tagMatureSadie Rose Researches No. 01

Sadie Rose Researches No. 01



"For those perverse creatures who like their pairings Boy/Girl here's a little morsel to titillate your tastebuds. To all of you who prefer the boy on boy action, never fear, another Rayne story is never far away.


"No part of this story may be copied, quoted or re-submitted by any person without first obtaining the express permission of the author. Theft is not big or clever, it just means you're too sad or stupid to create something yourself!"


It was a normal day in June and I was doing normal day kind of things; a run to the shops, batting around with the duster and hoover, playing with the cat and putting some delicates in the washing machine. It was all trivial stuff to get out of the way before I had to do some serious work for a series of magazine articles I had been writing. I was enjoying the job, the subject was my specialist one after all; sex and what motivates men and women in bed (or out of it!). During the week I had interviewed an up and coming US movie star, in Britain to promote a new film, about what turned him on. We had a few drinks back at his hotel, we traded smutty talk in the bar and he offered to 'show' me what he liked. One thing led to another until we wound up naked together in the jacuzzi in his suite.

Hell, it's a dirty job...!

There was still a shit-eating smile on my face three days later. It would be another week before Josh got back from his book tour in the States but I figured I could survive until then. I was still so raw and stretched down below that I could not even wear panties. My heart was not the only thing Mr. Hollywood had left throbbing. Let's put it this way, he certainly did not get the nickname Donkey Boy because he likes to clown around on set!

I was about to go back up and get on with my article when I realised that the washing machine was busted. No lights, no water, not a hint of action. Damn it!

A quick rummage through the local paper rustled up the telephone number for a repair company in the village. I dialled it and got through to a gruff sounding woman who grilled me about the problem for about ten minutes then said that she would send someone over in an hour. With a sigh, I contemplated rinsing my frillies out by hand, then made a cup of coffee and settled down to work instead.

As usual, the time ran away with me as I was tapping the keys, a smile pulling at my lips as I recalled the fun I'd had on Tuesday afternoon. Of course I couldn't write about us having sex but I'd learned enough about his motivation to write a pretty raunchy piece in any case. The names could be changed to protect the innocent – not that he was innocent. Not a bit of it!

When the doorbell chimed I powered down, still feeling a little turned on and trotted down the hall to see who was there. To my surprise it was little Danny Bryant on my doorstep, in tight, dark blue jeans and a snug black t-shirt, hefting a vast toolbox – except he was not so little any more. In fact, from the bulge of his denim crotch, he was quite a man.

"Good grief!" I exclaimed as I let him in. "Look at you. You can't have been more than seven years old last time I saw you and now you're all grown up!"

He managed an indulgent smile and ran a hand through his floppy, dark blond hair.

"Left school three years ago," he said with a shrug. "Work for me step dad now. Your machine's knac... umm. busted?"

"Yeah... come on through and have a look. It's plugged in and switched on but it's just not doing anything at all."

He moved past me, up the hall into the little kitchen that we had recently renovated, before Josh went to America. I made him a cup of coffee as he wriggled the machine out of its niche and flipped open his toolbox. As he prised off the lid I watched him work, appreciating the flatness of his stomach and the sexy lines of his lean thighs and arse. His fringe flopped over his forehead every so often and he would stop and push it back, or let his lower lip jut out sexily so that he could blow the stray hair out of his eyes. I heaved myself up onto the counter and sipped my coffee as he unscrewed things and tinkered with the washer.

"So you're what... eighteen now?"

"Nineteen, last week," Danny said without looking up.

"I bet you don't remember me, do you? I used to go to school with your mum's sister, Eileen. We were all great friends when we were kids."

"Aunty Eileen's got three kids of her own now," the lad straightened and rubbed the side of his nose with one finger. It left a greasy streak that I itched to wipe off for him.

"Yeah... I know."

"You got kids?" he looked sidelong at me as he began to wedge the lid back on the machine. His eyes were pale blue like Ceylon sapphires in a sharp, sun-browned face. There was just a hint of stubble across his cheeks and angular jawbone.

I shook my head quickly. "Never really wanted them. Are you finished already?"

He walked the Zanussi back into it's space and flipped the switch on the plug socket. All the display lights flashed at once like Blackpool seafront in October, then settled into the familiar routine. I heard the shushing of water as it began to fill.

