tagLoving WivesSailing Onto The Rocks - Sequel

Sailing Onto The Rocks - Sequel


Thank-you Balladeer for allowing me to write a sequel to your story. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed reading your original.


I have thoroughly enjoyed reading Balladeer's story quite a few times now and each time I found myself wondering what happened after Milly hurt Ben, her husband.

If you are looking for sex scenes this probably isn't the story for you. I have tried to deal with the destruction of a marriage by a cheating wife and the subsequent revenge......and eventual forgiveness....but the damage had been done. You might gather that I am not a lover of cheating wives. Is the revenge over the top....maybe.

Before you read this I highly recommend you read Balladeer's great original story 'Sailing onto the Rocks' first to understand what has happened.


Everything happened so quickly; I couldn't believe what she said she'd done. To tell the truth I knew I had big problems when I saw them leaving the cruise boat arm in arm, but to actually hear her tell me, I was gutted. Maybe I just should have thrown her out then and there, but she was my life; what I lived for and I loved her so much. When she didn't bat an eyelid when she told me she didn't regret her affair it was like she pushed a knife into my chest. If she had been remorseful and never seen them again maybe things would have been different. Initially it was my love for her that made me forgive her for being unfaithful; I didn't want to ever lose her; not ever; she meant the world to me.

When Milly said she wanted to go away with them I knew what that meant no matter what she told me; she released an anger I had never felt before and now that love was a thing of the past. Well....maybe not; I still loved her so much it hurt, but not as much as the pain she just inflicted on me when she asked if she could go away with them again. She was saying all the wrong things to save our marriage and it was obvious she didn't know me very well after all of our years together if she thought I would be happy with what was happening. It only got worse later when I listened to the recordings of her conversations on the phone with Donna when I discovered it had all been planned while they were still on the boat.

Donna had told Milly that I would willing accept her affair so long as she kept fucking me every night and that I would never do anything about it except beg her to stop because we'd been married for 40 years. She went on to say I would be too scared to lose her; maybe she had been right in the end except she knew nothing about my demons they released when they cuckolded me and my need for revenge for what they had done. I remembered a favourite character of mine in a William Shakespeare play from when I was young and how he was cheated out of what I thought was justly his and I had sworn then that would never happen to me. I thought he was a good role model.

As soon as we had walked in the door from getting back from the boat, I put my plan into action just in case my life went to shit; and it did when she told me everything I didn't want to hear, but then it only got worse; so much worse. How could she do this to me? I had thought out what I would have to do on the way home but I still had to flesh out much of the detail if I thought my marriage was finished. I already had close up photos of them on the deck and walking down the ramp then saying their good-byes as they parted company. I had taken the photos with my trusty Nikon digital camera with a decent telephoto lens of them exchanging tongues and hugging so I knew the quality and clarity of the photos would be good; but most important I had clear photos of his cruise photo Id hanging around his neck that showed his name; it turned out a good move.

Milly refused to give me his full name saying, "Ben, please trust me. His name isn't important because I'll never be seeing him again." Those words still ring in my ears. She must have been a little worried I might try to track him down if I found out; well tough shit....I did and he paid in the end. I had also taken some of his mate with Donna; I wasn't sure of their role at that stage. If Milly thought I was cold and distant on the way home she had yet to discover the monster in me and I knew she wouldn't like him. Deep down I didn't want to lose her but I wanted her to make the final decision; I could have confronted her when I found out what had been planned but then I would have wondered if she would stay faithful for the rest of our lives. Well, the rules of engagement changed as soon as she asked to go away with them straight after she admitted her affair and I remembered a line from an old Sherlock Holmes movie where he said, "The game's afoot."

When we had arrived home I made the excuse I was getting a bottle of wine from the cellar to drink as we discussed what had happened; and if I could forgive her; god knows I wanted to and I did; I really did; but then came the phone call. Did she think I was a wimp willingly accepting her affair? While I was down in the cellar I switched on the voice activated phone tap and the video surveillance cameras throughout the house; just in case he came one day when I was at work. I wanted to record everything she said in case I needed it later and more importantly I needed to know the truth. I knew she wasn't telling me everything and I could see she was lying; it was written all over her face. I was upset when Donna phoned and Milly turned to me and asked if she could go away with them in a few weeks for the long weekend; I thought my life was finished. She had only just finished promising that she would make it all up to me with a hot night of sex, then "BAM!".....she sucker punched me.

I couldn't understand how Milly could throw away 40 years just like that? In the space of a few minutes she totally destroyed me; god, I was so angry; I had to get out of the house before I did something I would regret. Luckily I hadn't had too much to drink and I grabbed my car keys and headed for the door. On my way out I turned and said, "Milly, please don't do this; you said he meant nothing to you. You're an adult and responsible for your actions and you need to remember I love you. I don't think I could ever forgive you if you go away with them again." Obviously what I said or how I felt meant nothing to her; she had made up her mind long before....then I remembered she said, "I do not regret having this fling." How could anything I say change her mind now but I knew I had to give her the chance.

