tagNonHumanSaint Ives Whelan Chronicles Ch. 20

Saint Ives Whelan Chronicles Ch. 20


We're nearing the end of this one. One more chapter after this one will conclude their story. Luckily that isn't the end yet. Special thanks to JazC and The Guild for their continuous feedback and support and Asylumseeker for his final editing skills. I won't let you wait too long and leave you all to the reading part.


Chapter Twelve : Rebuilding and More Introductions Are Made.

Chris held Mia close as they sat on his rooftop terrace. Both were contemplating the events that occurred yesterday. Everything had gone smoother than either had expected, apart from Mia's dad killing his own father. Though it was clear it was done as a last option, the battle of wills had clearly been between those two.

Richard's father was no match when it came to fighting his son. It almost felt like he gave the pack away, it was his sheer stubbornness that had gotten him killed. It was a sorry event, but in the end maybe for the best. Now they would not have to go through the process of evicting him from the pack lands and all other packs wouldn't have to put up with him and possibly have him recreate the situation he had left his own pack in.

Leisurely Chris' hands travelled up and down Mia's arms under the blanket he'd wrapped around the both of them.

"So when are you moving in?" he murmured close to her ear.

Shifting slightly, she turned to face him with a defiant look on her face.

Chris smiled. "I know you prefer your house, but admit it, isn't this view is a lot better? When you move in you can change whatever you want. I liked your house and what you did with it. Though we may have to invest in a better couch." He winked after he said those last words.

"My, my, aren't we confident about ourselves," she mocked him.

"Pretend all you want, you know you like it here. Just look around you. You'd give up all this?" he said as he motioned to their surroundings. "We're in the middle of town, yet we have all the privacy we want. It can be our little hideaway from the rest of the pack."


"Yes, hideaway. Though I spend most of my time here during the week, I do have a separate house at the pack grounds. Nick lives in the main mansion, Ed and me each have a separate house not far from it. We can't stay away all the time, the pack needs us too," he explained.

"Ed usually stays at his flat at 'The Viper' and I'm mostly here during the week; we try to be at the compound at the weekends and we do meet often with Nick and the other Betas."

"So I'm not just moving in here, but in both places?" she asked, poking his chest.

"Yeah, but seeing we're mostly here I would figure moving in here would be the main priority."

"I can see the logic in that. Let me think on it for a bit," she said, turning around and cuddling close again.

"Not for too long, the offer only stands for a limited time."

"Oh, really now?"

"Hmm, twenty four hours then I'm moving in the mistress," he said in a serious tone, though the light shudder of his chest proved to her he was joking.

"Well, I can't have some floozy take over. Guess I'll have to move in ASAP then," she sighed dramatically, playing along.

"I'm glad you came to your senses; I'd have a hard time fending them off," he said with a smile.

"They better think twice, you're mine and you better not forget that."

"Just remind me often enough," Chris teased her in turn.

"I plan on doing that to the fullest once this little one is born," she said mysteriously.

"Little one? Just one? Can you already tell?" he asked surprisingly, his hands traveling south caressing her tummy.

"Hmm yeah I can, I didn't check for the gender, only how many and it's just one," she answered.

"Hmm he or she is going to be so spoiled and I'm gonna enjoy every single minute of it."

"I'm not so sure about that. I don't want a soiled little brat," she chided him.

"No child of mine will turn into a brat, I won't let it get that far," he said as he nuzzled her neck. "What do you say about us going over to your place and start moving some of your things over? If you want furniture moved we can sort that out next week, I've got a truck at work that will fit most if not all of it."

"That's a good idea. I certainly don't want those floozies having the wrong idea, now do we?" she joked.

He braided his hand at the back of her head as he turned her sideways. Bruising her lips with his own, he felt his blood rushing south, invigorating that very male part of his that had a mind of its own when it came to Mia.

I'm sure this feels convincing enough that those floozies won't stand a chance against you, he mentally told her as he pressed her closer to him with his other hand, his arousal straining hard against his jeans and pressing against her backside.

Mia smiled against his lips. Breaking contact briefly she turned around straddling his lap, before she locked their lips back together.

