tagErotic CouplingsSabrina's Induction

Sabrina's Induction


It was shaping up to be another run of the mill day at work. I had been working for an insurance firm as an accountant for three years, and to say that the job was becoming monotonous would be putting it mildly. I had flirted many times with the idea of looking around for something else, but had always been dissuaded by the scenery I would have left – the company was roughly 70% female and I was working closely with some fantastically sexy women.

I had arrived slightly early that morning – a big workload made long hours necessary and I always seemed to get more done when the company was quiet anyway. I had worked on some accounts and management data on which the deadline day was fast arriving, and took great delight on getting them complete. I picked up the files I needed to drop downstairs to the admin girls that would scan the hundreds of pages that were to be emailed on to various bigwigs around the company. I walked out of the door to the hallway – considered briefly whether the take the lift – then reminded myself the importance of exercise, especially since the pressure of work was causing my visits to the gym to be evermore infrequent. I headed for the door to the stairwell, and descended the four flights of steps into another hallway, and finally through to the Administration department.

It was after 8:30 now and the day was in full swing and around twenty-five people buzzed around in front of me. I looked to Jenny, the department manager, who was on the phone but still managed to look up to greet me with a quick wave and her sexy smile. I smiled back and made my way beyond her desk toward the island of two desks on the back wall where Sally and Kelly were sorting through the piles of paper that they had accumulated. I gave a wry, apologetic smile to them before I had reached them – they knew what was coming.

'Hello Kelly, how are you?' Kelly was a friendly girl. She had red cheeks, like she'd been out in the cold weather and light brown shoulder length hair.

'I'm fine thank you.'

Her smile beamed at me. The redness in her cheeks made it difficult to judge her level of embarrassment.

'Can I ask a favour? Could you scan these accounts for me please, and circulate them to these addresses?' I passed her the files and the list of email addresses. She returned a stern look but this soon gave way to a sweet smile.

'Course I will, Andy. Thanks.'

I looked around the room again, and spoke half to myself and half in reply to Kelly,

'Heaving in here this morning isn't it?' Then I caught a glimpse of someone I didn't recognise. I stared at her, transfixed. She was quite short, not much over five feet tall. She had long dark hair, straight at the top and descended into gorgeous large curls as it danced on her shoulders while she walked. Here face was thin, her big dark eyes glittered and her full lips promised to taste of sweetness. She looked very professional, a black suit jacket with a tight knee length skirt fitting her petite frame perfectly. My eyes didn't know where to go to next, I just wished I could have looked at all of her at once!

I shook myself out of my semi-consciousness, and a moment of sheer panic ensued within as I wondered how long I had been standing there. I turned to look at Kelly and she seemed oblivious to everything, and relief poured over me. I began the walk back out of the room, trying not to stare at her beautiful form but I just couldn't help myself! 'Just a few more steps' I thought to myself, as I tried to force my legs to quicken the pace. Then, she looked up – looking straight back at me! I froze for a moment, unable to move or do anything except just stand there. Then, her lips parted to reveal the most dazzling smile – her teeth perfectly white and her chin gained the sexiest dimple imaginable. She must have realised that I had been staring at her. She turned her body away from me, still looking at me over her shoulder until she was facing away. She began to walk and the movement in her hips gave her splendid ass a pronounced wiggle in the tight skirt that betrayed its magnificence. I felt my cock twitch in my trousers, my heart racing I drew a deep breath to compose myself. I sloped off into the hallway and pressed the button for the lift – no way was I safe to climb the stairs!

I waited patiently for the lift – it was often a long wait in this, fourteen-storey building. Finally it arrived and I moved inside and pressed the button for my floor. As I waited for the doors to close I heard a soft yet urgent voice, 'Hold the lift!' I lunged forward to press the button that would reopen the closing doors, and, as they moved apart everything seemed to go in slow motion, as she was revealed to me once again, clutching a number of files to her chest, and my heart thudded in my chest once more.

'Thank you.'

'You're quite welcome.'

'I need to pop down – do you mind a quick diversion?'

'No problem. I'm Andy, by the way. I haven't seen you here before, have I?'

The lift began its slow descent towards whichever floor it was she had chosen – I hadn't been in a position to notice.

'No, you haven't. I'm Sabrina. I've started today, temping in the Admin team.'

I struggled to decide whether the fact she was only with the company temporarily was actually a good or a bad thing.

'Well, welcome to the firm, pleased to have you here.'