I drove around for a while getting angrier with every passing minute and I ended up stopping at a bar before I killed myself in a vehicle accident; I hadn't been there for a long time. As I walked in I saw an old acquaintance sitting by himself in a quiet booth; he was probably the dodgiest private investigator in town. He took one look at my face and called me over as he ordered a scotch for me; I was surprised he remembered what I drank.

It didn't take him long to get me to tell him what was wrong and had happened. He asked me what I was going to do about it and I told him I wanted the four of them to hurt for what they had done and what they were planning to do to me; there was no way on this earth I was going to be a willing cuckold either now or the rest of my life.

He was good at getting in business and he led me in the direction I thought I wanted to go as he asked if I knew who they were. I told him Milly might have been worried about what I would do and refused to tell me their full names, but I had some photos. He turned to me and whispered, "You just want 'some hurt' or 'extreme vengeance'?" My answer was quick and I just said, "Extreme!" I could see him smiling as he asked what sort of things I had thought of; it all meant more business for him; he hated cheating wives as well.

I told him what I had been thinking about then he suggested I go home and "just fuck the bitch" while I still had her and then come and see him tomorrow when we could develop my ideas and talk about organising some 'extreme pain' to go their way and how much it would cost. I knew I liked him for a reason now; I had spent very little time with him because he had some very unsavoury friends; at a price they could be my friends as well.

When I arrived home Milly wasn't downstairs so I went down to the basement and listened to her conversation with Donna that had been recorded and it confirmed my suspicions that it had all been planned. Milly told her that things didn't go according to plan and I had suspected she had an affair and she had confessed. She thought I had forgiven her when she rang and asked about the weekend away and then I became very cold again and had stormed out. Milly was worried that I might divorce her if they went ahead with it but Donna was quickly calming her by saying we had been married for 40 years and I wouldn't throw that away and die a lonely old man.

Donna then went further and suggested that Milly on the other hand could divorce me and take me to the cleaners if things became difficult and then she could marry Eric if she wanted to. I could tell in Milly's voice she didn't want that to happen and she was just there for the excitement and the fun. Donna finished up by saying she knew me well enough to know that so long as Milly kept giving me mercy fucks I wouldn't complain; I was only a male. She stressed it was important she fucked me tonight to sort of get me back into the saddle, so to speak. It made me wonder if Milly's promise of a great night of hot sex was because she loved me still or was just a planned mercy fuck.

They could all burn in hell now for all I cared. Did she really think I was going to lie down and cop it sweet; not fucking likely? I locked everything away and went upstairs and Milly was laying naked on top of the bed waiting for me. God she was beautiful; she didn't look anywhere near her 59 years, in fact she didn't even look 45 years old. I could see she was awake so I asked, "Well, what did you decide?" She answered timidly, "They have already booked the Chalet and it would be a shame to waste it. Ben, nothing will happen; I promise. Eric doesn't mean anything to me. I won't let him touch me again. It's only a weekend away for some fun with my friends."

I couldn't believe the crap she was giving me after what I had heard in the basement and replied, "Milly, I was prepared to forgive for your adultery on the cruise but if you go away with them again there's a good chance our marriage could be over." She quickly answered, "You have to learn to trust me Ben. It will make our marriage stronger. Ben, you're the only man I love. You know that." "That's complete bullshit," I thought to myself; I should have said it aloud. Milly must have believed she'd got away it and I was too scared to stop her.

Milly looked me as she opened her legs and spread her labia for me; she had never spread herself for me like that before. What she offered looked so inviting and I wondered if she had shaved all of her pubic hair off on the cruise for him as well. As I stared for a moment I imagined I could see his cum running from her open pussy down thought the crack in her arse and any thought of going down on her was now totally gone; I was almost vomiting just thinking about it.

So this was to be the first of my mercy fucks? I thought not as I undressed then just hopped into bed and ignored her; I just lay there with my back to her. Milly was shocked; for the whole of our marriage I had given her great oral sex every time I came into the room and found her waiting; it was our unwritten rule. She should have taken the hint and been worried by now; sadly she stuck to their plan.

I knew Donna had told her it was really important that she had to fuck me tonight so I waited to see what she would do. She seemed to take forever but she gradually moved closer to me and reached over and found my cock rock hard; it had betrayed me because I knew what was coming. She wanked me for a bit to get my interest but I was sick of her games; I decided to take the advice I was given earlier and pushed her away as I got off the bed. I saw her hand cover her mouth in shock; nothing like that had ever happened between us.

Once my feet touched the floor I stood up and moved to the end of the bed and climbed between her legs pushing my cock hard into her pussy; I thought she deserved it like that. She gasped; maybe it hurt her; it probably did; she had tears in her eyes but my demons she released didn't care less. Really, I didn't think she would be game to complain. There was no way I was ever going to put my mouth or tongue near her cunt again. I felt her getting wet so I just pushed harder and faster and then came deep in her without waiting for her. I had always waited for her to orgasm first before I allowed myself to cum; but not this time.

