tagBDSMSaga of a Slave: Pulse of a Woman

Saga of a Slave: Pulse of a Woman


Prologue: I am a slave, a real-time, trained, Owned slave. These stories are based on real life experiences that I have had in addition to personal fantasies, although names and places have of course been changed. The Mr. O in the stories is my Owner, my Master. He is my world and because of him, I can truly live. As an author’s note, let me say that written erotica flows better without the interruptions of condoms, etc., but remember that safe sex in real life is always a must. Enjoy these writings…your feedback is appreciated.

* * * * * *

As Joanna lathered her water-slick body with a warm mango-scented body wash, she let her fingers float lingeringly across her nipples. They were hard, as always, the silver rings hanging from the pinkish-brown buds keeping them in a constantly erect state. She leaned against the tiled shower wall, gasping at first at the cool as it hit her back. She closed her eyes. Tonight would be special. That’s all she knew. She would receive more instructions from Mr. O soon, but for now all he’d told her was to prepare herself well.

Her hands cupped her B size breasts, and she smoothed her toned stomach and ran her fingers down to the cleft between her legs. Her skin was smooth, as always. She shaved her entire body, with the exception of her head, a requirement of Mr. O. She slipped the middle finger of her right hand between her swollen lips at the vee of her thighs. She was slippery with her own juices, as she knew she would be, already excited at the anticipation of the unknown.

She reached deeper with her finger, letting another finger join in, then another, as she rubbed her cunt lips, working in toward her clit. Eventually she touched her swollen bud, and she gasped and arched her back. Christ she was horny. She rubbed in small circles around her clit, concentrating her two-fingered touches on the right side. Her hips thrust up to meet her hand, and her legs felt weak. She knelt on the floor of the tub, then, the warm shower water cascading over her head and body. She kept touching her clit, firm strokes, regular controlled strokes. She felt the tingles begin in her lower belly, felt the tightness start to build, felt her breath quicken, felt her body begin to sweat, felt her back arch.

But she wanted more. She reached for the shaving cream can on the side of the tub. Making sure the cap was on securely, she placed it on the tub floor. She wanted a dick inside her, preferably a big dick, one that would stretch her openings and fill her so that she’d nearly split in two.

Her mind drifted and soon in her fantasy she was squatting over a giant of a man. When standing he was over seven feet tall. In fact, perhaps he was eight or even nine feet tall. He was like a Paul Bunyan of the urban world and he wore a suit and tie. A well-dressed giant. His clothes covered his body with the exception of his huge erection that poked out the fly opening in his suit trousers. It was so huge that it would barely fit out the zippered fly. In Joanna’s mind it was real, and in her mind she was ready to lower herself onto that huge log of a cock. In her mind it was dripping pre-cum and the head was swelled as big as her fist. The veins pulsed and pumped with the blood of the giant’s arousal, but he lay still, awaiting the encompassment of her hot wet twat around his tool.

Joanna began to sink down onto the shaving cream can and in her mind the giant’s huge cock began to disappear into her slippery depths. She moaned and worked her cunt downwards on the can. That log of a cock hurt her. Perhaps it would tear her in two. But she didn’t care. She needed it. She touched her clit desperately and forced that hard dick into her cunt a few inches further. She began to rise up and down on it, and she swore she heard the giant groan. She swore she felt his cock pulse. She swore she felt that log inside her begin to swell even bigger. It was so huge that it was rubbing that special place inside her that built her cum. She sank up and down on the cock, faster and faster, feeling the head as big as her fist pump her insides. It hurt so good and she rubbed her clit harder. She heard the giant groan, felt him grip her hips, felt him yank her down further onto his log. He pulsed inside her and swelled bigger and bigger and then he panted in his deep deep voice, “Fuck I’m going to cum soon,” and then he pumped and groaned and his seed started pulsing forth from his log, deep inside her belly. Joanna panted and as she heard that giant groan in her mind, she too felt her stomach tighten. She felt her entire body clench and then the peak exploded from her cunt, ripping through her stomach, up through the top of her head. She growled and moaned and panted, her eyes shut, her head thrown back under the stream of water showering down upon her, her back arched, her fingers still moving between her legs, and a can of shaving cream totally encased in her swollen cunt.

Finally the spasms stopped and Joanna withdrew the can with some difficulty. She was always amazed at the power of the mind. Her body could do anything and could take anything that was given to her if her mind was in the proper place.

