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Sadist Lips


This is my first piece on literotica, and I'd love some feedback if anyone reads this! :)


"I swear to God he's going to break her in half."

I raised my eyebrows. From my left came a man (at least I think he's a man) sporting thick stubble and bright blue eyeshadow which seemed to had taken over his face. I nodded. His short pink apron and skirt combo drove a grin to my face and I struggled to push it back down. Thankfully his eyes were busy as he joined me in leaning against the wall, looking around at the strange spectacle before us.

The basement room was open, dark, and stunk of sweat, plastic, and sex. In one corner, a short red haired woman who must have been in her sixties had set up a makeshift bar on top of a couple of barrels. People everywhere were hitting each other with random objects in various stages of undress. Excruciatingly loud club music from the nineties blared through dusty speakers hung haphazardly in the ceiling.

Directly in front of me and apron guy we had the pleasure of witnessing a fat hairy mongrel of a man violently fucking a tiny girl who couldn't have been older than twenty. He had laid on top of her on what I thought was an upside-down pool table and was having a glorious time of using his three-times-your-size weight to crush her repeatedly against the hard wood. It was too dark to see the girl's face to see whether she was enjoying being pulverized, but I had to assume this was consensual. Everything seemed to be here. Freakish and frightening, but that's how they liked it.

"I'll admit," I said to apron guy. "I'm experiencing a little bit of culture shock."

Apron guy threw back his head in a throaty laugh and thumped my shoulder with a rough hand, fingernails painted pink.

"Well, you are not the first son. What's your name kid?"

"Sam. And yours?"


I tried to determine whether or not this was a joke. I settled for nodding and smiling in a friendly manner as apron guy waved to someone across the room and moved to join them. As he did not correct me, or spring a 'just kidding!' I guessed he was in fact serious.

"Well I hope I meet you again Sammy."

"Same to you..."

I resumed my stalker-ish persona leaning against the wall and surveying the people around me. Sex from the outside is really not a very pretty sight. There's lots of rubber, cleaning, slurping, and schlucking. Overall, not really how I imagined this night going. Somehow I'd convinced myself there would be tons of beautiful women who would all be terribly interested in finding a well adjusted young man to devour. I didn't expect people my parents age to have quite this vibrant a sex life. Though admittedly I'd never wanted to think for any extended period of time about any form of sex involving people my parents age. Alas, here I was witnessing it. It was even more gross than I had originally imagined.

I scanned the walls for more leaners, wondering if I was the only one not in on the fun. That's when I spotted you. You hit me like a train.

Your average appearance actually looked strange among the circus of catsuits, crossdressers and leather. You wore a simple black blouse and tight fitting jeans that were rolled up once on the cuffs. Your Converse sneakers screamed adorable, but your flashing red lipstick screamed sadist. You were hungrily staring at two younger men fucking up against a support beam, they seemed to be the most attractive of the lot, and you looked as though you were trying to control their movements with your eyes. I wouldn't have been surprised if you'd shouted out direction like a porn director over the thumping music.

Ok. What am I supposed to do now? What are the protocols here?

I didn't have any clue. Could I just walk over to you? Should I try to get introduced? I stared at your face openly, it was dark after all. I honed in on those red lips. You were sucking and biting at them with increased intensity. I realized your hand was slipping down and your fingers were rubbing over jeans, between your legs. Your eyes narrowing with the intense fuck of the men before you.

Holy fuck.

I wanted to turn away.

You can't just watch girls masturbating, you creep.

I couldn't turn away.

You shifted, and unbuttoned your jeans slowly, teasing yourself. Your right hand slipped in, and I could see your wrist as you circled your clit. Your left hand reached up to play with your nipple, rotating around your small breast in large circles. The two men before you were growing more aggressive, and as they did, your right hand matched their increasing speed.

As you stroked yourself, I began feeling the temptation to join you. My cock was so hard I swear it was going to burst out of my jeans, but I still couldn't bring myself to it. If I could watch you bringing yourself to orgasm like I was then, who knows who could watch me. Your sadist lips curled into a beautiful 'oh' face, and I swallowed hard when your eyebrows knit together. I could hear the grunts of the gay men as they put on their show, your left hand gripped your breast harder. You plucked your own strings like a musician, and your sexiness smoldered in the darkness. Your right hand getting even faster, intense. Your hips bucked against your hand. The edge was in sight. The men in front of you were cumming. You moaned and fucked against your hand. You were right there.

That's when you looked directly at me. It was sudden. Intentional. I crumbled.

You smirked at my shock. And came.

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