Once I finished I wiped my shrinking cock on her thighs then just rolled away from her; I knew I had to remember to get checked out for STD's on Monday and I hoped like hell they hadn't given her HIV. I suspected she was waiting for some kissing and cuddling like we usually did but I knew it would be a very long time before I could ever kiss her mouth again after she had given her dipship buddies blow-jobs throughout the cruise. That had really pissed off so much when she said she had done that because she had refused to give them to me at all for such a long time. I knew I had issues about where my mouth went but it wasn't me that betrayed our marriage vows. She was sobbing quietly to herself as I drifted off to sleep; I had nightmares all night. My love for her had turned to disgust; for tonight anyway.

We usually went to church every Sunday morning but by the time Milly was awake I was long gone. Personally, I didn't give a rat's arse if she went to church or not any more. I was up early for a reason and had downloaded and printed the photos from the day before as well as burning them on to a DVD; I discovered could see their names clearly; what a bonus. I downloaded a couple of Apps onto her IPhone and activated then hid them; now I would get a copy of every text she sent and received sent to me. The other told me every phone number she dialled or who called her. I had originally thought of disconnecting her phone but I knew I would lose a valuable source of information I needed so that I didn't get blindsided again; in any case she could easily go out and buy a prepaid cell phone if I did.

My PI was on time and we entered his office together and as we sat I handed my pictures and copy of the phone recording to him. He had some programmes on his PC that made me wonder if they were legal as they seemed to give him access to a lot of information that I couldn't find on the internet. Our two heroes had married late in life and worked together in Eric's father-in-law's company. Eric had married the boss' daughter and both he and Theo both had teenage children; we had their addresses as well. I laughed when I told him that the men had told Donna and Milly they were single and there was even talk of marriage; more fool them. Within a couple of hours we knew so much about them but we needed more information to make it all work.

We eventually discussed having the two men beaten and I thought that was great; I loved it. He told me he would let me know when it would happen so that I could have some good witnesses to say I wasn't there or involved. It was expensive but his 'friends' guaranteed their work. I didn't think anything of it when I jokingly suggested I would pay an additional $5,000 if they were turned into eunuchs. He thought it was funny and we laughed together as he said, "You really hate the fuckers don't you?" I looked into his face and answered, "Of course I fucking hate them! What do you think?"

Then I added, "But no head injuries; I want them both to remember everything about the hurt they suffered while they were being beaten. There would be no joy if they were unconscious and didn't know what really happened." He grinned even more then said, "Hey Ben, remind me never to piss you off, OK?" I laughed again then told him it had to happen after the Labor Day Weekend; I wanted to be sure if Milly was true to her word and refused sex with them. It might have saved my marriage.

I still needed to deal with her evil friend who was helping them make me a cuckold. I asked him if he knew anyone who would torch a building for me; I joked as I said it in case he thought it was over the top. For some reason he looked around as if checking the office for anyone one else then said quietly, "I have a friend who is on bail at the moment who has a record for arson as long as your arm; he is a real fire bug but he knows his work. He goes on trial next month for another arson case. He's going to jail whatever happens but he could need some help with his lawyer's costs. I asked if he could be trusted and he answered he was actually his brother and for a few extra dollars my name would never be mentioned; that was good enough for me.

We planned it like a military operation. I gave him Donna's cell number and a cropped photo of her I had prepared and suggested he buy a throwaway prepaid cell phone for his brother. I told him my plan that on Sunday morning at about 10 am of the Labor Day Weekend he should send Donna a text saying something like, "Make sure you are clear at 11 pm tonight. You can still stop it any time before then if you change your mind." If she phoned back he could just say he dialled the wrong number. Then after he torched Donna's work and her flat above it he should send another text saying, "Job is done. See you for the money on Tuesday night when and where we agreed."

Then we discussed the merits in his brother leaving some clues and getting picked up or if it all went well that he contact the insurance company to help arrange a plea bargain. His brother was sure he would be picked up if he used the same MO, he hopefully would be able to plea bargain then and implicate Donna as the one who hired him. They would have his phone with the texting history to her; he might even get less time on the first charge if he was lucky and played his cards right. That was Donna taken care of; with some luck she would spend some time in prison for her involvement and the cost of a good lawyer would send her broke. At the barest minimum she would end up with no job, no accommodation, no insurance and everything she owned would be gone.

We knew their men lived in another town and my PI told me he had a friend there who could follow them and would get back to us quickly so that we could implement another phase in my pay-back. It would cost of course; but didn't everything? The funny thing was I was paying for all this with our joint savings so if we ended up in divorce she would be helping to pay for the proof of her own infidelity. I felt sure we were going to run out of time though. He phoned his contact; another PI then emailed him the photos and their names and what we already knew about them. I heard him through the phone when he downloaded the attachments and read the email; it was unbelievable luck as he already knew of them; he'd been following them for another unhappy husband who they had cuckolded; they had been busy hadn't they?

The time lines looked good again for something I wanted done as he told us they drank together every Tuesday night at the same bar in town and picked up any female they could to fuck; they really fancied themselves as God's gifts to all women. We now also had a date for their beatings; the Tuesday after the long weekend; I didn't want to drag this out too long. I listened intently as the contract on them was confirmed by phone with some out of town professionals; the finer details would be sent later after I was gone. I think they were working on the assumption that what I didn't know couldn't hurt me.....or them.

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