I enter the cool darkness of the temple, wearing only my white silk robe and a diadem of tiny stars. Inside all is silent, the darkness only relieved by torches held in sconces on the walls. I am aware that today I am the sacrifice to be made here.

Moving to the altar, I spread my arms wide, offering myself to worship. My nipples prickle hard and erect beneath my robe, the stubble of my pubic region rustles against the silk. I have shaved, and the lips of my vulva and exposed clitoris are caressed by the fabric, tantalising me, tempting me to seek my own pleasure. My fingers ache to run up and down the lips of my vagina, to fall to the floor and stroke my tiny budlike clitoris until I roll around in ecstasy. But not today – today the pleasure of my body will be for my priest alone.

Carefully, I trace the ancient dance on the floor. Around the first altar, the length of the second, anti-clockwise around the second, and finishing back at the tomb. My lover-to-be waits within.

Drawing my sword, I cut aside the shroud of the Tomb. There he stands in his magnificence. His brow is slightly drawn as if frowning a little, his hair is dark and short, his skin tanned and smooth. A little stubble lines his cheeks. His chest is broad, his shoulders straight and wide, arms crossed with muscular biceps. His fingers are those of an artist, long, clever, slightly roughened. His hands are incredibly strong, yet so gentle. His body is in perfect proportion, tapering to hips I long to wrap myself around, muscular thighs that I ache to squeeze. He is in repose, eyes closed, asleep until I awaken him.

I raise my sword and speak the incantation. At once, his eyes fly open. Dark eyes, burning with warm flecks of chocolate and green. His intense gaze swivels and focuses on me. Inhuman, godly. I shiver, afraid of what I have unleashed, and step back involuntarily as he takes three steps forward. He is not yet complete – I hurry to anoint him with water, wave the incense over him, as his eyes follow me – unafraid and seemily contemptuous of the trivial details that will restore him to life. He speaks again, commanding me. I fetch his robe, his crown and dress him. I long to touch him, to caress his shoulders, his firm waist, yet I dare not. I am in awe of him, knowing what I must do and yet in fear of this man - part God, part Human, all masculine beauty.

Again he gives me his command, to restore him to life. I kneel, knowing what is demanded of me. Gently, I part his robe and reach within. I find his penis, his sacred lance, and begin to rub my hands up and down it most gently. Eleven times my hands caress it, rising up and down its length, watching it burst forth into life. It raises its head all purple and voluptuous pleasure before me. It rises massive and erect from the nest of his soft pubic hair, where it lay softly circled by his balls. I caress those as well, although this is not required. He frowns but says nothing, concentrating on the rising tide of warmth that restores him to life. I quiver on my knees before him, knowing that soon I must service him fully – hoping only that he finds pleasure with me and is pleased.

This time when he speaks, the cold mask has withdrawn and he smiles down upon me. Taking my hand he raises me to my feet, accepting the offering I have made. I feel overjoyed to be held so gently in his fist, I feel almost faint with pleasure. He leads me to the altar, and taking my hand gently, singing my praises, he lifts me upon it. He steps back and gives me the privacy of the veil – drawing the curtain before me.

As he intones his praise of my virtues and invokes me to him, I draw off my robe and wait shivering on the altar. My nipples once more prickle erect, I part my thighs with difficulty, shy and awkward at assuming this vulnerable position while awaiting his presence. My sex is opened, the lips parted and revealing their moist and hot centre, all the more naked in their shaved appearance. A trickle of warm fluid seeps down my thighs, despite my fear I am welcoming and excited. I am open and inviting, exposing myself to him completely. I give myself over to the words of the Goddess, entreating him to draw near, bursting with my love for him, tinged with fear and anticipation.

He draws the curtain and admires me, spread wide and naked before him. Advancing, his erection bobbing in front of him, he mounts the stairs of the altar, bringing his ponderous length to my lips. A small drop of precum oozes from the tip as he slowly eases forward, his massive erection ready to receive my attention. Opening my mouth, I take him between my lips and slowly engulf his entire length, my tongue swirling over the back of his penis, the head sliding down my throat. I slide my tongue around and around the head, nuzzling the tip, slipping into the eye, tasting his pleasure. Again and again I slide his length into my mouth, my eyes closed in ecstasy at tasting him. My jaw works to fit his whole penis deep in my mouth and throat, to engulf him completely until my lips are nuzzling at the base of his erection, the soft rub of pubic hair. All too soon, he cups my face in his hands and slowly removes his erection from my lips. He is smiling, pleased with me, and I bask in the glow of his warm gaze.

