Saint Nick


The table was set, five carefully selected mix cd's of makeout music waited in the changer, and the Boston Market chicken, artfully disguised on a ceramic serving dish with rice and fresh greens, smelled great. Now all Nicolas was missing was his date. He'd already checked the calendar to make sure it wasn't Cate, the vegetarian, but he couldn't remember if he'd invited Cricket or Jessica...Janice. Janice? Janet? Hm.

His memory woes were solved when it was Cricket who rang up from downstairs. He couldn't remember her real name to save his life, but at least he wasn't going to confuse the nickname with anyone else. Nor would he forget who he was talking to. She was one of the few deviations from his type- the popular "undernourished sorority pledge" look- and she was stunning. Shoulder length black hair, tawny brown eyes, and an outstanding rack. He'd snuck a peek at her bra the last time it was on his floor- 36DD. That was the trouble with skinny girls, nobody had a decent rack any more. And Cricket wasn't overweight, unless you were one of those people who thought that Marilyn Monroe's size 12 was shockingly fat.

The thought of seeing them bounce around while she rode him sent a rush of blood to his groin. "Down, boy. Dinner first." He grinned with the self-congratulation of a man guaranteed to score.

He was handsome enough, and he'd practiced being charming and sincere in front of a mirror since he was 15. Speaking of mirrors...he paused by the mirror nearest his front door to neaten up the copper spikes of hair and check his teeth for unsightly bits of food. "Lookin' good, there, blue eyes." He mimed a pistol shot at his reflection and grinned again.

There was a knock at his door. He opened it, prepared to take Cricket's coat and maybe cop a feel while he was at it. He was not prepared to see both Cricket and Janet? Jacey? The freckled blonde who worked at...oh, shit, she worked at Boston Market! She was the manager for the one he'd ordered from. Nicolas had a sinking feeling in his stomach, and the mischievous smiles on the girls' faces weren't helping one whit.

"Hi, Nick!" they chirped in unison. "Isn't this just the funniest thing? It turns out that Cricket and I, we're members of the same gym! And we have so much in common. Like, we both have pierced belly buttons. And we both love the color green. And we're both dating you." There was that feeling of impending doom again.

"Yeah. And we both like girls too," Cricket added with a wink. She ran her hand up Jenny's leg and gave the girl's ass a hearty squeeze. Perhaps there was a glimmer of hope in this situation after all? Nicholas didn't dare to hope just yet. But then they tugged him into the living room and pushed him down onto his recliner while the two of them sat on his couch sharing a passionate kiss.

Like any good, red-blooded American male, he had an instant erection. Seeing the two of them sitting 5 feet away, locking lips and whimpering, was hotter than any of the threesome scenarios he'd ever envisioned on a cold Friday night. He was going to be invited to join in soon, right? He cleared his throat before they got too distracted. Jane's hand had found its way up Cricket's shirt and was stroking the front of her bra with enthusiasm.

"Oh, did you want to play? Well, first we have to go over some of the rules." The J-blonde, whose name continued to escape him, walked over and sat in his lap, crossing her legs and draping them over the arm of the chair.

"OK," he nodded. She smiled and ground herself against his throbbing cock.

"Your lap isn't very comfortable, Nick. Maybe I should go sit with Cricket again. Oh, and"- she paused and grabbed him by the ear- "the first rule is that you won't speak until you're spoken to, or touch until you're invited." She removed the hand that was sidling around her waistband and dropped it unceremoniously over the side of the chair.

She hopped up from his lap, leaving the tenting of his pants in plain sight. Cricket grinned. "Second rule should be that he gets naked, don't you think?" She pulled the other girl back down onto the couch next to her and ran her fingers up and down the back of J-blonde's neck.

"Sounds ok by me," she said. They both looked at Nick. "So strip, already."

Not an order that had to be issued twice, to be sure. Nicolas unbuttoned his shirt slowly, and as they whistled and made catcalls he began to get into it, shaking his hips around, grinding against the couch, and flexing. Finally he stood only in his boxer briefs, when the girls got up to kneel on either side of him and pull them down with their teeth. Of course the waistband got hung up on his erection, which by this time was so hard that he swore he could do pushups with it. The sight of the two girls, one raven head and one golden blonde, with their mouths so near Ol' Yeller- so named after its alleged power to make any girl come, shouting his name- nearly made him shoot his load right then. When it sprung free, the cool air in the apartment against his hot skin sensitized every nerve ending in his body.

