tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSailing With Friends Ch. 02

Sailing With Friends Ch. 02


Synopsis, John and Susie start a sailing holiday and ask another couple to join them after hearing about their misfortunes.

I looked at my watch it was still quite early but already we were waiting in the hotel lounge for Caroline and James. I took a sip of my coffee hot and sweet I needed it my head reminding me of how much I had drunk the night before. I looked over to John his mind engrossed in the charts spread out over the table the excitement on our forthcoming trip lighting up his face, he looked to me saying nothing blew me a kiss I returned his kiss and closed my eyes remembering last night, I smiled a shiver of delight ran down my spine. I was brought back to reality by John's voice "You guys must be keen." He said causing me to return to reality I opened my eyes and to see a dishevelled Caroline and James walking over to us.

"We wanted to get out of that place as early as possible." Caroline replied. "We were out of there by five o'clock this morning and managed to find a nice café and had breakfast there."

"Was it that bad?" I asked.

"Worse." James said. "We ended up sleeping on our towels couldn't face the idea of our bodies touching the bed clothes."

I felt guilty remembering our wonderful night; there's must have been hell. I turned to Caroline "Give me a hug, you're out of there now and starting now we're going to have a bloody good holiday."

Caroline pulled back a little "You won't want to get too close to me, I haven't had a shower since leaving home yesterday, and the bathroom was disgusting the smell appalling I couldn't bear using it."

"Caroline you poor dear," I sympathized with her the thought of not being able to shower or wash was horrifying. "John we've still got the room key haven't we?"

"Yes I've not checked us out yet." John answered.

"Good. You guys take our key use our room to have a shower and get sorted. Why didn't you say it was that bad last night? Somehow we could all have shared our room."

"You two are so generous to us, what we would have done without you I don't know, thank you so so much." Caroline took the key giving us both a peck on the cheek. "We won't be long, fifteen minutes okay?" she asked.

"Guys take your time Susie and I will have another coffee." John answered.

"Thank you my darling." I said giving him a big cuddle and a kiss, I knew how eager he was to get to the boat but was still happy to wait for them.

Half an hour later they both reappeared looking a lot fresher and smiling. It was the first time I had really seen Caroline smile, her whole face lit up her eyes full of life. "I feel alive for the first time since we arrived, thank you." Caroline gave me a big hug her arms gripping my waist and surprised me with a longer than expected kiss on my lips. Instinctively I returned her kiss stunned at our sudden intimacy but, strangely not offended, after all she was just a friend. James broke the spell between us "Cheers mate." He said to John. "You really have saved us, I was getting worried Caroline was going to break down. I owe you guys' big time."

"It's what friends are for, have a coffee there's plenty in the pot and I'll check out then off we go." John strolled off to the reception a jump in his step. Caroline looked at me. "He's excited."

"He always is around yachts, it's his biggest love."

"Surely you're his biggest love?" James asked.

"Sometimes I'm not sure, I think he's married to boats, I'm just his mistress for when he's on land." I winked ensuring they knew I was joking. John returned we finished our coffee and took a taxi to the marina. As we reached the marina John's excitement had rubbed off on all of us, he had given us a rough itinerary it would be very laid back sailing but I knew John would want to push the yacht. We unloaded of cases as John went into the office. We needed to buy a few extra provisions arm in arm Caroline and I went to the local shop, leaving the guys to go over the boat and stow the food and luggage.

Within half an hour we returned everything we needed plus a few extra luxuries we handed them down to the guys and they helped us on board. The guys gave us a quick tour she was a beautiful white boat with a light blue stripe running down the hull it was quite new, inside there were two cabins galley and spacious salon and thankfully a separate loo and shower, I fell in love with her immediately.

We left harbour under the engine but as soon as we reached open water John started teaching James on how to set the sails. The boat cut through the flat crystal clear blue sea the weather was exquisite a light sea breeze the sky a picture perfect a deep blue only occasionally interrupted by a thin stream of white cloud the sun glowing warming every part of the body. "Would you care to join me on the deck and do absolutely nothing? I asked Caroline.

