tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSailing Discovery

Sailing Discovery


I suppose the story should start with a little background about my wife and me. We are professional people living on the St Lawrence River in the Thousand Islands area. We are in our mid 50's and a few years ago we downsized our life style (sold the big house and most the stuff in it) so that we could afford a sailboat and spend the summers sailing in and around this beautiful area.

Last summer, we decided to extend our cruising into Lake Ontario, and made up our minds to circumnavigate the lake. That may not seem like much to some of the readers, but it meant that we would be sailing for several weeks and travelling about 350 nautical miles in total. It took about four days to get to the start of Lake Ontario and it was dead calm; so, we had to motor for the first two days. We stopped each night at different towns, met up with a few friends, and generally did the cruising thing we had been doing for the last few years.

Our next stop was the big city of Toronto and the perfect place to dock the boat was at Centre Island, which is a large, municipally run park, just a few hundred yards off shore. There are ferries which take thousands of people back and forth to the island for picnics, playgrounds, and, of course, the beaches. Our plan was to stay a few days and to explore the island and to use the ferry to get into town and explore the big city. We arrived at dusk after a very blustery day on the water; so, we were content to just tie up, cook our late supper and go to bed.

In the morning, we were well rested and happy to be staying put for a few days. We got breakfast and decided to go for our morning run on the paved roadways on the island (there are no cars allowed). So, off we went for a three mile jog in the hot sun of the early morning. About 100 yards into the run, we were on a walking path with many signs to the beach. This was a great place to run and to check out the beach at the same time.

"Hey look at that!" my wife said. So I looked up and saw the sign to the "CLOTHING OPTIONAL BEACH"

"This ought to be interesting." I said. "Let's check it out."

Normally, once we are on a run, we don't like to stop. We had only just started and the sign was a total shock to us. We had no idea that there was a nude beach on Centre Island. At any rate, we decided to walk off the path and cross the small sand dune to take a look. The beach was beautiful and almost deserted. There were only about a dozen people around as it was early morning, but sure enough, they were naked as naked could be. The nearest person to us happened to be the only woman on the beach, and she was doing a very slow Tai Chi routine. She moved with steady, purposeful grace as she bent and stretched through her movements. As weird as this may seem, I was focused on her movement rather than her nakedness. Don't get me wrong, I was checking her out, but the sun, the sand, and the moves, made a greater picture than the nudity.

"God, I'd love to spend some time walking naked around here. What do you think?" I asked my wife.

"Yahhh, I'm sure you would." she replied in a somewhat sarcastic tone, but she did say, "We can do our run and end up at the far end when we come back."

The clothing optional area was about a quarter mile long and there was a fence at the far end to mark it off. I was excited as hell at the sudden prospect that my wife would be willing to walk nude down a public beach. My cock had the first stirring of an erection and I asked. "Do you mean you'll walk down the beach in the nude?"

"You can if you want to, but the sign says ‘clothing optional' so we don't have to be naked." she replied.

Her response wasn't exactly a "No!" so life was looking up, as we started off on the run. The twinge in my cock had not diminished and the old running shorts were developing a sudden bulge. My head was reeling with the prospect of spending time on a nude beach and especially with the possibility of my wife going along with it.

"Hey wait a minute," I thought to myself, "I'm just thinking about this, and my cock is close to rock hard. What will I do when, and if, I drop my drawers in public?" For the rest of the run, I could think of nothing else. Would my wife really spend the afternoon on a nude beach? Would she get pissed off at me for looking at other women? Would I be rock hard for all to see? It was the shortest three mile run of my life. It was not because of the pace, but because I was totally focused on the beach and never once though about the aches and pains of running. Three miles later, we were back at the fence and standing at the gate.

"Are you going to do it?" my wife asked. Before I could answer, she saw that I had my shirt off and my running shorts were around my ankles. Off came the shoes and socks and there I was, naked for all to see, desperately hoping my dick would not grow. I didn't pressure my wife, but I was praying she would not freak and stop the whole idea right there.

