tagMind ControlSailing Away From Reality Ch. 04

Sailing Away From Reality Ch. 04


This story is pure fiction and all uses of hypnosis are pure fantasy. All names and places are completely made up.

This may be my last story for a while as father is

fighting heart failure and my wife is fighting breast cancer. Enjoy the story


Chapter 3 "Pam and Joe's Adventures"

As I strolled down these strange new passageways, my mind was still reeling from all the events that had transpired ever since I'd met Tom and Rick aboard ship.

I'd only hoped by coming on the cruise to maybe watch a few hypnosis shows, featuring hypnotized women blindly performing some outrageous and sexy stunts.

My new Internet friends and their wives had promised to help keep Jan busy, so I could enjoy these shows without her endless tirades of; "How horrible hypnosis was", or "How scared she was of it", or "What a loser I was for liking it".

While I really didn't believed that this was possible knowing Jan like I did, something deep inside kept hoping against hope.

But since I'd met these guys on board, it had been as if I'd walked through some mystical magical portal into a "Twilight Zone" episode, where all reality had been hypnotically suspended.

Now as I walked through the hallways of the ship with this total stranger wedging herself tightly into my side, my mind was in an utter state disbelief.

"My Jan", who'd Hated everything to do with hypnosis, for some unexplained reason had actually allowed herself to get hypnotized.

If that wasn't enough, the Stage Hypnotist had hypnotically transformed her into an erotic Hypnodomme called Mistress Passion.

Unknowingly, Jan as Mistress Passion, without giving it a second thought, cheerfully and thoroughly hypnotized me into completely forgetting about her.

Then without a care, using her hypnotic persuasive words, Jan happily placed me into the arms of this sexy stranger to completely satisfy her with all my sexual prowess.

Leaving the party, Jan even blissfully opened the door and with a look of accomplishment in her eyes, she ushered us out for our carnal night together.

If Jeffrey hadn't had the foresight to preprogrammed Jan into giving us all post hypnotic suggestions to release us out of her spell when we left the cabin, I would have been perfectly contented to mindlessly sexually devour Pam.

Don't get me wrong, having mindless sex with this gorgeous woman wouldn't have been a repulsive act. But being in complete control of my mind and actions during our new upcoming sexual adventures was far more rewarding.

Now as I felt Pam slowing down and reaching into her purse, I knew that we'd arrived. As she unlocked the door, I pulled her tight and gave her a passionate kiss.

Then kicking the door open with my foot, I swept Pam off her feet and carried her across the threshold, all the while telling her how beautiful and how captivating she was.

"Oh Joe love, I want to make tonight unforgettable!" Pam said breathlessly, as her eyes sparkled with excitement.

"My Love, when you're in my arms, every night is always unforgettable!" I charmingly said.

By the look in her eyes and her shy blush, I could tell that I'd hit the jackpot. Slowly I walked over the bed and gently lowered her down. Joining her, quickly our bodies locked in a long intimate embrace and kiss, as we savored every stimulation that our new romance afforded.

It was like I was dating again, working so hard to charm and please this strange woman, hoping to build her desire for me, as I poured it on thick.

"Pam, You're the most incredible woman and I'm the luckiest man in the world to be married to you!" I declared as I kissed her lips and ran my fingers through her hair.

"I love everything about you!" I whispered into her ear. "The way your eyes sparkle whenever you're excited and how you've kept yourself so incredibly fit and sexy, it's no wonder I why I can't control my love for you!"

"I'm helpless to stop myself and you leave my totally captivated whenever I'm in your arms." "You drive me crazy every time I see your sweet smile, the incredibly sexy way you look in everything you wear, whether a dress, shorts, or even a swimsuit."

"Every time, every second we are together this feeling grows stronger and now I desperately want you so badly it hurts. I can't help myself, I'm completely yours and I want nothing other than you!"

Pam's face was literally beaming, as she soaked in every word.

Finally she spoke, "I want you too, Your sweet kisses melt me, your caressing hands make my body tremble inside with passion and my mind and body wants only you, Joe!" Pam said, as if she was pledging her sexual allegiance to me.

As I gazed into Pam's glowing face, she whispered, "There is something I want to show you and many new special delights I want us to share tonight."

"Please let me go, my love and I be back in a minute!" Pam said, as she got up and went to the dresser. She shielded me from seeing what she'd selected, but I knew that it had to be some silky and sexy outfit.

"You're looking so uncomfortable in those clothes, could you lose them for me." Pam asked smiling, as she darted off to the bathroom to change.

