tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSabrina at the Beach

Sabrina at the Beach


Sabrina and I moved to the beach in April. We had only lived there for about a week when she told me she need some new swim wear if we were to spend much time on the sand. This was good news to me because all of the stuff she had made her look like an old lady and she defiantly is not an old lady.

"Sabrina I have cretin things in mind for you to wear to the beach if you're up to it. Will you let me pick out what you buy?"

"Well I guess so if it's not to bad. I mean going to the beach is not like going to the lake. There are lots more people there and kids to. I don't want to go to jail you know."

We were laughing as we got to the mall and headed to the stores. I must tell you I love to take Sabrina to the mall because she always dresses for the occasion and today was no exception to the rule.

My 5' 3" wife had on a nice black blouse and no bra so her 36 C's were proudly on display, her nipples standing out nicely in the stores cool air. She also had on a floor length skirt that was covered with small flowers and was very shear! At just a glance you would not notice that her blouse stopped just above her pubic mound or that you could see her butt and how well it is shaped from the back. Unless you watched her walking toward you a person would not notice that you could see very clearly that she did not have on any panties and how she had shaved her pussy hair into just a little landing strip. All in all it made a very nice picture

"Let's go in here." I said to her.

"Your going shopping for a swimsuit in a lingerie store?"

"Yes I am, I know exactly what I want to get you and I know you will like it."

Sabrina stood back and watched as I looked for the perfect things for her to wear. It took a few minutes to find but at last there it was! White nylon panties! They were French cut so they would ride up high on her hips, and they had a full bottom in them that was not quit shear. They were narrow in the front but the way she keeps her self-shaved they would cover her, just barley! Next I moved over to the blouses and found one that was white cotton and only had spaghetti straps to hold it up. It was not shear but her dark nipples would be easily seen in the sunlight. It was not to long in length either. It would stop just above the waistband of her panties.

She saw what I had picked out, and picked out an orange set also. Sabrina was smiling from ear to ear as we left the store.

"I like what you bought me. It won't be to nasty but if some one looks close they will sure see me!"

"I do to and what do you think will happen to that outfit if you get it wet?"

"Well I don't think it will get wet unless the beach is empty, shit I might as well be necked if that top gets wet."

We walked arm in arm back to the car knowing the next day was going to be a special day for us.


The next morning I woke Sabrina early. I entered our room and stopped in my tracks. God she looked beautiful! She was lying there with just a sheet covering her nude body and the sun was shining in from the open window on her hair. I counted my lucky stars as I looked at this beautiful woman that was my wife

"Sam I told my self, you are one lucky bastard!"

I bent and kissed her gently on the lips.

"Wake up my lady we have things to do to day!"

She opened her eyes and smiled at me. "I am a wake and I'm hungry, so you had better take me to breakfast first."

"OK! That's a deal just get moving while I load the truck."

Sabrina came out to the truck and I all most came in my shorts! She had on the white top I had bought and the white panty bottoms with another floor length skirt. This skirt was also shear and a light orange color. Her white panty's just jumped out at you when you looked at her and her nipples were even easier to see than I thought!

She looked at me standing there with my mouth open and turned around giving me the whole show. "Is this ok Mister?"

"Holy shit yes! You look awesome."

I opened the truck door for her and as I watched her get in I was thinking what a day this is going to be!

The restaurant wasn't busy when we arrived and we were taken right in to our table. The waitress gave Sabrina a funny look but said nothing and left us alone. We ate and I paid the bill telling Sabrina I had to go to the men's room and would be right back. As I went to the bathroom I noticed that we had just beat the crowd, as there was quit a few people waiting to get seated.

I was washing my hands when two men came in.

"Did you see that? She might as well have been necked! Shit I could not believe it when she walked up!

"Hell yes I saw her! Man what a pair of legs, and did you see that ass? Hole shit it was her nipples that really got me though! My old lady would never dress like that. Shit she could never look like that either!" They both were laughing as I left the bathroom.

I found Sabrina standing by the door waiting for me. She walked over and hooked her arm in mine and kissed me on the cheek. I took a look around and every eye in the place was on her.

"OK, come on surf is up and I can here the waves calling my name." Again I looked around and smiled as I did so. About that time one of the men from the bathroom came out. I looked at him and smiled "looks like a grate day don't it?" I said to him, and out to the truck we went. I opened the door for Sabrina and again watched with great pride as my lovely wife got into the truck.

"God you looked hot standing there like that my love."

"Thank you sir. I think I caused quit a stir with some of the men there and I don't think some of those old lady's thought I was dressed to properly." She laughed and put her hand on my hardening dick as we drove away. "Looks like you liked it though."

