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Safety Officers


Samantha enjoyed her work as a safety officer for a national company. As a bonus, it had her travelling to various parts of the country, participating in safety audits a few times a year. This time, she was at their Vancouver location along with officers from three other locations.

They had started the day before and were progressing nicely. They'd be done by noon the next day. Sam suddenly felt a tug on her braid and automatically answered "It's not a pull cord", referring to the safety cords on conveyor belts.

"Sure it is!" came the reply from her colleague from Toronto, Larry.

Sam walked away, shaking her head. Larry was a bit older and very knowledgeable and oh so calm. Sam had learned a lot from Larry the few times they'd worked together. She admired him and his approach and also found him to be easy on the eyes although he was an untouchable: married. Oh well. She was surprised that he'd stoop to pulling on her hair but then again, for some reason, a lot of men felt it was the thing to do to long hair. Sam could get hopelessly lost when someone played in her hair and that is why she didn't encourage it. It simply wasn't right be be that turned on at work.

Later in the day, she felt the tug on her braid again. This time, her reply was "Hey, I don't pull on your tail, don't pull on mine."

Larry walked away, laughing.

By the end of the day, Sam was almost done her part but had developed a bad headache. When Larry snuck up on her and tugged at her hair again, Sam snapped.

"All right, you win. Here is my hotel room access card, and this is my room number" Sam said as she wrote it onto the card with a sharpie and then handed the card over to Larry.

"What's this for?"

"Well, you've obviously been fishing for an invitation all day and now you have it."

"What? I haven't been fishing for an invitation!"

"And how else am I supposed to interpret that you won't stop touching my hair if not a come on? If it wasn't a come on and my attempts at humour didn't make it through your thick skull, let me be a bit more direct: stop touching my hair!"

After that outburst, Sam walked away and went to the lady's room.

Larry asked "What's up with her?"

Allison, another colleague answered "I think she has a bad headache. Don't take it personally. But Larry? Leave her hair alone, will you?"

Larry nodded and walked away.

Allison went to check on Sam in the ladies' room. Allison, after offering Sam some Tylenol, asked "what are you going to do if he shows up in your room?"

Sam smiled meekly and said "Don't worry, I de-magnetized the card before giving it to him, it won't work."

As soon as they got to the hotel, Sam got a bucket of ice, put some of it into a zip lock bag and, after taking medication, laid down with the makeshift ice pack under her head. She had told the others that she would skip dinner and see them in the morning so she could take her time in breaking the headache. It took a while but the combination of ice and medication worked and Sam got up to take a shower. After her shower, Sam put some lotion all over her body and then proceeded to start drying her hair.

She then heard a card in the door and wondered who could be trying her door. Then, she realized it would be Larry. After trying twice, he knocked on the door and said "Sam?

Sam didn't answer.

"Sam? I know you're right on the other side of the door, please answer."

"What do you want?" Sam asked without sounding too harsh.

"Just want to make sure you're okay, give you some food and offer you some medication I picked up for you."

All of a sudden, Sam realized she was hungry and really wanted that food.

"Hold on a minute." Sam scrambled to put on her pyjamas and then grabbed her jacket and put it on over the pyjamas. She opened the door and allowed Larry to come in.

He looked at her and asked "You cold?"

By the look on his face, Sam realized he was concerned that she may be coming down with something, not mocking her.

"No, just not dressed for the occasion."

"I think Mickey Mouse pyjamas are perfect!"


"You feeling any better? You want some of this?" and he showed her the migraine headache medicine he'd bought.

"Thanks for getting me that. It's actually exactly what I used when I came in. I'm feeling better now."

Larry took a step toward Sam, gently touched her cheek and kissed her on the forehead. "Glad you're feeling better."

For a moment, both of them just stood there and looked at each other. Then, Larry said "You were right about one thing."

"What's that?"

"Me touching your hair was because I'm attracted to you. Very attracted."

He then pulled Sam into a kiss. It started very light and then lingered and soon deepened into a passionate kiss. Sam's head was reeling. Part of her was enjoying this very much. She'd gotten separated a few months before and had not been with anyone since. The other part, her conscience, was screaming for her to break the kiss, that Larry was a married man and that this was wrong.

Her conscience won over her need and she pulled away.

"Larry, you're married."

Larry reached for her but she pulled away more.

"Don't judge me just yet. Let me tell you about my wife while you eat something. Can you at least hear me out?"

Sam nodded and they headed towards the part of the room that had a desk, a chair and a recliner. Sam took the chair and set her dinner on the desk. Larry sat on the recliner and leaned forward with his elbows on his knees. Clearing his throat, he started.

"17 years ago, when the kids were young, my wife started forgetting things. As time progressed, she forgot more and more and started doing odd things. We consulted doctors and at first, we thought she might have early onset Alzheimer. But then, her memory of people and recent events was just fine. It took us 3 years to finally understand that she had another form of dementia, one that makes her regress in maturity. Within another 2 years, we had to commit her to a mental institution. She's still there. She's got the maturity of a 3 or 4 year-old and thinks the kids and I are play dates. My kids, who are grown up and have families of their own now, they've been after me to move on. You're the only woman that's ever made me feel like moving on. And now that you're single again, I'd like a chance with you."

