Cold rock pressed against the soft flesh of her back, though she hadn't come to the realization as of yet. Still dizzy from whatever had hit her from behind that had promptly knocked her unconscious, she had her eyes closed. It took a moment or two for her eyes to open, but even then she remained in some sort of haze. All she could make out were dark splotches with slivers of white light peaking through. Eventually all came into focus. The woods. That's where she was.

Panic rose through Abigail. How had she gotten here? This made no sense to her. Just a few hours ago, she had been walking the dirt road of the small village, despite warnings. It seemed each Halloween, a young woman disappeared, never to be seen again. Always the purest of women, virginal--unwed, but of age.

She, in fact, was heading to church to pray for the souls of the villagers attending the Halloween feast, in the center in town. Abigail considered them heathens and hoped God would find their way into their hearts to stop this disgusting sacrilege. They danced around a bon fire, dressed as demons and ghosts, witches and man-beasts. It was a communion with the devil himself. They called her a prude for not joining in.

On her way, the street seemed suddenly cool. The wind whipped across her skin harshly, forcing her to bundle herself in her warm, wool sweater. Everything was calm and quiet, except the festivities of the Halloween feast could be heard in the distance. Abigail shuddered as her face curled in disgust.

Then suddenly, she felt a pain at the back of her head. Before she could turn, before she could even think, she saw the world becoming darker. Her body started to fall to the ground . . .

...And now, she was here, in the woods. She looked around herself, only to be shocked by what she saw. She was on a slab of rock a few feet off the ground. Her unclothed body lay there, bound to the table for the world to see, but luckily only the sky and moon were watching. She pulled at her hands above her head, only to meet resistance. The chain links chimed and scraped against the cold rock.

She wanted to cry out, to scream, but the embarrassment of her spread legs and naked body kept her mouth shut. The only sounds she made were soft, anguished whimpers. Cool wind whipped around her body, playing at her breasts. She shivered from the cold--all too exposed. Goose-bumps spread over her body. Her soft pink nipples began to harden under the night air's touch. A flush tainted her overly pale skin. Her body's reaction appalled her.

It seemed she stayed like this an eternity. The moon continued to beat down on her skin with its silver light. She prayed a cloud would pass and stay to block out the light. At least she wouldn't be able to see her body, but she hadn't been so lucky.

Her eyes gazed off into the woods when she thought she heard a sound. It sounded like a twig breaking. Embarrassment swelled within her even more at the thought of some man walking into the woods and finding her like this.

But it was no man. A hulking figure stood in the woods, hidden by shadows. Red eyes stared at Abigail from the creature as it slowly moved closer. She struggled with her chains, whimpering with fear to no avail.

"S-stay back!" she said with a fear filled voice.

The creature continued to walk closer until it walked in the moonlight. Abigail's eyes went wide as she took in the sight. It was large, indeed. Muscular and very male, but not human. His large red eyes glowed down at her as he came closer. Her own eyes surveyed. His skin was red as fire, tight with over the muscles of his large frame. His long black hair whipped around his body with the wind as it blew over them both with a soft howl. However, what caught her attention the most were his horns, sitting proudly on the top of his forehead, jutting out an oddly beautiful, yet terrifying face.

'It's the devil' she thought, shaking with fear, 'May the good Lord rescue me. I've been a good and faithful servant . . . '

The creature seemed to smirk at her as though he could hear her thoughts. The smirk turned to a lewd grin as the male thing stared at her body. The impure thoughts showed themselves in those glowing eyes.

He reached out a clawed hand at her, the dark pointing nails gently touched her hair, releasing it from its tight bound. Her long dark hair cascaded and spilled over his massive hand. He bent slightly then yanked her hair to his nose where he took a long smell, snorting his hot breath on her forehead.