"Just blown a fuse," Danny said matter-of-factly. He stood straight again, wiping his hands down the legs of his tight jeans. "I remember you all right."

Those blue eyes twinkled slightly. I raised an eyebrow.

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah... when I was about thirteen... fourteen, me and my mates used to hang about outside the shop on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school 'cause you went for your run then. I remember you always had these little strappy tops on and tight leggings. We used to reckon that you never wore knickers." He looked away, blushing slightly.

"You did, did you?" I wriggled off the counter with a smile and dumped my coffee mug in the sink, wondering if Danny was maybe up for helping with my research. "Did you like that, the idea that I might not have knickers on?"

He did not answer right away, just said; "Well... all done. Do I get my reward now?"

"What do I owe you?" I wriggled a hand into the pocket of my jeans but he shook his head at once. One of his hands rested on my forearm briefly. He was close enough that I could feel his breath on my neck and face.

"Those leggings were so tight we could see the shape of your pussy," he said with a look that suggested he was daring himself to go on. "I used to fantasise about you in your running gear. I used to lie on my bed and wank myself off thinking about the way your tits bounced up and down when you ran." He was looking me in the eye again now, a sharper, more venal expression on his sharp-featured face. His nose was long and pointed and the lips that framed his words were as full as a girl's, though there was nothing effeminate about him. I wondered how his mouth would feel between my legs; imagined his tongue exploring every crevice of my hidden valley.

"I don't want any money," he told me suddenly, his voice shaking slightly. His gaze had dropped from my eyes to about the level of my breasts. I was wearing a small, figure-hugging white top with ribbon straps and there was no disguising how hard my nipples were. They pushed against the lycra material like small stones.

"What 'do' you want?" I exhaled, more steadily, hoping I already knew.

"I want you to take your top off," Danny said huskily. "I want to look at your tits."

I quivered with pleasure at his request and withdrew the hand from my pocket, crossing my arms over my belly, glad that I was still in good physical shape as I took hold of the hem of my top and pulled it slowly upward. My arms rose, uncovering my breasts and peeling off the small, flimsy garment in one fluid motion. Unembarrassed, I dropped it onto the counter and stood before him, topless. I know that my breasts are in good shape. Josh loves to feel and suck them. He has big hands and they're just large enough to overflow when he stands behind me, cupping and squeezing them.

"Do you just want to look, or would you like to feel them as well?" I asked.

Danny pushed a hand into the front of his pants, adjusting himself with a little grunt of disbelief. Then his warm fingers were curling around the swell of my bosom, rubbing and feeling me hungrily. He pushed me back against the base units and bent his head over my big boobs, kissing the upper curves as he massaged and fondled them with his dirty hands. I uttered a little sigh of satisfaction as he groped me, pushing his lean young body into my curves, getting me sweaty and greasy. I did not care. His warm, soft mouth closed around the stiffness of my left nipple and he began to suckle like a greedy pup as his left hand circled on my right breast.

I shuddered with satisfaction, snaking my arms around him as his mouth roamed from one nipple to the other, licking and kissing my heaving breasts, sucking on the points until they were hard and sore, glistening rosy pink on the pale swell of my tits. His lips wandered to my neck and throat briefly, sending ripples of pleasure through my chest and belly then he was kissing my mouth, his tongue darting between my teeth like a serpent as his hands groped down the curve of my bared waist. I felt one hot hand in the small of my back, then the other glided down the flat of my abdomen into the front of my jeans.

"Dirty bitch," he whispered hoarsely into my mouth as his fingers stroked my shaved mound and wormed still further, between my legs. "Who's forgotten to put her knickers on, then?"

"Do you like that?" I gasped, squirming as he forced his hand deeper, his greasy fingers exploring the wetness of my pussy lips. Little shivers of excitement coursed through my body from my cunt as he groped me firmly there.

"I think you like it more," Danny panted. He pulled his hand out of my pants and licked his fingers. "Horny slut. Unfasten your jeans and push them down for me. Show me your cunt."

