tagRomanceSaint Ch. 02

Saint Ch. 02


She was alone in his bed when she woke up. She wondered where she was, everything seemed so strange...not a bad strange though. Usually when she woke up it was Mrs Johnson on 147 screaming off her head at her four boys for being late to school again. It was usually to the sound of Clay Brown, the stripper next door practicing his Elvis crotch grabs to Christina Aguilera's 'Dirty'. This definitely wasn't Building 8 on Bertrand Road.

It was all so quiet. She'd been here before but she'd never lain in his bed before, merely watched him in it. The bed was much softer than hers, the sheets dark blue satin for pure comfort. It smelt of him, Saint, that all man, slightly cologne smell of his that had had her swooning for most of the time she'd been working for him. Even his pillows were permeated with Saint.

Then suddenly it all hit her. Yesterday had been a disaster. She felt sadness choke her as she remembered. She curled tightly to her side, tears seeping from her eyes as her mind rolled over the events of last night. As if she was still there, her nose burned from the searing smell of burning wood and the crashing sound as the roof of her apartment building came down.

The lady with the phone trying to get information for tomorrow's gossip from her. Saint dashing on scene with his Porsche to save her. Saint tucking her into his bed. It was all like a flashback from a movie she was seeing rather than starring in.

Oh God...she'd forgotten the most important part, she wiped away her tears. Saint tucking her into his bed. Her rubbing into Saint's cock so wickedly. Caressing his cock with her bare hands. What did he think of her? No wonder he wasn't in bed. He must think that she'd been angling for him since day one. Sidling towards him like a python before she sunk her fangs into him.

Had she really begged him to... to do things to her? He'd tried to stop her, she remembered, but it was as if she would have crawled out of her skin if he hadn't touched her. And to prove that this had all been her idea, he hadn't even tried to fuck her. Wait a Go Tanyi Rokir. Molesting your own boss right under his own roof.

Just then she heard a footsteps then the door knob turning. She quickly curled into her side pretending to be asleep. Tanyi just wasn't ready to be confronted by Saint's angry eyes. Or was he going to knowingly amused. She preferred angry...at least that had some dignity to it.

She heard him walk over to the side of the bed, shuffling as he lay something on the side-table. Something delicious. Her stomach growled at the enticing smell, betraying her. She heard Saint chuckle in that deep way only he could, and she knew he knew she was awake.

She popped one eye open to find his face right up to hers as he knelt on one knee by the bed. Jeez the guy was even more gorgeous by morning light. I wonder if he uses some flowery shower gel she thought distractedly, because he smelt great. His eyes held a naughty glint just before he dived in.

Before she knew it Saint's lips were on hers, nibbling at her, begging her to wake up and take him. She just couldn't resist an invitation like that and she gave back just as much as she got. His lips moved over hers softly and seductively, sucking her tongue into his mouth. She was all too willing to give right back curling her arm over his neck and tagging on his bottom lip. Saint loved the way Tanyi responded to him like a cat just coiling out from deep slumber.

"Morning?" Saint finally pulled away from her, standing up to sit on the bed.

"Um...morning." her voice sounded as if she'd been chewing on a couple of nails. With last night's smoke and the smoke Saint had just gotten out of her it was a wonder her ears weren't steaming like a kettle coming to boil.

"I brought you some breakfast." He gestured to the steaming cup of coffee and lifted the lid on a plate. So that's what he'd brought with him. The toast, crisp to perfection and light brown just the way she liked it, sausage and a few strips of bacon were just what she needed to wake her up. No wonder her tummy had been throwing a party of its own.

"Thank you." She rose up, putting the plate on her lap and ate in silence. He just stared at her, his hand on her knee, as if he was waiting for her to break the silence, say something. She could guess what he wanted her to say. She put down her fork. "Okay fine! I'm sorry."

"Sorry about what." Saint stroked her leg. He couldn't help it. He'd almost lost her last night. He just didn't know what to say. All he wanted was just to enjoy the fact that she was with him, in his house, in his bed.

"Last night." She rushed in before he could stop her. "I know I kind of pounced on you and mauled you like a cow on heat and you didn't want it. But it was just the moment. Everyone says I get a little carried away when I'm nervous. So it wasn't you. But I know you're my boss so it's not like I expect..." Saint cut off her nonsensical babble with a hard fast kiss on her mouth.