I finished undressing and I sat on the bed waiting, while my mind raced excitingly with what I was doing. But nothing could have prepared me for what was coming.

"Joe, I've always dreamed of doing this and tonight's the night!" Pam said in a nervous, but erotic voice, as she walked tentatively out of the bathroom.

I sat there, totally stunned, drinking in the vision of Pam, as she stood there wearing only a sheer baby doll. I could see her impressive breasts and since she wasn't wearing any panties, her sumptuous naked pussy.

"How do you like my outfit?" She asked, "I found it at this yummy little shop on board ship called 3Wishes."

As I looked into Pam's eyes, I saw the same excited, but nervous look I'd seen in Jan's eyes on our honeymoon, before we'd had sex for the first time.

Jan had told me later that she was so nervous and worried about how I would respond, that she almost couldn't move, since she'd never done this before.

I had to move quickly to put Pam's mind at ease. So flashing an enormous smile, I said, "Oh my God, Pam!!!!!, You're So incredibly Beautiful!!!!"

"Are my eyes are on fire?" I said gesturing to my eyes, "Because you're looking so incredibly HOT, they must be burning!"

Pam's face lit up with a "Million Dollar" smile, which quickly turned into a delightful devilish look, as she sexily began sauntering towards me.

I couldn't stop myself from getting hard, as my body eagerly anticipated savoring every exquisite inch of Pam's gorgeous female physique.

Stopping and standing about three feet away from me, Pam asked,

"Joe, darling, would you stand up and help me with something?"

"Wearing that Outfit, I'd gladly help her with anything!" I thought as I quickly stood up and walked over to meet her.

"I can see that that someone's happy to see me!" she said snickering, as she pointed to my rock hard, fully erect penis.

Laughingly, I said, "Sorry, but seeing you I couldn't help myself!"

"Oh, Don't be sorry Honey." She said, as leaning forward she wrapped herself around me, "With that Big Boy, I'm sure we can find a couple of Welcoming Homes for that Giant Guy to enjoy tonight!"

Oh my God! The feeling was indescribable as I felt Pam's warm soft breasts rubbing against my bare chest. My erect penis began pushing through the silky material of her babydoll, ramming itself into the crevasse between her legs, ultimately rubbing against her womanhood, as if it was seeking a home to enter.

Pam parted our kiss long enough to say, "Joe dear, I saw something in a show today, that I've been just dying to try it out."

"Would you mind?" she asked with an eager and enthusiastic look on her face. "I'm sure you're going to love it!" She said confidently.

I thought back to Jeffrey's party and all the women watching the

X-rated "Sexually Desperate Housewives" DVD, as my head started to nod "Yes". As Pam began sliding her sexy, silky body slowly down against my body, I watched with a mixture of awe and delight, knowing what this wonderful woman had in mind.

I'd always wanted to experience a blowjob, but Jan had always said that it was "too degrading and disgusting". But now, here was Pam, practically a virtual stranger to me before tonight, eagerly welcoming my erect penis into her mouth.

I watched in amazement as Pam's mouth closed around my throbbing penis and she slowly began sucking it. I'd never felt anything like it, as the most incredible feelings I'd ever experience began cascading into my brain.

"Oh Pam, I've never felt anything so wonderful, you're truly an amazing woman!!!" I breathlessly said, as I began running my fingers through Pam's beautiful scarlet red hair.

She barely garbled out a muffled, "You're Welcome," as she now more excitingly rushed to suck me off.

As Pam's rhythm increased, becoming faster and faster, I felt my orgasm rapidly building. With every second growing fuller, stronger, to the point I barely could control it.

As I looked down, I'd never done this to a woman, but now I couldn't help myself, as with a few more swift, sweet sucks of Pam's mouth,

I helplessly erupted my wad deep into Pam's mouth and down her throat.

As I stood there relishing every moment, I could hear Pam squealing with delight, so happy in accomplishing her newfound ability to get me off. Pam was so amazing, as she slowly sucked out and swallowing every drop, even meticulously licking me clean.

"I told you, You'd love it!" she said beaming, as she slowly sexily slid her way back up.

I cupped her face with my hands and I planted the longest, most passionate kiss on her. As we kissed my hands slowly began descending down to Pam's shoulders and with my thumbs, I carefully hooked each of the straps of her babydoll.

Softly brushing them off her shoulders, I watched as gravity did its work and her top fell helplessly down, exposing her wonderfully erect breasts.

