tagSci-Fi & FantasySafe from Harm Ch. 3

Safe from Harm Ch. 3

byAsk For More©

Let us follow the path of a kilobyte of information as it travels through the modern communication network. We shall start at the main processor of an X-show. From there it travels through fibre optic wires, tracing a path under the ground until it reaches a transmitter. The transmitter gathers a bunch of kilobytes and shoots the suckers into the atmosphere, propelling them past a sea of fliers, through the network of Cleaners operating around the world, past the outer levels of the earth's protective layer until it reaches a satellite. Then the satellite eats one of the kilobytes that tells it where the hapless data has to travel.

Once their destination is ascertained the kilobytes are powered either to another satellite, or back through the atmosphere if the location is correct, where they knock out a few more inadvertent particles on the way until they go all the way back to the processor supplying a particular X-suit. Then the kilobytes undergo a transformation, generating images, sound and movements, which are all relayed to the suit, which then transfers them to a willing participant, who in turn generates some new impulses to send back. Voila! The process becomes repeated as the human responds and more poor little kilobytes get shipped off on another long journey.

A flier slices through the wind as it takes Caroline to work. Looking out of the window, she can admire the city as it processes kilobytes around her; the sky remain fairly clear except for a few mass transit fliers. Private fliers were outlawed a few years ago after congestion led to horrendous collisions that would kill the occupants. Also the falling debris would take out people on ground level as well. Now the skies were a lot clearer and it was much safer to walk.

From such a high vantage point Caroline could see all the way to the edge of the city. Sitting grumpily in the atmosphere were the Cleaners; large blue egg shaped ovals a few metres around. Suspended in the air by the same propulsion system as the fliers, Cleaners did exactly what the name suggests; dirty air would get sucked into them, and then nanobots would go to work, removing all dangerous substances until the air came out as clean as a whistle. Every now and then a man on a mini flier would check on the Cleaners to make sure they were functioning properly and replace defunct nanobots.

Skyscrapers dig a line right through the middle of the city. The windows have now been specially designed so that images can be displayed on one side. If a person looks through they can see perfectly, but from the other side only the chosen display can be seen. Adverts for the newest X-shows play on the side of skyscrapers attempting to entice travellers to sneak a peep during work. Others make claims of the properties of soft drinks and brand names designed to entice the weak willed.

The inane complexity of the city makes Caroline wonder for a moment how significant she can be in the grand scheme of things; but she realises that she is about as useful as the aforementioned kilobyte. Small, seemingly unimportant, but vital to the workings of the system as a whole. It gives her a warm snuggly feeling as the flier swoops down to its intended destination. The feeling lasts all the way until she steps into the door as work, and remembers that her job sucks.

The building that houses Realism (the company Caroline works for) is a small building located right in the middle of Soho. It used to be one of the biggest strip bars in London, before the owner was sent to jail for embezzling tax returns. A pioneering entrepreneur bought it, and converted it into a broadcasting centre. Slowly the company had managed to build a solid reputation, and recently had become a large player in the multi million porn industry, due to the quality of their performers and a generous pricing policy.

Making her way to the staff room Caroline makes herself a cup of tea before realising that the other person in the room is someone she's never seen before. He's sitting at the table reading the news on one of the small built in screens while munching a croissant. Looking over him, she notices his good looks straight away, like a bust chiselled to perfection, with a soft nose and a sharp jaw. He looks up, and catches her watching him.

"Hiya." He smiles and stands up to shake her hand. His touch is soft but his hands are slightly roughened. "I'm Paul. The new guy here." "Pleased to meet you," Caroline replies. "Ever done this before?" "A little. But not as famous as you I'm afraid!" "No way!" Caroline feels her cheeks blushing despite herself. "I'm just doing this to make ends meet." "Everyone says that!" Paul scoffs. "But I gotta say you're one hell of an Xtress for someone who doesn't really care." "Thanks!" Caroline looks at the clock and finds a perfect excuse to avoid any more embarrassment. "Looks like it's time to work now..." "So it is," Paul replies, grinning. "Speak to you soon."

While she was undressing Caroline cursed herself. Despite her career Caroline had never had much luck with men. Most couldn't handle her current career, while she had blown it a few times with the ones that had. At least her job wouldn't be a problem with Paul, she thought grimly while suiting up.

