tagIncest/TabooSaga of Littown Ch. 04

Saga of Littown Ch. 04


Author's Note: While this story and its various chapters are primarily incest themed, it will often contain things such as excessive cum, anal play/pegging, and whatever else amuses me at the time. Reader discretion is advised.


Christine was starting to get worried. Usually Jaime and Emily were so good about getting themselves up for school. This morning there'd been no sign of either of them so far. Even more disturbing, Emily's room was empty. She was getting a vague sense of something being terribly wrong.

At first Christine was relieved to find that, in fact, all three of her children were safe and sound in Jaime's room. Her relief tarnished as she processed the sight of them all snoozing together, cuddled up in a single bed. Worse still, she could see an awful lot of bare shoulder and chest where they weren't covered by their blanket.

"Good morning!" Christine said with the tone of one more concerned with being heard than actually conveying a sense of goodness.

Jaime and Emily jerked awake. Lilith kept snoring away. The two younger siblings lifted their heads and squinted sleepily at their mother.

"What?" Jaime said.

"You're going to be late," said Christine. "You need to get up right now."

Jaime groaned. Emily had already closed her eyes and set her head back down on Lilith's shoulder. They'd both been losing an awful lot of sleep lately. It had caught up with them in a big way this morning.

"We need a sick day," Jaime mumbled.

"You do not," Christine insisted.

She crossed the room and threw back the covers. She gasped in shock as her imagined fears were confirmed. All three of her children were deliciously naked. They were cuddling without any clothes on. They couldn't do that.

"What the hell is this?!" Christine demanded.

"Relax, Mom," Emily said. "My bed got all covered in cu-- sweat. Definitely sweat and not cum. I was sweatting because of how sick I am, and my bed got all gross. So I had to come sleep with Jaime."

"Lil came to keep an eye on us in case we got too sick," Jaime added. "And there wasn't much room with all three of us, so we had to take our clothes off to save space."

"You seriously expect me to believe that all three of you are naked in bed together, and nothing sexual is going on?" Christine asked, crossing her arms in anger.

"Well we tried telling you we were fucking and you wouldn't believe that either," Jaime muttered. "What do you want from us?"

"I want you to behave. You're all brother and sisters. You can't do things like that."

"Like what? Sleeping naked together, or fucking?"

"Both." Christine dragged Emily out of bed. "Get some clothes on. Your brother has an erection, and I don't want you encouraging that by being all sexy and naked in front of him."

"Ugh," Emily said. "Mom, Jai's hard all the time anyway. It's got nothing to do with me."

In fact, that was untrue. Jaime's constant arousal was almost entirely to do with either being around or thinking about his sister.

Emily tried to placate her mother. She grabbed one of Jaime's shirts out of his dresser and put it on. It just barely covered her naughty bits.

"There, happy now?" she asked.

"You need bottoms too," Christine said.

"Why? I'm covered." Emily looked over her shoulder. "Can you see any of your sister's sexy parts, Jai?"

"No. Try bending over."

Emily bent over. "Like that?"

"Yep, now I can see your pussy and butthole."

Emily straightened up. "So all I have to do is not bend over. Easy."

"Don't make me ask again," Christine said.

"Fiiine. I don't know why you're worried about Jai's erection all of a sudden though. He's been hard basically constantly since he turned eighteen. And I know you know because you're always staring and licking you lips."

Christine reddened. "I have never done that."

That was another falsehood. She had, in fact, been having real trouble keeping her son and his penis out of her mind lately. She felt like such a bad mother for always staring at him with lustful eyes. She felt even worse that she'd apparently been caught doing it.

"Jaime, you get dressed too," Christine said. She didn't know what else to do at this point but to keep giving orders and pretend like she was in control of her life. "You shouldn't be lying on your older sister like that. Especially not with your penis pressed up against her."

Jaime reluctantly crawled over a still sleeping Lilith and stood up. His erection was even more prominent in that position. He silently dug through his dresser with his cock bobbing along to every movement. His sister and mother both stared with incestuous, sexual fascination.

"Now, I don't want to see any more hints of sexual inpropriety," Christine said, her eyes still glued to her son's cock. "And certainly nothing that could be construed as super-hot sibling incest. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mom," Emily and Jaime said together.