She smiled "Sounds perfect to me." the winds were light so we made our way forward. Caroline stripped off her shorts and top to reveal a turquoise bikini, she had a body I would kill for, a size 10 not an inch of extra fat on her, lovely long legs, trim waist probably a 34B bust, brunette shoulder length hair and eyes that matched her bikini to perfection. Caroline sat with her back to me I massaged the lotion into her skin, her body felt like satin beautiful, soft and near flawless. I finished her massage and standing up stripped off to my bikini I felt self-conscious, a hint of jealousy, wishing my body was still as flawless as hers.

"My turn," Caroline said, "lay down on your front and I'll do your back." I did as instructed and Caroline rubbing the oil in her hands started to expertly massage my back.

"That feels lovely," I murmured. "You've done this before." I added enjoying the luxurious sensation she was giving me.

"I have some training in sports massage; I use to play football for a ladies team until I was injured now I act as the physio for the team, it's not the same as playing but I enjoy it and it does have some advantages."

"Lucky ladies are all I can say." Caroline laughed, continuing the massage her practiced hands moving from my shoulder to my lower back, I jumped a little as the tips of her fingers went a little lower than expected below my bikini briefs. I moved, thinking my treatment was complete but Caroline's hand stopped me. "I haven't finished yet, if you're happy for me to continue?"

"Please." I answered. Caroline then moved her position, now straddling my calfs she continued, her hands massaging the back and sides of my thighs each stroke getting a little higher until her hands reached the cheeks of my bum, the next stroke her fingers pushed at my bikini exposing more of my bum, never before had I had a massage like this, I was feeling a little uncomfortable but also enjoying the sensations she was giving me. Caroline's hands went back to my thighs now her touch now stronger her two thumbs pushing between the cleft of my closed legs.

Caroline's voice woke me from my trance. "Would you like me to go further?" She asked.

"No, that feels fine." I answered not really knowing what she meant.

"Perhaps some other time soon." She said as she got off my legs and lay down next to me. We spent the next couple of hours chatting and getting to know each other taking in turns to replenish the drinks. Any issues we may have had about not getting on were soon dispelled; it was easy to tell by the chatting and laughing from the guys that they would soon be close friends.

It was late afternoon when John informed us that as the winds were light we would not make port before dark, we had two options, enter the port after dark or find a cove out of the wind and anchor for the night. I was hoping we would make port but John had been working hard all day sailing and crewing the boat alone whilst also trying to teach James. He was looking tired he could do with a break so the decision was made to anchor in a small cove. Within half an hour a cove was found, we anchored and set the boat for the night. I opened a bottle of wine and the four of us sitting in the cockpit raised a toast to a successful day.

"I fancy a swim, before we're pissed, anyone care joining me?" John asked.

James nodded his head in agreement "Sounds like a fine idea to me, ladies would you care to join us?" We looked at each other and nodded both replying yes in unison. "Let's go then." John said standing up removing his shirt his hands on the waistband of his shorts preparing to remove them.

"John," I shouted. "No!" Realising his actions he pulled his shorts back up though not before exposing most of his bum to us.

He apologised to James and Caroline. "Sorry I didn't think, forgot we weren't alone for a second. Normally if we're alone it's easier to strip off. Saves a lot of faffing around, didn't mean to embarrass you.

James laughed. "You don't need to apologise not the first naked bum we've seen, we've frequented the odd naturist beach in our time.

I stepped in "Sorry about him Caroline, normally when we're alone sailing we don't worry too much about wearing anything when swimming. Hope he didn't embarrass you?"

"I'm fine with nudity, please carry on, as James said we do strip of ourselves and it's us invading your holiday."

I looked to Caroline. "You're not invading the holiday; this is our holiday it belongs to the four of us."

John looked at James and Caroline "If you're sure?"

"Yes go ahead, I presume you haven't got anything I haven't seen before?" Caroline said with a smile on her face.

"If you're sure with that guys? Then let's live the dream." John answered but not waiting for a reply as he removed his shorts threw them on the deck and without turning around dived naked into the water.

"When in Rome, if you're okay with that Susie?" James asked, my nod giving him the go ahead. "Thank you." With that his shirt and shorts joined John's abandoned on the deck.

"Are we going to join them?" I asked Caroline.

"Do you mean for a swim or stripped off?" She asked.