Slowly, I began shifting my mouth from Pam's lips to erotically kissing the side of her neck, as my hands began slowly massaging Pam's soft exceptional mounds.

I could hear her moans as I felt her body shudder with her building passion. Slowly I moved, passionately kissing my way down Pam's neck in my slow procession towards her breasts.

Pam moaned, "Oh Joe, It feels so wonderful tonight!"

My mouth slowly began kissing, licking and teasing her breasts and as I slowly suckled them, my hands slowly grabbed her "babydoll" and slid it over her soft tender hips, freely letting it to fall silently to the floor.

As I began kissing my way back up to Pam's lips, my hands plunged slowly downward over her stomach and descended following the contoured curve of her body, till I reached her moist pussy.

While I passionately kissed Pam, I found and slowly began stroking her clit. She moaned and began to pant, as her legs began shifting and trembling with excitement.

"OH Joe, I want you so badly, I need you!!!" Pam panted breathlessly

Then I was totally caught by surprise at what she said next.

Still breathing hard, Pam said, "Joe, I know how much you loved the blowjob I gave you, would you mind orally pleasuring me, by licking me out like you did Valerie at the party?"

"Would I Mind???" My mind screamed in disbelief, "This woman had to be kidding!!!"

"Putting my face in this woman's glorious pussy and licking out all her sweet pussy juices!" I thought, "Who needed to even ask!"

Sexily, I gave her my answer; "I'd love to Pam, My love, My beautiful lady!"

With that, I swept Pam up into my arms again and as she began kissing me, I carried her over to the bed and gently lowered her down.

Settling in, Pam said, "Joe, love, Thank you so much for doing this!" "I've always wanted to do this, but I've always been too scared to ask."

"But now for some reason, tonight with you, I just want to try it!" she said excitedly with a puzzled look, "I don't know why?"

Well I knew why. This was some of Jeffrey's Hypnotic handiwork and Pam was helpless to stop herself, I thought, as I gave her a devilish smile and began strolling towards the foot of the bed.

Walking slowly, my eyes drank in the dazzling sight of this naked woman waiting, longing for me to come devour her open, defenseless pussy.

Like an exotic big cat, I pounced onto the bed; slowly, seductively crawling towards her, as Pam spread her legs squealing with delight.

I made animal sounds, as I said in a deep sexy voice, "Pam, your Passionate Kisses and your unbelievably sexy body has turned me into a wild, uncontrollable sexual animal that wants to only devour you!"

Looking into Pam's laughing, smiling face, I could see the excitement of expectation in her eyes, as she fondled her breasts and her legs spread open, eagerly anticipated my sexual advance.

I growled and Pam laughed. Then she gave me an inquisitive look, as I began to lick and kiss my way slowly up her legs. I could hear Pam's giggles mix with more and louder moans the closer I got to her snatch.

Approaching her pussy, I looked up and gave Pam an animalistic growl, as my hands tenderly, but firmly grasped her butt slowly lifting her pussy up, as I buried my face into it.

"Joe, you are an animal!" she said giggled, as I began wildly licking and kissing her clit

"Ohhhhhhhh, I love this!!!" she proclaimed loudly.

I was in heaven, with my tongue slowly spreading her pussy lips apart and my hand gently stroking her clit.

With every large long wet lick, Pam's pussy opened wider and wider to me. As I drove my tongue deeper and deeper inside her, I could hear Pam's moans growing more intense, as her legs began to writhe in passion with my tongues licks and thrusts.

The wonderful erotic sounds of this woman's enjoyment echoed in my ears, while I savored every minute in her luscious pussy. Pam's breathing began to quicken; her legs twitched involuntary and squeezed for more, as her moans built to a crescendo.

Looking quickly up, I watched in paradise, as Pam's curvaceous body exploded and twisted helplessly, totally immersed in her orgasm. Immediately I plunged back in and rode her wildly bucking pussy, as she exploded even harder.

After a few minutes, I could feel Pam slowly coming down, as she said in a breathless voice, "Oh Joe, Wow, that was so incredibly wonderful!" Glowing, Pam declared, "I never knew that I'd enjoy that so much, you're incredible!!!".

Slowly, I began kissing my way up her sweet sexy body, as Pam talked of her total satisfaction and kept showering me with praise. As I reached her neck, Pam's hands that had been lovingly, caressing my back moved down to my penis and she began excitedly stroking it.

Longingly, she moaned, "I want you so badly, I want to feel you deep inside me!"

I felt my desire for her growing with every second she stroked me.

