tagIncest/TabooSaga of Littown Ch. 02

Saga of Littown Ch. 02


Author's Note: While this story and its various chapters are primarily incest themed, it will often contain things such as excessive cum, anal play/pegging, and whatever else amuses me at the time. Reader discretion is advised.


Jaime and Emily had been caught. They'd finished having sex for the very first time, then walked straight into their older sister Lilith. She was smirking triumphantly at them with her arms folded and her eyebrow raised, practically daring them to tell her it wasn't what it looked like.

"It's not what it looks like," Jaime said desperately.

Lilith eyed him up and down, then did the same to Emily. Both of them were completely naked, and Emily was covered in gallons of her brother's cum. Emily was a little quicker than her brother in admitting defeat.

"Ok, it's exactly what it looks like," she said.

"No shit," said Lilith. "I'm impressed, little bro. That's quite a load you gave your sister."

"Yeah, I was wondering about that," said Jaime. "Is that normal? Because it doesn't seem normal."

The girls ignored him. They were busy staring each other down. Lilith had a significant advantage because not only did she hold the moral high ground, but cum kept dripping in Emily's eyes.

"Are you going to tell?" Emily finally asked.

Lilith stayed silent for a moment before answering just to make her sister squirm. "No. I don't think so. You guys'd get in a little too much trouble for it to be funny."

"Actually," said Jaime. "We shouldn't really get in too much trouble. We looked it up. It's not illegal if we really, really want to do it."

"Pff, I know that," said Lilith. "I have a pretty good handle on the Littown legal code, thank you very much. I need to for my job."

"What, bartending?"

"She runs a strip club," Emily said.

"But she always said she was bartending at night, and that's why...." Jaime paused and examined Lilith critically. "Oh, you just didn't want Mom to know you're a stripper. That makes sense."

"Hey." Lilith jabbed a finger at her brother's chest. "I'm not a stripper. I run a strip club. There's a difference."

Jaime took a meek step back. "Sorry," he mumbled.

"You better be." Lilith pointed back and forth between Jaime and Emily. "And both of you owe me for shutting up about this. I hope you know that."

"Yeah, we got it," Emily said. "Now if you'll excuse me, I really need to get this stuff off me before it hardens into a protective shell."

Emily finally made it to the bathroom and started the shower running. Jaime remained out in the hallway, unsure if he was dismissed or not. Lilith's expression softened slightly at his somewhat pathetic nervousness.

"Hey, by the way, congrats on the sex marathon, Jai," she said. "Very nice for your first time. And with your own sister no less."

"Uh... thanks?"

"Oh yeah, and I got you something too. Hang on a sec." Lilith vanished into her room, then came right back with a small bag in her hand. "Sorry I didn't wrap it or anything, but happy birthday anyway."

Jaime was both relieved that the blackmail portion of the night was over, and curious as to what Lilith could have gotten him. He reached into the bag and pulled out....



"What's this?"

"A butt plug. Duh. Says right on the package."

That's what Jaime thought it was. He'd just assumed he must have been terribly wrong about what he was seeing.

"Why did you get me a butt plug? What am I supposed to do with it?"

"Well, traditionally one shoves it up one's butt. You could try that if you want. Or maybe put it up Emily's butt if you guys want, since you're an item now and all." Lilith shrugged. "It's yours, dude. Do whatever you want. Shove it in the back of a drawer and forget it if you so choose. I just thought it'd be nice to have to option to experiment if you wanted to."

"Does this have anything to do with you getting Em a vibrator for her birthday? Is this going to be a theme?"

"Maaaybe. Seemed a little silly to get you a vibrator too, though it would have been cute for you guys to match. Maybe if I get her a butt plug too...." Lilith yawned and stretched. "Anyway, long day. Gonna go fall unconscious for several hours."

"Good night, Lil. And... thanks."

Lilith gave her brother a big hug, seemingly unconcerned by his nudity. "No problem, bro. Oh, and there's a little thing of lube in there too. Lemme know if you need to be hooked up with some more."

She winked, then sauntered away terribly pleased with herself. Jaime was left naked and holding a sex toy he'd never so much as contemplated owning. He tossed the bag in his room, then sought out the reassuring company of his new incestuous lover.

