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Sailor, Sailor


This one's for Kirsty

As she lay in the top bunk, surrounded by three snoring men, she began to wonder what she had gotten herself into. They had been at sea for almost three weeks, and although as yet no one had discovered her true sex, she was constantly on edge; she had no idea what might happen if anyone suspected. She breathed deeply and slowly, and knew that this was a risk worth taking. A woman would never be allowed onto a military ship, and she couldn't get to Australia any other way. It had been almost a year since she had seen Andrew, and she knew she needed to find him again. He had been sent to work in the prisons on the other side of the world, ordered to go, and they had found themselves with no choice. She had tried everything, even tried living without him, but it was impossible. So she had hacked her hair into a short bob, christened herself Christopher, and signed up to the navy. It had been no trouble getting aboard the Australia bound tanker, there was little enthusiasm for the work, the abandoning of life as you know it, to help sustain the King's egotistical view of the rest of the planet as Britannia's back yard.

Thus, she found herself on this ship, doing her best to keep up with the men's work, and her best to avoid the group showers. Although her curiosity had never failed to get the better of her, and morning after morning she would sit in the changing rooms, peeking through the door. She was fascinated by the men, in particular, the awkward dangling cocks, in so many different shapes and sizes they came, and she would tingle with the magical thought that she could perhaps be these beasts master, or mistress, indeed. The routine of the ship's work would maintain itself within her as she snuck between the thin sheets of her bunk, and inevitably her thoughts turned to those showers. What a thrill it would be if she could just undress and swagger in amongst them, her hands stuck to her hips as they swung, then slowly moving up her sides, enjoying the soft skin, before moving over her breasts. She would imagine how the thick pricks would rise under her gaze, as she tugged her nipples before them. How would it feel to the touch? Would they be rough or smooth? She and Andrew had never made it to the bedroom, something she constantly regretted. Sex before marriage was unheard of, of course, and her parents had been strict.

As she felt the envisaged steel cocks in her hands, some hand comes up behind her, and she felt a length pressed up against her ass and back, squashed between the two bodies. Hands would, she instinctively knew, begin at her hips and move around until just the fingertips caressed the dark hairs surrounding her pussy. As she sank deeper into fantasy, her right hand unconsciously crept south, until it too tickled the outermost hairs. She was wet, and her hand easily pressed through, until she felt the warmth on her skin. She gasped as she felt it, only it was not her own touch, it was thick, rough fingers, worn from work. The fingers pushed deeper inside her, and she bit her tongue to keep from murmuring... And so her evenings went, until she would come, gnawing her lips to keep silent, and sink exhausted into the pillow, waiting for the morning, when she could once again watch the subjects of her fantasy.

It was some weeks later that the men of her cabin spoke in secret. Her behaviour around the shower rooms had not gone unnoticed, nor had her soft jaw, or large eyes. So the night before, the large man Alan had lain awake after the others had fallen asleep, and heard the soft moanings she had tried to disguise. As the strongest man in the cabin, he had quickly asserted his dominance over the others, and the sailors that slept beside him respected him and feared him in equal measure. His hair, as was the style, was cut short, nothing but a thin blonde smattering of stubble. He had a piercing blue gaze, framed by his expressive brows, which were usually furrowed unpleasantly, and his large thick nose jutted out from his face below. Broken in countless quayside bar brawls, it was now haggard and rough. His thick lips were usually surrounded by rough stubble, and rarely rose from anything but a grimace. As she fell asleep, he lay still, his boxer shorts tented now he knew the truth. The hardest thing for him, and for most of the men aboard had not been saying farewell to their families, but farewell to the cheap dock whores who they asked for by name.

His large cock twitched with pleasure as he imagined the girl lying naively above him. His mind was racing, and he told himself to be calm, there would be time for everything. So he silently stepped off the bed, and stood up, his prick standing to attention. He gently lifted the covers from the girl, now in an knackered state of the unconscious, and his hand went to the flat belly that was not quite covered by the shirt she wore. His strong coarse fingers began to peel the fabric up, until he met her breasts, which spent the days constrained with tape to keep them from being seen, and he smiled. What luck! His hand moved over her right breast, and softly kneaded it, savouring the feel. The nipple hardened to his touch, and his smile grew, along with his cock.

One hand reached down, and began to massage it through the fabric, whilst the other slid down her body to the elastic of her underwear. The fingers found hair, just like she had imagined, and pressed onwards, eager and drunk with excitement. They felt the heat coming off her still warm pussy, and a thick middle finger pushed its way through the folds of flesh and met the wet sweet juice inside her. He pushed inwards, and slipped another finger into her tight vagina, and moved them in and out a little. Then he gathered his senses, and removed them, bringing them to his lips to taste the nectar, before moving back to his bed. The boys would be very excited about this, he thought to himself.