Joanna was still horny but the water was running cold. She rose shakily to her feet and finished her shower. As she was drying her body with a soft towel, she heard the apartment door slam and knew that her roommate, Michelle, had returned. The plan was to go out for the evening, but they hadn’t decided where yet. Joanna was hoping that Mr. O had some input.

Just then her phone rang…Mr. O. Joanna answered, “Hello….I was just thinking about you!”

“You were…!”

“Yes, Sir.”

“That’s good. Now, tonight I want you and Michelle to go to a place you’ve never been to before. Make it a place where lesbians like to hang out. I want you to feel like a piece of meat for a woman for once, and we’ll see what the night brings. Dress provocatively and make sure Michelle does the same. Any questions?”

“Yes, just one,” Joanna answered.

“Ask me.”

“Well…what if some woman hits on me…what do I do then?”

“You’ll know when the right woman comes along. When she does, you’ll call me and we’ll decide what to do.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Very good…now go get ready.”

Joanna hung up the phone and called her friend Brad. He knew the Cities better than she did, and she asked him for the names of a couple lesbian bars. She didn’t think Michelle would know the difference, and she settled on a bar/dance club named “NightLife.” She mentioned it as a possibility to Michelle and they both decided that it would be a good change from their usual haunts. Michelle wondered what to wear and Joanna mentioned that there would probably be a dress code so they shouldn’t wear jeans and possibly they should dress like little sluts and go out and have a blast. Michelle liked that idea so the plan was in place.

While Michelle showered in lukewarm water – ‘sorry,’ Joanna thought, ‘but oh, was it worth it,’ – Joanna readied herself. She did her face and hair and then carefully chose her clothes. She opted for a miniskirt in white, with a zipper up the middle front. On top she choose to wear a sleeveless cowl-neck sweater, in a soft fluffy white knit. Her nipples showed as bumps under the sweater, and the outline of the rings was still visible. On her feet she wore a pair of white lace-up stiletto knee-high boots. She liked the lace-up kind…sort of like a pair of corsets for her feet and legs. The control comforted her.

She looked in the mirror after adding big silver hoop earrings. She looked like a snow angel…and she laughed. If people only knew that the angel part wasn’t quite true. But the white did contrast nicely with her dark tan skin and her now-dark hair.

She ran her hands over her body and took a deep breath. She was nervous. She didn’t want a bunch of dykes hitting on her, even though she knew she might look like one with her super-short haircut. But her pretty face and elegant way of dressing and feminine manners belied what might otherwise be a masculine look.

Joanna stepped out of her bedroom and Michelle peeked her head out. “Ooooh…you look great!” She opened her door, then, and Joanna saw she was wearing a red corset top and a short black skirt. She had on black knee-high stilettos, and Joanna whistled in appreciation. “We’re not gonna be able to shake ‘em off tonight!” and Michelle laughed.

Finally they were ready to depart and after listening to dance tunes all the way to the bar, they found a place to park and walked inside. The atmosphere was sultry, with the base thumping and the dark red walls glowing. The bouncer looked at their IDs and took their cover money.

Once inside, they bought drinks and looked around. Michelle was the first to speak, “Hey…there’s a lot of women here…”

Joanna acted surprised, “Huh….sure are. That’s weird. Brad said this was a cool place.”

Michelle continued to look around for any sign of the male species but found none. “You know…this really looks like it’s a lesbian bar!”

Joanna forced a shocked look onto her face, “No….wow…well, this will be our diversity training for the month. I don’t know where else to go so we might as well have fun here. If anyone tries to pick us up, we can just tell them that we’re here together.”

Michelle agreed and Joanna wished they were more than just there together. She’d lusted after Michelle ever since she met her, and since she’d been living with her Michelle nearly drove her to the brink of craziness with her full lips, bedroom eyes, and hot bod. But Joanna didn’t think Michelle was into women…but maybe she’d find out tonight…

Joanna felt eyes on her as they made their way to the dance floor. She saw a few plaid shirts and blue jeans but most of the women were well-dressed. She was relieved that this wasn’t a typical butch hangout.

Joanna and Michelle danced a few hot numbers, but they never touched even though grinding masses of women surrounded them. Some of them were really beautiful and Joanna was more than turned on. She couldn’t figure out how to get around Michelle’s barriers, and offered to buy her another drink, “Since you drove here, I’ll stay sober and drive us home…have another drink.”

