tagMind ControlSailing Away From Reality Ch. 02

Sailing Away From Reality Ch. 02


I hope you will enjoy my continuing tales of Joe and Jan's hypnotic, erotic adventures

Again this is all total fiction: all names, places, and events are fictitious

The uses of hypnosis in this story are pure fabrication and are not real.

Enjoy the story and I'd love you comments. You can e-mail me at the address in my profile.


It had already been a night that I'd never forget, but what happened next would shake my world in ways I could have never envisioned. In coming on the cruise, I had only hoped that my wife might watch some hypnosis, relax a little about it, and get off my case.

Now here we were walking through the ship, for a midnight rendezvous in the cabin of the Erotic hypnotist, who had just put on the wild hypnosis show. My mind was still trying comprehend how he'd turned "stuck up," "old fashioned" Jill into the hottest stripper on the seven seas.

He had also changed Jan from my "Hypnosis scares me," "Don't touch me in front of the kids" wife, into a steaming hot Hypnotic Mistress, who had hypnotized three guys and a girl. Then she had forced them to individually pleasure her sexually, some with lesbian delights and brought her to multiple orgasms in front of a whole audience.

Now our gleefully wives were almost running, as if their panties were going to burst, just to see him again. Alan and I could hardly keep up with them as they scooted quickly through the near empty passageways.

Arriving at the door, Jill immediately knocked even before Alan and I had stopped walking. A nicely dressed, slightly older woman opened the door and greeted the Girls with huge hugs.

"Jill and Jan, I'm so glad you came!" She said.

This time it was me, who stood there wondering, "Who was this lady and when did the girls ever met her?"

Both girls, falling all over themselves, rambled on and on about "How great it was to see her again" and "How wonderful it was that she and Jeffrey were for inviting them to this party."

Finally, I butted in and asked Jan how she knew this woman. Turning back, She introduced both Alan and I to "Laura".

"Laura, is Jeffrey's wife, She said, "She helped us prepare back stage during the show."

Since I couldn't figure out how they had gotten from the stage to the backstage, I had to ask.

"Jan, How did you get back stage anyway?"

A puzzled look came to Jan's face and as Laura smiled. Then Jan said, " I was on stage getting hypnotized and then I was just backstage with Laura, once we were done getting ready, then I was just back on stage again"

"What about you, Jill?" Alan asked. She said that was all she remembered too.

"Sorry guys, That is a trade secret" Laura said welcoming us in.

Entering, we discovered that all the other show volunteers had already arrived with their partners. The immense double suite was filled with a large buffet table and a well stocked bar.

Seeing us entering, Jeffrey came over and warmly greeted both Jill and Jan again. " Thanks for coming, It's wonderful to see you both again" he said, giving them both a big hug.

"And this must be your husband..." "Joe, Isn't it?" he said shaking my hand. "And Jill, this must be your husband?" he said shaking Alan's hand. Jill quickly introduced Alan.

Alan commented " I loved you show and I can't believe what you got Jill to do".

"Thank you" he said " Jill is a great subject and she put on a fantastic show".

Turning to me, he asked " I'm wondering how did you liked Jan's Erotic Hypnodomme show, it sounded like she hasn't been lets you enjoy hypnosis much, lately?"

I said that I couldn't believe my eyes, when he turned Jan into a hypnotist herself and watching those bizarre things that she did, I still was having a hard time grasping how Jan could do that.

Then I asked him how he had gotten both of our fairly conservative wives to perform such outrageous shows.

"We were kind of wondering that ourselves" the girls both said. Smiling at the women, he said that they were marvelous subjects and he had an incredibly fun time working with them.

"All women are told by society and other people throughout all their lives, all these little rules of what they can and can't do." He said,

"All I did with the ladies was to take them away, for a little while, from all the restrictions that those other people had told them all their lives" he said smiling.

"I've found that every women that I've ever met, loves to have the attention from men and other women, with those restrictions gone they can more freely act to satisfy their needs." he said candidly.

"The way they performed in the show came from the deep desires they had repressed inside, I only opened the door to those desires" He said smiling.

"That's amazing, I didn't know you had it in you, Hun" I said smiling at Jan.

" I didn't know either, but surprisingly I really enjoyed it" Jan said with a mixed sense of delight and slight disbelief.

After a few minutes, Jeffrey called us all the together for introductions.

