Sabrina's Education Ch. 01


"Oh Brina," she moaned loudly using my nickname, I'm gonna cum," she sighed. I felt her pussy get really, really tight and then convulse hard. I felt a gush of juice on my fingers and her whole body started to tremble as she panted for air and sighed.

"Oh my god, that was good," she smiled and looked over at me her face was glowing, her eyes were bright, and her cheeks were flushed pink.

"Now you," she smiled.

I was so focused on Jenna that I didn't realize how wet I was but when she put her hand down near my mound and started to slip her finger up and down I knew. She was pleased at my excitement and went down on my breasts leaning over me. I saw her little pink tongue start to lap at the nipple of my right breast expertly and I gasped moaning. She then thrust her finger deep inside of me and started to twirl it around in circles slowly and then faster. I felt a moisture building between my thighs as my juices started to flow.

"That's it Brina," Jenna coached. She flicked my clit with her thumb and then glided her finger out of my pussy and circled my clit with her other finger. I moaned as the nub hardened. She glided her finger back inside of me slowly and then quickened her pace. Her hand continued. Her fingers sliding slowly inside of me again and then out of me slow and then faster.

I arched my body up and then she put an entire breast in her mouth sucking hard on my nipple.

"OOOOhhh God," I moaned loud.

I felt this tremendous building of pressure deep inside of me. My body bucked my knees were trembling. Jenna moved my legs apart and continued her teasing of my pussy. Fingering me and playing with my clit. I felt my whole body tense as I held my breath feeling my juices gushing and then I shuddered hard against her palm. My body started to tremble and I let out a deep sigh.

"That's it Brina, you came," she smiled looking down at me seeing my body trembling and shaking and she held me tight.

I hugged her back. My thighs were moist with juices. Her hand still cupped my mound massaging it softly.

"Didn't that feel good?" she asked. I nodded speechless and smiled. She giggled. "Wait til you feel a mouth down there," she added winking. "It's incredible," she said sighing and stretching her fabulous body on the bed next to me.

"Oh." I thought, "Oral sex." I knew girls did it to each other in the group home but never asked. I kinda learned to keep my mouth shut even when I heard the giggles and moans in the shower and under the covers of other beds late at night.

"Does it really feel as good as they say?" I asked Jenna. "Better," Jenna smiled looking at me and stroking my cheek. She wiggled against me on the bed gigging. "You curious?" She asked her perfectly round eyebrow raised. I blushed.

"Well, I have wondered what it feels like," and shrugged. She giggled and stroked my hair. "Oh poor Sabrina, you missed out on a lot," and then she laughed her blue eyes twinkling. "With this body," she pulled my body away and her eyes raked me up and down and I flushed at her glance. She kissed my neck.

"When you find the right person it will be great trust me," she whispered against my neck comfortingly. Her hands stroked my arms as she snuggled up against me.

I put my head on her shoulder and sighed. "Jenna," I said, "I think I want you to show me."

She looked at me shocked, "Are you sure Brina?"

I nodded smiling shyly, "I mean, I like guys but, I know you will be gentle."

She looked at me her blue eyes twinkling and giggled,

"And good." She pushed me down on the bed smiling. I looked up into her blue eyes and we both giggled. She gently pushed my legs apart and worked her way in between them. I could see her kneeling as she placed her hands on my knees her head bent down staring at my sex hungrily. "You ok?" she asked looking up at me. I nodded. She stroked my long thighs with her hands and lowered her head letting her hands linger near my mound. My pussy twitched with sudden need. I moaned a little and leaned back and relaxed. Her head moved down and she began to kiss me up and down my legs. Her tongue started to trail along my left thigh savoring the taste of my smooth skin. And then she did the same to my right leg slowly building kisses and then her tongue trailing up just stopping south of my mound. I groaned and arched my back. My pussy was rising up towards her with my tight tiny round ass off the bed. She shimmied closer her breasts brushing my mound and then lowered herself in between my legs and pulled my lips apart with her fingers. I gasped feeling so open and exposed. She giggled. Her tongue was lapping gently at my outer lips and then my inner labia. I started to moan. I could feel the wetness of her mouth blending with my juices as she trailed her tongue up and down my lips and then worked itself in deeper. She caught my clit and started to circle it with her tongue. I was trembling. I raised my body and looked down and could see the beautiful curve of her back and perfect tight ass, the pretty curls trailing down. I could feel my pussy gushing as she slowly sucked the juices into her mouth. I leaned back down on the bed. "Oh god," I moaned as I felt her sucking. I looked down and could see her smiling as she began working a finger over my clit and then glided it inside of me. Her mouth then bent and covered my clit attacking, sucking, gently nibbling, as her finger glided in and out slowly.