Emily had made a good start on cleaning herself up, but was still quite a mess. Jaime got in the shower with her and helped her wash off. This meant that he got to run his hands all over his sister's wet, slippery body. His cock kept poking Emily, or getting squished between their bodies. They were both getting super horny again, but somehow managed to get Emily all cleaned up before they acted on their feelings.

"I know we just had sex for literal hours," Emily said, looking deep into her brother's eyes as water cascaded around them. "But I really want to feel you inside me again like right now."

"I love you and your hot body so much," Jaime said.

They kissed hungrily, their hands unreservedly groping around for anything and everything. Emily then spun around and braced herself against the shower wall. Jaime took careful aim and shoved his cock hard inside her tight, needy pussy from behind. Once buried, he held still for a moment to savour the sublime, heavenly experience of being so fully connected to his sister; the girl he loved with all his heart and penis.

Emily was less patient. She rocked her hips back and forth, trying to get some action going. She craved the feeling of her brother sliding and in and out of her. Being pounded by his cock was the greatest experience in whole of the universe for her.

Finally Jaime took the hint and grabbed Emily's hips. He pulled back until only his tip remained inside her, then slammed forward with such force that one of the shower tiles cracked. Emily moaned in pure, delirious pleasure as he expressed his love for her in the most primal way possible.

The love struck siblings would have fucked for hours--again--if not for the hot water running out on them. Reluctantly, and with more willpower than either knew they possessed, they disentangled their genitals and got out of the shower. They helped each other dry off, which did nothing to help them calm down. Jaime remained fully erect, his cock pointing at his sister like a compass as they moved around.

"It's very late," Emily said regretfully. "We have school in the morning."

Jaime nodded. "We probably should try to get an hour or two of sleep."

They stood there awkwardly for a moment, each secretly hoping the other would jump them and fuck their brains out. Then, with heavy hearts, they went to Jaime's room. His bed was still usable, unlike Emily's, so they'd have to share it. They perked up at the thought that at least they'd get to snuggle together all night, or rather what was left of the night.

It was a struggle to find a position where Jaime's indefatigable hard on was comfortable for both of them. Eventually they managed to nestle it between Emily's thighs. Then, holding each other tightly, they went to sleep.


Jaime was the first to awaken. His eyes opened to the cracks of light just beginning to appear from the dawn. His beautiful, naked sister was exactly where he'd left her; snuggled in his arms. His cock remained just as painfully erect as before. There was no way he'd make it through another day at school if he didn't get to cum first.

He carefully separated himself from his sleeping sister without waking her. She looked so peaceful and innocent, not at all the brother-craving sex machine he now knew her to be.

Emily's mouth was slightly open in her slumber. Acting on a wild impulse, Jaime brought his cock right up to it. He inched forward slowly until the tip was caressed by her sensual, red lips. A drop of his precum fell onto her tongue.

Emily had accidentally tasted a fair amount of her brother's cum the night before. So much of it had fallen on her lips and in her mouth that it had been unavoidable. Her body now recognized the taste and, of its own volition, reacted favourably to the known source of absolute pleasure.

Jaime gasped as his sister's lips moulded themselves to his cock head. He thrust forward involuntarily, going deeper into her mouth. Her tongue flicked across his tip, and her mouth began to make sucking motions. He couldn't tell if she was having a weird dream, or if somehow she recognized what was happening even while unconscious.

Jaime pushed further still into his sister's welcoming mouth. She accepted him greedily, forming a vacuum seal around every new inch of cock that gave her. Soon he was entirely inside her mouth. Her lips and tongue massaged the length of his shaft, and refused to let him pull out even a little.

Emily's eyes fluttered open. She thought she was still dreaming at first, and it was a beautiful, wonderful dream. Her sexy, naked little brother was in front of her, his cock practically shoved down her throat. Then she remembered everything that had happened the day before, and she realized this was no fantasy; this was real life.

"Morning, Em," Jaime said.

She met his gaze and smiled as best she could with her mouth full. Saying anything would have meant spitting his cock out, and she couldn't bear to do that. Instead, she propped herself up a little and started bobbing her head back and forth along his shaft. Her hand went to her pussy and she fingered herself vigorously as she gave her brother his first blowjob.