The next day they rose as usual, and Alan had to maintain focus throughout the ritual shower in order to stay flaccid. He glanced up at "Christopher" for a moment, and their eyes met. He hurried out of the shower, aching for her body, intoxicated by the soft skin he had felt the night before, the sweet taste he had experienced. The first chance he got, he convened with the group he bunked with. He was the strongest of the three, and had quickly asserted himself as a natural leader. His hair was, like the others, cut short, and he towered above them at 6'5". Mike, and Joe were his other roommates, and he eagerly told the two what he had discovered. He kept his voice slow and lazy, but found himself carried away, and described to the two the soft nipple he had felt against his palm, the wetness he had felt around his fingers. Mike and Joe were sent scurrying off to the dorm, whilst Alan went to find "Chris." She was just beginning her lunch when he found her and jumped as his deep voice had explained they were having a cabin-meeting. Her mind was racing, she had had such vivid dreams the night before, and followed the big man without thinking. When she entered the room, the door was sharply locked behind her, and it was only at the jolt of the door did she re-enter the real world.

The bedroom was a mess, the floor was lined with mattresses that had been pulled off the bunks, tore down in a frenzied hurry. She spoke uneasily...

"What's happened here?" she growled, deep as possible. She turned to face Alan, her eyes reaching to the middle of his chest, and found herself being pushed to the ground, her landing softened by the mattresses.

"What is th...?" she started, but was silenced in fear and exhilaration as the two commanded men kneeled beside her. A pair of white gloved hands began at her belt, and whipped it off in an instant.

"Slowly...", Alan ordered, he wanted to savour this. It had been a difficult decision to share this fine prize with his cabin mates, but he had eventually decided he might enjoy it more, using her every way imaginable. So the gloved hands unzipped her navy trousers, and she felt their silk drift across her thigh as they were lowered. The brief feeling of silk on skin was enough to make her heart skip a beat, and she couldn't fight back had she wanted to. Another pair of white hands found their way to her top, and it was pulled over her head, revealing her breasts pressing up against a thin white vest, struggling to be free of their constraints. The hands removed the vest, and deftly manoeuvred the tape, unwinding it gently so as not to hurt her skin. She gasped as they massaged her tits, roughly pulling on the nipples which quickly hardened. Her trousers and baggy men's boxers where discarded, and she lay there naked. Joe massaged her breasts, bringing his tongue to her nipple, and Mike ran his gloved hands up and down her legs, every now and then, brushing through the hair between her legs. Every time he did so, she jumped, gasped, and her buttocks clenched in pleasure. Alan watched from standing, and undressed himself. Kirsty opened her eyes briefly, and watched his top fly off, revealing thick biceps and a six pack. There was just a flicker of hair trailing up his chest between his pecks.

"Leave your gloves on..." she gasped breathlessly to him, as another pair of hands tickled up her inner thigh.

Alan lowered his trouser, and his semi-hard cock sprang loose. Kirsty had noticed it in the showers. Even soft it was probably six inches long, and thick, oh so thick!

Around her, the hands had been removed, and the two other men were quickly undressing. She closed her eyes once more, basking under the lustful gaze of the men. So this was how it would feel to waltz into those showers. Her heart beat faster and faster, nervous with what might come next. She felt a thin tie being placed over her eyes, and in an instant, she was blindfolded. These men were in control of her, which was not how she had imagined the shower scene, but she like the feeling. She licked her lips as she waited for what would come next, and as her tongue flicked out, she felt something soft and hard. A rough hand gripped her hair, and pulled her head back, and she opened her mouth wider instinctively. She felt the head of a thick cock, and rolled her tongue over it, tasting a little salty liquid as she did.

"Oh yeah, you're a natural, baby," someone crooned, and she felt encouraged. A hand was placed in her hair, and the first cock she had ever felt slid a little farther into her mouth. She brought her hands up to steady it, already feeling her gag reflex raising its head. As she gripped the base of the cock in her mouth, one hand moved to cup the balls beneath it, which had always amazed her. She had watched them wobble under the warm water, and their texture again surprised her. She gently squeezed them, experimenting. As she did this, she felt two silk hands against her thighs, slowly forcing her legs apart. The feet were drawn up a little, and her knees began to move apart. Instinctively, her thighs tensed, but the hands gripped them strongly, and overcame them, pushing her legs wide open.

The hands then crept up and in, moving through her hairs, and into her pussy. A finger slid up her slit, and then suddenly two fingers entered her, crossing and uncrossing themselves inside her, rotating. The fingers worked, while her anticipation grew, and she tried to focus on the cock in her mouth, beginning to enjoy the feeling of it sliding into her, enjoying exploring its shape with her tongue. She suppressed the urge to gag, and succumbed to it hitting the back of her throat, loving the power she was under.

