tagIncest/TabooSaga of the Sex Genie Ch. 05

Saga of the Sex Genie Ch. 05


Content Advisory: This story contains elements of cheating, incest, and transgender sex. All characters are over 18 years old and all events are fictional...


I had just turned back into a guy. Then minutes later I'm a girl again and I'm blowing some old man. Whenever I'm near a guy as a girl I seem to be overwhelmed with lust, despite the fact that I'm not attracted to men at all. And I still don't know what's triggering these transformations. Thank god the last three backyards I went through happened to be empty.

Now all I need to do is cross the street to my house, and somehow sneak in the back door and up to my room without anyone seeing me. While holding up the pants that are too big for me in my girly form and the towel that is the only thing covering my big perky breasts. I looked both ways from my hiding place behind some shrubs, then made my way across the street and to the side of my house, quickly slipping in the back gate.

I made my way to the sliding glass door in the back when the tingle hit me again. I recognized what was happening this time and looked down. My breasts began to shrink, and my waist began to expand. Hair started to show on my chest and stomach. In moments I was my usual male self again. My original self again.I heaved a sigh of relief so strong that it almost became a sob, dropping the towel I had used to cover my rack, and went inside. I went straight up to my room and, too physically and emotionally exhausted to do anything else, I stripped off my pants, lay down and went straight to sleep with the sun still high in the sky.

I woke up hours later, dehydrated and groggy. The taste in my mouth was worse then the usual bitter morning breath. I could see stars through my bedroom window.

Suddenly the events of the day came crashing back to me. But it all seemed much hazier now, laying in my own bed in my own house. It was all way too weird to believe and far easier to dismiss it all as a bizarre dream.

The house was dark and seemed nearly silent at first. But as I lay there in bed trying to decide whether I wanted something to drink more then I wanted to just lay there, I started to hear something. It sounded like box springs, which probably meant my parents were doing it. That was nothing I wanted to know about, but now that I was awake I felt too dehydrated to get back to sleep. And if staying here meant listening to that, I might as well get up. So I slipped on a pair of boxers and tiptoed out of my room and passed my parents bedroom. I went downstairs to the kitchen cracked open the fridge as quietly as I could. Nothing looked particularly appealing so I downed two glasses of water and started my silent way back up the stairs.

Before I reached the top step I saw a light come on and heard someone close the door to the hall bathroom. I didn't think anything of it until I walked past my parents room again and I could still clearly hear the sound of box springs, someone bouncing up and down on the bed. And there was the distinct sound of voices moaning, one male and one female. That stopped me in my tracks. If my parents were still in their room, who was in the bathroom?

Maybe my sister had come back into town, but I hadn't seen her car when I came home, and I hadn't heard anything about anyone planning a visit. I looked over to the bathroom door and noticed a line of light around one edge of the door. It must not have closed all the way, and the air pressure cause it to spring back open a little. I tiptoed over to the door to try to see who was in there.

I pressed my eye to the crack but I couldn't see anything at first. After a minute I could just barely make out someone moving into and out of my field of vision. I heard the shower start up, and then someone came clear to sight.

An incredible naked body came into view, and my manhood sprang to life. Round hips and smooth legs cradling dark brown pubic hair and a clearly dripping wet snatch. My eyes moved up a taut stomach to a set of jiggling natural double D breasts, with just a little sag to them, and topped with wide areolas and long nipples. My gaze continued to travel up until I saw... My moms face, her hair falling down sexily around it. I froze for a minute, too stunned to do anything. My eyes wander back to her chest twice before I could stop them, then as the situation finally cleared my sleep shrouded mind I sprang up and sprinted back to my room to hide.

It was five minutes later, with me panting behind my bedroom door, when it occurred to me that my mom was the one getting into the shower, but I could still hear sex sounds coming from my parents room. The rational part of my brain finished connecting the dots and I sat down hard in front of my door.

Part of me said that whatever my parents were into was not only none of my business, but also something I didn't want to know in the first place. Unfortunately, after seeing my mom naked, all of my blood had relocated to my cock, so my rational thought processes weren't exactly in control at the moment.

