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Sadistic Foreplay


He entered her chamber and quickly locked the door. He knew he was on sacred ground and getting caught would surely bring his death. His desires for the young maidens innocence was overwhelming and the risk of death was petty. He had rehearsed this encounter a hundred times in his mind, but now his reality was drawing near.

His maiden AeriAnna was due to be crowned princess the following morn. The night before this event, the maiden was to be bathed with lavish soaps from the orient and rubbed with exotic oils from head to toe. His excitement grew knowing this would be the only evening she would be without her "iron clad" chastity belt.

The thought that at the very moment she was getting her beautiful body bathed by her two young chamber maids, sent tingles of excitement down to his wanting beast. He let his mind wander as he thought of how they would caress her firm body, while lathers of soap bubbles lay on her perfect breast, knowing her young body must be enjoying it. Especially when they would wash and trim her much desired spot of pleasure. Lost in his own imagination he pulled out his throbbing manhood and began to gently caress it.

Again his thoughts turned to her, this time he gazed as she stood in front of her mirror, admiring

her endless beauty. He watched as the two chamber maids carefully dried her tender body, as they slid the towel over her beautiful ass and then between her now opened thighs. Fully dried she stood in front of the mirror as her maids applied the oils. Her body had felt desires before but none like the ones that were engulfing her at the moment. Her chamber maids worked her body, like an artist would his canvas. Almost in perfect rhythm they glided their hands up and down her nudity. Stopping mid waist they both gently cupped a breast and in a taunting motion, glided over her increasingly erect nipple. As her heart raced a warm almost hot feeling began to rush over her body. Little by little the sensation centered itself down between her legs. As her mind frenzied, the desire to be touched there increased.

The young maids aware of this repositioned themselves with one standing directly in front of her and the other behind. Almost overpowered by pleasure, she opened to their every will. As one caressed her firm ass, the other gently massaged the area just above her mound of pleasure. AeriAnna spread her legs even wider, inviting their every touch. As her breathing became erratic, the young maid in front of her started to tease her clit. The maid behind slid her hand down between her ass and placed a finger on her dripping innocence. Wanting it inserted, AeriAnna hiked her beautiful ass in the air as both women began to work on her desire. The one maid worked her fingers over AeriAnna's clit, as the other carefully slid one into her needing entrance. Immediately the muscles in her vagina clenched on the young maids finger, spilling her sweet nectar into her palm. Almost in a demonic fashion her moans and groans quickly turned to screams. The waves of pleasure that shot through her body was like nothing she had ever experienced. The amount of fluids released from her body was overwhelming.

As if eternal, her orgasm flowed like a river until she couldn't possibly squeeze another drop of honey out of her extremely pleased entrance. The maids cleaned her again and then prepared her for bed.

Completely lost in his vivid fantasy he grabbed his massive cock with both hands and began to thrust his fist up and down it. Almost instantly he began to explode his man juices all over her floor. The deeper his thoughts of her the more intense the next wave of fire spread through his body. As he slowly began to relax he realized he had made an enormous mess not only on her floor but also on her wall. As he turned around to get a rag, a very pissed off and enraged voice, sent fear through his entire body. WHO ARE YOU and what the FUCK did you do to my wall? yelled the voice. He turned around to face her fury, not realizing he had his half erect cock still hanging out. He motioned to contain it when, as if to defend herself, she pulled a knife from her waist and placed it on his throat. Don't move peasant or I'll cut you another shit hole, threatened young AeriAnna. Devon, as his friends called him, couldn't contain his laughter, and chuckled at her comical remark. You think I'm kidding she yelled?

Not at all fair maiden, he explained, I just can't see how you call that toad stabber a knife. Again she pressed the small knife against his throat, this time he quickly seized her arm and easily removed the blade. Forcefully he swung her around and pinned her arm against her back.. With her knife in his hand, he reached around and placed it on her tender breast. They'll have your head on a platter if you lay one finger on me, she exclaimed. On you? he questioned, Perhaps I don't want it on you, but rather,,, With that very thought, she did the only thing she could think of and instantly grabbed his ever growing cock and locked a grip of death on it. Startled by her quick actions he was left speechless. Drop it or I'll, instantly he dropped the knife, but quickly exchanged his grip on the steel and replaced it with a fierce grip on her erect nipple. Locked in a temporary stalemate, the two stood motionless.