Michelle accepted the drink and they danced a few more songs. Finally they made their way to an empty table to rest. After a few minutes, Joanna felt a hand on her shoulder. She looked first at the hand. Long, well-manicured fingers, blood red fingernails, and then Joanna glanced up to see a gorgeous woman standing next to her. The woman was tall and slim and was wearing a long black dress with a slit to her bellybutton that showed ample cleavage. The woman looked to be in her 30s and her blue eyes bored into Joanna’s. Her hair was long and dark and her skin was tan. She pulled up a stool without saying a word. Joanna was entranced and she knew Michelle was watching her but she couldn’t look away from this vision.

The woman spoke in a husky voice, “I’ve been watching you two…are you here together?”

Michelle piped up, “Well, we say that but really we’re not…I mean, we’re roommates and all but we’re just out having fun…”

Joanna didn’t say anything, mesmerized by the blue eyes. The woman spoke again, “And you…why are YOU here?”

Joanna cleared her throat, “Uh…I like to dance.” How silly…couldn’t she think of a better thing to say?

“Which you do very well…” the woman smiled and Joanna felt a bit more at ease and dared to smile back.

“I’m Janine,” the woman said, extending her hand to both Michelle and Joanna. Instead of shaking with them, however, she kissed the palms of both their hands. Michelle looked shocked but didn’t pull her hand away. Joanna felt like she’d melted and gone to heaven. This woman was amazing. It had been so long…

“I’m in town on business and I like coming here…no pun intended…” she laughed huskily and Joanna joined in. Michelle looked just a little uncomfortable.

Janine continued, “Seriously though, this is a nice place and you two girls are the most beautiful ones here…”

Michelle said, “Well, we didn’t know this was a lesbian bar…we’re not lesbians and we didn’t know where else to go…the music is good though.”

Janine looked knowingly at Joanna and Joanna had to bite back a grin. Janine seemed as though she knew Joanna had brought Michelle here on purpose in an attempt to seduce her by surrounding her by lesbians.

Janine laughed, “Well, if you two get tired of dancing, we could always go to my room. I mean…just for drinks…I have a bar in my room and it’s better than paying five bucks a pop and it’s less crowded and less smoky… it’s just down the street…the Marriott.”

They’d passed it on the way to the bar and Joanna thought this offer had good possibilities. She looked at Michelle who shrugged, which meant that she’d seriously consider leaving the smoky bar behind.

Joanna looked back at Janine, “Yeah, that sounds a lot more appealing…tell ya what, I’ve gotta run to the restroom…I’ll be right back…you guys stay here so I know where to find you…” Joanna left in a hurry, afraid that one of them might follow her to the restroom.

Once in the furthest stall from the door, she pulled out her cell phone and dialed Mr. O. He picked up on the second ring and she briefly told him about the woman they’d met and her offer of refreshments at her room.

Mr. O said, “This sounds like a good opportunity. As long as you feel this woman is safe, you may go with her, but you may only go with her as long as Michelle goes too. Also, you may get as sexual with her as you want, but only if Michelle is also involved. Under NO other circumstances are you to get sexual with this woman or anyone else. Michelle is the key. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good, now go have fun and call me when you’re through.”

Joanna finished in the bathroom and returned to their table. Michelle was laughing at something Janine had said and seemed to be looking more relaxed.

Janine looked up, “Ah, there you are…thought you fell in…are we ready?”

Michelle jumped up, “Let’s party!” and Joanna was encouraged by her enthusiasm.

Joanna followed Janine’s sporty coupe in Michelle’s SUV. Soon they arrived at the hotel. Janine had a room on the 12th floor, and it was a gorgeous view. The balcony overlooked the city and the cold air was refreshingly crisp. Joanna stepped back into the room as Michelle used the restroom and Janine set up the bar. Janine looked at the closed bathroom door. “So…what’s the story with you two?”

Joanna replied in a low voice, “Well, I don’t know how she is toward women…I’m….well….I like women…”

“…and men?” Janine asked. Joanna laughed nervously and nodded.

“So do I…I’m married and my husband lets me have a few girls on the side when I’m out of town…no men then…but when I get home…” she winked.

She continued, “Well, we’ll have to work on your friend tonight…how’s that sound?”

Joanna nodded eagerly and Janine laughed, “You do want her, don’t you…I should be jealous!”

Michelle came out of the bathroom then and perched on a barstool. “So what are we talkin’ about?” she asked.

“How gorgeous you are,” Janine said.

Michelle giggled nervously and stirred her drink. Things got quiet for a few moments before Janine turned on some music. She walked to the couch, wiggling her hips, “So…why don’t you two tell me a little bit about yourselves….”