We arrived at the beach and she took the beach blanket and started off in front of me. Her half necked ass showing plainly as she walked. Her panties had ridden up into the crack of her butt so both cheeks were very much on display as she walked. We had to walk past a few people but for the most part the beach was deserted and I thought, "this is cool. We won't have any body by us for at least a hundred yards! We can play all we want if we are careful.

Sabrina spread the blanket on the sand and then turned to me, making sure I was watching her. She lifted the hem of her skirt high up her leg and standing first on foot then the other removed her sandals. She bent at the waist letting her blouse fall away from her breasts letting me see both of her dark pink nipples. Once again she looked at me and stood up putting her hands on her dress waistband, she pulled it down to just below her hips. Sabrina then gave a little wiggle and let her dress fall in a heap at her feet.

I was stone hard, and busting with pride as I watched her little show!

Now she was standing there in her panties and blouse, the wind blowing her hair and looking hotter than I had ever seen her look. She stretched her arms up lifting her blouse up to her belly button. She looked at me, to be sure I was watching her, and then lay down on the blanket. Watching me she pulled her panties up tight into her pussy exposing both lips and making her panties disappear into the crack of her ass.

By this time I was so hard my dick was sticking out like a flagpole and beginning to drip. I set next to her looking at her, drinking in her beauty. Sabrina handed me her sunscreen and I started to rub it slowly in to her skin. I started with her feet and worked my way up to just below her exposed pussy lips. She spread her legs as I rubbed slowly up and across her exposed tummy then up under her blouse to her breasts, feeling her nipples grow hard under my fingers.

I also watched as another couple moved down the beach and spread their blanket out about thirty feet from us! Sabrina started to pull her panties down to cover her shaved lip's but I put my hand on hers stopping her. She looked at me and I smiled and kissed her. She groaned into my mouth "I love you" as she opened her leg's a little farther.

The man next to us had watched us as they walked up and when he sat down he did so in such a way he could see what we were doing. He watched me rub more cream into my wives legs and up into her crotch.

"Turn over and ill rub cream into the back of your legs to."

She looked at our neighbors and turned her butt to him, she stopping long enough for him to get a good look at it, and to see how her panties had been pulled up into her butt crack leaving both of her soft round globes exposed to him. Then onto her tummy she went. I ran my hands up and down her leg finally touching her bottom. I pulled her panties up tighter into her ass crack making it look like she had on a thong. I then started to rub more cream into her cheeks letting my thumb cross her little back hole as I did so.

Sabrina turned her head so she could see the man next to us. He was talking to his lady and rubbing cream into her back to, but he was watching us!

"Do you think he's telling her about us?" She ask me as I rubbed her.

"Maybe, he sure took a good look at you ass when you turned over!"

I could feel Sabrina's breathing change as I rubbed her. I moved my thumb slowly as I passed over her tight little back hole. I felt her lift and push back just a little! I put more cream on my hand and passed over her tight little back hole again, this time when she pushed back I pushed in. I caught my breath as my thumb entered her bottom. She lifted up farther onto my hand and I slowly fingered her butt as the guy across the way watched!

I new he could not tell for sure what I was doing to my wife but he suspected I was playing with her. He could not look away from us. Sabrina and I watched him as I played with her ass!

Sabrina pushed one last time on my thumb and moved to turn over.

"Shit I'm so hot! I had to stop you I was about to cum and I want to tease you a lot more before that happens!"

Now we were setting side by side but facing each other. She reached over and squeezed my hard cock through my shorts. She turned to look at the couple next to us and watched as the man stud up and got a Frisbee.

She lay down on her back and adjusted her panties, by pulling them up tighter into her crotch. This move pulled her waist way up over her hips and the crotch of the panty's slipped in her lips leaving her pussy mound just barley covered.

The man and his wife started playing with the toy, throwing it back and forth until he missed it. It flew and landed just a few feet from us and below where we were laying.

Sabrina raised up on one elbow and watched as the man ran over to get the toy. He stopped and looked right at her crotch as he retrieved it. He hesitated only a second but it was enough for him to see all she was showing both of us, her exposed pussy. He moved back to his game but kept looking back at us as he and his wife played.

"Sam look in the bag."

I found she had packed our travel kit! This consists of two vibrating eggs that are hooked together with one controller!

She lifted one leg and looked at me. "The next time he looks away put them in me, please."