First, Cindy introduced her husband Rick, then Teresa Foster, introduced her friend "Valerie", A 5' 4" brunette girl dressed a nice skirt and top. Pamela Thompson then introduced her husband Steve and "olive skinned" Jennifer, her husband "Talmal" who was of Middle Eastern decent.

Then Jan introduce me and Jill showed off Alan. Jeffrey finished by introducing the ships doctor "Jim" with his wife "Susan", who he said was just making sure the girls were all right after their night's hypnotic encounters. Finally, Jeffrey introduced his lovely wife Laura to us again.

With the introductions out of the way, Jeffrey asked if the ladies wanted to see a little demonstration of his show from a spectator's point of view.

Excitedly they all clambered to get seats on the couches to watch Jeffrey's powers, close up. Turning to us, Jeffrey smiled and said, "I need a little help here, Guys"

" Is anyone brave enough to go under, so I can treat these ladies to a little show?"

Like scared little sheep, we all mulled around with no one jumping on Jeffrey's offer. Finally Jan spoke up

"Joe, you've always wanted to get hypnotized, but I've never let you, Well here's you chance to do it with one of the best." Stunned, I stood there Wondering, "Was this really my wife and had she just volunteered me?"

I thought for a minute, Jan was right and she had just done Jeffrey's show for me. It was the least I could do and stepping forward I said, "I'll be your guinea pig, have your way with me"

Then Teresa grabbed a surprised Valerie's hand and said "My friend Valerie wants to do it too!"

A shocked look washed across Valerie's face, as Teresa said, " Val, you've always told me, how crazy it would be to get hypnotized and do something really weird, now here's your chance."

"Teresa, I saw what you did tonight and I'm really not sure I'm up to this?" Valerie said, trying to weasel out." "Nonsense girl" Teresa said as she pushed Valerie up off the couch

"You'll owe me a big one for this, Terri!" Valerie said, as she reluctantly shuffled over next to me

Jeffrey pulled a pair of chairs off to one side of the room and Valerie and I sat down.

"Don't worry, just relax and have fun". He said to us. Then he had us take a deep breath to relax. As I finished he held out his hand and said "Jewel Arise".

As I heard those words, my mind knew what was coming; in the fractions of a second that I had left, Two last thoughts ran through my mind.

First, part of me was yelling " What the hell was I doing, letting this man trance me?"

As the other part of me kept trying to rationalize this by telling me that, "Jan had already given me one hell of a show tonight, I owed her big time and who knows maybe it might be fun."

Before I could even have a second thought, right in front of my eyes, this incredible jewel began to float. Then it began to spin, casting the most dazzling streams of light into my eyes.

As I watched it spun faster and faster, the heart of the crystal seemed to pulsate with energy. I felt my very essence being drawn into the crystal, as it's power exploded throughout my brain.

Streams of letters and words barraged my mind, as I sat watching there listening to Jeffrey's strong voice.

His words seemed to weave into my mind, into the very being. At first, My mind began to spin slowly and something inside of me said "hold on", as I tried to stay in control.

But then, as if someone had pushed down on the accelerator, My head began spinning faster and more wildly out of control.

That something was now screaming, "Must hold on, Don't let go,!!!!". I was dying, it seemed like an eternity trying to stay in control; BUT the spin kept escalating to such an unbelievable intensity, that the pull to let go became overwhelming.

All of a sudden I couldn't hold it any more and let go. Like someone put a drain in the back head and pulled the plug. It was as if every ounce my mind was now rushing out of the back of my head, as if it was being sucked down a huge drain.

As the last remnants of my mind disappeared down the drain, I collapsed in complete emptiness.

The emptiness was only broken by Jeffery voice, which said, "I had to obey him, and only him." He was the only one who knew: "Who I was" "What I thought" and "What I was to do". I always had to please him.

Then Jeffery said that I was the hottest male stripper in the world, I loved stripping and turning women on. I would do anything to please any women that I was dancing for.

Jeffrey said that I had been paid an exorbitant amount of money to Strip at this Bachelorette party. My personal slogan was "Anything you can imagine, I'll do, just to completely please you" and I had a personal complete satisfaction guaranty.

Now I was to dance and erotic please all the women, paying special attention to the bride to be "Valerie". I was to get as sexily raunchy with her, as she wanted. I would do anything to sexually entice and please her.

