tagGroup SexSailing into Trouble Ch. 01

Sailing into Trouble Ch. 01


There are many advantages to working as a sailing instructor on a tropical luxury resort. Good weather, great hours and a relaxed lifestyle. Another perk of the job was appreciating the female tourists staying at the resort, more often than not wearing nothing more than bathing suits for most of the day.

There was this one particular couple who really took to sailing the little catamarans that we rented out to our resort guests. They were a cute couple, Sabrina and Kevin were their names. Sabrina happened to be of East Asian origin, something that always caught my attention. Earlier that week, I had taken them through the basics of tacking and jibing and all the rest and they had returned every day since to have at least one sail together.

Each time they came, I admired Sabrina discretely. She had long, straight dark hair, and large deep brown almond eyes. She was only about 5 foot 3, but perfectly formed. She was slim like most young Asian women of her age (I guessed she was about 25 to 30), but unlike some, she had fair sized B-cup breasts and a nice pert, round butt. The skimpy black bikini which she favoured showed all this off perfectly. The other thing about Sabrina was that although she was was demure and giggly, she had a slightly naughty glint in her eye that said to me she would probably be more than Kevin could handle, given the chance.

They had become so confident in their sailing, that they wanted to go solo today. I told them that I thought it wasn't such a great idea, as Sabrina was did look very slight and I wasn't completely sure she could work the sail and tiller all by herself. But they insisted, and I soon understood why: Sabrina had a bit of a competitive streak, and she and Kevin were soon competing with each other to see who could sail the fastest this way and that. I must admit, she was doing a lot better than I thought she would.

But that didn't last long. Unexpectedly, the wind picked up and I sounded the siren to call everyone back. Everyone did come back in, except for one: Sabrina's boat.

A sudden gust of wind had snapped the ropes out of her hand and she was soon out of control. Faster and faster her little cat went, directly away from the beach. The only thing that stopped her from going out to sea was a rope net that was strung out between some buoys at the outer limits of the sheltered bay where the resort was situated. From this distance, her cat was a mere speck near the horizon.

I climbed up on top of my raised supervisor's chair and peered through a pair of binoculars. Her cat had been stopped by the rope net alright, but it was entangled in it. She could not free herself. She was waving her little hands frantically in the air.

I was itching to go out myself and rescue this little Asian beauty and hopefully get a little 'quality time' with her while I was at it. But as the designated supervisor in this situation, I had to make sure I was in overall command. So reluctantly, I summoned my crew.

"Zack, Scott, there is a guest stuck out near the number 3 buoy. I want you to take the inflatable out and rescue her."

They peered out into the distance. She was so far away, they had trouble seeing her, so I pointed her out to them.

"She is pretty far away, boys, so you might find no one will really notice if it takes a fair amount of time getting her back, if you know what I mean," I told them with a wink.

"Sure thing, boss. With pleasure!"

With a spring in their step, they got into the little rubber inflatable and motored off. By this stage, Kevin had returned to the beach. He was beside himself.

"Please, my wife is way out there! Please rescue her!"

"Sure thing, Kevin. I've got my best guys going out there right now," I said as I pointed to the inflatable boat zooming out into the bay. "She will be perfectly fine, but it may take little while to few her boat from the net. She is tangled up there pretty bad."

He seemed to be visibly relieved that my guys were going out there. I promised to keep him up to date with the progress. I resumed my watch on top of the supervisor's raised chair, monitoring proceedings through the binoculars.

Soon Zack and Scott got to the trapped catamaran. They pulled up alongside and tied the rubber inflatable to the trapped sailboat. They motioned Sabrina into the rubber boat. She got in and sat down. I could just see her chest and head above the side of the boat. They started to talk to each other.

After a little while, I saw Zack pointing at his crotch. Sabrina looked a little apprehensive, but then she pointed to her mouth. Scott held up 2 fingers, and Sabrina soon nodded, that slightly wicked smile forming on her face. My crew was going to get blow-jobs from this little hottie. Lucky them! And just as I suspected, there was more to this girl than her conservative exterior gave away.

Scott climbed out of the rubber boat to work on freeing the catamaran. Meanwhile, Scott sat down in the rubber boat. Sabrina positioned herself opposite, gave him that naughty smile, then bent down and disappeared out of view down the side of the inflatable boat. The only thing I could see was her butt in the air, covered by her skimpy black bikini. I imagined that she was taking off Scott pants at this point.

