It was a beautiful afternoon, the kind of which a dreams of. Early spring sunlight warmed the landscape, touching trees with pink and orange tendrils and fuzzy motes floated in the air, giving Brien's campsite the air of a fantasy. He lugged all of his equipment for a half-mile to the tiny clearing, set up his tent and safely started a fire, then laid back to take a nap, lulled into sleep by the warmth and the steady trickle of ice-blue water.

"Help! Help me!"

Brien lifted his head and looked around, at first, not convinced that he'd heard anything until the entreaty was repeated, this time, a bit fainter. He leapt to his feet, desperately trying to discover what direction the plea had come from and finally heard it again, a little farther down stream and was surprised to find a naked woman in the dry riverbed, trying to climb over a large rock-strewn obstruction.

"Please. Help me." She breathed, exhausted from the steep climb. Brien jumped down into the dry bed and took her in his arms, trying to ignore the fat-nippled breasts that bobbed just under his nose. She was a rag doll in his arms, her limbs hanging limply from his arms and her breath fluttering lightly. As he started to lay her on the grass, she croaked, "Water. Please. In the water."

Brien broke the untying shoe record in removing his Lugs and stepped down into the creek, reaching up and dragging her almost lifeless body into the water. He held her in the current, willing life into her and nearly dropped her when her eyelids jerked open. The most beautiful dark blue eyes he'd ever seen connected with his and he gasped when she rolled out of his grasp, sinking under the glassy surface. He didn't know what to do. He just stood there, staring down at her naked form, her sandy brown hair flowing behind her.

"Thank you." He heard her voice as clearly as if she was above water but she was still floating beneath. Unnerved, Brien strode to the bank and started to pull himself out of the water before he felt her hands around his waist, startling him so badly that he fell in. She swam up to him, giving him a bright smile before they broke the surface together.


"I'm sorry. Are you all right?"

Brien wiped a hand over his face, pushing the water out of his eyes. "I should be asking you the same question."

"I am fine, sir, thanks to you. Let me introduce myself. My name is Sabrina."

"I'm Brien."

"Pleased to make your acquaintance, Brien. Now it is time to reward you."

"I don't need a reward."

"Yes, you do. You don't understand what you've done, do you?" She smiled with those unearthly eyes, her laughter ringing like the song of birds in the trees. "I am a Naiad. I live in this water and keep it clean and plentiful."

"Right." Brien turned back toward the bank and started to pull himself up again.

"You don't believe me?"

"Lady, what do you expect?"

Her eyes filled with tears and she turned away. "Such is the value that mortals place upon us."


"Brien, I am not of this world and your disbelief in my existence weakens me." Her large blue eyes were sad. "You may leave."

Her sobs followed him up the bank, making him feel bad and he turned around, surprised to find that she'd disappeared. Still uncomfortable, he grabbed his shoes and headed back to the campsite.

* * * * *

Early the next morning, Brien was awakened by the sound of rocks moving and stumbled out of his tent. The noises led him down to the creek again, where the still naked Sabrina was struggling to remove the rocky dam.

"Good morning."

She turned and gazed at him, looking even lovelier in the morning light. "You're saying 'good morning' to me?"

"Yes." She turned her back to him and pulled a small rock out, throwing it to the side. "What are you doing?"

"Trying to leave."

"And destroying this dam will help you leave?"


"Then let me help you."

"No, Brien. You do not believe that I exist and your continued presence will only weaken me."

Brien smiled down into her bewitching eyes, his gaze falling on her dazzling nakedness. "I do believe you exist, Sabrina. It's just ... different."

Her lovely eyes blazed into life and she moved aside as he jumped into the water, using his strength to loosen some of the larger rocks. Within an hours' time, the dam was mostly gone and a strong, swift current flowed into the dry bed. Sabrina clapped her hands and squealed in joy.

"Oh, thank you!" She threw her arms around his neck and Brien dipped his head, pressing his lips to her and whimpering when she responded, thrusting her tongue into his mouth. She tasted so fresh and sweet and her body was so lush and warm. His hands crept up to cup her breasts and she moaned into his mouth, a shiver running through her as her nipples hardened under his fingertips. He moved his lips down her neck, tasting every freshly-washed inch of that elegant feature and kissing her collarbones before sucking one of the rosy disks into her mouth.

Sabrina shook with his touch and her pussy burst with a flood of cream. He moved to the other breast, licking until both nipples were puckered and dark red. Her small hands traced the smooth planes of his chest, steadily moving downward until she'd reached the waistband of his jean shorts. He groaned when her hand gave his cock a squeeze, then slid into his boxers, seeking flesh. Her eyes caught his, gauging his reaction to her touch and was pleased to feel how large he was.

Brien unbuttoned his pants, tossing them onto the bank and forced himself to stand still as her hand freely stroked his cock, gently cupping the balls and squeezing his butt cheeks. "Like what you feel?"

"Oh, yes!" He pressed the hard flesh against her hand, fucking the soft palm until she moved back against the bank, stepping up on a small ledge. She pulled him into her, wrapping her tongue around his as she threw her legs around his waist. Brien braced himself and slid his steely length into her creamy box, his skin tingling wherever she touched him. She was so passionate. When her mouth wasn't on his, her tongue was licking his face or her teeth were biting his neck. She moved with him, her hips rising to meet his, to take him deeper inside her until they were almost one.

Her orgasm took him over the edge, her watery juice bathing his throbbing cock in a torrent and propelling him into a land of bliss. He held tightly to her as he pumped his cum inside her, jerking with each ejaculation and finally, resting against her. When he could move, they floated into the embrace of the water, enjoying the feel of each other's flesh and the caress of the stream.

"Come with me." She whispered. "Be with me forever."

Brien looked down into her beautiful eyes, his heart pounding in his chest. He could leave his empty world behind and be with her but he wasn't ready. "I can't."

Her head dipped and she nodded sadly. "Then goodbye."

"Will I never see you again?"

"Come back to this spot next year." And with that, she faded, becoming one with the stream she fed and nourished, leaving him alone.

* * * * *

It was a beautiful afternoon, the kind of which a camper dreams of. Early spring sunlight warmed the landscape, touching trees with pink and orange tendrils and fuzzy motes floated in the air, giving Brien's campsite the air of a fantasy. He had completed all of his work, tied up all the loose ends, got rid of his cheating girlfriend and paid all his bills. With hope in his heart and a hard-on that wouldn't soften, he stepped to the edge of the steady trickle of ice-blue water.

"Hello, Brien." Her voice was as melodious as ever, her blue eyes twinkling in greeting.

"I'm ready to go."

Sabrina gave him a warm smile from the bottom of her heart and extended her hand. "Then, shall we?"

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