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I knew that being born on Halloween would always be a problem for me. It first started out when my mother said she needed alone time when I was 7 years old. After not hearing from my mother for 11 years it was a shock when she asked me to come to the small ranch she owned.

I asked my dad if I could go for my 18th birthday and my dad said it would be okay. I drove my ruddy old pickup truck down to the ranch and after finding it partially abandoned and empty I went back to the car and saw a figure in a dark robe leaning against my truck holding my keys that were in my pocket.

"Give them back," I told the figure and pulled back it's hood to reveal my mother who looked no older than the picture that is hanging in my dad's room.

"Hello, Erica," my mother told me handing me my keys.

I looked at this woman who looked no older than 26 and claimed to be my mother.

"I got your bed ready for when you came," she said and started to lead me into the ranch.

She showed me the bed and I climbed right into it and feel asleep and woke on a hard cold stone alter my mouth gagged and my ankles and my wrists to the alter my pussy available to all who wanted it.

"Erica you're awake," she told me as she got over to me and stroked my cheek.

I mumbled something gibberish and tried to get her to explain what was going on.

"Let me catch you up. Every year on Halloween at midnight the lesbian goddess need a virgin sacrifice to stay alive. You tonight will be that sacrifice."

She grabbed some ingredients off the shelf behind her and then grabbed a short dagger and took it about 3" down the top part of my arm. She collected all the blood that spilled and then cut herself down the length of her top 3" of her arm. She collected all the blood that spilled from there and put it in a small flask and muttered some words and threw in some ingredients. I felt her spread it on my skin.

I felt my pussy grow warm and she took the giant strap on she had and thrust it in my pussy and it broke my hymn and ripped it. She then took a needle and sewed up my pussy and I felt the blood build up in there.

I wanted to scream at her before she took off and left me alone in that dark place. Then she came back and opened a hatch a let in a flood of moonlight. She took the sewn up pussy and placed a plastic dish collect the blood and she took her dagger and cut the string letting all of the blood flow out.

I heard her muttering more and more as she took the blood and "painted" it all over my body. I smelt the scent of my blood all over my body.

"O goddess, take this girl as an offering and use her." Hearing my mother's voice was sending orgasms down in my pussy. I had 2 orgasms before she bent down and licked my orgasm and made me cum even more.

"No more cumming for you," she told me wanting to make me cum even more but I suddenly had lost the ability to.

She lifted her rear end over mine and made me suck and lick it. I had to follow her command like it was law I sucked at it and licked at it before my tongue was sore. She told me that if I didn't get in there and licked her to an orgasm she would make the goddess kill me. I licked her even more and felt a giant squirt of her juices all over me.

I licked it all up from over my face and rolled it around it my mouth before I swallowed it. I reached my tongue up again and found the air above me and found it empty.

"You don't deserve me bitch." She cackled at me and made me raise my ass up in the air to clip a hard leather chaisty belt around me restricting my ability to pee or poop.

After that she told me that I was to remain there until the goddess did something to me. Then, she tied me even tighter and left me alone to the goddess.

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