Logging into the server she looked at the list of jobs available. She spotted a blowjob fantasy, short but offering quite a lot, so she took that. Closing her eyes momentarily while the scenario loaded, she opened her eyes to find herself in an office room. A large one, bookcases lining the walls while a window took up most of the back. Looking at herself she was wearing a grey suit, with a short skirt and high heels.

Sitting at a chiselled oak desk was a middle-aged man. His hair hinted at greyness but showed no signs of wear and tear, and Caroline found him to be fairly handsome in a knowledgeable sort of way. He smiled at her. "What is it Karen?"

So she must be his secretary in this. Reading the prompting lines that appeared in the top left of her vision she said, "Do you want me to get you some breakfast sir? I know it's early and you must be hungry." "What about you?" He replied. "You got here before me." "Well, I'm quite hungry...." She bent one leg, showing some extra thigh, and adjusted her glasses.

"Why don't you try this?" He beckoned her over. Walking behind the desk she could see his trousers were unzipped and his cock was sticking out of his fly, pointing northwards. "Oh my god!" Caroline cringed at the cheesy dialogue. "Just what I was craving for!" Bending down in front of him she wrapped a hand around his cock. He just smiled.

She touched his cock softly with her hands, exploring its length, feeling for it's individual quirks that make it different from others that she had touched. Looking up at her client she made her best puppy dog eyes and said, "It's so hard! I just wanna suck it all day long!"

"Well why don't you?" The smile was still on his face.

Caroline lowered her head and licked the tip of his cock. "Oooh, it tastes so good!" she exclaimed, lying through her teeth.

One problem of the X-suit is that it cannot simulate taste or smell. While touch can be simulated realistically, the huge range of smells and tastes makes it impossible to replicate each one exactly. Hence the developers didn't try to.

She ran the tips of her fingers along the base of his cock, while breathing softly over the head, building up his anticipation. Her other hand stroked his balls lightly, and she felt his cock throb in her hand.

"Would you like me to suck you?" She looked up at his lustily, switching to a more dominating persona. She was in charge now, even if he was paying.

"That would be nice..." He still maintained his composure, but he was starting to breathe heavily.

She used her hands to lift his cock up, and ran her tongue up the underside of his shaft. She felt it jump in response, and encouraged she used her tongue to bathe his cock, licking it all over, washing it in her saliva. Looking up, she could see he was breathing heavily.

"Is that good? Would you like more?" "Yes! Please!" His response was breathless and intermittent. Caroline knew she'd captured him.

She opened her mouth wide and moved over his cock. Without touching it, she engulfed the head and a couple of inches, holding it at the base to make sure he didn't try anything. Slowly she moved her mouth off his cock, leaving it untouched. Her client moaned in response.

Caroline moved her mouth over his cock, again without touching, as far as she could. She looked up to see his eyes focused on her, his body tense and shaking with anticipation.

She closed her mouth over his cock, and started to slide her lips slowly along his length. Her fingers tickled his balls as she vigorously throated his cock. She gripped the shaft with her free hand, and moved it with her mouth, firmly stroking his throbbing manhood. His groans mingled with the wet sounds of his cock fucking her mouth.

His moans increased, and she started to hum, trying to bring him closer to orgasm. Taking her hand off his shaft, she deep throated him in one smooth movement, letting him fuck her mouth, all the while humming to send vibrations of pleasure through him. She felt his balls contract, and he let out a large moan as he started to cum into her mouth, sending torrents of his sperm deep into her throat.

After he had finished, she stood up, and said, "I love the taste of cum!"

The image dissolved around her, and she had banked another fifty credits.


Five hours later she had just finished whipping a 50-year-old man when a call came through from another Xtor. Fellow workers were able to send instant calls through to each other in case a scenario needed more than one Xtor, or if they had any problems. Checking the name, she was surprised to see it was Paul.

"What's up?" His face appeared on the top right corner of her vision. "Nothing much. Although I have a scenario here which might be more comfortable for two." "What is it?" she asked. "A wife swapping scenario. Seems that this couple are interested, but want to try it in X life before making it real. Interested?"