The three women talked for awhile about families, jobs, and life in general before Janine steered the conversation toward a sexual avenue. Janine talked about her own sexual interests, told them about her first sexual encounter, and she was very open about her interest in women. Michelle’s rapt attention was focused on the gorgeous older woman and Joanna thought maybe this had broken the ice.

Michelle asked a few pointed questions like, “How does it feel to kiss another woman?” and “Aren’t you afraid of what other people will say?”

Janine answered, “First of all, no, I’m not afraid of what others will say but I AM discreet. And quite frankly, I can’t imagine anyone turning up their nose a couple beautiful women going at it. I mean, if women take care of themselves, it’s a joy to behold.”

Michelle nodded her head, “Yeah, I can see that…I guess I’m curious but I’m afraid of what others will think.”

Janine shook her head, “Don’t think about it, darling. It’s not worth the worry. Besides, you could have the best of both worlds then…the men and the women. It’s about a man’s hardness and a woman’s softness. Wouldn’t you like to feel that contrast?”

Michelle had a look on her face that Joanna had never seen before. Michelle nodded slowly and looked hesitantly at Joanna. Joanna averted her gaze, afraid of scaring her.

Janine broke in, “So…try it…here…where it’s safe. I’m not pushing you but I think you’re missing out. I was once like you, hesitant, afraid, and now I’m happy and free to love men and women and experience so many different feelings.”

Michelle nervously licked her lips and Janine took the signal. She lowered her voice, “Give it a try, Michelle…c’mere…” and she guided Michelle across the couch, closer to her. Joanna had never seen Michelle act so submissive, and she quickly moved to the floor to give Michelle and Janine more room. Her time would come.

Janine reached out and stroked Michelle’s cheek. “Close your eyes,” she whispered, and Michelle obeyed and Janine slowly moved her face closer to Michelle’s til their lips were a hair’s width apart. Michelle’s chest rose and fell with quick breaths, and then Janine touched her lips to Michelle’s. She held them there for a few seconds, then backed off. Michelle opened her eyes in a daze and then leaned in again. Janine’s lips captured hers once more and they went still, lips pressed together, for many seconds. Janine pulled away again, not wanting to push too far too fast.

Joanna realized she’d been holding her breath and she let it out in a sigh. Janine looked her way and smiled. “Somebody’s feelin’ left out…c’mere, darlin’…”

Joanna rose to her knees and her heart beat faster as Janine’s lips touched hers. Joanna’s eyes closed and her mouth opened and Janine’s tongue slipped in against hers. Joanna moaned deep in her throat as Janine’s tongue fucked into her mouth, possessing her. Janine let her gasp in a quick breath, “Yessss….” before her lips and mouth possessed Joanna’s again. The kiss lasted longer this time, and Joanna’s cunt was dripping. She arched her back and ran a hand through Janine’s hair, against her face, down her arm, just barely touching the side of her breast.

Then Joanna got the shock of her life. With her other hand, Janine had drawn Michelle closer to the two of them as they kissed, and now Michelle was close enough to join in. Three sets of lips and tongues went wild before Janine backed away and Joanna discovered just how full and soft Michelle’s lips were. She felt Michelle tremble and they moaned into each other’s lips as their passion mounted. The kiss turned into a full French and soon their tongues were exploring lips and teeth and mouths and soon they were groping each other, breasts crushed against breasts, hands on backs and asses. Eventually they broke for air and, gasping, they looked at each other with lust. “God, Shell…” Joanna moaned, and they kissed again, oblivious to the older woman sitting on the couch watching them.

Joanna caressed Michelle’s face, wanting to take it slow. But she’d waited so long and she ran her hand through Michelle’s hair, down the back of her neck, and down her back. She grazed her fingers over Michelle’s full ass, and then she ran her hand up Michelle’s side, under her arm, just barely grazing her breast. Michelle started moving her hands over Joanna’s body, over her back, lightly over her ass, over her hips, and up her back again. Their full lips locked in embrace, their tongues twining and twisting, and Joanna felt a body behind her and she reached back to grasp Janine’s ass and pull her body in close to her. Joanna was in a heavenly sandwich and she dug her nails into the flesh of Janine’s bottom. She felt Janine’s breasts pressing against her back and the heat of Janine’s mouth as she kissed and licked and bit Joanna’s neck. The three of them were moaning and finally Joanna slid her right hand down Michelle’s chest to cup her breast. Michelle stiffened only for a second as Joanna caressed the fullness through her bra and corset top.

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