"We're on holiday, I don't want to get this bikini wet and can't be bothered going to change." I replied. Caroline wasting no more time stripped off joining the guys in the water with me only seconds behind her.

We swam around laughing and playing although we were in the water it was very clear and I did take a peek to see what James had. Caroline certainly peaked at John several times swimming very close to him. Several times I caught James watching me closely and although I'm not a natural exhibitionist I had no issues with James and Caroline seeing me naked swimming in the water, the situation felt natural and right.

I swam for about ten minutes the water beautifully clear, warm and refreshing, I could have stayed in the water for hours, swimming, laughing and playing but stomachs would soon start grumbling food would be required; I now had to pay for my day of relaxation to the galley I needed to go. I climbed out and now it was me not thinking, grabbing a towel I dried my face and sat down and picked my drink up letting the sun dry my body laughing watching the high junks of John Caroline and James. The guys decided to swim to shore leaving Caroline to swim back to the boat; pulling her body out of the sea she joined me in the cockpit wrapping herself in a towel as she sat.

I felt Caroline's eyes were scrutinising my body feeling a little self-conscious I grabbed the nearest towel covering my modesty from Caroline's gaze. "Hey don't cover yourself on my account, you have a pretty body, very sexy, you should show it off." Caroline winked, leaning towards me she placed her hand on my thigh, making my body jump, "soft and smooth too." She giggled, gently stroking my thigh before removing her hand.

I looked at Caroline, there was something about her, something I couldn't decipher. I had had the same thought at the airport and dismissed it but the thought had returned. "What dark secrets do you told?" I asked myself.

We finished dinner, between Caroline and me we had cooked paella adding the few muscles the guys had brought back with them. I stacked the plates and John took them down to the galley returning with another bottle of wine, we had probably drunk too much already though no one refused John's offer of a refill. I felt contentment, resting my head on John's shoulder I looked around the night was dark, a moonless night broken only by the masthead light throwing shadows over the yacht, momentarily conversation went quiet, leaving only the sound of the sea quietly slapping the hull of the yacht.

Eventually James broke the silence. "I know you guys are naturist lovers but have you ever tried sailing naked?"

John looked at me I looked back and shrugged my shoulders and John answered James's question. "Actually we normally spend most of the time naked when we're out here sailing with no one else around: it's a feeling of freedom, free from all restraints only the wind moving the boat the sun on our bodies, it feels so natural the way it should be."

Caroline whispered in my ear. "What else do you get up to when you're alone out here?"

I giggled a drunken giggle I knew exactly what Caroline meant; normally I would have been reserved in my answer but the wine had taken its toll loosening my tongue. I whispered to her ear. "Making love on the deck at midnight, you can't beat it. You must try it; we'll set up a rota taking turns."

"That sounds like heaven." She replied. "Who's first on the rota?"

I winked at her "I believe your name is on the top of the list." I left it a few minutes and yawned. "John I'm tired and feeling a little drunk, let's have an early night?"

"I'm fine if you want to turn in." I stared at him; he knew he had given the wrong answer. "Actually it's not a bad idea; we'll leave you guys to it if that's okay."

"Sure." Said James with a slight smile; Caroline had obviously told him about our rota. Kisses and goodnights were exchanged and we retired to our cabin. We had been in bed for only a few minutes past before we could hear them moving and stumbling and laughing on deck. I smiled, I knew what was happening and let John in on the secret of the rota. Caroline and James settled down on the deck directly above our cabin. The soundproofing isn't great on these boats we couldn't see them though by the sounds they were making they were certainly enjoying each other.

John stood up pushing his ear to the roof to listen to James and Caroline. "Don't be nosy." I shouted to him in a whisper, slapping his thigh in chastisement but losing my own battle not to join him. I listened, whispering we were trying to interpret their sounds, John mimed Caroline giving James a blowjob, and I burst out with laughter having to fall on the bed using a pillow to stifle my laugh. I regained my poise looking up from the bed I could see John was getting turned on, my hand went to his semi erect cock gently I started to stroke him. I started to fondle my tits through my night shirt the feeling of John's cock getting harder in my hand having an effect on me.