He descends one step, and spreads wide my thighs with his strong hands. He grasps my legs, broking no argument or embarrassment, and his eyes rake over my exposed nakedness lovingly. He pauses, taking in the sight of my denuded vagina, the lips full and hot, the clitoris aching between them. My nipples seem to jut out at him, demanding his kisses. My whole body yearns and aches for his touch. He smiles, pleased with what he sees. I am ready for him, but it is not yet the time for him to enjoy me fully. He bows his head between my thighs, lifting them over his shoulders and raising my sex to his lips. His nose nudges my clitoris, causing me to gasp in pleasure and shudder involuntarily. His tongue sweeps over my lips, swirling into the centre of my flower, forcefully rubbing my swollen and excited clitoris. I cry out, my back arching with pleasure, but he holds my legs open and refuses to back away. His hands move around me, cupping my buttocks and holding me open to his touch, his tongue, his every sense. As his tongue swirls around and around my clitoris, driving me to the brink of excitement, he removes one hand from around me and penetrates me gently with a forefinger. His thumb strokes my clitoris as his tongue swirls around it, his finger gently thrusting in and out in time with my panting gasps. A second finger joins it, giving me a greater sense of fullness and unbearable excitement. I cry and moan and gasp, impaled on his fingers, gripped by his strong hand and unable to move away although pleasure threatens to engulf me. My voice is moaning with desire, and I entreat him to give me more. He looks up at me, smiling and satisfied, and slowly releases me. I sigh and give a low growl of pleasure.

Wantonly, I part my thighs further and look down at him between them, awaiting his love. The altar is cold marble beneath me, hard and unyielding. My sex and buttocks feel hot and feverish. I pant and moan, desperate for him to conjoin with me.

He climbs the altar again, this time holding his erection in his hand. More precum oozes from the tip, exciting me, desperate for his attention. I long to twine my legs about him, but he pushes them away, making me wait while he enters me to his satisfaction. Holding his penis he strokes my clitoris and lips, making me wild with passion and desire. I am begging now, my sex thrusting towards him, desperate for penetration. He pauses to my frustration, savouring the feeling of rubbing the head of his cock against my sex, holding my hips firmly away, making me wait on his pleasure. I moan and beg, but to no avail. Suddenly, he thrusts into me fully, his whole length sinking into me fast and hard. I half-scream with pleasure, and my fingernails rake his shoulders as I grip him fully. He is talking to me soothingly, as he slowly begins to move. His hands move underneath me, cupping my buttocks again as he firmly thrusts into me, slowly at first, maddeningly slowly, yet to my over-stimulated sex it is such welcome relief. His pubic bone moves against my clitoris promising release. I am writhing with pleasure, and still he moves ever so slowly, determined to prolong the pleasure of possessing me completely. I am completely in his power, almost crying with excitement, and he speaks to me gently, telling me it will not be long now, not long now, as his penis enters me again and again, the whole length sinking into my hot, excited vulva, teasingly rubbing my clit.

Now? I ask, Now? Please?

Yes, he responds, his eyes moving over my face, dark and intently searching, Now.

He begins to move faster, his length sliding in and out and his pace quickening. His hard thighs slap against me, the hands that stroked me now hold my hips firm to rebuff against his thrusts. He is looking deep into my eyes, but his gaze is becoming cloudy as his own desire starts to manifest. I realise it was difficult to prolong the pleasure for him as well, he was surely ready to burst with excitement more than once despite his veneer of control. I am grinding against him, begging for him to fuck me harder and he responds with extra vigour thrusting harder, and showing me no mercy as he begins to pound me furiously. My breasts are crushed against his chest, I wrap my legs around him and grip him tightly as my orgasm approaches. Screaming, I arch my back and feel the explosion from the centre of my being as waves of pleasure wash over me. He flings his arms around me, gripping me tightly as only our sexes move in a dance of give and take, slapping together even though my clitoris quivers swollen and sensitive with every touch in the wake of my orgasm. I hear him cry out as well, he grips me in a bear hug and his penis twitches with its own orgasm. He is gasping into my hair, his arms are flung about me and shaking with desire. He is both vulnerable and powerful, unable to control himself in the throws of his climax. I am speaking soothingly to him, telling him I love him, telling him I worship him, calling him my darling, baby, oh honey, so good. He moans in response, his thrusts turning into a gentle swirling motion, his penis not yet leaving me, tremors still coursing through his hard and sexy body. His lips reach mine and we kiss deeply and passionately, the roar of our mutual orgasm still loud in our ears. Our bodies rock together, warm and comfortable, as the pleasure sweeps over us, receding in waves of warmth and desire. We are loathe to disconnect, and rock together for a long while, his penis softening and the fluids of our love pooling beneath us until finally we must unjoin.

We lay together on the thick carpet before the altar, and look at the starry ceiling and give praise. Praise to our creator, praise to our Gods and praise to ourselves – male and female and all holy.

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