tagErotic CouplingsSaffron the Saturday Girl

Saffron the Saturday Girl


"Bored. Bored, bored, bored," the lone voice was heard to say, in a bored tone.

It was Saturday morning, about 5 past 8, and I was already bored. I was at work, and did I mention that I was bored?

I work for an engineering firm; I'm a programmer; and we have to have IT cover during Saturday morning to ensure that the factory floor is supported. There's one programmer and one hardware person on a one-on-three-off rota. It's not too bad really, we get the time off in lieu, and we can work on our own projects if we want to. For some reason, this particular Saturday, I was just bored.

My opposite number in the hardware section hadn't turned in yet, and I had a nasty feeling that he... The phone rang...

"Good morning, IT," I put on my "at work" voice.

"Hi Chris, Alan here." It was my manager. The nasty feeling got worse. I was going to get lumbered, I could feel it.

"Gavin's not going to be in today, he's fallen down the stairs and buggered his ankle," Alan continued. I *knew* it!

"Well this could get interesting, I'm not up to speed on the new AE-35 units and I know two of them went live last night."

"You'll just have to do the best you can. Oh, while I think about it, I think Saffron's coming in today; she said something yesterday about needing to get ahead of herself before her holiday."

My day just got a lot better.

"Fair enough, I'll keep an eye out for her. Well, if one of the AE-35's fails, I'll swap it out and give you a shout then?"

"That's all you can go. Call me if you get a problem. See you Monday."

"Yeah, see you Monday." I hung up the phone.

Oh. Now this was unexpected. Saffron, and me, in the office, on our own. The potential for sexual tension was high; the potential for sexual action was also pretty high! I started thinking about how we could get privacy; how we could be sure we weren't interrupted.

Then my thoughts /were/ interrupted, by the phone. A user. With a nasty problem. All thoughts of Saffron went out of my head while I worked on this problem.

45 minutes later I heard the office door open.

"Fancy a cuppa?" It was Saffron.

"Love one," I replied.

"Yeah, but what about a cuppa?" she chuckled as she picked up my mug from my desk.

"That too," I replied with a smile. "Let me fix this and I'll come through to the kitchen."

She nodded, and with a wiggle of her bum walked out towards the kitchen. I finished what I was working on, and wandered out of the office, pausing to grab one of the cordless phones, planning to have a nice quiet chat, catch up on the company gossip and perhaps steal the odd grope.

During the next three hours the longest period we managed to spend talking before being interrupted by the phone, users, or a system alarm, was about 10 minutes. The "best laid plans of mice and men" huh?

Then it came to 12 midday. Knocking off time. The phones would be quiet from then on. I knew we had about two hours before security came round to do their check. I also knew we were potentially vulnerable unless some care was taken. I walked into her office to find her sitting at her desk, one foot up on the drawer, looking at her monitor. She turned to look at me as I walked in.

"I've got a plan," I said.

"Is it a cunning one?" she reposted.

"Do you recall a text message you sent me a while ago, in which you made reference to me bending you over this desk and fucking your pussy so hard I'm making you scream?" I asked? And that's almost a direct quote! :-)

"Oh yes! Have you...? You have! You've worked out a way to do it!" Her excitement was obvious, not least from the lust in her eyes, but also from the way her hand strayed towards her pussy.

"It's actually quite simple," I replied, "We lock the door to the canteen, and the door at the top of the stairs. We then wedge this door open slightly so that we'll hear anyone putting a key in the lock. That'll give us a chance to either hide, or get decent, depending on how naked we get."

"You smartarsed git!" she chuckled. "Get on with it then!"

I ducked out of her office, round the corner, turned the lights off in the canteen and locked the door. Then the door at the top of the stairs, checking the toilets and other offices on that corner, then back to her office, pausing outside to turn the hallway lights off.

She'd drawn the curtains, turned off the office lights and dropped a bundle of papers in the doorway to wedge it open without making it too obvious. As I walked back in, she turned to look at me and the look of almost pure lust in her eyes drilled right into me and I almost came then and there.