My fingers were on the buttons right away. Danny stood before me, watching eagerly as I undid my pants and eased them off my curvaceous hips, letting them fall to the floor. I stepped out of them now and leaned back against the counter, spreading my legs for him. Danny ogled my hairless mound shamelessly. He peeled off his tee shirt and unzipped his fly immediately, coming back to stand between my legs as he freed his erect penis from his briefs and guided my right hand to it. Letting my fingers curl around his long hard shaft, I stroked him steadily, feeling him grow even more for my touch. Little Danny certainly was not so little any more.

His fingers slipped between my legs again and we kissed harder as he wriggled two, then three fingers into my pussy and frigged me urgently. The other hand caressed the back of my neck as his tongue explored my mouth, then glided down my naked back and dipped between my bare buttocks. I did not resist as he probed then fingered my arsehole. Josh often touched me there when we were making love and liked to have it done to him as well. I pumped his meat harder and Danny pushed a second finger into my arse, making me twist and gasp as he stretched both my holes. At last he broke the kiss and pulled his fingers from my pussy, caressing my face and pushing them into my hair. He gripped the base of my long, auburn pony-tail and leaned back to look into my eyes.

"Get on your knees bitch," he panted with a hint of a laugh. "Kneel down and suck my cock."

I felt his fingers withdraw quickly from my anus as he pushed me into submission on the kitchen floor. Danny licked his fingers again, then wrapped them around his cock, rubbing it urgently until there was a fat jewel of spunk hanging from the tip. As I knelt before him, my lips parted willingly for his long, throbbing tool and I wrapped my mouth around him. My tongue swirled up and down his salty shaft, teasing him until he could take no more. I could feel his heartbeat on my tongue and I opened my jaws wider for him as my hand wandered between my legs, filling the vacancy he had left. I am sure he saw that I was masturbating myself for he began to fuck my mouth hard and fast as I knelt there naked for him.

"Oh God, yeah! You fucking slut!" he huffed as he bucked his hot young crotch in my face, filling my mouth with seven fat inches of meat. I dipped my fingers deeper into the wetness between my legs, circling the tip of my forefinger around and over my clit then diving back into the juicy warmth of my twitching cunt again. I kept swallowing his thrusting sex, my mouth filled with a mixture of saliva and precum as he fucked my face hard. His big balls bounced against the underside of my chin. "God you dirty bitch, I'm gonna fuck you so hard!"

'Oh please!' I prayed silently, barely able to wait for that beautiful young cock to fill my twat up and ram-raid me until I came hard.

I felt my spirits go into free-fall as he stiffened, muttering; "Fuck! Fuck!" and my mouth was flooded with his cum. It was sticky and slightly sour and I felt it running down my chin and over his balls. His fingers released my hair at once and he pulled me to my feet, pressing his mouth to mine. I opened wide and gave him a mouthful of his own spunk and Danny broke away laughing and wiping his lips.

"Fuck, that was great!" he panted, making no effort to sheath his cock. "Get back up on the counter and spread your legs."

That cheered me up a bit. He helped me up there, then dropped his pants and stepped clear of them. I admired his slim, strong, naked body openly now. He had a tattoo of a little England flag on his shoulder and a Celtic sunburst on his left hip. A dusting of brownish-blond curls darkened his crotch around those big, purple balls. Already his young cock was standing halfway to attention again, glistening with spit and spunk. As I parted my thighs, he crouched before me and I almost wept with delight as his mouth began to caress my sex, kissing and licking slowly and sensuously all over my mound and down into the folds of my sopping wet pussy. He rolled my clit between his tongue and the roof of his mouth, then licked his way stealthily into my greedy vagina. I lifted my knees and wrapped my legs around his neck and head, stroking my bare feet up and down his naked back whilst he was tonguing and teasing me.

"Ohhh.... Ohhh.... Ahhhhhhhhh! Yesssss!" I exhaled with increasing urgency, grinding my twitching, tingling pussy into his gorgeous face, humping his sexy mouth as he crouched between my legs. "Ohh Danny! Make me cum! Make me cum!"

His hands stroked the undersides of my thighs, lifting my knees higher, licking his way right back along my crack and tonguing deftly between my arse cheeks. I felt him blow on my arsehole and then he was probing and stroking it with his tongue, all around and over that pucker of flesh, then worming inside me there. I cried out in passionate amazement. It felt so good. I was sitting starkers on my kitchen counter getting fabulous cunnilingus and analingus from a nude, teenage boy.