"Good. Now I'm going to call your school and tell them you'll be out sick. You two get some rest, and not in the same bed."

"But my bed's all gross," Emily said. "Where am I supposed to sleep?"

"There's a fresh six-pack of mattresses in the linen cupboard. You can take one of them." Christine headed toward the doorway. "Now, I need to get ready for work, so you two behave yourselves. And for heaven's sake, if Lilith's going to be sleeping in here, at least cover her back up."

Jaime shrugged and pulled the blanket back over Lilith. She was still snoring away and oblivious to everything around her. She'd had even less sleep last night than he and Emily, and it would take more than a loud family argument about incest to wake her up.

The siblings set about replacing the mattresses in Emily's and Lilith's rooms. Jaime had obediently put on a shirt and boxers. Emily still wore only a top with nothing below it. She took every opportunity to bend over and display herself wantonly to her brother. If their mother appeared at any point, she could simply stand up and be covered again.

Jaime's cock wouldn't stay in his boxers. He kept tucking it in, and sometimes it would stay for a while. Every time Emily bent over in front of him, it would spring back out through the hole in the front of his underwear. He just had to bear it until they finished refurbishing the beds and disposed of the old mattresses in their backyard mattress incinirator.

"Your dick keeps poking out at me, you know," Emily said as they watched the mattresses burn.

"Well your pussy keeps poking out at me," Jaime countered.

"If Mom wasn't home right now we could totally fuck our brains out anywhere in the house."

"If Mom wasn't home we'd already be fucking our brains out instead of standing around talking about it."

Emily looked around, but the yard was clear. She wrapped her arms around her brother's neck and kissed him. Her shirt pulled up with the manoeuvre so that he ass was exposed from the back. Jaime reached around and squeezed her butt.

"Someone could see us," Jaime said in between kisses.

"They could," Emily agreed. "We are outside with no real cover."

"It would probably be a neighbour. Someone who knows us."

"Someone who would know we're brother and sister, you mean?"

The danger of being caught was only turning the siblings on even more. They'd been awake for almost an hour without fucking each other even once, so they were about ready to explode even without the risky thrill.

"We could get in a lot of trouble," Jaime continued, his cock pressing insistently against Emily's tummy. "We're half-naked, outside, and making out. That isn't something people would be ok with a brother and sister doing."

"Mmm, and they certainly wouldn't be ok with how wet I am for my sexy little brother's cock," Emily said as she guided one of Jaime's hands to feel her flooded pussy.

"You know what they really wouldn't be ok with?" Jaime asked.

Emily's eyes shone. "I have no idea," she said innocently.

"If my cock went inside my sister right here, out in the open."

Jaime lifted Emily up by her hips and lowered her onto his cock. She wrapped her arms and legs around him, then clung tightly.

"You're right," she cooed. "They wouldn't like this at all. It's very improper for you to incestuously put your penis in your sister like this."

Emily's pussy was contracting rhythmically around Jaime's cock. He tried to fuck her, but since she was already being suspended off the ground by his hard shaft, that really wasn't going to work. He needed to get somewhere where he could properly fuck his sister.

Jaime carried Emily into the house. She bobbed on his cock with every step, and her pussy muscles kept tightening and releasing. She also kissed and licked his neck as she was transported like sexy cargo.

The bathroom was the best place Jaime could think of. Their mother would check their rooms if she wanted to find them, but she might not check in there. He carried Emily in and shut the door.

"Mmm, bathroom sex, huh?" Emily said. "You gonna fuck your sister in the bathroom?"

Jaime pressed her against the wall and just started hammering her. Emily squealed happily and held on tight. Her absolute most favourite thing in the world was getting her pussy destroyed by her brother; the love of her life. Mom's rules be damned, she wasn't ever going to stop fucking him.


Unbeknownst to either of the siblings, Christine wasn't actually in her room getting ready for work. She'd gone to her room with every intention of dressing for the day, but her mind was filled with super hot sexy visions of her children. It wasn't even just Jaime she felt a guilty lust for this time. Seeing her daughters naked had awakened a brand new source of incesty motherly guilt.

Why did they all have to be goddamn hot? That just wasn't fair. Christine didn't want to imagine her son walking in and shoving his cock down her throat, or her daughters teaming up and holding her down while one of them ate her out, but she did. She couldn't help it. She was the victim of her own good genes.