The sounds of slurping, sucking, and schlicking filled the room for several minutes. Jaime watched his sister's throat bulge slightly every time she took him right to the hilt. Her eyes, her beautiful azure eyes, remained locked on his practically the whole time.

"I want to cum down your throat, Em," Jaime said.

Emily liked the sound of that. She threw herself into the task of making her brother cum with even wilder abandon than before. She rubbed her clit so fast she threatened to start a fire from sheer friction. She wanted her reward; she wanted it so badly.

Jaime grabbed his sister's head and held it against his stomach. He came inside her mouth with the volume of a fire hose. She couldn't swallow fast enough to keep up with the load, but luckily it was coming with such power that it forced its way past her throat muscles straight into her tummy. Not a single drop was spilled.

Emily came just as hard as her brother. Between the sexual joy of devouring his cum load and rubbing her clit like a machine, she brought herself to the second greatest orgasm of her life. She very nearly passed out from it. Having her oxygen supply replaced with torrents of cum contributed to her near-fainting.

Finally it was over. Emily sucked the last bit of cum off her brother's dick, then collapsed backward. She gasped for breath for a few minutes, but slowly recovered. Jaime gaped down at her. Her tummy was actually bulging noticeable from all the semen she'd swallowed.

"That's a hell of a way to wake up," Emily said.

"I couldn't resist," Jaime said.

"Mmm, and I'm glad you didn't." Emily patted her swollen belly. "This was definitely the best breakfast anyone's ever made me."


The siblings would have loved to lounge around in bed together all day, but it was not meant to be. They had school, and they really badly needed to clean Emily's room up before their mother saw it. Jaime was also starving and needed to grab some breakfast. Emily, conversely, was stuffed.

Jaime took charge of putting Emily's bed through the wash. He had some difficulty getting the mattress in the washing machine, but he managed. Emily tidied up the scraps of their clothing from the night before, then washed down the walls and floor around her bed. She opened her windows and sprayed air freshener around, but she couldn't eliminate the pervasive smell of sex.

Christine came downstairs while Jaime was digging into his second bowl of cereal. She gave her son a kiss on the cheek while he did his best not to look at her. Not only was he afraid of giving away what he and Emily had been up to, but his mother was wearing her short robe this morning. It only came down a few inches below her pussy, and it made Jaime feel constantly on edge about the possibility of seeing too much.

"How'd you sleep, sweetie?" Christine asked.

Jaime thought back to the wild hours of sex with his sister, and the precious few of actual sleep they'd managed to steal.

"Fine," he said. He turned to face his mother. "How about--" He stopped and whipped back around to face forward.

Christine had bent over to get something in the fridge. Jaime had seen the hem of her robe creep dangerously high on her thighs, but hadn't actually seen anything inappropriate.

"What's that?" Christine asked.

"Mom, you know I don't like it when you wear skimpy outfits like that."

"I know, baby. I'm sorry. I just like feeling sexy sometimes. I don't look that bad, do I?"

Jaime sighed. "No, Mom, you don't look bad. But you're my mom, you know? It's... weird."

He wished his mom wasn't a total milf. That would make it easier when she wore something inappropriate. She made him have bad thoughts. He looked down at his lap where his penis was tenting out his pants. That wasn't the sort of reaction he wanted to have from nearly seeing his mother's shapely bare ass.

Christine surprised her son with a hug from behind. "I think that was almost a compliment."

Her breasts pressed against Jaime's head, making it hard to concentrate. "I wouldn't mind you looking the way you do," he mumbled, "if you were just someone else's mom."

"And another one. Is it Christmas already?"

Emily finally showed up and saved Jaime from the embarrassing situation. She chatted with their mother and let him get back to his cereal. Of course, he couldn't help sneaking peeks at her tummy. To him, it seemed all too obvious that something was amiss. Her cum-filled belly stood out like it was painted with a neon bullseye. Their mother made no comment about it, so he decided it might only be obvious to him.

Jaime switched Emily's bedding from the washer to the drier before the two of them headed off to catch the school bus. Emily met him at the door and took his hand as they walked out. She felt good holding her brother's hand. They were together now and she wanted to be able to show it in every way she could, but she was pretty limited in her available displays of affection. Their secret needed to stay a secret.

"Does your tummy feel ok?" Jaime asked.