I'll never get enough of this.

We have a lifetime to explore everything we want, my little druid.

Rocking back and forth slowly, Mia heard Chris grunt approvingly.

Now it was him breaking their passionate kiss.

"However much I'd love for this to go further, I want you moved in first," he tried to persuade her.

"Are you sure of that?"

"I am. You can have all the goodies later and for as long as you want. But I want some of your stuff here, so it feels more like our home, not just mine, not anymore. You understand?"

Mia pressed herself down against his hard shaft making it hard for him to resist her. Grabbing her waist, he helped pressing her to him as he pushed up, grinding himself.

"I'm going to enjoy this once we get you settled in properly," he grunted as he reluctantly lifted her up. Still holding her close he stood up and slowly let her slide down his body until her feet hit the ground.

Brushing his lips over her temple he asked, "You want to take the car or do we port over?"

"We could port over if you make enough room so we can bring my things in one go," she proposed.

"That's a deal. I'll port us over and you bring us back?"

"Sounds like a plan to me."

They went inside creating the needed space, moving aside his couches and coffee table, creating what she hoped would be more than enough room.

* * * *

One Week Later :

With a smile on her face Mia took in the sleeping form of Chris. It wasn't often that she woke before him. Mostly he was waking her as he was teasing her with little kisses. One morning she had woken up to find him, or rather them, in more than an improper position. With his head buried between her legs, his tongue flicking her wet lips, he was waiting for her to wake up before he latched on more firmly giving just that little push for her to reach that stage of eternal bliss.

With a twinkle in her eyes she hoped he was still sound asleep. Normally she would refrain from using her magic during their lovemaking, finding it unfair. However now she used a little bit as she wanted to reposition her mate so she could have him in the same position he had had her in many times before.

She thought it was time she paid back a little of what he gave her so willingly. Making sure not to make sudden movements, she lifted his arms above his head. Mentally willing a rope in her hand, she tied him up, carefully checking if the knot was strong enough yet not too tight.

In a blink of an eye Mia disappeared from the bed, reappearing a few seconds later with a jar of honey in her hands. A few murmured words gave it a bit of warmth so she wouldn't wake him with the coldness of the sticky liquid. Dipping her finger in the clear golden tinted fluid, she dribbled a bit on his chest, slowly making a golden trail down to the dark V of his groin.

His cock lay lazily to one side. She had gotten used to Chris waking each morning with his rod at half-mast. He never needed much encouragement to get fully erect and aroused. Following his semi hard flesh she again dribbled some of the golden liquid on him.

Mia bit back a chuckle; he really must be tired if he hadn't woken up already. This was actually the first time she'd gotten this far., The other time she woke before him, she'd barely moved he'd woken up and ravished her.

Aha! she thought when she saw his flesh starting to harden even more. Licking her lips in anticipation she willed the jar of honey to the bed stand and then positioned herself over him on hands and feet, her breasts were just out of reach from touching his honey covered chest.

Lowering her head she gently started lapping up the sweet sticky syrup, lazily traveling around his nipples. She took her time making sure every drop disappeared before moving to his other nipple, before she started making her way down. She made sure not to leave a spot untouched as her tongue explored and lapped up the honey that had dripped on his chest down to his abdomen.

Moving slightly, she changed her angle a bit so she could lick his sides as well, preventing the honey from dripping on the sheets. It was then she noticed that he moved slightly as she licked his side. Smiling inwardly she suspected he was just playing along. Pretending not to have noticed she made her way to his other side.

Trying hard not to laugh out loud she saw him shudder as she lightly touched his other side. Unable to resist she quickly nipped his side. A muffled grunt told her enough.

"Are we done pretending now?" she asked with a sultry voice before dipping down again to continue her task of licking up all the spilled honey.

"You realize the trouble you're in, little druid?" he replied in a restrained voice.

"I'm not in any trouble, my love." Mia licked his smooth skin in between each word. "You see, I finally figured out what your kink is, hence I'm not in trouble," she added mysteriously before going back to her torturing licks.

