siobhan found the Engineer in a side lab of his new and sprawling workshops. He was dressed in his tailored lab coat and sitting on a lab stool against one wall with knees spread, elbows on knees and chin on palms, staring moodily at what was either the core of a tokamak nuclear reactor, a space-sized laser, or a time machine.

She was moving with all the stealth a maid was capable of in 4" heels and he appeared completely lost in thought, but before she cleared her throat to speak he said, distantly, "What would happen, Siobhan, if I blew up the world?"

She went very still as she realised he was probably capable of it and she had no idea if he was joking or not.

"Master?" That seemed the safest response.

"Assume this world exists for a reason. Assume that we're it. To the best of our knowledge, there are four real humans in it, and four only. There are probably more but hey, we've only found us.

"What happens if we attack the world? If it exists for a reason, someone or something will object to an attempt to blow it up, correct?"

"Someone or something will probably use Super rules to stop you in the nick of time," Siobhan said, her mind racing so fast she was dizzy. She felt she should stop him, distract him, use whatever sexual wiles she had ever learned to redirect him, but she was frozen in horrified fascination, wanting to find out almost as much as he did.

"The thought has occurred to me."

"Or, it just wouldn't work."

"That has also occurred to me."

"Or the designer would be annoyed, throw everything out and start again with a new cast."

"That one I was hoping to avoid, frankly."

"Maybe this is a test and we have to solve it."

"Which puts the onus back to me to work hard instead of having fun. Shut up now, Siobhan."

Siobhan was an obedient slave. She shut up. She was aching, however, to find out what the machine actually was.

The Engineer shook himself, reached out and, so casually Siobhan couldn't have shrieked a protest even if she hadn't just been ordered not to, pressed a very large and intimidatingly red button.

There was a warning tone, a rising whine, a fierce smell of ozone and then a gentle background humming that stayed gratifyingly stable.

"This puts out enough electricity to power the whole city," the Engineer said with satisfaction. "Including the electric transport systems I haven't built yet. Serve coffee in the observatory please, Siobhan."

The maid was so weak-kneed with relief she could barely courtesy in acquiescence as he left the room without looking at her, still deep in thought.


The observatory was a plant-filled room at the top of the modest mansion the Engineer had decided to move into. It already had baroque furniture from a previous owner.

Felony was standing to attention dressed in a transparent latex page's uniform and crotch-high boots, and two girls who had answered a personals ad for "professional dancers to be completely brainwashed live-in sex slaves and harem girls" (the Engineer had been in a flippant, challenge-the-world mood when he had placed that ad, and nobody had been more shocked than he when he received five applications) were perfectly still and wholly naked in traditional fountain-centrepiece poses.

As she walked across the tiled floor, Siobhan had to try very hard not to stare at the stretched crotch of one of the statues as it passed her line of sight.

The Engineer roasted his own coffee, creating a rich, complex, aromatic, chocolatey blend. As Siobhan set her silver tray on the small garden table, the Engineer clapped his hands and said "Attend!" sharply.

Two more naked dancers faded into view from the background (well, there had been five applications).

One began lovingly massaging his shoulders while the other bent down on one knee, picked up the plate of small pistachio biscuits off Siobhan's tray, and held it just where the Engineer could comfortably reach it without moving.

Siobhan sternly forced herself to focus on her job instead of the elegant naked lines and small, firm, perfectly shaped hanging breasts of the girl's perfectly held lunge.

She slowly plunged the coffee and poured, aware all the time of her Master's brooding introspection.

She was torn between the conflicting desires to slap him out of it and fuck him out of it.

He didn't stir again until she proffered him the rich dark brew, a glass cup on a glass saucer.

He took the saucer, placed it on the second outstretched palm of his living side-table, took the cup and sipped, carefully.

The effect was almost magical.

He smiled, for the first time that day, put the cup back on its saucer, and patted his lap. "Come and sit, Siobhan."