"What's the fee?" "About five hundred each." "I'm in!" Five hundred was a hell of a lot just for one scenario, even if she had to split it with Paul. "Do this well and I'll cook you dinner!" His eyes sparkled, and she laughed at his suggestion. "I think it should be the other way round! Thanks for the call." "No problem! I'm patching the link through now."

Caroline opened her eyes to find herself in a rather plain hotel room. She was sitting on a double bed with Paul right next to her, and the couple were watching them from a sofa.

"Hi there." The man smiled at them. "My name is David, and this is my wife Helen." David looked in his mid thirties. His skin was tanned, and his hair was a soft brown, and he looked in pretty good shape, although with the beginnings of a double chin. His wife had a similar look, her face peppers with slight freckles and jet-black hair that rested lightly on her shoulders. Both were dressed simply, David in a T-shirt and jean, and Helen in a light blue dress that covered her enough, but still left something to the imagination.

"Well you already know my name, and this lovely lady is Caroline," said Paul, putting his arm over Caroline's shoulder.

"She's very pretty," said Helen.

"So are you." Caroline returned the compliment. Not wanting to leave the conversation at an impasse, she carried on, "So what exactly would you guys be interested in?"

David smiled and replied, "Well, my wife and myself have been interested in the swinging scene for a long time, but we've never really had the guts to go through with it. So we decided to take things one step at a time. If it's ok with you two we would very much like to just watch you two, and see how we react to this. Would that be ok? I know it's not the standard but I don't mind paying any extra fees that might result."

Caroline looked at Paul. She hardly knew him! Admittedly she was attracted to him but it would be a big step for her. Then she remembers that he had called her first. So he must have had that in mind. She hadn't even thought about that.

"I'm game. What about you Paul?" He shrugged, "Ready when you are."

Figuring it was her call she turned to him and pulled his face to hers. They kissed surprisingly intimately, and Caroline could hear David and Helen murmuring their approval. His hands searched her body, finding the zipper on her dress. In reply she started to undo the buttons on his shirt, feeling his chest she exposed it slowly, running her fingers along the contours. Soon her dress was loose, and he broke the kiss and motioned her to stand.

She faced the couple and slid the straps off her shoulder, her dress dropping in one fluid movement to reveal her naked body. Both gasped, and she felt Paul's hands come from behind to caress her as he stood close to her. Leaning her head back, they kissed again as his hands roamed over her, cupping her breasts then massaging them softly. She reciprocated; pulling the zipper down on his jeans and freeing his half erect cock so that she could stroke it softly.

The moment was broken with a voice. "We'd like to see you go down on her..." said Helen, somewhat uncertain as if she wasn't sure if it was appropriate. Caroline just spread her legs, and Paul knelt down to position himself under her, knowing as well as she did that this would give the best view for the couple.

His wet fingers brushed lightly over her lip; Caroline sighed as his fingers massaged her sex, spreading the moisture of her excitement over her pussy until her labia were glistening in the soft light, only then did he come close to her clit. Rubbing it gently, the first touch making her shudder slightly.

"Can you play with your breasts?" asked Helen again, this time with more purpose. They were still watching, not making any moves towards each other or towards Caroline or Paul.

Caroline's hands came to her breasts, massaging them and tweaking her nipples, as Paul worked her clit with his fingers. He brought his mouth close to her, and she could feel his warm breath teasing her as he rubbed his clit, her pussy aching for his tongue. She tried to move down towards him, but he just pulled away playfully.

"Please," the frustration was making her more excited, and she could wait. She moved a hand down and pushed his face into her, "Please!"

Finally she felt his tongue. He circled her lips, daring not to touch her for a while, before she felt it pushing between the folds of her pussy. "Oooh," she couldn't help but moan as his tongue went into her pussy, feeling his saliva mingle with her cum as he started to move it in and out, fucking her with his tongue. Opening her eyes momentarily she could see that Helen had pulled her dress up and was now playing with her pussy, one hand massaging her clit with two fingers slowly sliding into her, while Paul was stroking his cock through his trousers.

"Yeees, that's it, I'm gonna cum!" The sight of them drove Caroline over the edge, and her body shook as she orgasmed onto Paul's tongue, her cum dripping into his mouth as her pussy contracted around his tongue. In response he lapped harder, every lick sending a wave of pleasure through her body, until she could not take any more and fell back onto the bed.

