tagGroup SexSailing


bySateema Lunasi©

by Lily St. Claire (AKA Sateema and Maralily)

It seemed the weekend would take forever to come. Rehearsals were taking close to 10 hours a day now and we were all exhausted, hoping opening night would just happen so we could get it all done with! You see, I am an actress and dancer and the project was a play that opened in two weeks. Our director was paranoid, this being his first big show and he was seriously overworking us. Finally, we talked him into giving us the weekend off, though he wasn't too happy about it. It was Mike's clout that got us the weekend vacation. Mike was the star of the show and also quite a known actor in the rest of the Showbiz world. I got lucky to play his girlfriend in the show, though I am really young enough to be his daughter. The first day he was in rehearsal I knew I was attracted to him. I have always liked older men, and his British accent really turned me on. It was a real kick to be acting with someone who had been in so many movies and was considered the best.

Carol, my friend and another actress in the show was getting ready to leave with me to go to an aerobics class we had together when a tap on the dressing room door alerted us. We were both just out of make up from dress rehearsal, sitting there in white slips,


"It's Mike...may I come in?"

Carol and I squealed like two schoolgirls! We invited him in and he looked so handsome in his Donna Karan suit and leather driving gloves on! I didn't know people actually wore driving gloves! It was very sexy, and I wanted so badly to ask him out for coffee or something. I just didn't know what to say.

"I don't have long...have to get to a meeting, but I wonder, would the two of you care to go boating for the weekend? I have a boat just in the harbor and if you are both free for the weekend, it would be lovely to sail a bit with you..."

And, of course, we said yes.

Saturday morning, Carol and I drove out to the marina and walked along the boardwalk, looking at all the massive yachts and cabin cruisers docked there. We saw Mike then, dressed all in white, looking so handsome and so refined...I actually felt a rush of lust and I think Carol did too by the look on her face. We soon were out to sea and it was beautiful, the sun shining and everything warm and perfect. Mike brought us some champagne and Carol and I were giggling like schoolgirls. We cozied up on the deck lounger and Carol whispered,

"You think he would get off on watching two girls?"

Well, what guy wouldn't? Carol kissed me then and I kissed back, touching my tongue to hers and tasting champagne in her mouth. Mike simply relaxed in his chair and crossed his legs- the perfect gentleman, sipping champagne and watching us. I put my hands in Carol's blonde hair and we kissed a little harder, sliding my hand up her shirt and finally pulling it over her shoulders to reveal a skimpy bathing suit. I had worn mine under my clothes too so I stood up then, and pulled my sundress over my head, making sure to give Mike a full view of me as I did so. I bent over a bit as graceful as I could, to slip the dress off and as I bent over, I felt Carol's hands on my ass, moving my bikini bottoms to the side to dip a finger into my pussy. Her fingers were long and slender and felt wonderful moving in and out of me. I just dropped my dress to the floor in front of me and bent over some more to let her finger me. She pushed her finger into my cunt and then added another finger and another. I was so wet, and when she took her hand away, my juices were glistening on her fingers. Holding her hand between the two of us, we both licked at the fingers, loving the taste of it.

Mike watched us with a gleam in his eye and perfect poise and self-control, which turned us both on. We wanted to turn him on so much. Tiny blue triangles was all that Carol's bathing suit was, and it fell away easy when I untied the strings of her top and let her luscious tits fall out, firm and with hard pink nipples ready to be sucked. She untied my bathing suit too and I slipped the entire thing off, now completely naked. We took turns sucking each other's tits, pulling and teasing the nipples. Long and slender fingers kept rubbing my pussy, pushing a finger or two between the lips and spreading the lips to find my clit. Moans and gasps were coming from both of us, so much that I couldn't tell who was doing what. Carol's tits were so beautiful and the nipples so dark pink and swollen hard. I wanted to suck them for hours, but she gave me a better idea when she dipped down suddenly to lick my pussy, then came back up quickly to share the taste with me in a long and savory kiss.

"I want to taste you too, Carol..."

And soon I was sliding her bikini bottoms off her long legs and looking at her thatch of blonde curly pubic hair, delicate and sensuous. She laid back down on the sofa deck lounger and I laid on top of her in a 69 position. In seconds we were licking and sucking each other's pussy and fingering like crazy! I opened up her lips and let Mike see the light pink there, and as I did so, she did the same with me. He got a good look at us both as we tongued clit and sucked pussy till we both started coming and couldn't stop. I wondered if any of the other yachts passing could see us tongue fucking each other, and the thought actually made me even more excited and I stuck my tongue deep into Carol and felt her copy me. I looked over at Mike, who simply sipped champagne with one hand and held his impressive hard cock in the other, stroking it calmly. I wanted that cock inside me so badly and finally I simply said it,

"Will you fuck me, Mike? Please, I need your cock..."

He rose up from his chair and casually walked to me, cock in hand until he was directly behind me, positioning his huge cock at my swollen lips. Carol did not stop licking me, and suddenly I felt his thick cock pushing into me, splitting me and pumping into my cunt. Carol was licking both of us now, her tongue licking my clit and his cock as it slid in and out of me, rocking me back and forth. I started licking Carol's pussy again, loving her taste and the way she contracted against me, and I heard her moan very loudly, and spasm. She was coming again, and I was coming with her. Mike kept pumping into me and my body felt so wonderful as he fucked me hard, but Carol wanted some too and that is only fair, right? Mike pulled out of me and bent Carol over the sofa deck, slamming into her with wonderful force. She came again in just minutes as Mike fucked her with that big cock, and I sucked at her nipples while fingering my own pussy.

I soon found Carol and myself bent over the sofa deck, side by side, on our hands and knees, ready to take his cock. He obliged us and stuck his beautiful prick into me, gave me a dozen slams or so and then pulled out to fuck Carol the same way. He did this to both of us for nearly another half an hour, stopping to suck our nipples and to let us lick his cock clean before slamming it back into us again one at a time. When I thought I could take no more pleasure, he tensed up and gave us a gentle smile. He would come soon. He pulled out and instructed us with simple gestures of his hand for both of us to lay on our backs and open our legs to him. We obeyed, loving being instructed by this gorgeous man. We both opened our legs to him as he stood over us and he stroked his cock just a few more times before he came, thick and delicious cream hitting our pussies, which was his aim. There was a powerful amount of it and the warmth was almost scalding on our thighs. I came again just watching it and I saw carol sit up just a little to let some catch in her mouth.

He finished with a gleam of sweat on his brow and he casually sat back down to watch us lick each other clean, tonguing our pussies like kittens getting a bath. We finished each other, then knelt down to lick his cock clean, which made us want more. We took a quick swim, then headed to the stateroom to do some more fucking. Carol and I try to get away for the weekends with Mike as much as possible, usually every weekend now. We don't even bother to bring any overnight bags anymore...we never need clothes once we are there.

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