With a "Snap" my eyes opened and I began warmly greeting all ladies in room and asked who was our special "bride to be". They all pointed to Valerie and taking her hand, I sexily kissed it saying, "We are going to get wild tonight in every way little lady."

Turning around I went to the boom box and jacked up the volume. As the strong beat rocked the room, Like a man possessed, I began wildly dancing towards the women. Wickedly I erotically danced, as every piece of my clothing flew sexily off.

As I continued, the women started yelling out what they wanted see and how they wanted it. Totally eager to please, I was all over them, nearly naked I was bumping and grinding with each of one, as they laughed, hooted, and hollered.

Then Laura said "I've got an Idea, lets get a garter, girls, I think it's time for Valerie's to get to know Joe a whole lot more intimately. The next thing I knew, I found myself buried under Valerie's dress, Licking, and erotically kissing my way up her leg to the garter, which they had placed all the way up next to her panties. I could hear the women going crazy as I reached my destination.

Wickedly, Teresa suggested "Val, you said that I owed you a big one, well I think Joe is the right guy to give it to you." As all the women squealed with delight Teresa said,

"Joe, I think you need meet Valerie in an even more intimate way and since you're already so close anyway, why don't you not only remove Valerie's garter with your mouth, but also take off her panties too and lick her out."

At first Valerie sounded like she was going to put an end to Teresa's plan saying, "Terri, I've never had a guy do anything like that down there."

As Teresa kept up her sale pitch, " you know you always wanted to try it, Valerie"

"Valerie began wavering saying, " You know I really shouldn't do this."

And then she finally caved in, "Oh, go ahead, I've always wondered how it would feel", she said as all the other women cheered their approval.

"You heard the Lady, Joe, get to work!" Teresa commanded.

Immediately I moved over and giving her mound a kiss and a little lick, I then reaching up grabbing her panties. As Valerie lifted her bottom, I pulled her panties all the way off, I could tell the she was already sexually excited, as her pussy was soaking wet. I went crazy kissing, licking, and sucking her sweet little clit.

Then as her body began to squirm, I slow began my assault on her virgin little pussy. With every lick, her pussy lips opened wider and wider.

Finally, I pushed my tongue ever so slowly into her. Penetrating her pussy lips, she shuttered and moaned passionately, as her legs clamped around tightly around my head.

As I continued slowly going in deeper and deeper, while rubbing her clit vigorously with my fingers. Her panting quickened, as Valerie began squirming, her legs spreading wider, as she began to grind herself into my face. Her moans growing stronger and more intense, till all of a sudden she exploded, rocked by her first ever orgasm.

The women cheered and laughed, as they kept telling Valerie to relax and just ride the sensations. Then Laura shouted to me "Joe, way to go, Now bring her again even stronger".

Immediately I dug in with even more zeal, manipulating Valerie's dripping pussy and clit in every sexual way that I could. I could feel her orgasm building, as her muscles tensed up and before long she was shuttering and shrieking in pleasure again.

"You've had enough, Haven't you, Valerie." Laura said.

Trying to catch her breath, Valerie managed just a weak "Yea I have".

"Well done Joe, Why done you come out and play with the rest of us" Laura suggested.

Exiting Valerie's dress, I found her all flushed and panting, with a smoldering shy smile on her face. One of the ladies handed me a towel and I wiped my face off, then I threw it around Jill and pulled her tight, as I ground myself into her.

Soon, all the other ladies wanted at l least one more sexy dance and being the dynamo I was, I took each of them on a ride they would never forget. I was smiling as they all kept telling me what a fantastic job I had done.

Their praise was cut short when Jeffrey said that I should sit down in the chair next to him and become empty again. That is exactly what I did, sitting down, the room and everything melted away.

Next thing I remember was a slow rush of thoughts, as my mind came flying back to me. I'd never felt so completely relaxed and wonderful in my life.

Finally my eyes opened and I was still sitting in the chair, as everyone was smiling, clapping and laughing. "Wow Jeffery, that was some ride!" "I hope everyone enjoyed the show." I said groggily.

"Yes, Everyone did, especially Valerie" Jan said, as everyone laughed. Jeffrey thanked me for letting him have some fun with me and said that I had been great.

"I just thought the ladies deserved some personal attention, since they put on such a wonderful show tonight and you filled the bill perfectly." Jeffrey said.

