Sacred Dawn Ch. 01


"So you do like the way I look?" He puffed out his chest in pride. "But stop trying to second guess what it is I like. If I were to try and draw my ideal woman I would cover you in ink and put you on the paper. I think you're beautiful. Your hair, your skin, your body. Its what I like in a woman. With you there is something to hold onto when I am with you. I can grab your hips and squeeze them as I thrust inside of you, parting your flesh beneath me-"

He stopped when she slapped his arm. Her face was burning red and she honestly didn't know if it was from embarrassment or from her arousal. "Alright, I believe you."

His lips turned into a smile.

She should have kept her mouth shut. She had enough trouble resisting him already, but now she knew his flirtation wasn't just for show. Knowing that he desired her, how he loved how her body looked. She bit her lip. It was going to be very tough.

She tried to clear her jumbled thoughts. "Ready for the next round?" She won again, the round being closer this time. This time she would stick with a safe question, "What's your story?"

Alex looked up at the ceiling for a moment, "I was born in Camilla and I lived there till just a few months ago. My dad died when I was thirteen leaving my mom sister and I. We moved to a different part of the city and survived. My sister and mom still live there."

"Was it nice having a sister?"

"Yes... But its also very hard. As the older brother I always felt like I had to watch out for her, so many things wrong in our world. But my sis is a wonderful person, we get a long pretty well."

"Oh I am sure the world has everything to do about it, are you sure you didn't mean there are a lot of men out there?"

Alex grinned, "Oh, what could you possibly mean?"

"What indeed..." She smiled at him, but quickly stopped. "How did your dad die?"

Alex looked down at the furs, a shadow crossed his face. "He was was a Warden, like me. He was killed while trying to stop a coach robbery. He wasn't even on patrol that day. They had more people and well, there is only so much one man can do. Later that day his partner knocked on the door and without a word my mom gathered my sister and me up and cried her poor heart out..."

She sat there silent not sure if she should try and comfort him or not. "I'm sorry to hear that. Its horrible."


"He sounds like a good Warden, unlike some..."

He gave her a piercing look. "Personal experience?"

She quickly dealt out another set of cards. "Wait your turn."

He must of really wanted to ask her a question, because he won easily. If he asked her the question she thought he would she would have to forfeit. It wouldn't be to bad at least, kissing him did have a sort of appeal to it. Would the kiss be fast or slow? Passionate or restrained? Would there be tongue...

"So do you forfeit?" His voice was even, not betraying any hint if he was hoping she would or wouldn't.

"I'm sorry, could you repeat the question?"

"What was your childhood like?"

She nodded, "Sure I will answer that." It wasn't a bad question really. "I was born in Klail and lived in a small house on the outskirts of town. I was raised by my mom, my dad had died before I was born, he was killed while hunting. Before you ask, yes my Mom had powers like me, she taught me how to control and use mine." She smiled. "She also taught me how to read, write, draw, a little bit of music as well as history. I doubt I could of received a better education anywhere around here. Anyway Mom got what work she could as I grew up. I never really did much around town, everyone always treated us like we were witches. When I was old enough I left town."

"Where did you go to?"

"South to Redford. There I apprenticed under a scholar. I would often act as a scribe or research things for him. I loved reading and history. I had also hid my powers from the people there and was able to lead a relatively normal life."

There was a pause, "So why did you move back here then?"

"I came back... My mom was sick. She died a year later."

"I'm very sorry." His voice was full of compassion., "What did she die of?"

My foolishness. "A slow disease. No one could figure it out." She fell silent, lost in her own thoughts.

"So why didn't you move back to Redford?"

Because I deserve to live out here by myself. Not that she would tell him that. "I am happy here." They didn't speak for a bit. Letting each other sit in their memories. Alex took the cards and shuffled them and dealt out their hands.

The game lasted a lot longer and while they played Alex teased and joked around. By the time he won Sarah was in a much better mood.

She tensed again, waiting for the question. "What is your ideal man?"

That wasn't a terrible question either. She didn't speak though, not because she couldn't, but because they both knew the answer. And she really wanted to kiss him.

"You shouldn't have to ask, I think you already know the answer."

"Oh? Then lets see if I do." He picked up her hand and traced her fingertips on his leg. "Personality would be easy enough, someone smart, a good listener, and attentive to your... needs. But that would not be all. You would want your man strong." He moved her hand so it lightly traced muscled arm. "And probably with a bit of chest hair." He had wrapped a finger of hers in his dark curly chest hair.

By the Maker, he had the perfect amount of body hair and it felt so good around her finger. She just wanted to grab it and...Be cool Sarah.

He moved her hand to his chest, running her finger down from his neck to his abs. "And certainly you would want someone with a strong chest."

She licked her lips. "Certainly."

"But of course we couldn't forget having long toned legs."

He was running her hand down his thigh which was to much for her."Yes, I love your body," she blurted out, blushing.

He caressed her hand and grinned from ear to ear, "Believe me, I am very glad."

His thumb caressing her hand was driving her crazy, not to mention the feel of his muscles beneath her hand. She wanted to throw the furs off the bed, climb onto him, her hand grasping his penis...

Instinctively she happened to glance down and her eyes widened at tent that had appeared. He followed her gaze and winced. "I'm sorry."

"No... Don't worry. I thought you were too wounded..."

"No, not at all. I probably can't do most things with it right now, but I can certainly... at least do this." His voice was heavy.

Sarah's breathing was suddenly ragged and uneven. She wasn't used to having such a visceral reaction to anything, let alone someone. Overriding her screaming brain she looked him in the face and said, "I think I owe you a forfeit."

"Oh?" His grin widened.

"Well I didn't exactly answer the question..."