"What's happening?" Kevin demanded as I peered though the binoculars.

"Well, they've just reached her. They are a long way away. I'll ask for an update."

I put the earpiece in and connected it to my walkie-talkie. Didn't want Kevin listening in to the goings on at the other end. "How are things progressing, Scott?" I asked through the walkie-talkie.

There was a pause and then the earpiece crackled alive. "Zack is getting a head start on the job, boss," replied Scott.

"I copy that, Scott," I turned to Kevin, and said with a straight face. "They are just getting started. My guys are taking good care of your wife.

I could see Zack's lips starting moving, but of course I couldn't really see what he was saying. I soon saw the back of Sabrina's head, bobbing up and down, in and out of view, as she worked up and down his shaft. As she did so, her round, pert ass started to wiggle around sexily. From the look on Zack's face, he was clearly enjoying himself. After only a little while, he moved both his hands on top of her head and held her down as he threw his head back, mouth agape. He stayed like this for a good minute. During that time, I saw Sabrina's ass moving in slow circles in the air while her hands rubbed up and down his chest.

Zack looked down at her again, and said something, still holding on tightly to her head. Then he let go. I saw the young wife raise her head and look him directly in his eyes. Through the powerful binoculars, I clearly saw her throat moving up and down, then opening her mouth to show him that it was empty. She even licked off the small globs of semen on the side of her mouth and enthusiastically swallowed that too.

By this stage, Scott was obviously eager to change jobs, so Sabrina helped Zack get his pants back on. He got out to finish up on the catamaran while Scott climbed into the dingy with Sabrina. I thought he would just sit down and get a blow job, but instead, he pushed Sabrina down until she was lying down, completely out of view. I saw him lean over her, he fiddled with something, then I saw Sabrina's bikini top as he flung it to the other side of the boat. So, he wanted to play with her cute breasts: I didn't blame him!

But instead of doing that, I saw him take off her bikini bottom as well, also discarding them before he took of his own pants. Scott wasn't getting a blow job at all, he was obviously wasn't going to be satisfied with anything less than fucking her. He positioned himself over her and thrust down. I saw Sabrina's feet fly into the air, wide apart.

The little dingy started rocking up and down in the water, making large spreading ripples in the water. I could just see the Scott's butt appearing and disappearing from view as he ploughing into her. At the same time, Sabrina's feet jiggled in the air with each thrust.

"What's happening now?" asked Kevin again.

I pressed the button on the walkie-talkie. "Zack, I would like an update please."

"I think they can tell you better than I can," came the response. Zack stopped what he was doing and held the walkie-talkie closer to the inflatable.

"Oh my god! You are so big!" I could hear Sabrina cry out excitedly.

"Oh yeah, baby, I love your tight pussy. I'm gonna fill you up real good," said Scott as he pounded into her.

"Yes, yes! Give it to me!"

Zack turned the walkie-talkie off again and got back to work. It sure was lucky I had that earpiece in cos there was no mistaking what was going on by the sounds of it had Kevin heard. I struggled to think about what to tell her poor husband.

"It is a bit rough so far out in the bay. I don't think your wife is used to the conditions out there, but one of my guys is helping her through that. I think she is OK."

"Oh good," Kevin said.

I got back to watching the show. Scott picked up speed, and Sabrina's hand reached over the sidewall of the dingy, wedding ring glinting in the sun. Her hand was clawing onto the smooth sides, trying to grab onto something for traction. As she gripped the rubber sides tightly, I saw her fling both feet wide in the air, all toes curled, obviously in the midst of an intense orgasm.

He slowed down to let her gather herself. As he started to go at it harder again, I saw her climax a second time, just as intensely as the first. Then I saw move her hands to hold his butt, as if willing him deeper into her. He responded by pumping her harder and faster, the boat now rocking violently in the water. I saw the top of Scott body rise above the side of the boat, his face clenched in a tight grimace. All I could see of the little honey was her legs crossed behind his butt, and her hands running up and down his back as he unloaded deep within her.