"Figures that you'd be more concerned about our touching rather than your flat going down in smoke. Does that feel like I didn't want it?" Tanyi was too shocked to answer. "Don't be sorry." Saint finished by picking up her fork and feeding her some bacon.

"Well I don't get attached to stuff and I do have pretty good insurance so..."She grumbled going back to her eating. She should probably curl up and cry for her worldly possessions, but Tanyi was used to just dropping everything and starting afresh especially because her father had been in the military. When you moved around a lot, stuff you bought just ended up being that...stuff.

Tanyi couldn't believe that this was her boss treating as if she was the most precious thing to him. Of course it was just a dream because let's face it, Saint was a player. She knew because she was constantly shuffling girls out of his life after he'd brought them in from where he'd picked them up. But she was going to go along with this.

Last night had taught her that she obviously needed some sexual relief and Saint did touch her like he knew what he was doing. He was as good as any man...no make that better. As long as they both understood that it was just a little play it shouldn't affect her job. No one would get hurt.

"Let me take care of you today sweetheart." Saint broke into her thoughts. "Let me make you happy."

"What about work?" Tanyi loved the sound of the 'sweetheart' rolling off his tongue. Maybe a little too much.

"I called Christian. He didn't like it," Christian was Saint's older brother and a silent partner at Hartley Eng. Christian was notorious for his disappearing acts around the office. But when he came back he was like a machine, which was why Saint tolerated him as a partner. It was only last week that's he'd appeared from one of his jaunts. "...but he'll take care of it."

In her mind his taking care of her involved a lot of petting, a lot of rubbing and a boatload of sex but obviously it didn't to him because her "Okay" only got her a hug. Talk about friendly rather than hot. All hands, no chest.

"So what do you want to do?"She tried not to sound too disappointed

"Why don't I surprise you?" He pulled her from bed helping her slide the covers off of her and stand up. She was only wearing her spaghetti top and her boy shorts. While here was fully dressed in a baby blue cashmere sweater with a white T peeping from the neckline and black slacks. She felt a twinge of embarrassment but tapped it down realising that he'd probably seen a lot more when her hand had been down his shorts last night.

Saint was glad Tanyi was so comfortable. With the things he planned to do to her she had better be comfortable. As she stretched beside the bed, trying to get the kinks out of her muscles, all he could see was the way her breasts pushed the little top up revealing her lithe waist and deep navel, her nipples pressing into it like hard buttons. He felt his cock grow though he knew she was doing it innocently.

She wasn't doing it innocently. Tanyi knew exactly what she was doing. She wanted him to see her body. Wanted him to see what he was missing by giving her those friendly hugs. She turned her back to him giving him a tantalising glance of her apple bottom. Just to tease him, she bent to the floor "Have you seen my pj bottoms."

Saint felt a cold sweat break out on his forehead. When she bent like that he could see her pussy lips pressing against her shorts. "I ..... I put them in the laundry basket." Then she widened her legs to stand up. For a moment he actually thought he was going to cum on the spot.

"But I can't go around in these dirty clothes." She pouted turning to face him. She toyed and tugged on the strings of her top, as if threatening to peel them off her arms and reveal her breasts to him. "Or would you like me to go naked after my shower?" She sidled next to him pressing her body to him as she wrapped her arms around his neck, her pouting lips tantalisingly close.

Shit. She was getting to him. His cock was at full mast, ready to drill. Obviously the little cat knew what she was doing especially with the little rolls she was doing on his dick with her flat stomach. If she didn't back up he was going to fuck her right where she stood. Lift one of those caramel thighs to his waist, jerk her panties to the side and fuck her till he tore her into little bits. But if this was going to happen, it was going to happen on his terms. And right now he wanted this relationship to move slowly he didn't want Tanyi getting hurt. He wanted her to be sure before she played with him.

"No I don't." He pushed her away from him. His voice sounded hoarse. Tanyi couldn't believe it. Had she just been rebuffed? Was Saint trying to push her away after he'd just claimed that he liked what happened last night? His cock certainly liked her from what she'd felt on her tummy. He must be playing some sort of game.