She almost leapt onto him, curling her legs sideways under her and leaning against his chest with her arms around his neck, displacing the masseuse, who faded quietly backwards.

He picked up a biscuit and popped it into Siobhan's mouth.

"Now," he said, slipping into the tone of voice that immediately switched Siobhan into conscious subspace, receptive and utterly obedient. "Would you like to go back to happy ignorance and life as normal, or tear the world apart to find the strings?"

"I want to know, Master," she said, sincerely, not even needing his control to be honest.

He smiled, warmly. "Good," he said. "I have been struggling with myself, Siobhan, and I needed your agreement, and Catherine's, to be satisfied I was doing the right thing. I think Sable and I already have an understanding."

He broke off to sigh. "We're the only four humans I know about, and it changes everything." He popped another biscuit into Siobhan's mouth as she opened it to speak. She chewed and settled into his chest to listen.

"I don't know if I can keep treating you and Catherine the same way. It turns out I'm not a natural capital-M Master. I've been playing with toys, Siobhan, not thinking further than the rules of the game, assuming that all the little characters I didn't assume were human were just dolls, and all the humans had signed up for the same thing I had."

Siobhan, sensing his need to vent, stayed silent although she ached to reassure him. She rested her hand on his chest, protectively.

"I need you to keep reminding me you want to be my slaves, Siobhan. I might get used to it one day."

"I'm your slave, Master," she whispered into his chest, in a tone of voice even his rusty ears picked up.

His arms tightened around her in an uncontrollable surge of affection. "Thank you," he said warmly, and slipped his hand between her legs. They opened immediately for him as he slid over her stockinged thigh up to the halter tops and onto bare skin, stopping just an air-molecule's width from her white panties.

"The question is," he said, kissing the top of her head, "what now?"

She raised her head to look at him, feeling her entire body tingle with lust for him but floating above it, not detached but controlled enough to think because that was what he needed, right now.

"How do we find other humans, Master?" she asked, tentatively.

"That's the million-dollar-question," he said softly, looking into her eyes with an almost unreadable expression of mingled deep thought, apprehension, troubled self-doubt and pleasure at his servant's perspicacity. "That's exactly it."

She suddenly grinned, lighting up the entire observatory. "You'll have to build something, Master!"

His hand moved the final step, pressing into the already moist silk of her panties, the bare and puffy lips of her, making her eyes flutter closed and her throat moan huskily as she melted against him.

"I am, aren't I?" he replied, the grin spreading to his voice as he slowly began massaging her through the insubstantial lace barrier. "I'm going to have to be busy. You'll have to help me relax."

"Master, I'm yours," she whimpered. "Whenever you need me."

He pressed more firmly into her and she sagged bonelessly into him, whining a helpless plea.

His other arm, wrapped around her, slipped down and onto the top of her breasts, where they were pressed up into creamy half-moons by her corset. He teased at the flesh, insistently lifting until one nipple poked over her corset's frilled edge, the simple bar through her already engorged flesh gleaming in the sunlight.

She moaned again, piteously, as his fingers found the metal and rolled it in a slow, circular motion, twisting and bending her nipple in unhurried, gentle torture.

He shifted the hand between her legs, bending his wrist, pressing into her hard, crushing her flesh with the first knuckle on the base of his index finger jammed into her clitoris.

"AAAAAhhh!" Her head twisted back, her eyes flying open, staring, her entire body convulsing.

He dipped his head towards hers. "If you love me," he whispered, in his commanding voice, "roll onto your back and open your legs."

She immediately twisted around in his lap, driven by her soul not the needs of her flesh, her thighs parting wide either side of his, her barely-there skirt ridden up high above her sopping white lace panties as his palm pressed down upon her.

"Felony!" he commanded.

She moved immediately, coming around in front of them, kneeling down between their legs, lying forwards on his knees, her mouth descending towards his hand over her groin.