"There's something else," I managed to say, "I want to pretend to be that box." This was a reference to a joke a couple of months ago when I'd suggested that I could avoid a meeting by hiding under her desk and pretended to be a cardboard box. Her response had been that I wouldn't stay still, I'd be licking at her shaven pussy, and that would be a distraction.

There was a moment's confusion across her face, then a dirty smile as realisation dawned. She quickly took her trousers off, revealing a pair of dark blue knickers with a pretty lace trim. These followed the trousers and she sat down on the chair. I got onto my hands and knees and crawled under the desk.

After some fumbling around, a banged head, and careful adjustment of the height of her chair we were able to coordinate things so that I could lick her pussy while she leant back in her chair.

I started by gently running my tongue up the sides of her legs, stopping just short of her pussy so as to tease her. Blowing hot air gently across her lips, I tickled the edges of them with my tongue. Repeating this a few times, I could feel her jumping with pleasure and hear her gentle moans each time I caressed her lips.

I was starting to get /very/ turned on at this point; I love giving oral sex, and when the non-verbal feedback is as positive as it was at this point it's a real buzz for me. I upped the ante a little, pushing my tongue between her lips and sliding it down to the entrance to her cunt. Pressing forward as best as I could, I got a small part of my tongue into her cunt and gently moved it around.

I felt her twisting her hips downwards, trying to move my head up towards her clit. Far be it from me to deny a lady's wishes. I moved my tongue up between her lips, avoiding her clit by going around the side of it.

As my tongue reached the top of her slit, I blew across her shaved pubes, which served to cause her to giggle. Moving down slightly, I paused at her clit, gently tickling the sides of it, and ran my tongue around it. I could taste her juices and that was wonderful. There is something about the taste of a woman who wants me to fuck her that really drives me wild.

My tongue slid around her clit, increasing the sideways pressure, and I could feel her thighs trembling against my shoulders. I knew she wouldn't last much longer, so I started blowing hot air over her clit. That was the trigger for her to come. She lifted her legs, banging her knees on the underside of the desk and clamped her thighs around my head as her whole body shook.

The lack of noise from her concerned me for a moment, until I remembered where we were, and realised that the plan to fuck her so hard she screamed would be a dangerous thing (unless it was a silent scream). On further reflection, I decided that I didn't really have anything to worry about; she was sensible and would keep the noise down.

She released my head and, after taking some tissues from the box on her desk to wipe the chair with, pushed the chair back from the desk. I crawled out, her juices still on my lips, stood up and leant over her. I kissed her full on the mouth, and she responded with passion. I knew she liked the taste of her own juices, and was happy to oblige. Besides, she's a good kisser! :-)

I took my handkerchief from my pocket, and after kissing her, wiped my face with it. She smiled up at me, and handed me the tissues to put in the bin.

"Fuck me?" she asked.

"As if you need to ask!" I said. "Get over that desk now."

"Oh yes sir!" she snapped back.

I moved to one side to allow her to adopt the position. Watching her leaning forward and putting her hands on the desk, her arse pointing straight towards me, her legs spread so that her pussy's at exactly the right height, I almost came then and there. I shook my head and quickly dropped my trousers and undies to around my ankles.

Shuffling forward, I flipped her t-shirt up and positioned myself behind her, pausing to admire the view. Pressing the head of my cock into her cunt, I slipped the full length into her in one swift movement, stopping only when my balls slapped off her clit. It felt good to be inside her again, to feel her warmth and wetness around my cock, to feel connected with her in that intimate way.

I knew she wanted a hard fucking, so I didn't hold back. I hammered her pussy as hard as I could. There was no finesse, no gentleness, just a good solid rogering. Bouncing my balls off her clit, feeling the tip of my cock banging against her cervix, seeing her head rocking back and forth as I pounded into her.