Abigail trembled and tried to move her head enough to pull away from him. The massive being made a distinctly angry noise with a hiss. His hand reached for her face, grabbing it roughly. Abigail in turn, cried from the pain of his sharp claws digging into her soft flesh. He looked down at her, eyes narrowed. He sniffed at her. Then moved down her body, sniffing her deeply, but not touching. Abigail thought she might die of mortification when he reached the place between her opened legs. When she attempted to place her knees together, the creature yanked them apart roughly, giving her an irritated snort.

His face dipped lower in, taking long deep whiffs of her womanhood. Low grunts rumbled in the beasts' throat as she smelled her. Hungry sounds. He stayed there far too long, sniffing and groaning. To make matters worse, the hot air on her opened folds caused her to tingle. The sickening tingle brought tears to her eyes. It was a sensation she'd never experienced before, and she loathed that her body would betray her by somehow enjoying this!

The beast's hands stroked her inner thighs with deliberate gentleness. Up and down, up and down, using the fine tips of the black claws to tease her flesh. Abigail's breath caught as more tingling followed in the claw's wake. The feeling moved into her center, making her feel warm and moist. What was going on here? She had no idea. No one had ever touched her like this before.

"Lord, give me strength . . . " she whimpered out loud. The beast grunted. It almost sounded like a laugh.

He pulled his face back after giving her another long smell, then moved up her body. His hand smoothly ran along her stomach, causing the already present goose bumps to multiply. When he came to the pillowy mound, his massive hand grasped it. He clutched it tight between his fingers, squeezing it. Abigail yelped in pain, but the creature just stared at it in fascination. He lifted it, watched it move and flex beneath his fingers. After his hands finally pulled away, the mound returned to its spot with only red imprints as a reminder of the abuse her flesh just suffered.

His attention focused on the untouched breast. He moved to grasp it which caused Abigail to cry in misery. This time, he cupped her with a tender touch. His claws traced the pale white orb with his tips, tracing it from the beginning to the pink tip erect from cold. The beast's mouth moved to it, taking the nipple in with a hungry suckle. Abigail's breath hitched as she whimpered. It was so hot and wet, a distinct contrast the other breast suffered in the cold-dry October air. The thing sucked and teased the nipple in the hot heat. It felt good. She hated how much. The heat in between her legs mimicked the heat on her skin. All of her tingled because of it.

"Please . . . have mercy. Don't do this to me. Please!" she begged. The beast ignored her and continued.

As he feasted on her breast, one of those clawed hands moved down her body. A single, massive finger traced down her stomach, to her thighs. A moment later that same finger moved to the soft silk of her inner thigh, creating that horrific and wonderful sensation. Slowly, the finger moved upward, upward, upward, until it reached the lips of her vagina.

"No! Don't touch me there!" she cried out

That was sinful territory. Even she never touched herself there. When she washed, she dabbed a few times, then let it be. How dare this monster attempt to do this horrific act?

The beast clamped down on her nipple roughly, with enough force to break the skin. Abigail cried pathetically as he went back to sucking that breast after treating it so disrespectfully. It didn't take her long to realize that this was punishment for wanted to keep him from taking away some of her innocence.

So, she laid still, a sobbing mess, as this thing gently ran its sausage sized finger along her opening. The skin rubbed against her, barely touching what lie between the moistened lips. The feeling it caused made her body jerk, which made the beast grunted with satisfaction. His finger dipped in further and more boldly. The slickness inside helped his finger glide with ease over the tiny nub. Each brush of it made her gasp. She tried to pull her legs together, but it was of no use. The rest of his fingers held her open for him as he touched her.

Her breath came faster while her eyes shut. She tried to think of the Lord while this Devil did his worst, but she couldn't ignore his actions. Her body enjoyed the feeling far too much. It was like something was building between her legs the more he stroked. Abigail shivered as it grew stronger and powerful. Waves came faster and faster, crashing together. Something inside her body became tense and taut when his attention focused squarely on the very sensitive button, the source of all of these feelings.