Now what fair maiden, throwing his other arm around her slender waist. Let go ass hole, she demanded, as she squeezed his cock even harder, forcing a loud groan out of his mouth. He returned her actions by twisting and pulling at her fleshy tip. She also let out a squeal, but to him it almost sounded pleasurable. Testing his theory, he quickly pulled his other hand up to her opposite breast, and gripped it even harder than the other. As the scream passed her lips, she used her free hand to grab his tight balls. FUCK, yelled young Devon, as he damn near collapsed. Laughter quickly slipped through her young sensual lips. Had enough yet market boy? asked AeriAnna. But to her amazement he also appeared to be enjoying it, as his manhood continued to grow. She couldn't believe his size, as his thick cock, literally

separated her fingers. My god, she exclaimed, as she thought of what that beast was capable of.

It is evident beautiful maiden we have reached a draw. Perhaps we should both release our grip and start a new? suggested Devon. And I should trust the word of a peasant who broke into my room and fouled my floor and wall? questioned AeriAnna. On my honor, abruptly answered Devon.

Both slowly released their hold, then letting go all together. AeriAnna quickly pulled away and turned to look at her aggressor. To her total surprise, he was a handsome man of fine build. She studied his body up and down, noting his strong features, but most of her attention was centered on his massive cock.

As young Devon introduced himself AeriAnna slapped him across his face. What the hell was that for? yelled Devon. That, was for touching royalty! , shouted AeriAnna. Immediately Devon delivered the same blow across the maidens face. That was for touching a market boy, reacted Devon.

Furious she attempted to slap him again, but he caught her hand in mid air. Restraining her, he forced her back until she stumbled, falling on the bed. He pinned her down and strattled her body forcing her arms over her head. Again she was helpless under his strength not knowing which emotion was stronger, fear or excitement. Her blood rushed hot as her breathing increased. The fear of being taken against her will, was slowly being replaced by the desire to have his powerful cock deep within her pleasure.

Using his powerful legs he easily spread hers apart. Then with his free hand he began to explore her lovely body. Unhand me you bastard, she demanded. Paying no attention he slid his hand up to her breast reaching for the material that restrained them. Like a child tearing paper he easily ripped the silkened lace, exposing her perfect young breast. He held his grip as he bent down to suckle her nipple but instead latched on to it with his teeth, sending extreme pain through her body. She thrust her hips underneath him as she tried to free herself from his restraint.

He continued to lick and play with her sensitive breast, noting her struggle was almost tamed. Again he suckled her erect nipples, this time she slightly arched her back, proudly offering her fruits. He took her submission lightly not knowing what to expect. Easing the grip he held, she showed him no signs of struggle.

He worked his tongue over her soft skin down to her belly, then slightly above her wanting innocence.

He pulled away though, restraining himself, wanting his first taste of her to be when she flowed. Without mention he climbed up on her chest and pulled out his enormous cock. Startled and damn near frightened she dared ask, what he wanted. With no words and only a smirk, he grabbed the hair on top of her head forcing it to the pillow, where he then shoved his large cock deep into her throat. Choking and coughing she tried to pull back, his cock was to large and there was little she could do. She reached up to massage his balls but instead squeezed them tightly in both hands. A deep throaty groan echoed in her bedroom, as he rolled over, pale in the face and paralyzed in pain. Seazing her moment, she rolled him on his back and quickly tied his hands and feet to the bed post.