I slowly got up and wandered back to the bar where Alan and most of the guys were hanging out at. As I came up to Alan, he asked me what it was like going under?

I said it was the wildest thrill ride I'd ever been on. Then I asked him how Jan had handled my wild sexual show. He said that she had seemed to go alone with the other women and had a good time.

Alan said he thought Jan was a little jealous when I brought Valerie to the orgasms. But all in all, she seemed to enjoy herself as all the other women had. As we talked I heard Jeffrey's voice as he talked with the women

As I looked back at the ladies, Jeffrey boldly asked the women, "What's best of the old "007" bond movie you've ever seen?" Some mentioned " "Goldfinger", others "The Spy who loved Me", and one even suggested "Moonraker" Alan told me that he 'd always liked "Dr. No" then he started to explain why he liked the old flick.

As Alan continued to talk to me, I turned to see Jeffery laughing as he said " All those movies were great but "My favorite" Is "Diamonds are forever". Immediately, it was as if someone had pulled the plug out of my head and again my mind went rushing madly out.

Then Jeffrey told me there was an elevator and I was to step in. Now the elevator was descending and with each level I went down, the more and more relaxed I became. Then it began to speed up, till all of a sudden it went into free fall and I fell into emptiness and I collapsed, totally out.

Next thing I knew all the guys were huddled around me, as I asked, "What happened?"

Alan said that Jeffrey had used a trigger phrase to put all the women back into trance, it seems that I'd gotten caught in the crossfire and helplessly I'd fallen into trance with them. Looking back at the now empty couches I asked, " where are all the women?"

"Jeffrey took them and he gave us the word to wake you back up" Alan said, continuing he said that Jeffrey had promised the guy's "A cruise that we would never forget," but he needed to take the women for some private time.

"It's OK," Rick said, "Jim the ship's doctor went with him and the girls." Before he left, he put a DVD of his wildest shows in the player for us to watch and told us to turn it on after we woke you up.

As they turned on the video, I wondered what Alan had meant when Jeffrey said "A cruise we would never forget." All that was lost in a few moments as the screen filled with 6 all new women going under Jeffrey's power.

The show was similar to our show, except when the ladies did their various sexual naked acts, it seemed as if they were enclosed by a translucent crystal.

As we looked though it, we could see each beautiful women stripping as the crystal grew a little brighter and began to spin. In back of my mind, I remembered that spin and I groggily looked over at Alan. He stood, mouth dropping open, he seemed to be totally absorbed watching the women stripping in the crystal. I tried to talk, but my mouth didn't seem to work.

Then a familiar voice called to the others and me; telling us to look hard at the woman stripping in the crystal. My head slowly turned back and my eyes locked on the naked woman as she danced. He said that every man loves seeing a naked woman, loves making love to sexy naked woman.

The voice then commanded " You'll now fantasize about having the best sex with our wives or girlfriends, as we watched the naked girl dance."

In my mind I was having amazing sex with Jan, as Jeffrey continued to suggest that now she would now magically transform in whatever woman was dancing in the crystal, in every way.

One naked woman in the crystal had just ended her show and was replaced by a Little girl who barely looked 21. She began to strip naked and sexily danced, as I watched intensely.

As I looked down at my wife's smiling face, with her legs happily spread wide as I pumped merrily in and out of her. As my intense orgasm continued to build, My mind helplessly transformed Jan's image into this little sexy girl, with her tight little body.

Now I was towering over this innocent little girl, with my dick happily plunging deeply in and out of her tight, hot, wet pussy, as she giggled and laughed.

Soon I was shooting my imaginary wad into this sweet little thing, without any regrets.

Again the image in the crystal changed from the petite naked girl to an older naked woman about 35, who she danced sexily.

Like hitting the repeat button on a DVD, my mind immediately transformed the little innocent girl into this larger, more mature, woman with big breasts, that I now fondled delightfully, as my hard cock mindless pumped in and out of her. Again I built to orgasm and I gushed out deep into her hot wet chasm.

Woman after woman of every size and shape, all strutting their assets danced naked in front of me: younger, older, taller, shorter, blonde, brunette, and redheads. Women of all nationalities: Swedish, Chinese, Russian, French, Scottish, Japanese, Australian, and even proper English women, all bumping and grinding, as mind soaked in every sexy inch of their gorgeous bodies .

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