Emily put a hand to her belly and smiled. "Oh, Jai. It feels so good, you don't even know. You know that feeling when you're pleasantly full, but not enough that it hurts? I've felt like that all morning. But it's even better because it's a constant reminder of how much you love me."

Jaime wanted to kiss her then, but was a little too late. Alyssa appeared from her house next door and jogged to catch up with them. Jaime and Emily each guiltily dropped the other's hand at the same instant.

"Hey guys," Alyssa said.

"Hey, Allie," Emily said without missing a beat.

Jaime grunted.

Alyssa looked pointedly at Jaime's crotch. "Well well, someone's excited again, huh?" she teased.

Jaime felt like everything was giving him an erection lately, and he was getting a little tired of the teasing. On the other hand, when it was his sister causing it, he couldn't really bring himself to be annoyed. He just shrugged and blushed and decided to take whatever punishment Alyssa wanted to give him.

"Probably your boobs bouncing just now," Emily said, joining in. "Or maybe he was staring down my top."

She caught Jaime's eye and tried to communicate silently with him. She gave him a look that tried to say, "we can't let anyone know we're in love and having crazy incestuous sex, so I have to act normal."

Jaime nodded and gave her a look that said, "I know, it's ok. I don't mind if it's you."

Alyssa misinterpreted the siblings' glances. "Got a thing for your sister's rack, do ya?" she said as she fell in beside Jaime. "Can't blame you. It is pretty nice."

"I do like boobs," Jaime said noncommittally.

"I bet ours are your favourites," Emily chimed in, maintaining her cover as a girl who was totally not in love with her brother.

"That's right," said Alyssa. "High class boobies like ours, how could he not?"

Jaime decided to fight back a little. Without breaking stride he reached his hands out to either side and copped a feel of each girl's chest.

"You might be on to something," he said. "These are without a doubt the finest tits I've felt all morning."

Alyssa giggled. "Oh my god, so bad." She slapped his hand away, but it was a half-hearted gesture, and she'd waited several seconds to do it.

Emily also slapped her brother's hand away, but she was even more reluctant about it.

When the trio got on the bus, the girls did exactly the same thing to Jaime as they'd done the day before. They sandwiched him into a seat that wasn't really big enough for three, then played with his cock through his pants. He tried to grab some more boob during the ride, but there wasn't much room for messing around. Mostly he just peeked down their shirts and enjoyed being fondled by his sister and hot neighbour.


The school day started out alright. Jaime was starting to get the hang of where things were, and how to get along without attracting attention.

Somehow, he still managed to get in trouble in English class. Ms. Penny asked him to stay after the bell, but he had no idea whatsoever what he'd done. He hadn't even been passing notes this time. Emily and Lindsay both just shrugged and gave him apologetic glances.

"You wanted to see me, Miss?" he said once the other students had filed out.

"Yes, Jaime," said Ms. Penny as she undid the top few buttons of her blouse. "I'm afraid I really do need you to behave yourself better during my class."

"But... I tried so hard today. What did I do wrong?"

"Trying 'hard' is something of the problem, actually."

Ms. Penny looked meaningfully downward. Jaime didn't even bother following her gaze. It wasn't his fault he couldn't be around his sister without popping a boner.

"Sorry, Miss," Jaime mumbled.

"I really don't know how you managed to develop such feelings about me so quickly," Ms. Penny said, bending over slightly so that her newly exposed cleavage was even more pronounced. "I understand you're a boy and you have hormones, and you can get excited over most anything. But just because I have huge, amazing tits doesn't mean you can drool over me that way."

"I don't--" Jaime stopped himself in time. What was he going to say? Sorry, it's actually my sister I'm drooling over? "I can't always control myself," he said instead.

"I know. It's got to be tough for you. But I do have some ideas that might help."

Ms. Penny traced her fingers over the mountain range on her chest. Even though Jaime hadn't gotten hard for her initially, she was all he was thinking about now.

"What kind of ideas?"

"I think we need to get some of those fantasies out of your head."

Ms. Penny leaned closer to him. Her breasts threatened to spill out of her top and start a landslide. She was practically begging him to grab her.

"And how do we do that?" Jaime asked without taking his eyes off of her chest.

"I'd like you to write one out for me," she said, leaning back and starting to button up.

"Uh... what?"

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