Suddenly she heard a moan, and opened her eyes to see David between Helen's legs, eagerly devouring her pussy. Helen was moaning and pulling her nipples, and Caroline could see her body twitching and jerking as David ate her out. Paul was sitting beside her, his cock at full mast as he watched the scene in front of him. Remember what he had just done for her, she reached out and wrapped her fingers around his cock, feeling the hard muscle slide through her fingers as she slowly stroked him.

A drop of precum emerged, and Caroline knelt down in front of him so that she could lap it up with her tongue. Looking up, she saw that Paul now had his attention fully focused on her. "Why don't you just watch them, and let me do the work for now?" She said playfully. "I'm gonna show you how well I can repay you."

Her free hand massaged his balls; rolling them around gently in her palm as her other hand softly stroked him. She moved her head lower and began to lick his balls, drenching them in her saliva before taking each ball into her mouth. She alternated between his balls, before returning her attention to the main prize; Paul's fully erect cock, throbbing as she moved her fingers up and down. Her tongue caressed it gently, spreading her saliva over his cock until her hand easily slid along his length.

Then she took the head into her mouth, sucking and exploring the contours of his cock, before slowly adding more and more of his cock into her mouth until she felt his hairs tickle her chin. His cock was now deep in her throat, and she left it there for a while, letting him enjoy the feeling.

Slowly, she began to rock her head, letting his cock repeatedly penetrate her mouth. One hand stayed on his balls, while she used the other to stroke him in synchronization with her mouth bobbing up and down. Her tongue repeatedly flicked around the head, mixing his copious pre cum in her mouth. Paul was now groaning, and his body had begun to tense; she knew he wouldn't be able to last.

Standing up, she turned away from him and plunged herself onto his cock. She gasped as it penetrated her, feeling his long shaft push into her pussy again and again as she fucked him. It had been such a long time since she had actually actively fucked someone while she was X-ting, and she was determined to enjoy it. Looking at the other couple, Helen was now bent over her chair while David hammered his cock into her from behind. His legs were spread slightly, and Caroline could see his balls bouncing against Helen's clit every time their hips met. She reached down to play with her own, and the combined sensations were enough to bring her to the point of ecstasy.

Paul suddenly put his hand onto her hips, and held her strong while he began to slam his cock into her. She could feel her lips stretching; the moisture from her sex making slick sounds with every penetration, driving her closer and closer until she felt her orgasm overwhelm her. Moaning and screaming while his erect shaft squeezed wave after wave of pleasure. In the midst of this, she heard Paul suddenly moan out loud, "I'm cumming!", and his cock spasmed, sending his cum to mix with her own while they frantically bucked against each other, both overcome with pleasure.

Afterwards things had been a little subdued. David and Helen had promised to engage in their services again, next time perhaps with the hope that they might swap partners to make the experience even more exciting. Caroline felt a little uncomfortable around Paul; after all, she had virtually made love to him even though she only knew him a few hours previously. Where was this new relationship going to lead?


Work was finished a couple of hours later, and as usual, Caroline went straight to the shower to wash off the sweat of today’s work. She thought back over the experience with Paul only a couple of hours ago. Was it the right thing to do? Should she have held out and let someone else take the job instead? Running the event though her mind she felt that familiar warmth in her crotch again and realised that it probably wasn't such a bad thing.

As she walked out of the ladies changing rooms she bumped straight into Paul. "Sorry!" she said, feeling a bit uncomfortable in his presence. "No problem," he replied smiling, "Going home as well?" "Yup." "Wanna go for dinner first? I'm starving!" Caroline turned that though over in her mind. She should really go home. Those good looks could conceal anything. "Why not!" She blurted out. "Damn!" "Something wrong?" Paul looked a little confused. "Erm....nothing! Just remembered something that's all..." Stupid woman! What was she thinking? Well it was too late now. "Shall we make a move then?" He seemed hesitant now, after realising that perhaps Caroline was fresh from the asylum. Caroline just sighed to herself. "Why not?" Putting on her best smile, she quickly strode ahead of him so he couldn't hear as she muttered obscenities to herself.

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