Felony had been enthusiastically bisexual, but only because sex was sex and genital stimulation was genital stimulation. Her primary love was for the cock, and Catherine had relished the opportunity to feed the dominant side of her own nature by instructing the new household slave in improved cunnilingus techniques.

When given access to the cleft between Siobhan's creamy thighs, she no longer prioritised enthusiasm over skill.

Her tongue ran up the outside first, pressing the textured panties into the maid's swollen lips, tracing from bottom to top, lightly, before teasingly lifting over the aching nub of her clitoris.

Felony braced herself on the Engineer's muscular legs, dipping down, pulling the fabric into her mouth and sucking Siobhan's taste out of it.

She used her teeth to pull the panties down, her nose nuzzling into the top of Siobhan's cleft, making the maid squirm and beg incoherently as the Engineer softly, lovingly, pulled both her breasts out of her corset and massaged her swollen nipples.

When Felony tugged sharply, the gossamer-thin silk held but the breakaway seams gave. She spat it to one side, dipped her head again and inhaled, breathing in Siobhan's scent with her nose tickling just along the cleft.

She unhurriedly licked up from beginning to end of Siobhan's lips.

The maid cried out, arching up, pressing her aching breasts into the Engineer's hands, rolling her head up, blindly seeking him.

He ducked his head and caught her mouth with his, letting her greedily try and feed upon him, feeling his cock lie as hard as iron beneath his clothes, up his belly, Siobhan's weight pressing down upon it and making the ache in it vibrate through his entire body.

Felony probed her tongue deeper, parting Siobhan, seeking out and finding her entrance, then drawing up to the hard nub that made her convulse again just as Felony's first two fingers slid smoothly inside her.

The Engineer worked his hands inside the cups of Siobhan's corset, wrapping them around her entire breasts, her nipples between his thumb and forefinger where he could squeeze, twist and pull them.

"Keep your legs spread," he commanded her, "and make no movement. You are an offering."

The command was hardly necessary. Her thighs were at 180 degrees and her arms were hanging limply as Felony worked a third and then a fourth finger inside her.

Felony's lips trapped Siobhan's clitoris between them for a second, then with one smooth motion she thrust her thumb and whole hand and wrist inside the maid.

Long training as the Engineer's slave had made Siobhan able to accept much thicker things inside her but she cried out in ecstasy even so as Felony began fucking her with hand and forearm nearly up to the elbow.

The Engineer's command kept her limp and paralysed as she burned inside, screaming out her lust and her need as Felony kept steadily and gently laving her clitoris.

The Engineer trapped her nipples between thumb and forefinger and squeezed hard, his hands like clamps, and as she wailed in helpless ecstasy he whispered in her ear "Cum when you are ready."

The extra suggestion was almost enough by itself to push her over the edge. He did not slacken his grip on her nipples as his hands crushed her breasts against her, and Felony did not tire in accurately and persistently licking her clitoris or fucking her with long, deep strokes of her forearm.

Siobhan's screams became even louder, peaking as she exploded deep inside, her orgasm somehow more intense as her body stayed obediently limp.

She rode the crest for a long time with Felony's arm inside her.

When she stopped screaming, she sought out the Engineer's mouth, kissing him desperately as Felony pulled out and sat back, beginning to lick the maid's juices off her arm.

"You are beautiful," he told her when she released his mouth. "Do you have any request of me?"

She didn't answer. Instead, she slid down off him, pushing Felony away and twisting to face him, pushing his knees apart, crouching between them and releasing his raging and extremely patient cock.

It only took her two minutes to coax him to explode into her mouth. She stood up, floating in the dreamy half-awake mental state of someone who has accepted the drug, and walked out unsteadily.

The Engineer made a gesture to Felony, who stopped licking her arm, stood up, and peeled her pants down off her hips.

The Engineer's coffee got cold. He didn't mind.

Catherine was lying on their bed when Siobhan reeled in panties-less, dazed, flushed and with breasts still askew in her corset, both nipples half visible. She felt a twinge of jealousy she had not been involved, but quickly suppressed it.