By the time he came to his senses, she had him stripped from the waist down and his shirt torn open. What now market boy? she asked. Will you torture me now? Oh maiden, that was wrong, he muttered, terribly wrong, obviously still in pain. What should I have done peasant, you were forcing the life from my body shoving that,,, that thing in my mouth. Yes, he interrupted, and it will happen again as soon as I am free,

Is that right? she asked. Laughing softly. She walked from one side of the bed to the other, brushing a Crows feather, she removed from the stand, around and over his throbbing cock, noting his actions. He admitted her never had anything so soft rubbed on his manhood, he told her the same. Very well"soon to be slave"Roll over and let me see your ass, she demanded.

Hesitant at first, slowly he complied. He managed to make it about two third over, before the restraints stopped him. Good enough she said. Stay there! She walked over to her closet and reached in. With his back to her, he couldn't see she had brought out an old strap from her fathers straight razor.

She applied the feather again sliding it all over his ass. Just as he sighed from pleasure, AeriAnna

brought the belt across his ass with a vengeance. Immediately he rolled over and yelled, What the fuck did you do that for? She laughed sadistically, Remember peasant, you started this. Yes maybe my lovely maiden. But I will also be the one who will finish it, he insisted.

She walked over and sat down on the edge of the bed directly beside his cock. The size and weight of his massive rod lay heavy against his stomach. She pulled out the knife he had previously seized from her and traced the back side of his cock. Knowing her blade was eight inches from tip to end she layed it parallel to his manhood. Not surprised, his size easily made the knife look small.

AeriAnna, his voice called in a wanting manner, if you untie me I will show you the path to all your desires. And I should trust you right peasant? asked AeriAnna. On my honor you won't regret it, And by the way most call me Devon. Very well "Devon"I will think about it, answered AeriAnna. In the meantime I wish to entertain myself a little.

Without another word she removed what was left of her silken gown exposing her natural beauty. He admired her every move as she slowly neared. She slid the silk over his body, up past his chest, then eventually over his eyes. Extremely excited and not knowing what to expect, he lay there motionless. A moment passed as neither made a sound. Without warning she removed a candle from the wall and poured the excess wax on the back of his unsuspecting cock. Instead of yelling, which she expected, he released a low almost silent growl. His cock reacted by lifting from his belly until the wax cooled. Again without a sound she moved the candle up to his strong chest. Pouring the wax on one nipple and then the other, his reactions were the same. She bent down and traced her tongue over his broad chest,

slowly working her way down to his wanting cock. She removed the wax with one hand as the other hand cupped his balls. When his cock was clean once again, she firmly placed her lips on the back of his shaft where his balls intersected. As she slid her tongue up and down the back of his shaft she watched and listened for his reactions. Using both hands she raised his cock from his belly and began to gently stroke it. She watched his chest rise as he took a deep breath and released a pleasurable sigh. Wetting her hungry lips she placed her mouth over the tip of his hardened manhood. She felt him arch back as her hot tongue encircled his large cock. Another grown passed his lips as she continued to suck and stroke his wanting cock. The sheer size of it impressed the young maiden, never in her life could she imagine so much desire could be trapped in one mans loins.

The excitable ache the young maiden had in her stomach earlier, slowly turned into a heated fire that worked it's way down into her garden. Her young lust screamed to be fulfilled and this young mans body would do the bidding. She pulled away from his cock and slid her naked body up the length of his.

Just as her eyes met his, her sensitive clit brushed against his cock, sending waves of pleasure deep inside of her. Ummmm, she expressed, what a massive cock you have Devon, I imagine all the young women must enjoy it! To be honest fair maiden, explained Devon, I have never been with a woman. Surprised, AeriAnna bent down and placed her soft lips upon his. She caressed his strong face with both of her hands as their tongues danced in each others mouth. His kiss was both passionate and strong. Pulling away she looked into his dark brown eyes. Do you want me to untie you young Devon? asked AeriAnna. Only when you desire my maiden, answered Devon. Very well, I think I will leave you like this then, answered the maiden. With this she sat up and backed her way over top of his pulsating cock. I must admit market boy, the size of your manhood sends fear into the pit of my stomach, explained AeriAnna.