I sat up from the bed taking John's cock to my mouth imitating Caroline's actions with James, John let out a quiet moan his hand pushing on my head wanting me to take his cock deeper. I gagged as it hit the back of my throat my fingernails digging into his arse making him push his cock deeper. My hand reached between my legs, my pussy already wet I ran my finger down my pussy before my juice covered finger found my waiting clitoris, rubbing it in rhythm with the fondling of my tits and John's cock. John pulled out his cock and whispered to me. "Let's take a look." I should have said no, already we were invading their privacy but I was intrigued, I had never watched two people making love before.

We crept quietly out of our cabin and out to the cockpit, carefully we looked over the top of the glass windshield hoping we wouldn't be seen. I gasped at the sight, both of them lit up by the masthead light, James had removed his shorts and was lying on his back with Caroline astride James leaning slightly forward and riding his cock hard, her naked back shinning in the light her dress crumpled at her waist.

John stood behind me I could feel his hard cock pushing against my naked arse. Positioning myself careful I reached behind myself and took his cock guiding it to my pussy. John knew what to do I gasped with delight as he eased his cock deep in my pussy the tip brushing the front of my pussy and find my G-spot. I wanted to scream only John's hand in front of my mouth stopping me, I had to be quiet I didn't want Caroline and James to know we were watching but I also wanted to scream to the world.

Slowly he fucked me from behind his hands tightly he gripped my hips, with one hand I supported us both, the other fondling my clit as John plunged deeper inside me, both of us watching and enjoying the sight of James and Caroline fucking. This was a new experience for me and I was enjoying it. John moved his arm around my waist his other hand slipping up my night shirt finding, caressing, playing with my tits my hardened nipples enjoy the attention he was giving them.

I had a sudden urge to be with James and Caroline, lying next to them as John fucked me, as James fucked Caroline for them to be watching us enjoying the same pleasures they were bestowing on us. I wanted them to look up, to see us, to invite us to join them. I wanted to shout, scream, and call to the world around us. I was in paradise, a new paradise, a paradise I never wanted to leave. I controlled my urge to shout; I watched and listened to them intently as John's fucked me. By the light of the moon I could see James's fucking Caroline his hands gripping her hips as John had gripped mine pulling her harder down onto his cock.

Caroline was calling, demanding. "Fuck me James, yes fuck me, harder, fuck my wet cunt, fuck my brains fuck my cunt harder." I couldn't imagine Caroline would use that language but she was. Her voice lowered though I could still hear what she was saying. "Think of you fucking Susie's tight cunt, I know you want to, and you want to watch John fucking my cunt, using me as his slut." I was shocked by what she was saying, but strangely turned on hearing it. Did she really mean it? Surely it was just a fantasy to turn him on? Said in the heat of the moment? Right now I didn't care, he could fuck me.

I rubbed my clit harder as John fucked me, abusing my nipples, my tits my whole body. I felt John's body stiffen his cock grow harder I knew he was close to coming, he pressed deeper inside me, furiously I rubbed my clit, I wanted to come with him for us to come together, for us all to come together. A small wave ran through my body, followed by more, each a little stronger than the last. John pushed hard into me and I felt his cock explode as a larger wave of my orgasm ran through me I could feel my pussy filling with John's sperm, a second and third time he shot more inside me as my orgasm reached its summit exploding my every sense in ecstasy. I slumped forward a little trying to regain my composure, John's cock now spent slowly slipped out of me, a cocktail of sexual juices drawing down my thigh, his arms still around me, holding me, and loving me.

With James and Caroline still locked to each other we moved away silently not wanting to disturb them or be seen. Retreated to our cabin we collapsed on the bed still catching our breath regaining our control now oblivious to James and Caroline above us. John pulled the sheet over us, holding me tightly I could hear movement from above; Caroline and James had reached their crescendo.

I lay there quietly in the bed feeling only the beat of John's heart as he fell into a sleep, I thought of tonight's events, it was exciting, different, something new, though I felt guilt, we had no right to invade their privacy. How would I feel if they had done the same to us? I wasn't sure, before tonight I would have been upset, annoyed, betrayed. Did I still feel like that? Strangely I didn't know. I wondered what tomorrow will bring.

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