The mans wife missed her catch and he watched her as she ran to get the toy. I pushed Sabrina's thin under wear out of the way and I slipped one of the eggs into her soaking wet pussy, pushing it deep inside of her. I placed the other on her wet little love button and put her panties back over her button to hold that one in place!

"Don't turn them on yet. Give me the controller." I handed it to her and I watched her face as she covered the controller with a towel.

"Now I want you to think about these things working on me, making me so hot and even wetter than I am. Think about how close I might be to cumming. I want you to watch me Sam!"

My cock head was sticking out of my shorts and she reached over and put some of my precome on her finger. She licked it like it was a sucker! She smiled at me and leaned back on her elbows. I was totally speechless as I looked at this hot woman knowing what she was doing with these other people so close to us.

Suddenly the Frisbee landed about three feet from our feet. It brought me back to my senses and again I watched as the guy ran over to get it. He was just about to us when I herd it!

BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! And I could hear Sabrina catch her breath as the shock of turning them on hit her.

Again he stopped as he bent over to pick up the toy. He looked at my wife and she set up letting her legs fall open as she did. Now he could really see her panty covered crotch as he looked at her. He moved very slowly and took a little extra time brushing off the sand as he looked at my wife. Her nipples grew hard as he looked at her.

He ran back to his blanket and set down calling to his wife. I'm sure he was telling her what he had seen because she turned to look at us to!

Now Sabrina was humping on the eggs! She was making little noises and grunting as she rocked back and forth on the blanket. She was making the eggs move around in her and on her and I watch as she got closer and closer to cuming!

The other people were both watching us. I pulled Sabrina up close to me and kissed her as she still moved, humping the two vibrators.

She reached over and slipped her hand up the leg of my shorts taking my cock in her hand and stroked me, she used my dripping precome to help her slide her hand up and down.

"I'm to close Sam! Oh shit Sam take them out! I don't want to cum yet! Please pull them out!"

I looked over at the other couple, yes they were looking, and I pulled them out of her they both watched in amazement as the golden eggs slipped out of her!

Even in the wind on the beach I could smell her sex both eggs shinning with her wetness.

I pulled her to her feet and we gathered up our stuff as the other couple watched us. Serbian's panties were still pulled up into her exposing her pussy lips and butt. Neither the man our his wife could take there eyes off of Sabrina as we walked by them! I smiled at him as we went by. He was looking right at my wife's exposed pussy!

In a mad dash we drove the four blocks to our house. Sabrina had pulled her wet panties off in the truck and walked into the house necked from the waist down.

I could not wait and was pulling at my close wanting so badly to touch her, to taste her! I started to pull her down onto the floor in the living room.

"No wait I'm not through teasing you yet big boy you can just slow down." She went into the bedroom and came out with her regular vibrator. I watched as she bent and plugged it in to the wall. Then she sat down in front of me leaning on the couch. She pulled her knees up to her breasts and opened her legs wide exposing her whole pussy and pink little back spot. I could see she was still very wet as she turned it on and placed it on her pussy. I could not take my eyes off of her as she started to rub it around. She watched me looking at her, wanting her. I started to touch her.

" NO NOT YET! Just watch me!"

I laid on the floor in front of her watching as she got closer and closer to cumming. I could see her juices as they ran out of her pussy, onto the machine she was using on her self. She moved her hips back and forth as she rubbed her self and made little grunting noise as she was getting closer and closer.

Sabrina watched me through half closed eyes as I slowly stroked my hard and drippy dick.

"Don't cum! I want it, just look at me! Just watch me, GGGG!" And then she was cuming!

She rolled over on to her side and closed her legs tight on the vibrator, humping it hard!"Oh Goddddddd yes mmmmm ohho gggggggggod Sammmmmm loook attatt mmeee!"

She lay there on her side for a few minutes still making noises as the spasms passed. She opened her legs and her inner thigh's was covered with her juices, as was the vibrator.

She moved next to me and took the head of my cock in her mouth and then put the still running vibrator on the base of my dick and balls! She sucked me hard as she ran the machine up and down my man hood, and I came! Oh oh oh oh gggoodd

It only took a minute and I was coming in my wife's mouth! My cum was spilling out and down onto her boobs, running down her chin. It felt like my toes was coming out of my dick as she sucked me dry.

Sabrina moved up and kissed me with my cum covering her face and rubbed her cum covered breast's on my chest letting the last of my seed come out of my softening cock onto her belly.

I tried to catch my breath as I puled back and look this beautiful woman in the eyes.

I love you young lady! She licked her still cum cover lips and smiled at me. I love you to Mister.

When do you want to take me back to the beach! We both laughed and held each other close as we wondered what our next adventure would be like...

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