He was probably trying to establish some control over the pace of the relationship. She should have known, he just seemed like the type to harbour obsessions with starting and ending relationships. Was she going to let him? Hell No! Mr. D was dead so she definitely had to have some and now. Not when Saint said so.

Tanyi would just have to actively convince him that fucking her was in his best interest especially if he didn't want his dick falling off from craving her. She was just going to have to seduce him.

Saint walked to his closet rummaging through it to triumphantly come out brandishing a blue t-shirt as if it was bounty from war. "We'll probably have to get you some new clothes but why don't you try this on for now?"

"If you insist" she walked toward him, her hips rolling with every step, her eyes daring him to turn away. He couldn't. Tanyi was everything he needed. Just the perfect size for him. Her breasts jutting out calling out for his touch. Pussy calling out for his cock. "Will you help me put it on after my shower?" she nibbled on his ear, her left hand travelling from his chest to settle on his hard stomach.

"Um...I can't. Someone has to go and get you clothes. So you'll have to put it on yourself."

"But how will you know it fits?" She whispered making his cock jump in his shorts. "Why don't I give you a little demonstration just to make sure it fits?" He gave her a hunted look as she pulled away from him.

Saint wanted to leave the room run from the temptation. He couldn't believe his Tanyi could be such a tease. She always seemed so...so controlled. He could smell her arousal and he knew her tight cunt would be soaked for him. But she had him captivated when her hand began inching her top up her tummy, revealing the flatness.

The underside of her breasts came into view. The top caught on her hard nipples arousing her even more. She pulled it revealing the most beautiful breasts. She was a C-cup. If he had to guess probably a 36. Her brown tiny nipples like the last drop of coffee on cappuccino. She cupped her breasts. "Are you sure it will be able to over these?" she pinched her nipples making them pebble even harder.

"Tanyi." He said helplessly. His cock straining against his slacks.

"And you know I can't wear them with these." She tossed the top to the floor, her hand travelling down her stomach to the sides of her boy-shorts. "They make me feel so dirty." He wanted to tell her that he wanted to make her even dirtier but he couldn't even open her mouth as she slowly pulled her panties down her legs. Her ample hips cupped her clean shaven pussy. It was too much for him, he groaned, his hand automatically going to his cock. Just a little caress.

"Tanyi, I have to go." He couldn't take it anymore. She was slowly eating away at his resolve. Right now he couldn't even remember why he wanted them to go slow. He needed to get out of here. He turned to leave.

She stopped him with a hand on his arm. "But don't you want to know my size before you buy me clothes?" she grinned her other hand lightly grazing over his on his cock. She squeezed, making him wish his hand was not a shield.

"Yeah! Sure!" Knowing her size did seem reasonable it's not like he could shop for her off the top of his head he thought.

"Don't you have a pen and paper?" She asked her hand caressing over his.

"They're downstairs." He managed.

"But Saint do you really want me to go downstairs like this? With all those glass windows" she licked her lips, her free hand fondling her breast. "What if your pool-guy saw me? Who knows what he'd want to do to me."And he knew what the pool-guy would want to do to her. Sink his dick into her, over and over again.

"I know what we can write with..." She walked away from him. Saint suffered a quick twinge of disappointment. He knew he was in trouble when she climbed on the bed and lay on her back. "Watch carefully Saint. We don't want you forgetting anything." She spread her legs, folding her knees at the same time. From where he was standing he could see directly into her cunt. A thin film of her wetness covered her pussy lips.

"Come closer. Don't you want to see?" He couldn't help himself. Like a fly crawling willingly into a spider's web he walked closer so that his knees hit the bed. From his vantage point, Saint could see every bit of her. She lifted her feet and pressed her soles to the front of his heavy thighs.

Using her hands she opened up her pussy lips and dipped one finger into her pussy. She trailed the finger up rubbing her clit as she went by up to her tummy. "27" she said as she wrote the number on her tummy.

Her feet seemed to be moving, then suddenly Tanyi had his cloth covered cock in her feet. She dipped the finger back into her inkwell again, taking the time to finger fuck herself with two strokes before she wrote in the middle of her breasts. "36 C" She intoned as she stroked his cock with her feet. Fuck! Now he was fucking her feet.