Breathing heavily out of fear, I snook back down the hall to my parents bedroom. Apparently mom was being careless tonight, cause this door was ajar too. Weirdly convenient. I peeked through the crack and I could see my father almost immediately. He was naked on the bed, up on his knees fucking somebody I couldn't see very well doggy style. At this angle all I could see was him and a little bit of a girly ankle trailing behind him.

I cracked the door just a hair more and changed my angle a bit until I could see who my dad was fucking. As hot as my mom was (apparently) this girl was clearly younger and tighter. Where my mom had just that little bit of body fat distributed around her body, this girl was a little on the slim side, her breasts on the moderate side of a B cup. She had short blond hair, matted to her forehead with sweat now, and pale skin.

She was on all fours on the bed, holding herself up with wobbling arms as my dad fucked her from behind with... MY GOD... one of the largest cocks I had seen at that point in my life. And the number of cocks I had seen had increased a lot recently, though I still thought that had all been a dream at this point.

I don't know how long I was standing there, with my cock as hard as it's ever been. But at some point one of the girls arms gave out as my dad slammed into her, changing the angle of her body on the bed. I got my first good look at her face then. And it was Jenny. My girlfriend. MY girlfriend. The same girlfriend who wanted to wait until we were married to have sex.

Remember when I mentioned that I was mad at my dad... Well, this would be why.


When last I checked in on the present moment I was just penetrating my special guest mystery lay. Though to be honest, unless there was a sexy female rapist haunting the neighborhood, the number of people it could be was a short list. Though after the misadventures I've had recently, I would honestly not be too terribly surprised if it turned out to be first lady Michelle Obama. Or my long lost evil twin sister.

Mystery girl rode me gently while I caressed her body. She kissed my over and over while grinding softly against me. She seemed to know that I was not only exhausted, but sore.

I would have participated more, but my nearly superhuman sexual prowess goes away when I revert to my male form. Whereas the exhaustion that I should feel as a girl but don't comes rushing back along with that pesky Y chromosome. How is it a cock I don't have can be sore after my pussy takes a pounding.

We made slow sensual love for what must have been an hour. I slowly stimulated her clit with two fingers as she trailed soft kisses down my neck and chest. I ran my free hand over her thigh and up the small of her back, trailing just the fingertips back down lightly as I made slow circles on her clit. My dramatically increased knowledge of the female body let me lead her into three orgasms in the time it took me to achieve one. After I came we kissed one last time and she rolled over, laying on her side. With our faces less then an inch apart, we held each other and drifted off to sleep together.


I was so stunned by what I saw in my parents bedroom I just stumbled away. I felt sick. Without really knowing what I was doing I managed to stumble into the bathroom, and sink down in front of the toilet, before I started retching. It wasn't until I felt water dripping on my back and a hand grab onto my shoulder that I remembered that my mom was taking a shower.

Even in the state I was in, the touch on my shoulder conjured up a brief image of my mom naked, but it was replaced immediately by an image of my father fucking my girlfriend and I wretched again. I felt my mother start to stroke my head as she crouched down behind me. That helped me get control of myself, sort of. Instead of vomiting I just started to shake all over.

My mom started whispering comforting words to me as she smoothed back my hair. Slowly I got control of myself and stopped shaking. That was when I realized I could feel my mom pressed up against my back. I only had on boxers, and I was pretty sure I could feel my moms voluptuous breasts pressing into me. She was still dripping wet and I could feel her smooth skin sliding along my back as she rubbed my shoulders.

"It's OK, just let it out baby." She said to me comfortingly. She shifted her position and I felt her hard nipples dragging across the skin of my back. I let out a moan at the feeling and shuddered. Lucky the sound and movement fit in with my being sick as well as with my being incredibly turned on at having my wet nude mother sliding her breasts along my back, so it wasn't at all suspicious. Horny and heaving aren't really states of being that coexist easily or well, I've found.