Christine got naked and fingered herself to a quick and immoral orgasm. All the while images of her children danced through her head. Emily getting pounded by Jaime. Lilith jerking Jaime off into her tits while licking Emily's pussy. All three of them walking in and having their way with their mother's body....

After cumming, Christine got a brief respite from her torturous visions. She caught sight of herself in her full-length mirror that female characters always have. She was pushing thirty and felt so ancient. She still looked super hot, and had a total milf body, so it wasn't all bad. She caught herself wondering if Jaime would think she was hot enough to fuck and had to angrily look away.

She went to her window and looked out, hoping to find the view relaxing. Unfortunately, she chose a moment when Emily and Jaime were outside incinerating their old matresses. Even from the upstairs window Christine could see Jaime's hard cock, and sometimes flashes of Emily's ass and pussy when she moved the right way. It just wasn't fair.

Christine went back to her bed. She fingered her mommy-cunt, but that wasn't enough this time. She shoved her whole hand inside her pussy, fisting herself for the first time in ages. That was better. Her children, her goddamn sexy progeny had done this to her. She thrust her hand in and out with vigourous squishing and sucking action.

Still it wasn't enough to satisfy the terrible motherly craving. She pushed harder and deeper, filling her pussy right up to her elbow. She was really stretching now, feeling the beautiful ache of sexual self-aggression. She fisted still deeper until her whole arm was inside her hungry cunt, right up the shoulder. Then she came in a great torrent of expelled pussy juice and arm.


Jaime and Emily were blissfully unaware of their mother's lust for them. They had plenty of lust of their own anyway. They were finally finishing up one of their usual far-too-long sibling fuck-sessions.

"God I want to cum in your pussy," Jaime said. "I want to fill my sister's tight little hole up so badly."

"I know," Emily said. "I want it too. I wish I could have my brother's cum in all my holes, all the time. But I can't risk getting pregnant. It'd be roughly a sixty-eight percent chance, and that's too high."

"I'll just have to cum somewhere else," Jaime said regretfully.

Emily had a sudden inspiration. "Do it in the bathtub."

"I guess that would be a good place. It'll drain away with no mess."

"Not right away. I've got something I want to try out first."

Emily put the plug in the tub's drain. Just as her brother started to cum in her pussy, she whipped his cock out and aimed it carefully. His cyclone of semen poured into the tub, filling it with a much sexier liquid than it usually contained.

"You're not really going to--"

"Oh yes I am!"

Emily slipped into the tub as her brother shook the last few streams of cum out of his cock. She sighed as she submerged herself up to her neck. It was a perfect bathing temperature, and so slippery and soothing. Her tits had been aching from getting slammed into the wall the whole time she was getting fucked, and her bath was already relieving their pain.

"You're crazy," Jaime said.

"You don't even know what you're missing," Emily said. "Get in with me. It feels great. So incesty and sexy and brother-lovey." She brought her finger to her mouth and sucked the cum off it. "And it even tastes amazing too."

"I'll pass, thanks."

That's how their mother found them. Emily bathing in her brother's cum, Jaime standing naked and erect watching her. It was, if anything, an even more compromising position than they'd been caught in already that morning.

Christine just stopped and stared as she came through the door. She'd notified the kids' school that they wouldn't be in today, then called herself out sick from work. After her quite athletic and morally dubious masturbation workout, all she'd wanted was a nap. She'd just stopped by the bathroom to wash of her arm that was still covered in pussy juice.

Of course it couldn't be that simple. The first thing she saw in the bathroom was her son, unclothed and aroused. And there was her daughter too, in a very peculiar looking bath. Jaime's cock now pointing straight at her as he turned.

"I just don't even know what to say," Christine said wearily. "I didn't ask for much this morning. Behave like siblings rather than sexual deviants. That was all. Dare I ask why you're naked together again?"

Jaime frowned. "That's actually a good question." He looked to his sister for help. "Didn't we have clothes when we came in here?"

"I think so," said Emily. She shrugged. "Guess they weren't plot-relevant anymore."

"That could be," Jaime said. "So why don't you have any clothes on, Mom?"