She kept her running clothes on. My wife has never been a prude by any means. In our younger years, we had skinny dipped a few times with other friends but those episodes were always a quick strip and dash to the water as fast as you can. They weren't like this.

As we made our way down the beach, we saw the dicks, and boobs, and butts, and crotches. It was a weird experience, but we almost instantly understood what we had heard for years about nudism. Nudist resorts and nudity are not sexual but are more a feeling of freedom and exhilaration.

There were far more men on the beach than there were women. Many were effeminate and we were convinced that most of them were gay. Almost to a man, they were totally shaved. The other thing we noticed right away was the silence of the beach. Everyone was simply lying on towels or walking up and down like us, but there was no yelling, or laughter, or screaming kids throwing Frisbees. It was not like most beaches we had been to in that respect. The other end of the beach was reached in about fifteen minutes and we were set to go back to the boat.

"Do you want to come back for the afternoon, Dear?" I asked.

"Ok but I'm wearing my suit."

"Will you be pissed off at me if I'm naked?"

"You can do what you want? I can look at everybody and read my book. If you want to be nude that's up to you."

About three hours later, it was noon and we had just finished lunch. We decided to take a sleeping bag we had on board to lie on. We had a second glass of wine at the boat, and it was off to the beach. My wife had her two piece black bathing suit on plus a T-shirt. I wore my running shorts and a t-shirt as well. We spread out the sleeping bag and I whipped my stuff off. My wife took her shirt off but was still in her suit. We settled in pretty well, and we were checking out everybody in our area. We were surprised that nobody was staring at us or bothering us at all. Every once in a while, I would have to knock a little drop of ‘dick drip' off my cock, but I was still soft and proud that I could control it ok.

My wife sat up after about twenty minutes and said, "I guess I could take my top off." She unclasped the bra and shook it loose.

All I could say was "That' a girl… nobody's looking at us anyway."

Her breasts are not huge but more than ample and still very firm. They were white below her tan lines; so, she casually reached for the creamy sun screen and gently rubbed it over and around her smooth tits. I'm sure she was playing with me the way she took extra time to do it. Her nipples stood out as they felt the coolness of the liquid mixed with the freshness of the air. For the next fifteen minutes or so, she lay on her back with the sun warming her chest and then she said, "Ah, What the fuck!" She lifted her hips and hooked her fingers just below the waistband of her suit. Off came the last hint of modesty as she pulled them down her legs and over her feet.

Bang! My dick got rock hard instantly. I could hardly flip over fast enough to lie on my stomach. I had spent half an hour looking at naked bodies all over the place and felt only a slight twinge, but when she dropped the suit it was rock hard and pouring pre-cum all over the sleeping bag. If I hadn't tried to hide it, I could have cum on the spot without touching myself. Her legs were bent so that her feet were flat on the ground. I couldn't believe it! Here was my wife, totally naked, lying in full view of everyone. The beach was starting to fill up as we were approaching the heat of the day. More than a hundred people could look at her and me and see all that we owned. It was both tremendously exciting and yet strangely mundane. Nobody seemed to even notice that she was now nude or that my cock was dripping profusely.

"God my dick is hard!" I said.

"Just lie on your stomach for a while and he will come down." she responded.

"Can you feel the breeze on your pussy?" I asked. "I've got to tell ya' that it is tickling my balls and it feels soooo good."

"Mmmm it does feel good doesn't it?" she agreed.

"Man, you look beautiful." I whispered. "You're lying there naked. I love thinking about your crotch open to the world and all these men seeing you; knowing they're jealous as hell."

"They are all gay!" she said. "They are drooling over you, not me." We laughed and started looking around again.