The vibration of his shoulder against my left thigh told me that he was wanking hard but he kept on sucking and licking me until I exploded, squirting his handsome face with my juices. The waves of ecstasy just kept on cumming until I was screaming and shaking with uncontrollable lust for him. There were no words between us now. Danny's hands were firm on my hips as he stood over me and pulled my cunt onto his rock hard tool. I cried out his name as I felt that huge member surge into me, thrusting deeper and harder, giving what I had prayed for, until his hot young body was pressed up close to mine. I hooked my legs over his slim hips and rode him, leaning back against the wall as I watched him pumping his fabulous rod in and out of me. My hands rode up over my tits and I squeezed and stroked myself whilst he watched approvingly and bucked himself into me more urgently. Sweat was running down his face and chest and between my bare breasts and thighs as we fucked.

As I began to get close again, Danny slowed and leaned against me, kissing my breasts then pulling out of me. I grabbed for his arse, trying to haul him back inside me but he panted my name, shaking his head.

"Sadie... give me a minute. I'm gonna shoot if I keep on fucking you like this."

"I'm on the pill," I pleaded. "Danny... don't stop."

He stepped back all the same, towing me gently off the counter into his arms. We went through to the dining room and he lay on the floor, stroking himself slowly then beckoned me to him. At once I straddled him and sighed with pleasure as I felt his lovely cock plunge back into my cunt. We took it more slowly now. I rocked back and forth on his erection as he lay naked beneath me in front of the French windows, stretched out on my white, alpaca rug. The pleasure in his lovely face was so sexy. His eyes were half-closed and his lips parted gasping my name over and over as I began to hump up and down on his rod. I was controlling the pace now, loving the way it felt as it slid in and out of my cunt.

"Rub your tits for me, Sadie," he begged and I stroked and squeezed my voluminous breasts in both hands as I rode on him. I let one hand creep back between my legs, teasing my clit, not caring that anyone walking past the field behind my back garden could look in and see me fucking a boy eighteen years my junior. The naughtiness of that made me quiver with lust again and the sensation surged through me from my throat right down into my loins then back out into the tips of my fingers and toes. I threw back my head, crying out in ecstasy as another orgasm surged through my naked body.

Danny let me enjoy my climax, then his hands gripped my thighs and he rolled me over and over on the dining room floor until he was on top of me, between my legs. I let him thrust hard, enjoying the more violent pounding in my twitching pussy. His mouth tugged on my nipples again, then he pulled out of me and lifted my knees up onto his shoulders.

"Do you know what I really like doing?" he whispered breathlessly.

"What's that?" I asked, hot and sated and ready to let him have anything.

"This," he exhaled, rubbing the wetness from my clit back between my cheeks and urging his index finger slowly into my anus again. I wriggled beneath him on the wooden floor as he started to frig me. He pushed his thumb into my cunt and pressed on the wall of flesh between them until I moaned with excitement, then he began to thrust harder until my rear passage was moist and yielding.

I frequently had anal sex with Josh. He liked to go in the back way and it meant that even when I was on my period he could still fuck me as hard as he liked. I cannot in truth say that I disliked letting him having me that way. I certainly never failed to cum.

Danny was almost as big as Josh and when he positioned the head of his sex at my back door I whimpered with need. The swollen head of his young dick popped into my anus easily and Danny uttered a gasp of delight and surprise as he began to fuck me there. It took him a short time to get his manhood fully sheathed inside me and he was soon pulsing quickly in and out, looking down between my legs at his big, slippery cock and my stretched pink hole.

"I love your big, sexy arse," he huffed as he pounded at me. "I like girls with big tits and backsides. That's why it's better fucking an older woman. Most girls have only got little tits and the ones that haven't don't have good bodies to go with 'em."

"You don't mind that I'm nearly as old as your mum then?" I panted, whimpering a little as he slowly pulled his cock out of me. "Ahhh... don't stop, Danny. That feels good."

"You've got a really tight arsehole, Sadie. I wanna get you on your knees. I wanna do you doggy style," he told me. "You're nothing like me mam, for fuck's sake. She's a fat old bitch. You've got a great body still."

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