Chris looked down and pulled at his bonds, testing their strength. Though they weren't tied too tight, they were tied skillfully and he knew he wouldn't get out of them unless he injured himself. It seemed his little druid knew what she was doing, and was enjoying it as well.

He liked what he was seeing, but he didn't like to be in this submissive position. It was so unlike him and it unnerved him just a little bit. He wanted to touch her, repay her the same way she was slowly seducing him. His cock was standing proud between them, yet she moved in such a way she didn't touch it, nor did her breasts caress his hot skin.

"You're killing me here," he grunted again.

"Oh I'm not and you know it. Just relax and enjoy." Looking him straight in the eye she spoke again, "Trust me, as you've asked me to trust you."

Then she bent down and started making her way over to his groin, eagerly lapping up the golden nectar that was slowly sliding down. Lick by lick she got closer to his hard flesh. When she was close enough she didn't grasp him in her hand, but followed his curve as she lightly licked him from the bottom to the top, circling his head for a second before releasing him with a plop.

Again and again she stroked his soft but hard flesh until all the honey was gone, only then did she take him into her mouth and sucked him in deep. Her one hand circled him at the base, keeping him more upright while her other hand cupped his balls and gently rolled and squeezed them. Slowly she moved her mouth over him, sucking and lapping at him as she withdrew from him.

Every time she went down she took him deeper and deeper until she finally had him where she wanted him. Relaxing her jaw and throat she pushed until she felt him sliding in. Only by her own sheer will did she keep him buried there for a long time before she had to come up to take a breath.

Grasping his wet cock she pumped him a few times before sucking him into her mouth and throat, again keeping him locked for quite a while. She could hear the gasps and grunts as he tried his best not to lift himself from the bed. Releasing him again she heard the relieved sigh escape his mouth. Glancing up she could see his eyes were closed and his chest was rising and falling rapidly.

Crawling over him, she planted a chaste kiss here and there. Mia saw Chris' eyes focus on her as she moved on up. Nipping his shoulder first she then whispered in his ear, "Are you going to be a good boy? Will you do what I ask of you when I untie you?"

During this she had lowered herself over him and was rubbing her slick folds over his cock.

Bending his head, he showed her his bared neck, telling her he trusted her. She licked his pulsing vein.

"I'm not asking for your trust, baby. I'm asking if you'll do what I'll ask of you?" she asked again.

"Depends on what you ask."

"Uh uh, that is not the correct answer," Mia said as she shook her head. "Try again. I want to be pleased. Will you do what I ask of you?"

Chris noticed the pure love in her eyes, touched with the passion they always felt and shared. He couldn't deny her anything, if it would please her to command him, then he'd let her.

Locking their eyes he firmly stated, "Anything you ask, my druid."

"Now that is more like it," and a second later his hands were loosened.

Brushing her lips over his it only took a second for Chris to flip her over and have her buried under him. Deepening the kiss he demanded her surrender, even though he knew she wanted to be in control. Not caring about the sticky mess the honey had left behind, he pressed their chests together, enjoying the slick feel of the two of them together.

Coming up for air, Mia stopped him from giving her another kiss.

"It's my turn, remember?" she reminded him. Bringing her arm between them, she took hold of his hard flesh and gently tugged at him. "I want this where it was a minute ago."

She gave him a push and glided down on her back so he was straddling her chest now. Licking his balls had him groping for the headboard. Looking down he saw Mia looking up at him, the joy and pleasure clear on her face. She took hold of him again and angled him downwards so she could take him into her awaiting mouth.

Slurping and licking she took him deeper until once again he hit the back of her throat. He saw the strain on her face. His inner battle was becoming harder, he didn't want to hurt her in any way, yet she was being adamant she wanted him deep inside of her, fucking her mouth.

You like to please me, so please me! Fuck my mouth and don't stop until you cum! he heard her say into his mind.

"Is this what you really want?" he asked just to make sure.

The wink she gave him answered that question.

He released the headboard, shifted lightly and tenderly cupped her head. He would please her alright, but that didn't mean he had to be rough about it.