Suddenly, a foreign tongue touched her belly button, then slowly moved downwards. She felt tickled as it met with the curly hairs, and she squirmed slightly under its touch, a squirming which was met with hands in her hair steadying her as someone pushed ever deeper into her throat, beginning a rhythmic thrust. The tongue met wetness and she pushed up to meet it, groaning deeply, muffled by the mass in her mouth. The tongue pushed inside her, then flicked up to the little budding clitoris, which was emerging from beneath its hood. The tongue began a rhythm of its own, moving up and down her cunt, before pushing into her, and eventually onto her clitoris, slowly tracing over it. The tongue moved down, licking her lips and tasting the sweet juices now flowing freely, before moving up and applying pressure on her clitoris.

Now the tongue focused, with hard fast strokes, and soon she was bucking under its touch, desperate for a release she knew was nearing, but did not understand. Another pair of silky hands moved to her breasts, and pressed and moulded them, whilst a mouth placed itself around her nipples, moving from one to the other. The combined efforts of the three brought her faster and faster to orgasm, and when she began, Alan, who was between her legs allowed his tongue to become softer, and moved away from her clitoris, licking the edges of her pussy, seemingly cleaning her up.

The cock in her mouth was moving fast now, and she heard a thick guttural cry as Joe came. It took her by surprise, she had of course known that such things happened, but never in her wildest dreams had it occurred here, now. The cock erupted with semen, and she swallowed bravely, before coughing and pushing the prick from her mouth. Joe came still, and she moved her hands quickly up and down the shaft, milking short bursts from him. She tried to catch the salty liquid in her mouth, and licked her lips to gather it up. Joe collapsed, knackered, and looked up at Alan, who was staring down at her widened cunt with awe. He was on his knees, and his formidable prick stood long and hard, following his gaze.

He leaned forwards, and pulled off the blindfold, staring deep into her eyes. She gazed up at him, sleepy and exhausted, but yearning for one last feeling she knew was to come. The head of Alan's cock met with her pussy, and he pushed in slowly, it opening welcomingly. Once he was in, he paused and let her take a deep breath. He loved the feeling, the warmth around him, and began to push forward slowly. Before long, he met resistance, and Kirsty gasped, and bit her lip, as Alan gathered her in his strong arms, and pulled back. He kissed her hard on the mouth all of a sudden, and pushed through mightily. His tongue was deep in her mouth, which stifled the yell she tried to let out, her hands wrapped around his back, grasping at his skin.

Once through her hymen, Alan slowed, and gently moved outwards, then back, allowing her to grow accustomed to his manhood inside her. Kirsty's breasts rose and fell quickly, and she struggled to catch her breath. The pain was receding, and she was growing quickly familiar to the sensations. She felt complete, whole, and she felt weak with pleasure. As Alan allowed himself to drift out of her until just the head was once more at her opening, she reached around him, and gripped his ass. She pulled him in, and he complied, quickly thrusting forward. She gasped softly, expecting the sensations this time, and moaned a quiet 'Yes'.

Alan built his speed up, holding Kirsty tight, and she loved how strong he was, the feeling of her breasts flattened against his iron chest, the feeling of his steel rod pumping in and out of her. Alan moved his hands down to her thighs, and pulled her legs up, getting deeper and deeper.

He was impressed that this innocent beauty could take him completely, and loved how tight she was, he knew he was stretching her. His speed built further, and Kirsty glanced sideways to see Mike rapidly masturbating, staring intently at the two before him. Alan let out a cry, and hearing his pleasure let Kirsty let go further, who moaned loudly in unison. She could feel the now familiar feeling building up inside her, could feel his massive testicles bouncing off her ass, and knew she would reach that momentous climax soon. Alan, too, was close, and he said so, moaning between his deep gasps.

Suddenly, Kirsty was gripped with a desire to feel him spill his seed inside her, and gripped his ass harder, forcing him to speed up. She let our a deep cry, and her whole body tensed, grabbing Alan's ass with impressive strength. Her flexing pussy squeezed Alan's prick, and he let out another low groan, and came too, thrusting hard, feeling her pelvis against him. The sight of the two climaxing brought Mike to the culmination of his pumping, and he came in several bursts, covering Kirsty's breasts and neck. Alan collapsed on top of her, and his arms moved up around her neck, still wearing those milky gloves, now sticky with sweat and come.

The four of them lay on the mattresses for a long time, and Kirsty drifted off into a deep sleep, whilst Alan began to shrink inside of her. Australia was still over a month away, and she knew she loved Andrew. She had enjoyed these men's thick cocks, but knew that there was only one which was designed for her. She grinned with excitement, content in the knowledge of her sexuality, and who would benefit from it the most.

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