The whole desk was shaking and out of the corner of my eye I could see the files falling off the end, but I didn't care. I was on a mission to fuck her until she screamed, even though she couldn't scream out loud. She turned her head towards me, her mouth open, and I could see in her eyes that she wanted to scream.

Suddenly her knees sagged, her pussy tightened, her legs, arms and back shook. She was coming, and she was coming hard. I grabbed her under her hips to keep her upright, whilst trying to continue to pound into her. It wasn't working. As she came, she was collapsing, and I had no choice but to pull my cock out and help her collapse, first to her knees, then to sit on the floor in my arms.

I stayed like that for a couple of minutes, just holding her while her body gently shock from the secondary orgasms that rippled through her. Eventually she was able to speak. One word.

"Scream," she whispered.

I smiled at her.

"You didn't come," she added, sadly. There was a moment's thought, then that dirty smile crossed her face again...

"Sit on Paul's chair!" she instructed me as she rolled away from me and got to her feet. I was surprised, but then she licked her lips as she pulled her knickers and trousers back on. Oh! She was going to give me a blow job while I sat on the director's chair! Not something I'd considered, but it had a certain appeal.

I shuffled around the desk, pushed the chair back, and sat down with my arse towards the front of the chair. There wasn't enough room under his desk for Saffron, so I swung the chair around parallel to the desk.

Saffron knelt down in front of me, and took my cock in her hand. It still had some of her juices on it, and she licked the tip, swirling her tongue around to gather up as much of her juices as she could.

Sliding her hand down my cock, she took it into her mouth. As her mouth moved down, she moved her hand on to my balls and gently cupped them. She's an accomplished cock-sucker and I've always enjoyed her techniques.

She started with a couple of full length, full mouth, sucks of my cock. Then she stopped, with her lips resting against the very tip, and made eye contact with me. The lust flowed between us, and I practically came then and there.

She gently squeezed my balls, and turned her head to one side. Running her lips down the side of my cock, she stuck her tongue out and ran that along the base as her head moved. I was still turned on from fucking her, and this just made things worse.

Repeating this a few times, she squeezed my balls in time to the movements of her head; as her head was near the base of my cock, so she squeezed my balls tighter.

Then, without warning, she switched back to full mouth oral, but with a difference; her tongue was moving within her mouth, flicking around the head of my cock when her mouth was near the top, and curling around the shaft as her mouth moved down and back up.

I was in seventh heaven as the sensations rippled up and down the shaft. My balls started to tighten in her hand and she increased the speed of her sucking. Her other hand had been resting on the side of the chair, but she now moved it up my chest and started to fiddle with my nipples.

I've always been nipple-erotic, and that, coupled with what she was doing to my cock, was enough to make me come. My head went back, my arms went rigid and my balls tightened as they forced the spunk out of me.

She knew I was coming (I think the shrinking of my balls was a bit of a clue) and she started working my cock in a slower rhythm. I could feel my spunk travelling up my cock and emptying into her mouth.

She started swallowing, and didn't stop until it was all out of me. I had to hold her head still at the end; the head of my cock was so sensitive it was almost painful. She opened her mouth, moved her head away from me and sat back on her heels.

I could see a small dribble of spunk running down her face from the corner of her mouth, and I leant forward to lick it from her. She knew what I wanted and turned her head towards me to make it easier. I gently licked the spunk from her face, then kissed her deeply, our tongues playing around each other.

We kissed for a couple of minutes then, as the lust left us, the possibilities of being caught started to reoccur to us. We both stood up quickly and I pulled my undies and trousers back up.

A quick tidy up, a quick check of our attire, and we were ready to leave. Just as I was about to unlock the door at the top of the stairs, she took my arm and whispered "I'm never going to be able to look at that chair or desk in the same way you know!"

"I presume you'll be working some more Saturdays then?"

I grinned at her as we walked through the door, knowing that the odds were high that we'd be repeating that experience in about a month.

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