Abigail lost control of her body. Her arms pulled roughly on the chains, causing them to cut into her skin. Her legs widened, pushing into the finger, begging for some sort of release. Just as she thought it would find her, the beast left her throbbing button, to move his finger inside of her very wet and aching hole.

That caught her attention. No longer was she concerned with pleasure. This thing had penetrated her, ripping into her body with pain. She groaned angrily as the finger filled her. The beast seemed to laugh as he moved his face from her nipple, while she continued to cry with pain. It was too big, too round, too long, too unwelcome. Still, the hulking Devil didn't care.

His forked tongue moved down her body, seductively, but Abigail ignored it. This thing would build her up again. She was going to be in control of her body. All she had to do was to focus on the Lord and his teachings. This was a trial she had to pass to prove her loyalty and love to God.

The beast removed his finger from her body, much to Abigail's relief. He brought the finger to his nose and smelled it with a content moan. His long tongue licked of the juices of her body with pleasured sounds. But that wasn't enough. He wanted more. More honey from the very source.

He came between her legs. Abigail looked down in horror.

"No! No! Stop! That's . . .! Go back from where you came, Devil! Please, God, spare me this unholiness! I've been a good servant!!"

His face moved closer, sniffing and groaning. His overlarge snout like nose pressed on that hard pebble at the top her womanhood. Abigail, again, tried to bring her legs together. He snorted, turning his blazing red eyes on her again. With nearly breaking force, the beast pulled her legs apart wider than they were before. Abigail sobbed from the pain and fear.

The forked tongue reached out for her very exposed pussy, giving the entire length of it a slow teasing lick. Abigail groaned, somewhere between pleasure and shame. His face pressed into her.

"P-p-please, d-d-don't . . . " she sobbed

The devil looked up at her, clearly angered. He snorted a few times as he clutched her legs tightly, spreading them even more. The chains around her legs scraped the rock loudly as he did. He looked back at his treat, licking his long black tongue along his lips. Then he dipped in, licking and sucking, twirling his tongue around her hard clit. Sometimes he went slow, sometimes he flicked it like a snake would. Abigail didn't feel much at first because the shame numbed her, but soon her body became awake and alive at the constant touch. Her stomach became tight as that familiar feeling began building between her legs.

The hot tongue darted quickly and Abigail couldn't silence her body's response, though she desperately wanted to. She moved her hips side to side, trying to be free of him, but soon realized that what she wanted was to guide him to the places that sent her into full body convulsions.

All her sad cries turned to those of pleasure. She couldn't contain the moans and groans longing to be free from the center of her. As his mouth took what it wanted, she cried out, begging for more. She just couldn't stop.

He brought her back to the place earlier. Something was going to happen inside of her, but she knew nothing of these things. She felt her building, building, building. Her insides got tighter as she began to shiver all over again. Any moment now, it would happen, whatever it could be.

Her thrusting body held its spot as she held her breath. The beasts long finger dipped into her hot wetness, pushing further in than before. This time though, Abigail welcomed the fullness. It felt good and natural and right. The overlarge finger slowly moved inside of her and out. Liquid ran down the space between her vagina and her rear as his finger slid the length inside of her with a quiet squishing sound that would have embarrassed her if she wasn't almost "there".

Suddenly, she pushed her legs apart wider as she moved her hips downward, forcing his finger as deep as possible. There was this tingling tightness that she didn't want to let go of, but her body had no choice. Abigail screamed out as her very first orgasm ripped through her body. Her insides sucked on his finger as spasms gripped all over her, especially around him. Her hips rose, her body quaked, her heart pounded like never before.

Despite the cold, a warm flush spread over her body as she came down from whatever that was. The devil-thing looked up at her, quite satisfied. He stood up, displaying himself to her. He was long and hard, very round. The hardness directed at her, throbbing for its own release. Abigail felt fear, but she couldn't disguise the longing in her eyes. She wanted more of what she just had. She wanted that burst of warmth between her legs . . . that moment of utter freedom.

