Safely Encased in Rubber


"I know just the place," replied Gee. "Move that recliner over there, then help me carry her over. We'll cover her with a blanket, until we work out a better place to store her."

* * * * *

Rubberwhore knelt on the floor, covered with a blanket.

"That's right... rubber... slave..." Dominica's voice was like warm honey, melting away all the whore's fears, keeping her deeply tranced and calm. "Just drift here... Everything is nice and safe. You're nice and safe. Taken care of. Dominica always takes care of her obedient rubber hooker... Relax..."

There was a click, and complete darkness. The retreating sound of the couple's voices made it clear they had turned off the lights and gone to bed.

Dominica's voice continued. "We'll wait for a while. An hour or so... Then I'll let you move again. While we're waiting, I want you to listen carefully to these instructions... Listen, and obey..."

* * * * *

The house was dark and quiet when Dominica's voice told rubberwhore to "unfreeze." She stood up slowly, still graceful like a dancer -- though nobody was there to see -- and dropped the blanket to one side. The slave reached down to a place under her right breast, opened a concealed seam, and extracted two button-sized earphones and a tiny tube of lotion.

Following Dominica's commands, rubberwhore quietly walked down the hallway, until she found the master bedroom. She silently opened the door, just a crack, and peeked through. The couple were clearly asleep, lying next to each other, emitting soft, relaxed breathing sounds too quiet to be called snores. She opened the door further, stepped over to the bed, and deftly placed a button earphone into each person's ear. Then she opened the tube, placed a drop of lotion on one rubber-coated finger, and wiped it -- oh, so gently -- on the man's lower lip. She repeated this on the woman's lower lip.

Then rubberwhore turned, and silently left the bedroom.

"Good girl," Dominica's voice encouraged. "Now go to the front door. Go outside. I've sent my driver and the limo for you, to bring you home, babi. You've been a very good girl. Go outside, now, and wait."

While rubberwhore walked to the front of the house, MzDominica activated the receiver mode for the two button earphones. She selected some brain synchronization sounds on her computer, and reviewed the notes she had written -- waiting for the mind-control drug in the lotion to absorb into their lips, into their bloodstreams. She had plans for these two.

"Try to steal my property, will they? I have all night to program them in their sleep. This is going to be fun!"

Dominica indulged in a nice, lazy stretch before beginning. "Who knows?" she thought. "I may soon have two more rubberwhores lurking around town!"

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