My mother stood up, her breasts leaving my back as her hands left my shoulders and I sighed. (Not in disappointment. Shut up!). "Are you all right now baby?" my mother asked in a concerned voice. I just sat there silently, as my arousal at my mom became submerged again by my shock at what I had seen. A nervous tinge entered my moms voice and she said, "We thought you weren't home. When did you get back?"

I responded with something generic about not feeling well, trying to sound normal. It seemed to work well enough since my mothers voice lost the nervousness as she commiserated with my seeming condition. It was obvious to me now that she knew what was going on in the other room. I mean, how could she not?

I felt completely betrayed. Bad enough my dad, but mom? There was just too much to process. I couldn't handle all this at once. Hell, I don't think I could handle any part of what was going on if I had a month to prepare and a year to deal with it.

I was just starting to get angry when my mom put a hand under my arm to help me up. I glanced over at her as I rose and I got a complete and up close view of her, from her glistening thighs and inviting mound to her flat stomach and incredible chest. For a second the view was enough to blank out everything else I was feeling.

Then my emotions started to stabilize. Instead of a maelstrom of chaotic emotions, it all distilled down to two things. I was aroused and infuriated. Somehow the anger seemed to burn up any feeling of guilt I might have had at getting turned on by my naked mother. A very small voice in the back of my head thought I should fuck my mother to get back at my father. Wouldn't that be poetic justice after all?

It was an awkward few moments there, with me not very covertly starring at my mothers naked body before she became aware she was still completely naked. When she realized, she gave a yelp and snatch up her bathrobe, looking embarrassed.

Mumbling something about getting me to bed, she took my hand and led me out of the bathroom and back to my room telling me if I was sick I shouldn't up and about. The way she raised her voice talking to me and rushed me past her bedroom door wasn't at all subtle.

When we got to my door I was horny enough that my cock was poking through the hole in my boxers. And I was angry enough to dare to do a little something about it. Trying to put on a normal face, I thanked my mom and leaned in to give her a hug. I squeezed her tight, pushing my pelvis in so my exposed cock poked through the gape in her bathrobe. I kept pushing until finally I could just feel the tip of my cock brush against her pussy lips, then I let up and headed into my room.

I shut the door just a little hard, and started getting dressed in the dark. I didn't want to turn on the light in case my mom was watching my bedroom door.

I didn't know how this had all started. I didn't know how long it had been going on. But I was not about to stay in the same house with it happening in the next room. I couldn't believe it. My mother, my father, and my girlfriend. Three of the people that I trusted most in the world. Without my naked mother right in front of me, anger was winning out over lust in a big way.

I got my shoes on, grabbed my wallet and my keys and snook out of the room. There were still fucking sounds coming from my parents room, and the shower was running again in the bathroom, so I hurried on by. Going down the stairs I wondered, had my dad taken Jenny's virginity? Had she even been a virgin when we got together? Hell, for all I knew she'd done the entire high school football team, the local fire department, and had visited my grandpa in the home once a week for a blowjob.

I was so furious by the time I got to the back door I actually slammed it, not caring who heard. I had put up with a lot in my life, bullying and the like, and I never really had much of a temper. But right now was literally the angriest I had ever been. I didn't know where I was going or what I intended to do when I got there, but it was probably going to be stupid and destructive.

It just fit my mood perfectly when three blocks from my house there was a roll of thunder and it started to pour rain.

With the rain giving me a chill and my current state of mind I didn't feel it when it happened. It wasn't until I tripped over something that I looked down and saw my breasts, my t-shirt plastered to them by the rain. I was stunned for a moment. Then it all came crashing home. The events of the last day, and the now indisputable fact that they weren't a dream. I was a girl again.

Added on top of everything else it hit me in waves. My emotions went numb. I couldn't process it all. And it didn't even register to me that the pile of garbage that I had tripped over was stirring, and moaning. The movement caught my eye, but I didn't know what I was seeing until a newspaper fell aside and a filthy bearded face emerged.

The homeless man cursed at me until he looked up and saw my sexy female form, clothes soaked through and my prominent breasts easily visible through my shirt. Then he smiled and got a lecherous glint in his eye. And I started feeling... URGES! "OH CRAP! I just can't catch a break."

To Be Continued...

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