In the meantime, Zack had finished up with the catamaran, and had fastened it to the back of the dingy ready to be towed back. He was stripped off again and watching on, waiting his turn with his cock hard again. As soon as Scott rolled off her limp body, Zack strode over and easily flipped Sabrina over onto her hands and knees, so I could now see her head, back and ass above the sidewalls of the boat. He positioned himself behind her and guided his cock into Sabrina's presumably sloppy pussy. He slid in easily and Sabrina threw back her head in open mouthed ecstasy as he provided her second bareback ride of the day.

Sabrina had turned around to look at him as he grabbed her hips started to pump in and out of her in long strokes. She was looking into his eyes and saying something, probably "Yes! Yes!". He was saying something back to her, but I couldn't make it out.

After a little while Sabrina turned to Scott who was resting on the other side of the boat. She beckoned him to come over, and he knelt in front of her face. Scott's large cock was slightly flaccid, and covered in a gooey white fluid. Sabrina started to lovingly lick the cum of his shaft even as she was getting reamed hard from behind by Zack. She cleaned and swallowed every bit of goo that covered Scott's rod, making him hard again in the process. She took him deep into her mouth and started to work up and down his shaft with her luscious lips and hands, which seemed so small in comparison. The two guys started to pump in and out in unison, subjecting this oriental bride to a good old spit-roasting.

I thought it was about time to give Kevin a quick report.

"Both the ends of the boat were tangled up pretty bad. But my guys are taking care of things, both fore and aft. I reckon they will finish up in no time. Your wife seems to be holding up pretty well. I think she is a natural at this."

"Thank you. I am glad she is in good hands," Kevin said, innocently.

What a hard-on I had, watching this show, and how I wished I could have been there! She was being pounded mercilessly from both ends. And she was not just taking it meekly -- she was performing like it was second nature for her to have a cock in her mouth and pussy at the same time.

My crew started to pump harder and faster. And just as I thought Sabrina could take no more, it looked like they were both about to climax. Just as they had done her as a team, the two of them came inside her as a team. Scott held her head tightly as he squirted into her mouth while Zack plunged in as deep into her rear as he could go, filling up Sabrina's unprotected pussy with his cream.

Eventually, they withdrew their cocks, and Sabrina collapsed out of view into the dingy. The two men got dressed and started the outboard motor to bring them back to shore. On the way back, I saw them high-fiving each other. By the time they got back, Sabrina had put her bikini back on. As she was helped out of the dingy, I could see that she was a bit wobbly on her legs (who could blame her) so I went over to hold her hand. She walked a few steps and collapsed onto her knees in the sand. I noticed that her bikini bottom was saturated, and the telltale white coloring which stood out against the black fabric indicated that it wasn't just sea water making them wet.

Kevin rushed up to her.

"Are you OK Sabrina?" he asked anxiously.

"I feel great, dear, just wonderful!" she replied breathlessly.

"Oh, I was so worried about you! But luckily, the boss here told me what was going on."

She glanced worriedly at my binoculars. But I gave her a sly wink and smile to reassure her that her secret was safe with me.

"Yes," I said in a calm voice. "I just gave your husband some simple details on how my guys got your boat free again."

Scott pointed to the little catamaran. "Both the bow and stern were a bit damaged, boss."

"Yes, but I saw that you took care of both ends real good. I am sure there is no lasting damage," I said looking directly at Sabrina while I patted the rear end of the catamaran. She blushed ever so slightly and looked away.

"It sounded like those 2 guys really helped you out there," said Kevin.

"Yes, they were really great," Sabrina said trying to stifle that mischievous smile.

"I have a good crew. Fantastic job boys."

"Thanks boss!" they said. Before they went back to the boat shed, they exchanged furtive glances as Sabrina. She mouthed the words 'thank you' to them.

I turned to the young couple. "I tell you what. How about tomorrow, we give you both some private lessons, so you won't get into trouble out there again. I'll get Scott to take you out, Kevin. And I will give Sabrina a personal lesson. You know, as their boss, I taught those 2 everything they know."

Sabrina looked at me and smiled. "Really? That means you can do things even better than them?"

"Sure!" I said.

Sabrina turned to her husband excitedly and said "I think that is a really good idea. Let's do it!"

Kevin nodded his approval.

"Great," I said. "10 o'clock tomorrow. And Sabrina, get ready for a really, really thorough lesson."

"I will look forward to it," Sabrina said, winking back at me.

I watched her tight butt was they walked away arm in arm. Her bikini bottom was really soaked now. I could hardly wait to watch my own cum leak out of this little Asian cutie.

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