"I've "Got" to have you, Woman!!!" I devilishly proclaimed.

Rising up, I grabbed my large erect rod and began teasingly rubbing it up and down the full length of Pam's slit.

Looking down into Pam's smiling face and her excited, eagerly anticipating eyes, I knew that she wanted it, so I plunged the head slowly into Pam's wet, hot, welcoming pussy.

"Oh Joe!!!!" Pam groaned, as I slowly glided through her opening and felt her hot wet inner passages. As I began, her pussy gripped me tight and I could feel a sense of resistance.

Knowing that Pam might be fearful of my large penis, I stopped and lowering myself, I planted a long passionate kiss on Pam.

With in seconds, the resistance that had been like a concrete barrier, dissolved into quicksand, as Pam oozed with wetness and her vaginal walls relaxed, completely surrendering to me.

With every luscious inch that I buried myself into Pam, her shrieks of "Ohhhhhhh Joe!" got more got higher and more infused with passion, until I'd completely submerged myself into her, bumping up against her lovely mound.

As I raised up and slowly pulled myself out, I felt Pam body's exquisite suction, as my mind was ablaze in a stream of hot sexual sensations.

"Why hadn't I ever had sex with more than one woman?" I marveled, "This was incredible!"

The outrageously intense erotic sexual sensations that I felt, as Pam's hot wet body molded itself around me, drove me crazy. I only wanted to fuck this woman's hot body forever.

As I reached her outer lips, I slowly but eagerly plunged myself deeply back into the full length of her chasm, drinking in every intense sexual pleasure, as Pam legs shuttering and she moaned loudly with delight.

My slow thrusts began to quicken, as my large, engorged penis was on fire with an enormous building orgasm.

Looking into Pam's face, her eyes were closing, totally awash in a haze of sexual pleasure. She laid there with her mouth open wide, moaning, panting and her body writhing, soaking up every inch of our hot sexual encounter.

I couldn't help myself, as the pressures of my largest orgasm ever had pushed me to the brink. I held it for a few more spectacular thrusts, as I looked at Pam's sexy, naked body.

Finally as I enjoyed one last stupendous surge, that sent my mind and penis bursting, I exploded into Pam, like I'd never climaxed before.

Spraying hot and hard deeply in Pam's hot, open, accepting body with such an unbelievable rush, that my mind and body only wanted to fuck her forever.

Feeling my explosion inside her and hearing my moans of sexual satisfaction, Pam couldn't help herself, as she too shrieked and exploded with an intensely powerful orgasm of her own. We both moaned and groaned uncontrollably together, as our bodies were one, locked in cascading waves of sexual ecstasy.

"Oh my God!!!" I thought "I never felt anything so wonderful!!!"

My brain was ablaze, with love and lust for Pam and her incredibly sexy body. My body continued pumping, spewing, load after load into Pam for so long, I thought it was never going to end.

Finally, I collapsed, completely spent and lovingly kissed Pam, feeling like I'd never felt before. I held her tight, kissing her, completely in love with her.

"Pam, you're so Beautiful and that was the most Amazing sex I've every had!" I kept telling her," I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!"

I looking at Pam's face, as she laid washed in a sexual afterglow, her hazy eyes sparkling with sexual excitement and her smile beaming at me, as she breathlessly said, "Oh Joe, I've never felt like this before, I Love you so much!!!"

"JOE, YOU'RE AN AMAZING MAN!!!" she proclaimed wholeheartedly.

I pulled her even tighter, kissing her intensely and lovingly caressed her beautiful breasts, as I felt my limp penis slowly slip out.

"I love this!" Pam said lovingly, "And I love all the incredible ways that you make love to me!" As Pam began tenderly kissing me, she whispered, "I'm so glad you're Mine!"

We kissed and held each other affectionately, as we slowly came down. Finally, Pam said that she had to go to the bathroom. I enjoyed watching her naked body with her cute little butt, as she wiggled sexily away.

While she was gone, I laid completely satisfied with my mind reveling in the sexual encounter that I'd just experienced. I'd been so caught up in Pam's sexual lovemaking, I'd totally forgotten about being married for a while.

It was like I was in a "Twilight Zone" episode and had magically traded places with Pam's husband, enjoying all of Pam's entire sexual expertise, without any consequence for my actions.

I'd never felt such a sexual rush, maybe it was the fact this was a sexual taboo, sexually taking another man's wife and tasting her forbidden fruit or the fact that Jan would never know since Jeffrey had hypnotized her.

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