I would never hurt you fair maiden, my intentions were wrong for being here confessed Devon. Your beauty and sexuality captivated my every thought and obsession took it's place. I had to be with you tonight, even if it meant my life. Flattered by his words, a blushing Aeriann was without words. Instead she wiggled her perfect body up to his chest and then straddled his face, placing her wanting cunt just above his mouth. Do you mind if I do this young Devon? asked AeriAnna. Oh my beautiful AeriAnna, I have prayed to my makers for such an opportunity. With those words she lowered her scented lips over his mouth. Slowly and gently he kissed her outer lips. Then he licked her tenderly, like a mother cat would her young. Instantly her reactions were obvious. Ummm, expressed AeriAnna, Mother Goddess never have I felt anything so wonderful. She slightly hiked her firm ass in the air forcing her throbbing clit on his lips. First he placed his lips upon it, kissing and sucking it, then lightly flicking it with his tongue. Her excitement grew immediately as she moaned in pleasure. A gentle sway overpowered her hips as she began to ride his face. Again her moans intensified as the fire in her innocence grew. Out of control and not quite knowing what was happening, she grabbed the sides of his head and shoved his face as hard into her cunt as she could. In a panting yell of painful pleasure, she exploded her virgin juices all over his face and tongue. In long almost excruciating waves her honey flowed plenty. Devon, like a thirsty dog licked and swallowed her creamy pleasure until she finally quit cumming. Weakened and slightly dizzy, she pulled away from his now glistening mouth. Oh my lovely maiden you taste sweeter than any nectar that has ever passed my lips, exclaimed Devon. I can't express the pleasure you have given me my sweet Devon, I admit to you love, I am afraid to let you enter me, your manhood is so large and I am not, said Aeriann.

As I said my dear I would never intentionally hurt you. If you choose not to attempt this, it is fine with me. I fully understand, replied Devon. No, answered AeriAnna, I want to, please, please just be careful with me. On the honor of my word my maiden, I will, agreed Devon.

Carefully AeriAnna positioned herself over his extremely erect cock. Still facing him she began to rub his manhood on her now soaking entrance. She hunched over and eased the tip of his pride just passed her lips and into her waiting muscles. His size caused discomfort for AeriAnna, so he suggested she rub her clit, in hopes it might relax her.

AeriAnna slid her hand down between her legs and started to massage her clit, then sliding down even farther until she felt Devons enormous cock inside her. As she rubbed herself the feelings she had earlier were returning. The more she rubbed the hotter her cunt grew. As if instinct, she began to move in an up and down motion taking more and more of his cock with each and every stroke.

Her pain was evident as her tears streamed down her face. But her passion and desire overpowered her sense of discomfort.

She began to moan as she rubbed herself harder. Young Devon lay in ecstasy as her tightness glided up and down his staff. Never would he have thought she would be here tonight. As he lay there almost motionless, taking all he had to restrain himself from shoving the rest of his cock deep inside of her.

AeriAnna, now almost panting, began to call out his name as she started to ride him like a stallion.

Young Devon unable to take anymore ripped his strong arms free and grabbed her by her slender waist. He lifted her to the tip of his cock and then gently slid her back down it. She screamed out his name as her eyes rolled to the back of her head. Her juices explode all over his cock as he shoved her even father on his staff. Again she is sent into a frenzy, again she explodes on his cock, Devon overwhelmed can no longer contain himself. He lifts her by her firm ass and takes her to his tip of his cock again. Her gripping muscles, still wanting pull him back in her. As he pulls her down the entire length of his cock, she arches back as if to scream, but nothing comes out. His moans now turn to almost grunts as he bounces her up and down his massive cock. As he starts to explode his powerful seeds inside his maiden, she again begins to climax.

Like an unstoppable rhythm, their bodies coincide as their passionate juices mix. Her body quivers with pleasure as he continues to fill her with his love. When he is finished he pulls her back to his lips. The lustful glare is evident in both their eyes as he places his lips on hers again. They kiss in a loving manner as she expresses her new love and he his new devotion. As their bodies lay in fulfillment, a passing thought runs through both their minds. Who and what will they roll play tomorrow?


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