Jaime had always thought of his mother as just his mother. That had been changing lately. Ever since he'd become sexually active a few days ago, he'd realized that she was a total hottie, even if she was crazy old; like almost thirty or something. Her occasional skimpy outfits had made him uncomfortable, but her full nudity forced him to realize what he couldn't before; he would totally bone his Mom given the opportunity.

"I didn't think anyone would be in here," Christine said. It was a weak but accurate excuse.

"It's a little hypocritical getting on our cases about doing sexy naked things if you're going to be doing them too," Emily said.

"I know, I know." Christine turned away, unable to face her children. Partly out of guilt, partly out of a sense of her pussy waking up again. "I've been a bad mother. I just don't know how to handle this."

"Aw, no, Mom. Don't say that."

Jaime snuck up behind Christine and gave her a big, sexy, familial hug. His cock pressed into the crack of her large, motherly ass.

"Yeah, it's just been a weird time for all of us," Emily said. "You couldn't know what the right thing to do was."

Emily climbed out of the tub. She walked around to her mother's unhugged side and un-unhugged it. She dripped cum basically just everywhere in the process.

Christine was sandwiched between her children. It was like one of her dirty, filthy, not-good-to-think-about fantasies come true. Yet, she felt a lot less guilty about it this time. Partly she felt love for them and their love for her, instead of pure lust.

"So you two really have been fucking," she said, making an educated guess.

"Yes," Emily said. "Lots of fucking. We're in love too, if that helps."

"I was actually more afraid of that than just fucking." Christine stroked her daughter's hair, then half-turned and did the same to her son. "You two are more like me than I realized, and that scares me. I only ever wanted to protect you."

"Protect us from what?" Jaime asked.

"I don't know if I can explain that right now. I'll try to soon, if I can." Christine sighed. "I really need a nap. It's been an exhausting day already."

"You should try out my bath," Emily said. "It's very soothing."

"That might be nice. It's funny, but it actually looks like you were bathing in cum. What did you put in it to make it look like that?"

"Cum. It's just all cum. Jaime was kind enough to donate it."

"Wasn't that nice of him." Christine gazed at the bathtub whistfully. "I can't take a bath in that. My son's cum... that's just... I'm your mother."

"I don't mind," Jaime said. "It'd actually be kind of hot."

"You thought it was weird when I did it," Emily pouted.

"I changed my mind."

Jaime gave his sister a kiss right on her pouty lips. It softened her expression instantly.

"I guess it's not like I'd actually be doing anything with you," Christine said. "Just because it's crazy sexual and is turning me on even thinking about it doesn't mean it'd be actual incest or anything."

"It's practically just health related," Emily said. "Like going to a spa. Only it's your son's ball-pudding instead of a mud bath."

Jaime watched his mother step into the cum bath. She lowered herself slowly. First her legs disappeared beneath the surface, then her beautiful pussy and voluptuous ass, then her tummy, and finally her full breasts. She actually moaned once she was fully in.

Emily quietly dragged her brother out of the bathroom to give their mother some privacy. They'd made some good progress and she didn't want to risk having Mom change her mind on them. If Mommy enjoyed her bath, she was much more likely to remain reasonable.

"That turned out a lot better than expected," Jaime said.

"It really did," said Emily. "Who knows, Mom might actually be able to accept our pure sibling love that's based mainly on wanting to fuck each other all the time."

"Yes. It must be hard for any mother to accept that her children love each other and want to fuck all the time, but I think we have a good shot."

"Agreed. Now we better get me cleaned up before I track cum all over the house."

Since the bathroom was occupied, the siblings had to go outside and use the hose. Jaime sprayed Emily off, being careful to maintain a physical distance between them. They were naked in their front yard, and they didn't want to give the least hint of any kind of incest. Any one of the passing drivers or pedestrians could report them to the authorities if there was some innapropriate brother and sister sexing going on. They maintained the illusion of a perfectly wholesome family scene, with a brother helpfully helping his sister wash all his cum off her body.

They dried off in the sun afterward. They spread out on the lawn, still maintaining a careful separation, and watched the world go by.

"That same pair of jogger-ladies have gone by at least three times now," Emily observed lazily. "I think they want some dick."

Jaime chuckled. "Yeah, well, did you see that guy almost crash into a telephone pole while checking you out?"

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