'I noticed how pleased you were upstairs.'

My blood ran cold in my veins. I had no idea how I would respond. I looked back at her to see that – with complete amazement – her gaze had left my face and her attention was now turned to the fly of my trousers! The lift juddered as it stopped, and the door opened and I became perplexed, she had taken us to the basement.

She grabbed my hand and led me into the building's subterranean car park facility – full of the cars belonging to wealthy top-level managers. Mercedes, Jaguar, BMW and even Rolls Royce were some of the makes in here – much like a showroom. She pulled me straight over to the black sports, abandoned the paperwork she was holding and turned to kiss me hotly on the lips. Her tongue reached into my mouth and found mine, and together they entwined and moved together in a passionate dance. She moved forwards and I found myself backing onto the bonnet of the car. I held her head to mine, with my fingers in her hair as we continued locked in the embrace. I felt my cock spring up in almost no time at all – it was soon fighting to escape the restriction of my trousers.

Sabrina pulled her lips from mine and gasped as she saw the bulge that was pressed against her belly. She looked up at me and smiled wickedly biting her lower lip as she sank slowly to her knees, moving one of the card files to protect her skin, and rubbed her manicured fingers over the stretched fabric, and a surge of pleasure ran through my cock into my balls as she tickled the ridge of my tool. She pulled her hand to the top of my fly, and slowly unzipped me. She reached inside and made me twitch again as her soft flesh stroked me. I felt her fingers wrap around my shaft and tug it gently, and finally I sprung from my hiding place. She giggled coyly as she surveyed what she had done to me – my erection was raging, throbbing as my pulse sent blood soaring through it. I couldn't help but feel proud of myself as I looked - it wasn't too long – a little less than eight inches but was very thick and my hardness made the ridges and veins stand out more than usual. She grasped my cock with one hand – unable to touch her fingers with her thumb – and slowly slid my foreskin back to reveal the hard tip, slick with my precum. Her tongue darted out and flicked over my tip, sending wild sensations along the length of my shaft.

I groaned loudly as she wasted no time in accepting my cock in her mouth, her lips stretched to allow me into the hot dampness that waited. I felt the underside of me slide across her tongue, slowly she accepted more and more of me until her nose was almost buried within the tufts of hair above the base of my shaft. She stroked the base with her right hand as she pumped my dick, slow at first and gradually building up speed. At the same time her left hand was working my balls – heavy and swollen – she cupped them and scratched the flesh gently with her long fingernails and drove me wild when her fingertips reached for the ridge of flesh between my balls and asshole. Her cheeks caved inward as she slid me out of her mouth, sucking as hard as she could, before moving round to the side of my shaft, running her tongue across my rim and put her lips as far as she could around the side of my cock – sliding the length of it across her lips and tongue. As she approached the base my tip was in her hair so I pulled away the gorgeous locks, as her hands ran up my cock to the exposed head, rubbing over it – still covered in her saliva.

She pulled herself forward so she was beneath me and turned her attention to my aching balls, she licked the sac – gently at first and then more hungrily before taking one in her mouth and sucking. It was something I'd never felt before and I was surprised at the sensation, at first I chuckled at the tickling of her tongue but this soon gave way to a wild rush of sensitivity that shot through my balls and ass and before I knew it my cock was throbbing ready to explode. I groaned loudly with ecstasy and she sensed my readiness to release. She moved back to the head of my cock and sucked again, groaning with excitement and the vibration she made sent a shiver back up my shaft – she released again and looked into my eyes and pleaded, 'Feed me your cum, come in my mouth.' The sound of her begging for my cum was too much for me – a huge turn on and I wasn't about to disappoint her. She took me again in her mouth and within moments the whole of my groin seemed to shoot into spasm – I felt my balls emptying and I sent a hot jet of cum gushing into her mouth. She sucked hungrily until she emptied me – not losing a drop of my juice as she milked my cock with long, slow squeezing motions. Finally, I sank back onto the bonnet of the car and she released my aching cock.

I looked down at her, she was smiling back up at me – biting her lip sexily and she naughtily licked her lips with satisfaction. She casually rose back to her feet and straightened her clothes, picked the files she had dropped back up and walked with her exquisite wiggle back to the lift, leaving me half naked on the car with my trousers around my ankles! I rushed to clothe myself again, fearing that anytime now someone would walk in and I'd be out of a job – and that was something I wanted to avoid – at least until Sabrina's contract expired!

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