"Check this guy out! Look at his dick." I said My wife turned a bit and saw what I was talking about. One of the gay guys (I assumed) had about five rings pierced into his penis. The five rings were attached to each other by a series of chains that were then tied around his balls. Those made my dick shrivel (thankfully) as I couldn't believe it.

The afternoon continued and it was a beautiful hot summer's day. The temperature was hovering around 30 degrees centigrade. We lay on the bag and watched the men and women as they arrived and stripped or walked quietly back and forth in front of us. My cock would drip a bit from time to time but the sun and sand, and the beautiful water brought us back to ‘just another day on the beach'. We were getting pretty hot though, so I said we should go for a swim. My wife agreed, but she then put her bikini bottoms back on and we headed down to the water. It was unbelievable to me to be walking naked around people lying there and my dick swinging in the breeze. The water was fairly cool so I was praying for shrinkage but the wife swam towards me and wanted to tease me by hugging me and wrapping her legs around mine. Well that was an instant boner! She giggled and teased knowing what was bound to happen. She then headed back to the sand and I had to swim around for a while until I could get out of the surf. I emerged with what I call a ‘pudge' displayed. My cock was thicker than normal but much less than a raging hard on.

I tried in vain to casually cover myself as I walked back towards her, but the effort seemed laughable; so, I just let the pudge swing freely. Back on the sand, we settled down and she took her pants off again, much to my relief. I asked her why she had put them on and she just shrugged and said she wouldn't wear them next time.

The afternoon drifted along, and we had sunned and swam many more times totally enjoying our new freedom and laughing and joking. We saw many more pierced pricks and a few vagina rings as well. A few times, I felt embarrassed when my dick would twitch when some women walked by. However, the thing that really brought the old boy to life was when I'd look over at the woman I've loved for years and saw her pussy wide open. I would think about eating her right there knowing how fast she would cum.

Finally, the afternoon came to a close and we headed back to the boat. We stepped aboard and my wife said, "Not until we have supper." I knew she wanted to fuck as much as I did but she is a diabetic and has to eat her meals on time. I never prepared a barbeque faster in my life. There was an absolute puddle on my running shorts in anticipation of the after dinner treats.

"Slow down" she said when she saw that my shorts were soaked.

I was ok with that because I knew the night would be great. We drank some wine and waited until the sun started to go down. We talked about the beach and this guy's dick and that woman's boobs. Clearly, we couldn't get the day out of our minds.

The bugs were starting to come out so we went below. It was about two seconds into cabin and I put my hand on her ass cheek just under her shorts. She turned and kissed me while I grabbed both sides of her ass with a real sense of urgency.

"God I loved the beach!" she said and I slid my hand around to stroke her crotch over her shorts. "Mmmm ... not too much or I'll come too soon." I quickly slid my hands up under her t-shirt to feel her braless tits. I pinched her nipples and they hardened under my touch. We continued to tongue each other in a deep French kiss. She grabbed my cock by the front of my shorts and said, "God he's big! You loved the beach too!!" I lifted her shirt and she helped me take it over her head. Her shorts were off in a flash as well and we giggled a little because she couldn't get my shorts off. My rock hard cock was catching the waist band of my shorts. We stopped the passionate kiss and concentrated on the freedom of my pecker. When it sprang forth, I flexed my ass cheeks thrusting it forward.

"I wish I could have shown this on the beach eh?" I asked.

"I would have pumped him right there in front of everybody." she responded.

I slid my finger through her pussy lips and over her clit. "Oh ya' … and I could finger you like this, right out in the open." I started to stroke her lips and slide my finger back and forth. She grabbed my cock and pulled on it as if to stretch it even more. My dick had never been bigger or harder but her strong, continuous tug made me feel power and strength in my cock that I had not felt in years. It actually made me swoon and I twisted around and sat on the seat beside me. She turned with me and stood in front of me still with a firm grip on my manhood. I grabbed the base of my cock and forced the head toward her vulva. She helped me guide it and we were both so wet it slid to the hilt in one quick thrust. She sighed and I grunted as we started to rock in unison. It was so intense and I felt so hard that I knew I could last forever. We fucked like that – me sitting and her standing- for a minute or two but her legs were getting tired so she let me fall out and she turned around with her back to me. I got the idea immediately and entered her from behind.