He leaned towards her and she realized she had moved towards him as well. He brushed her hair out of her face with a finger. "I think you may be right."

His hand slipped behind the back of her neck and pulled her towards him. She felt the world around her slip out of focus for her, nothing else mattered. It was just the two of them, alone.

And damn, this guy could kiss. His wounded status didn't hold him back at all. He just pulled her down and kissed her. She responded, fast, it was her tongue that first flicked again his lips. With a groan his lips parted and his tongue came darting out and flicked into her mouth. She moaned and gently bit his lower lip, drawing it into her mouth. His hand gently found its way to her hair and pulled her even closer to him.

Passion and lust overtook her common sense. She longer care about whether or not she should be doing this, if there would be any consequences, she was a woman, and he a perfect specimen of a man. And they needed each other badly. The consequences could come later.

His palm slid down her throat, continuing till it completely cupped her breast. Her nipple hardened immediately, the mere touch of his hand sent shivers throughout her body. Her fingers wrapped around his chest hair and lightly pulled. He squeezed her breast causing her to moan into his mouth.

It was his turn to groan when her hand slid lower, removing the covers as it did so. Her hand enveloped his hard cock.

He gasped and pulled his head away from hers and looked into her eyes. Unflinching she did the same. Both of them were breathing unevenly in ragged breaths. Their bodies still connected physically through his grasp on her breast and her hand on his cock.

Her gaze dropped down to his already hard cock. His skin was pulled tight around his cock, the tip of his penis slightly wet. "Tell me if I do anything wrong. It has been a very long time."

"Your touch feels heavenly. Don't worry. And its not like I have done this recently either."

"Don't lie," she hissed.

"I'm not, I have been busy and working. Gods you feel good."

"Good thing you're on a break then."

Sarah let in a sharp breath. It felt so damn good, the passion and the excitement exploding out of her, the sound of blood rushing through her head. Nothing worried her. There was only this.

"Don't move too much, or you may open your wound up," she commanded.

He grinned. "I did tell you I don't take orders well."

With her other hand she pushed down on his chest. "You will do as I say, you don't have much of a choice right now anyway. Now lie still."

He stilled his body and she immediately wondered if she had done the right thing.

"Then kiss me," he whispered into her ear.

She leaned in and locked her lips on him. The kiss was slower, more passionate. Sarah tightened her hand around his cock, stroking her hand up and down. He broke the kiss, letting out a sharp breath of air.

"Next time I will be the one calling the shots."

Her body quivered with the thought of doing this again. "Next time."

"Promise me, promise me there will be a next time."

There was no point in resisting any more. "I promise," she hissed into his ear. "And you will be in control."

"Oh gods," he groaned.

She slightly sped up her hand, loving the control she had over his pleasure. His gasps and the sound of kisses filled the air which hung over them, which shimmered with electricity. Oh, now this was how she would like to spend those boring winter night.

He dug his hands into the mattress and slightly thrust up against her. "Harder, faster, now."

Her hand tightened around his penis, moving faster and faster. She made sure to pay special attention to the little area under the head. She smiled in pleasure as he muttered more and more curse words with his rising pleasure. "Fuck, I'm going to come."

Her whole body tensed with excitement. She wanted to see him orgasm. His muscled body was stretched taut and was quivering in anticipation. She sped her strokes up until his hips thrust forward and he gave a should. Stream after stream of semen shot out of his cock and landed on his abs. She stared at the display, proud that she had caused it. Till now she had always found this rather messy and almost unpleasant, but now, well it looked wonderful.

She would like doing this now that he was hers.

Sarah blinked. Startled at the sudden possessive nature of her mind. She wanted him. She wanted him to be hers, completely.

As she was already his.

Sarah gave a slight shudder, partly from the aftershocks of the overload of pleasure and desire, but mostly with a sudden acute sense of fear. No, she could not belong to anyone. She couldn't be in a relationship, no matter how much she wanted it.


Sarah tossed her hair out from in front of her face, bringing Alex's worried face in focus. What had gone through her mind? She wasn't thinking right.

"You look tired Alex."

"If we hadn't met when I was wounded... well, would of wanted to?"

Jump your body and have sex till we both collapse? "Yes."

"I will heal. And when I'm well..."

Sarah gave another slight shudder with the thought of him ravishing her. "It will just be sex though." She couldn't promise anything more to him.

"So you say." His tone was filled with the doubt she felt.

"For now, you need rest."

"Try and tell that to..." He glanced down.

Following his gaze, she glanced down at his erection, which was still standing proud, as if it hadn't just been thoroughly satisfied. Well wasn't her pussy still aching and soaked? He had at least had a brief respite, she knew she wouldn't be satisfied till she had him... again and again.

And that made her want to run as far away from him as possible.

"Lets put this on hold for now, okay?" His voice was soft and gentle. "You should go find a towel and lets clean up. Then we can play another game and lay here and talk. Get to know each other better, how does that sound?"

She nodded, still in a daze. Still surprised at just how much desire she felt for the man. And even if her body had made her turn tail and run, its not like she could even go far.

Despite the lingering certainty that this man would be the one to make her forget her past, allow her to move on with her life and forget the promise she had made, she didn't want to get out of his life, not yet at least. She wanted to lounge around, laugh and joke with him and talk to him. Of course when he was fully able she would totally jump him and have sex till they weren't able to move a muscle. But then... After all that. Well she would have to see.

She slid out of the bed. "Sounds like a plan. Let me get this all cleaned up."

A smile played upon his face, "You are a mind reader, that's why you live up here, to get some peace."

A glimmer of a smile touched her lips, "If I could read minds I would live in town, people are fascinating."

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