His thumb was tenderly stroking the side of her face as he tilted her head backwards a little. This move gave him just a little bit more room to slide in and out of her mouth and make sure she would have enough air. Keeping his strokes short he rocked back and forth, only occasionally sliding his tip inside her throat.

This way he was sure it wouldn't be hard on her, but at the same time would drive both of them wild. She had discovered his kink and now had turned it against him. He just loved to please his bed partner, with his mate it was even worse, in a good way. No way would he take pleasure for himself unless she had come before him.

He enjoyed licking her, he loved teasing her, tormenting her was another one of his little tricks to tease her unmercifully. They were a perfect match because she went along with everything he could come up with and she enjoyed it and showed it.

Apparently she wanted the tables turned this time, she wanted his pleasure, his need and desire to come first. He could clearly see she was enjoying that he had given in to her and in turn it fed his need to please his mate. He admitted that at first he felt a bit peeved about being tied up in a submissive position, but as it turned out she didn't want him like that.

She wanted control, and once he realized why she wanted it, he was more than willing to give it.

He felt his need for release build up each time he pushed in and he was starting to have a hard time holding back that need. Mia knew he was getting closer as she wrapped her arms around him, grabbing his buttocks and kneading them hard in a frantic rhythm. These movements were driving him insane.

Trembling, he tried to keep on moving but her mental words pulled him over the edge as she demanded he'd cum for her. Panting loudly the grip on her head turned fiercer as he buried his hand in her long tresses of hair, holding her firmly in place. Before he had tried to control his trusting, but it was starting to get difficult to control himself. The teasing of her tongue and the tight fit of her throat around him were crumbling his self-control.

Fighting hard against the desire to shove his dick all the way in, he gripped the headboard, hoping that would hold him back just a little. Unlike other times, he felt his hand being released in a magical way.

No holding back, my dear, I want the same from you as what you demand from me he heard Mia say in his mind. He wasn't sure if those words were meant to tease him or lure his beast, but his last shred of control flew out the window. Her moans reached his ears and that only spurred him on to take what she was so willingly giving him.

Harder and faster he pushed, a deep rumble in his chest every time he felt her tongue swirl around him as he pulled back. Desire was building fast now, yet it always felt just out of reach. Again and again he thrust. He felt her hand move to the sensitive spot behind his balls. Caressing him slowly it was that extra stimulant he needed to let himself go.

Grunting deep he pushed in and stayed like that and felt the first spurts of cum coating her throat. As he pulled back she wouldn't let him go yet. Pushing his butt, she kept his still hard cock trapped inside of her mouth and milked him until he gave her all he had to give. Not a drop was wasted and she'd swallowed it all.

Only when she was convinced he was spent did she release him. She gave Chris a mock bite in his thick thigh before he moved and lay down next to her.

"You, my dear lady, are one evil wench!" Chris told her before pulling her close in a tight hug.

"I am not. I've wanted to do this for ages. Just keep this in mind for once in a while. I like the way you please me, but I like to give as well, I'm not a greedy taker," she said in a soft whisper.

"I'll be sure to keep that in mind," he said. He smiled inwardly, his little druid had indeed found out what turned him on the most. Just thinking back at how adamant Mia had been that he'd take his pleasure the way he did made his groin stir again. His need for her hadn't lessened at all.

Rolling her on her back, he parted her legs with his. One hand sneaked between them, exploring her swollen lips. His eyes widened as he found her dripping wet. She really must have loved it when she pleasured him with her mouth. If she really enjoyed it so much that he took his pleasure from her, then that was just what she'd get.

Looking her straight in the eyes, his mouth twitched in a small smile. In one swift move he buried himself to the hilt, after a few strokes he pulled out and turned her on her hands and knees.

"Brace yourself, sweetheart, I'm not stopping until you beg me to stop," he whispered close to her ear as he sheathed himself again in her dripping pussy. He was careful not to hurt her, but there was little gentleness in his pushing as he started to fuck her in earnest.

Mia braced herself on her forearms, liking the subtle change in the lovemaking. Glad he once more dropped one of his layers, she felt more and more connected to him. Craving his touch and his warmth, she pushed back, their flesh colliding time after time.

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