Siobhan walked straight to the bed, grabbed Catherine's head by forehead and jaw, pulled her mouth open wide, and dumped a mouthful of the Engineer's cum inside.

Catherine forgave her even before her head felt the rush of submission she enjoyed so much.

Siobhan climbed on top of her and all thoughts of being left out were instantly forgotten.


Sable put her feet on the console and looked at the screens thoughtfully.

Things had been progressing pretty much as expected: Gradually more and more perverted. She was viewing this game much as the Engineer had: characters who weren't human were toys, and she shouldn't worry about the morality of playing with them.

But she had taken a leap the Engineer still hadn't: She'd begun wondering at what point a toy that mimicked human ever closer, became human. Was the Turing test all there was to humanity? If she couldn't tell the difference, was that it?

She had considered the question of a soul and the undoubted fact she was here, not back home, so maybe there was something intrinsic, and she had rejected it.

She still viewed "here" as a perverse game, and until she knew the rules, she was sticking to a mechanistic, neural-based model of mentality.

So: At what point could she no longer tell the difference? Volcano, The Mole and the rest had been more intelligent than some real people she had met back home despite their two-dimensional personalities.

In fact... No, best not go down that line of reasoning. If she started wondering about the humans she used to know, she would end up in an infinitely recursive loop and that way lay insanity.

She would work with what she had.

What she had, was a deep-down conviction that she was still, despite local rules, a Heroine more than a Villain. At the same time, not those local rules were bending to accommodate the idea the good guys and gals might, sometimes, want to have a little fun that involved tearing clothes off and being deeply personal with each other.

Sure, the Villains and Villainesses were all, to a man and woman, getting involved in increasing amounts of kidnapping, capturing and sexual domination. Unfortunately, the Heroes and Heroines were all, to a man and a woman, resisting this and stoutly declaring the sort of Good Old Fashioned Family Values she had spent half her life as a human and all of her life as a Super railing against.

For someone grown-up enough to live in a grey-coloured, complicated world of moral finesse, she was once more getting headaches whenever she talked to anyone from either camp.

On cue, the communication channel woke up and beeped at her.

She saw the caller ID and raised her eyebrows before toggling it on.

She was fully dressed, which disappointed the Engineer. The Engineer was fully dressed, which surprised Sable because she couldn't remember the last time she had seen him like that.

He was sitting down with his legs spread far apart and a maid, perfectly poised and with perfect posture, sitting on each knee. Sable had the sudden image of The Engineer dressed in a Santa Claus suit.

Sable raised her eyebrows again, and gave the three of them an all-inclusive wave. "To what do I owe the pleasure of this call?" she asked mildly.

"My maids had a confession to make," the Engineer said cheerfully.

Sable blinked. Pre-programmed sex-bots had confessions?


"We're human!" They said brightly and in unison.

Sable's jaw dropped open and stayed that way until she realised and closed it with a snap. "What now?"

"Cross our hearts and hope to get spanked," Catherine said while Siobhan merely nodded vigorously.

Sable rubbed her eyes. "Please explain."

"We, independently, died and were offered the chance to become Villains or Heroes," Siobhan said.

"We both refused," Catherine continued.

"For different reasons."

"So we were dumped here as mostly-normal humans."

"With apartments."

"And a purse full of money."

"But in a very open job market."

"Which was nice."

"Then we met each other."

"And worked it out."

"And started ..."

"STOP!" Sable was following the story, but having to splice it together from their split talking was making her head spin.

"And you ended up with HIM? How?"

"We applied." Siobhan said simply.

"Why in the name of all that's..."

"We're both lifestyle bondage submissives with mind control fetishes," Catherine said.

Sable closed her mouth. Unlike the Engineer, she had had some exposure to the complexities of alternative lifestyles. She had only herself ever tried toys in real life, but she did realise something of the full extent of humanity.

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