He pushed himself into her feet then pulling out before she stopped him by sliding her feet back to his thighs. This time she stroked her clit even harder before fucking herself then using her finger to write on her thigh "38!" She whispered.

She'd turned herself on so much all she needed now was just a good pounding. But Saint just stood there by the bed. Cock jutting out from his trousers like a spear, sure, her legs up in the air ready for him, his eyes drilling holes into her wet pussy, but doing nothing with it. All he needed to do was just unzip and aim. But the bastard looked like he'd been nailed to the floor.

Whatever. She wasn't going to beg. She stood up and grabbed the t-shirt from his hand. "Don't forget that; 36- 27-38." She said as she slammed the door to his bathroom. If she'd walked out a minute later, she'd have found Saint standing with his cock in his hand, her panties wrapped around it, jerking himself off till he came.

In the bathtub, Tanyi just couldn't help herself. Her whole body was tingling with unfulfilled arousal. The water on her body felt like sharp needles piercing her skin. Rubbing the soap to her body only increased the torture. Where the hell was Mr. D when you needed him. She needed relief. She tried caressing her breasts, strumming her clitoris with her finger, it wasn't enough. She needed more. She needed Saint.

She used the shower head directing its waterfall to her pussy, opening up her pussy lips with one hand. The sharp fall of water massaged her clit, getting her off in the most pleasurable way. She hummed as she came.

Saint was already gone by the time she came out of the bathroom wrapped in one of his towel. There was a note on the bed next to the t-shirt. 'Don't think you're going to get away with it.' She smiled.


Tanyi used the time Saint was away to explore his home. Though Tanyi had been here before, she'd never realised exactly how much of it there was. Apart from his room, there were six other bedrooms on this floor, each fitted with its own master bath, exquisitely decorated. Each room had its own colour scheme.

In her mind she'd already started naming them. Saint's was the blue room. Everything in it was in navy. There was a green, beige, purple (her favourite), baby blue, yellow and white room. The walls between the rooms were covered in pictures.

In one, he stood with his arms wrapped around his look-alike, laughing into the camera. That was Leone, his twin brother. She never knew how she could differentiate them. She just knew she could. From their talks she knew that Leone and Saint were the youngest in their family.

The next picture had younger versions of the 'Trips' as Saint liked to call them tagging on one present. The Triplets were the oldest siblings, though not by much, in the Hartley family. Christian, Gabriel 'Hawk' and Andrea were 31 years old now, only two years older than Leone and Saint but took the opportunity to lord it over them. In the picture they seemed to be maybe 10.

In another frame, Saint's mother and father, Monica and Brent Hartley, looked lovingly into each other's eyes as some eavesdropper tried to capture the moment on camera. His family seemed to be so happy.

Tanyi was envious her family had never been like this. When she was fourteen, her mother had run off leaving her with her father a rigid, military man. She'd never seen him smile, at least not when he was with her. Life with him was like living in a mobile boot-camp.

Whichever city they were in she knew that she had to wake up at six, run around the compound, prepare breakfast for them, go to school or work, be home by six prepare supper, eat, clean-up, sleep. Day in day out. No wonder she'd turned out a libertine.

She supposed he'd tried his best to bring up a daughter especially with no one to help him. But he'd taken every opportunity to stamp out her identity, instead expecting her to abide by his Mercurial laws. He'd controlled her in every way, her clothes, her job, her friends and finally he'd chosen Will for her.

When she'd told him, she'd dumped Will he'd looked at her as if it was her fault that Will didn't want her anymore. As if she was the imperfect one. It had led to a show down that had led her to walk out of his office, out of Detroit and out of his life. She was twenty five when she left. She could damn well make her own decisions. 13 months later and he'd never even called her.

She trailed her hand down the staircase banister as she came down the stairs to the ground floor. Her toes sunk into the plush beige carpeting covering the expanse of floor. Her travels led her to the kitchen. It was spotless, all white and stainless steel.

Obviously he cooked here because there were still dishes in the sink. She loaded them into the dishwasher as she mulled over where this thing between her and Saint was going. She didn't think she was capable of falling in love, especially after the Will fiasco, so that wasn't a problem.

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