Sam was silent. This was not something she had ever imagined.

Larry continued "I didn't say all this to get pity. I just wanted to explain that even though I agree that marriage vows are important and I would never break them in a normal situation, this is different and ... and..."

Larry stopped talking, got up and headed for the door. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to dump this all on you and put you in a difficult situation."

Sam got up and ran after him. As she did so, she dropped the jacket. She reached Larry, grabbed his arm and turned him around.

"Don't go."

Larry spun around and grabbed her face with both his hands.

"You sure?"

Larry's eyes were pleading with her, not with pity but with desire.

As an answer, Sam reached up and kissed him gently. Larry moaned softly and kissed her back and then took over, tenderly, sweetly yet with a deep desire that Sam could acutely feel. Sam herself got inflamed with her own desire and started moving her hands all over his back and backside. She pulled his midsection against hers and ground herself against the erection she could feel through his pants.

"Slow down sweetness, we have all night and I want to savour this."

Larry resumed kissing her, and then started playing with her hair. All of a sudden he stopped.

"Why are you stopping?"

"I'm sorry, I just remembered you don't like your hair touched."

Sam smiled and put Larry's hands back into her hair.

"I actually love it."

"Then why did you bite my head off earlier?"

"Cause it wasn't the place for it. Keep doing it and you'll find out why."

Larry played with her hair and watched as she closed her eyes, enjoying it. Then, he smiled and started kissing her again. He left her lips and kissed her neck, hearing and feeling her moan as he continued to play in her hair, realizing that she was melting in his arms.

Slowly, he moved them towards the bed. He leaned down to pull back the covers and then broke away from her long enough to take off his shirt. Sam bit her lower lip, looking at his chest, amazed at how ripped he was for someone over 50. She touched him and caressed his skin slowly. Then, she kissed him, planting little kisses all over his chest while he continued to play in her hair.

Her hands slowly made their way to his waist and started to undo his belt. Then, she undid his pants. He stopped playing in her hair long enough to remove his shoes, socks and pants. He gently grabbed her face again and continued kissing her, playing in her hair more.

Then, it was her turn to pull away and remove her pyjama top. While his left hand pulled her back to him by making its way in her hair, his left hand went to her waist and slowly made its way up, caressing her breast as he kissed her. He gently rubbed her nipple with his thumb. Sam's nipple responded and hardened under his expert touch.

Sam's hand slowly made its way to the front of his boxers, and as she reached his hard length, she heard his breath catch. He stopped kissing her and closed his eyes as he threw back his head, enjoying her touch. She got bolder and reached inside, wrapping her fingers around his cock.

Her other hand pushed his boxers down and she finished taking them down with her foot. Then, she pushed down her own bottoms. Larry finally moved again and gently pushed her onto the bed, telling her to scoot over and laying down next to her.

They resumed kissing and caressing each other. It was all so slow and sensual yet Sam had never been so turned on in her life. So when Larry finally touched her down there, he found her more than wet. As they laid face to face, side by side on the bed, he pulled her leg over his and reached around her backside and stroked her core. When he easily slipped a finger inside her, she gasped at the sensation. He twirled the finger around and around inside her, giving her wonderful sensations and slowly pushing her towards a release. As she got closer, Sam stopped kissing Larry and started moaning a little louder. Then, she begged him: "Don't stop Larry, please don't stop."

Larry did as he was told and didn't stop until he reached his goal of making her come all over his fingers. As she came back down from her high, he kissed her neck, her breasts and continued to gently caress her ass and her leg.

When she opened her eyes and looked at him, he asked "Ready for something a little bigger?"

Sam nodded as she kissed him. He pulled away, reached down to his pants on the floor and pulled out a condom. He smiled and said "We can't be safety officers and not be safe, can we?"

Sam laughed and took the condom from him and bent down to put it on his hard cock. She stroked him a few times and then felt him pull her back up to lay down next to him. Then, he pulled her against him and guided his cock between them and into her as he pulled her leg back up over his own. She was amazed at how well his cock filled her.

"Oh God, you're so tight."

Sam could only moan as she enjoyed the gliding of his cock in and out of her tight pussy. She held on to him as he increased his speed.

"Would you mind if I got on top of you? I'd really like to plunge deep into you. This feels so good, baby, I want you, I want to feel you come on my cock."

"yeah, I want you too, come on top of me, come inside me."

As he pushed her over onto her back, he gently got on top of her, never stopping his movement in and out of her. He pushed himself up onto his elbows and that freed his hands to caress her breast and her hair. Sam wrapped her legs around his hips and snaked one hand into his hair, pulling him down into another kiss.

Larry plunged deeper into her and started moving faster. Soon, they had to break their kiss as their breaths came in ragged bursts.

"Oh God, Larry, don't stop, this feels so good!"

"Come for me baby."

Larry ground down upon her and pushed her over the edge once more, coming himself right along with her. Both of them struggled for breath as Larry pulled Sam back onto her side again. He gently pushed her hair out of her face and lay kisses on her cheek, her nose, her forehead and her lips.

"May I stay the rest of the night?"

"I wouldn't have it any other way."

Both fell asleep with smiles on their faces.

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