"Ohhhh. God! That is soooo good. He is sooo hard. I can't take it all. He is sooo big." Her words increased my intensity even more.

" Yesssss… I could have fucked you like this when you were lying on the beach. I would have cum in two strokes. Everybody could see my big cock and your dripping pussy. Man, I love to fuck and I love being naked on the beach." We pumped and rocked with me sitting and her bouncing on my dick from behind. I reached around and rubbed her clit with my middle finger as the thrusting continued. It seemed like I could last forever but I wanted her to cum. She was giving it her all, but I knew her legs were getting tired again.

"Let's go up to the V-Berth." I suggested. She stood fully upright and grabbed my prick with that strong tug again and walked me to our bed. We climbed up and under the single sheet on the bed.

"I love you!" I said.

"I love the beach." she said, and again she turned with her back to me but still holding my prick. Thinking I knew what to do, I reached for her cunt and separated her lips to take my raging hard on back up to the hilt. She reached back to stop me.

"I want you up my ass, Honey!" She cooed, "ohhhh. I'd love it up my ass."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. We had tried it in the past a few times, particularly when we were drunk, but without much success. It wasn't that she hated it or that I demanded it. Anal sex just wasn't a significant part of our sex life. However, she wanted it now and I was holding a baseball bat of a cock in my hand. I rubbed the head through the folds of her sex to gather the natural moisture that was abundant. I spread the pre-cum all over my bone and pressed gently but steadily at her asshole. The head popped in surprisingly easily.

"Easy honey…go slow" she said "We've got to get it all the way in." My wife was begging me to shove my prick all the way up her ass.

It only took a few gentle strokes and a little added pressure and before we knew it, I was pumping by huge cock in smooth thrusts all the way back and all the way forward.

"Yes Honey! It's all the way up. I can feel your balls hitting my pussy. Pump him Honey. Fill my ass with your cum"

"Uggg … Aahhhh, Uunnnhhh" was all I could say. I was thrusting and pumping for all I was worth but the peak was not reached. "Shit! I just can't cum."

She didn't flinch.

"I want you to eat me. You can pump your dick while you eat me on the beach."

She pulled away and spun around before I knew what was happening. Her thighs were beside my face and she was begging me to suck her clit. I was on it like a hungry shark. I lapped at her lips and slid my tongue over her clit. My right hand went to my pecker and I couldn't believe the feel of my hardness. I stroked it slowly as I felt the intensity elevate in my wife's pussy.

"I'm going to cum honey… you are sucking me on the beach. Oh eat my cunt! Make me cum. Suck me off on the beach. Oohhh aahhh I'm Cuummming Oohhhhh mmmmmm." It lasted forever. I could feel her contractions and wave after wave of the intensity pouring out of her.

"Ooohhh… God honey. Did you pump your cock? Did you come?" she said as her climax started to subside.

"Not yet!" I said still focusing on her intense satisfaction. "Watch me pump my pecker… talk to me."

"Do you want to go back to the beach tonight?" ….pump.

"You could play with your cock in front of everybody" …..stroke, stroke.

"Then you could eat me on the beach….make your cock shoot… blow your pecker… pump him pump him" I pounded my prick as she talked. All I could say was "I want to see you… on the beach …with your legs spread wide, … your cunt exposed to the world" It brought me to the brink and my cock shot rope after rope of hot cum all over her chest. I started to lightly chuckle with the release of the tension. It turned to laughter and my wife joined in. Soon we were laughing hysterically and we fell into each other's arms reveling in our love.

To be continued

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This is largely a gay beach, with sex in the dunes, always wanted to do it, butt have been too nervous.

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