The beast crawled on the rock, crawled over her. He snorted again once he reached her face. She could smell something sweet and tart on him, something foreign to her. Obviously the creature saw the curiosity in her big green as he let that forked tongue run across her mouth. In turn, she licked her mouth, tasting the juices of her own body. His tongue forced its way into her mouth. Abigail sucked on it in fascination, closing her eyes to savor.

While she sucked, his claw moved to her breast, gently kneading it. Abigail moaned out. Her skin was more sensitive than it had been. This also pleased the beast.

His hard cock brushed along the wet slit, causing Abigail to shiver again. Her moan, which earlier would have been sad and pathetic, was full of need and passion. She needed this. Needed that long rod between his legs to fill her.

It didn't take long for the devil to oblige. He pressed that hard length into her. Abigail cried in pain. She hadn't expected it to be so much bigger than his finger, despite the look of it. The beast, oddly sympathetic to this, sat up from her, placing his legs beneath hers for support. Her body was slightly elevated, giving her just enough to see the hardness sliding in and out. Embarrassment gripped her again, but the beast put his finger on her nub again, causing her to let it go. She groaned as the finger ran rapid circles around her clit, bringing her close to that sweet freedom.

Her hips began to move along the stiffness slowly, which caused the huge beast to growl lowly. Since she was finally ready, he met those thrusts hard while he gripped her hips. Abigail bucked underneath his strong hold.

"Yes . . . oh please . . . I want to feel it again . . . " she moaned out

The beast pumped even harder, thrusting to the very end of her. His hips rolled in circles, thrust and roll, thrust and roll. Abigail's pleas for release became louder as he did this. Faster, harder, deeper. Faster, harder, deeper.

"Yes! Oh yes!!" she groaned then bit her lip

She could feel the massive cock throbbing deep within her heated depths. The beast's grunts met her groans as their bodies joined roughly and smoothly. Soon she that final wave of pleasure flowed through her again. Her breathing stopped as her body clasped and released the monster over and over and over again.

He, too, met his end. His body moved faster and faster for a moment, causing her to bounce in his wake. The beast leaned in further, then the rocking became irregular. One deep thrust, two shorter ones, another deep, then his head rolled back as he bellowed into the night with an inhuman howl.

The pair stayed that way for a time, breathing raggedly. In the distance, the town's bell chimed. It was almost midnight. The creature snorted once then climbed off of her. The night air suddenly felt cool again, losing the warmth of the body above her.

The beast walked over to her face, capturing some of her hair in his fist. She groaned softly as he did. His large, but softening cock hung before her, dripping in something white. Abigail blinked in wonder as she watched the liquid dripping to the rock. He pressed himself against her lips. She accepted him, taking part of the length in her mouth, sucking on him . . . tasting the mixture of herself and of him, milking the last drop.

He looked down at her, pleased by this.

"You have pleased me." He growled with a deep baritone voice

He ran a hand over the chains of her arms, releasing them from their hold. Her hand moved to the cock in her mouth, holding it firmly as she drank.

"You would make an excellent part of my collection . . . "

Every Halloween, the villagers chose and leave a woman for him on this sacrificial slab in order to ensure peace and prosperity to those within. Should the woman give him pleasure, he'd keep her for all of time, cradled by his warmth, satisfied by his infinite lust. If not, he'd turn them lose on the world to find something more than just the small place, never to return.

Abigail seemed to wonder. This was the first time she'd ever been free. Could she go home to the life she led . . . the young, unmarried, church fairing prude? No, that was no longer enough. She loved the Lord, and always would, but she just needed more.

The beast offered a hand after freeing her legs from their bind. Abigail looked at the hand a long time. After contemplating this a little longer, she took it. As the last ring came, echoing midnight, Abigail and the Beast vanished from the woods. The village would have another year of peace, and Abigail would have her freedom.

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