tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSabrina on Vacation Ch. 1

Sabrina on Vacation Ch. 1


Sabrina was as excited about this vacation as I was. We had not had a vacation by our selves in fifteen years and this year it was going to be just the two of us. Boat camping at Lake Mead and just the two of us! It was early fall so it was not to hot in the desert, but the water was still worm enough to be comfortable to swim in. How could it get any better!

I awoke Sabrina up about 4:30 am. I wanted to get an early start trying to beat the desert heat and the morning traffic. I looked down on her necked body as she moved and stretched, marveling at how good she looked two kids and fifteen years later. My wife was not old at thirty-five and she still looked like the kid I had married. Her 36c’s still stood proud and she has the best ass I have ever seen, her legs are not to long at 5’ 3” but they are perfect. Standing there looking at her I told myself, Sam your one lucky man.

I was putting the last of the gear in the truck when she came into the garage. She looked like she was still asleep standing there with a small travel bag. She had on an old T-shirt she had cut off so it hung to just below her boobs, and a pair of white t-back panties. I watched as she moved to put her bag in the truck. Her top lifted up to show me most of one tit as she stretched to do so.

Is it ok if I just sleep for a while? I just can’t get it going I’m sorry.

Sure its ok with me. Is that what your wearing?

I watched with a strong throbbing in my shorts as her panty’s stretched tight into the crack of her ass. She slid in closing the door looking at me smiling.

Are you telling me to put more cloths on? Mister we don’t have to wear any thing all weekend. Still smiling at me she said, I just thought it would be more comfortable sleeping like this while we drive up there. It’s going to be dark for a while and I can slip on a cover up if we stop.

No Hun you look fine and your right it will be dark for a while.

She was still smiling as she watched me adjust myself a little better.

Sabrina fell back to sleep almost as soon as the motor started. She had adjusted the seat back down about half way so she wasn’t lying down but not setting up either. I watched my beautiful wife setting there, half necked and sleeping as we drove on. Still thinking how lucky I was and trying to figure out how to set comfortable with a ragging hard dick.

We had driven about two hours and sun was just coming up. It was shining in Sabrina’s face and she turned to the side window to get it out of her eyes. As she turned her top pulled up exposing most of her breasts. I looked at her thinking how hot she looked lying there like that. I can’t remember when I had been so excited just looking at my lovely lady.

I can’t sleep with that dam, oh fuck Sam! Speed up, slow down, do something.

What the hell is wrong with you! I yelled at her. I jammed on the brakes pulling behind a truck I was trying to pass. I pulled over to the side of the road and pulled her to me.

What’s wrong are you hurt what is it?

That guy in that truck just saw my tits and I don’t know what else! What the hell were you doing? Driving right there by him so he could see me?

No I didn’t even think about it! I just couldn’t pass any faster with the boat back there. Dam are you sure he was looking at you?

Yes I’m sure, I looked at him and he smiled and waved at me. Oh God Sam I’m so embarrassed. How many others do you think have seen me?

Oh maybe one, I said, thinking ya one dozen. I really had not thought about them being able to see her but now I was intrigued by the idea of showing her off. I had been half-hard all morning from looking at her as I drove and I felt that thing in my pants start to grow again.

Sabrina turned in her seat and got up on her knees to reach the small bag in the back seat of the truck. I watched her ass as she leaned over, looking at the soft shape. Seeing how her t-back split her cheeks. I moved my mirror so I could look right at that sweet ass. Her cheeks opened just enough to see that the thong part of the panty had slipped into her pussy leaving her shaved lips bare and exposed.

What are you going to do?

I’m getting my shirt so I can cover up.

Oh don’t do that. You look so good to me and now that your awake and setting up no one else will see you, please.

I had turned in my seat and was looking at her fully exposed tits as she leaned over her seat. Her nipples were hard and sticking out like little erasers. She pulled back across the seat and had her T-shirt but she made no move to put it on. She set there for a minute looking at me then smiled at me.

What the hell, you said you wanted us to be as close to necked as we could all week so ok ill leave it off for now. Look at you, you’re hard as a rock. Sabrina then pulled her top up and shook her tits at me laughing.

You like these things being out in the fresh air, don’t you? She shook them at me again. Ok, I’ll keep my top off if you don’t want me to put it on. Just be careful when you pass some one, OK?

You have got a deal! God I love to look at you lady. She was laughing again as I pulled back onto the road.

She had leaned into the corner, back just enough for her top to pull up and expose the bottom half of her nipples. Sabrina smiled at me and pulled one leg up in the seat folding it to set on. As she moved her leg her panty’s slipped tighter into her pussy exposing her full lips for me to see. She watched me look at her, she was looking at the bulge in my pants.

Yes I think this will be a very good vacation my dear, she said and laughed as she saw I was catching that same truck….

Part 2 of Sabrina on vacation coming soon.

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