I was building. I could feel my body tensing, waves of desire, spilling with each move. Then she suddenly moved her finger out and her tongue slid deep inside of me probing and swirling. I put my hand on her head moaning and trembling. My body was shaking. I could feel my pussy swelling and gushing. She sucked at my juices on my lips some more and then her tongue went in again probing deeper. I could not hold back any longer. I gasped and let out a deep, loud moan, and shuddered hard against her mouth. Waves of contractions overtook my body as I trembled. She stoked my pussy, kissing it, and looked at me as she sucked her fingers of my juices. Got up and hugged me tight.

"Good?" she asked. "Oh my god, Jenna my legs are still shaking! " I sighed and she giggled hugging me harder.

I was raised pretty innocently in my youth with my parents. I went to private schools and my girlfriends and I would go out on "group dates" where we might have kissed a boy but nothing much else. I was way too shy to go further. Boys told me I was beautiful all the time. I never believed them. Now, in the shabby home, it was really hard to believe I ever looked good. Looking back on my pictures from my home with my parents, I saw my true self. At 5 foot seven I inherited my mother's slim figure. I had long naturally blonde hair, and a California girl type natural beauty. I never wore makeup. My mother never did and she looked good all the time. Sometimes I would rub some colored lip gloss into my lips and cheeks and get a rosier complexion. But I really didn't need it. I was busty like Jenna. I developed fast. But rather than curves, I had really slim hips and a tight small, round ass. I would wear Levis all the time. That was my wardrobe through school- Levis and white t shirts. It suited me. I had that natural look that could sell soda on television, but I always secretly envied the more exotic types who went to my school and dressed up in hippie gear. They made me feel boyish. I had no patience for fashion or makeup. The girls would drag me along to fancy stores oohing and ahhing over this and that chatting about what celebrity wore what and I would just stand there dazed and confused. They would push me into buying expensive clothes that I would never wear. My mother gave me an unlimited credit card. She totally trusted me. I would just go to a computer technical store and buy the latest gadget for school, my art projects, or studying. My head was always buried in a book. I loved fantasy. I dreamed a lot about how it would be like when I grew older and had handsome men chasing me. I had no patience for boys my own age.

I blinked at my thoughts and looked at the large mansion a little nervous. It was much larger than anything I had ever seen growing up. I was shocked when the group home administrator, Mr. Capota, called me into his office beaming.

"He picked you Sabrina. He picked you out of all of them!" He exclaimed and clapped his chubby hands shaking his head. He had a large family of boys and was like a dad to all of us girls.

I looked at him puzzled. I was thinking, "Who picked me? For what?" I had a dumb smile on my face.

"Mr. Smith child! Mr. Smith! He is the richest man out there! He's richer than dirt!"

My eyes went wide. Mr. Smith? I was struggling to figure out who exactly that was and why he would want to pick me. Mr. Capota looked impatient.

"Oh Jesus child, hmmmph," he muttered exasperated. "He came last month to the group home to see what he could do about unclaimed teenagers for his charity. He said that he was totally captivated by your skills—your writing, art, and photography on the bulletin boards and walls."

"Oh?" I was stretching my brain to the previous month. There was talk of someone coming but we were all instructed to carry on as usual. With so many adults coming in and out of the home for visits and scheduled meetings, I really didn't notice Mr. Smith.

Mr. Capota sighed, "Just like an 18 year old, he said. Ok, then we have to have you pack up all your stuff, sign some paperwork, and away you go. He rules. What Mr. Smith says goes in this town. He will technically be your guardian until you are 21 and legal and then you are no longer a ward of the state."

Mr. Capota got very serious suddenly and added, "You realize honey, that you can leave at any time and come back here and we will try to get you on your feet?" I nodded speechless. I knew that I would not be completely emancipated until I was 21 years old. "What could I possibly be skilled to do on my own at 18? How would I pay my rent?" I bit my lip worried. Jenna and I often talked about living together when we got old enough. I wanted to go to art school but wondered how I would pay for it. Jenna and I had no clue what jobs to take or who would hire us. We were even more clueless about apartments.

I raised my eyebrows. I was leaving? I was finally getting out? After three years stuck in the home I couldn't believe it. My mind was racing suddenly. It couldn't possibly be worse than this and this Mr. Smith was rich and probably well educated. Maybe he needed an intern or personal assistant to live in his place. I could go to art school.

I smiled a bit but knew I would miss the friends (however limited) that I made in the home-especially Jenna. Maybe I could convince him eventually to bring Jenna with me. My mind continued to swirl over thought of the future...

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