He closed his eyes, wondering what was coming next. He was expecting a blowjob from at least one of them. Someone's hand gently scooped up his balls, which completely distracted him from the sound of the door to his balcony being opened. In a flash, he was shoved out the door, stark naked, onto his third floor balcony, and the girls shut the door and wedged in a broom handle to lock it.

They grinned at him through the glass. He pounded on the door and was about to shout at them when he realized that some of the people in the building were already looking out their windows to see what the noise was. He pressed against the door to hide himself from view as much as possible and blushed with shame when the pair of she-demons inside pointed at his now shrivelled member, squashed unflatteringly against the glass- and giggled. He glowered at them and sat down on a patio chair that he hoped was close enough to the building to be inconspicuous. Shit, was that a camera they were putting away?

Inside, the girls were busy stripping. He could hear laughter and conversation, but other than his name occasionally he couldn't follow what they were saying. Cricket leaned up against the glass, pressing her breasts against it and grinning evilly. The cold glass against her nipples left them tight and hard, and she grabbed her partner in crime's hand and pressed it to the dark bud. Johanna smiled at her. "Should we tease him some more, then?" The blonde rolled Cricket's nipple between her fingers with a gentle but firm touch. Seeing the other girl throw her head back in pleasure, Johanna realized that this was not entirely an act, and she was intrigued. She wasn't entirely thrilled about their unwilling voyeur, but since the subject had first come up as they had pedalled ellipticals side by side, Jo had been hoping to get cozy with the energetic Cricket.

Come to think of it, the other girl had been taking the lead in this scheme throughout. Johanna smiled and took the other nipple between her teeth, raking it. That got a positive reaction, so she began to suckle on the one while she kept rolling the other between her fingers and against her palm. She could feel the other woman's growing excitement, and hear it as Cricket's breath caught whenever Jo applied a firmer pressure to her nipples. Soon they were laying tangled on the couch, and Nicholas, who was watching from his exposed perch, could feel his hardon growing despite himself. J-girl- was it Jeannette, maybe? was on top of Cricket, focused on that stunning rack. He had a good view of her legs, and the neatly waxed area between them, and her ass. God, what an ass.

Cricket may have been reading his mind, because just then she reached up to clutch it and pull the petite blonde against her. They shared another passionate, horizontal kiss before they both sat up. He'd moved closer to admire the view, and the noise of his chair had alerted them to his attention. Damn.

"Oh, right, torturing Nick. He doesn't seem to be suffering enough," Johanna noted, with an arched eyebrow at the 3/4 erection he was sporting again.

"Oh, the hell with him." Cricket got up and closed the blinds most of the way. Now he could look in, but he'd have to move to the exposed part of the patio to do it. "He ought to be ashamed of himself, distracting you like that." She tucked her black hair behind her ears with uncharacteristic shyness, then reached out to rest her hand on Johanna's thigh. With a questioning look on her face, she slowly slid it upwards. Much to her delight, Jo reacted by smiling and returning her attention to the throbbing tips of her friend's breasts.

Her fingers kept sliding upward until they encountered the small patch of blonde hair atop the warm, soft mound. She hesitated for a split second before plunging a finger into Johanna's folds, searching for the nub within. The heat and moisture surrounding her finger warmed her all over, and she could feel the electricity shooting from her nipples down into her own clit as Jo began biting them harder. The other woman shifted, and Cricket lost her contact with Jo's pussy. She barely had time to be disappointed before the smaller blonde was kissing her way down the torso, playing her tongue around the delicate skin of her inner thighs before parting her slit and driving deep into her with two moistened fingers. At the same time, deeply pink lips closed around her clit and applied light suction there. A gasp of pleasure loud enough to be heard outside brought Nick out of the safety of his corner to try and peer through the narrow gap in the blinds.

He began to stroke himself almost absent-mindedly as he stared at the living fantasy of one beautiful woman eating out another right there on his couch. The blonde sent a finger down into her own pussy to stroke herself as her head bobbed between the shapely thighs of the other woman, who was also taking matters into her own hands and tugging at her nipples. Within minutes, her hips were arching off the couch, and he reacted to Cricket's approaching orgasm with more vigorous strokes. He stiffened painfully as he saw her buck and shiver, then lie limp and panting as the other woman stood up.

Johanna wandered over to the door as Cricket caught her breath on the couch. She peered around the blinds and waved at Nick, who was clearly embarassed to be caught with his right hand wrapped firmly around his dark red shaft. She winked at him, then moved just out of his sight.

Cricket was more than anxious to return the favor, and she walked up behind Jo, reaching around to roll the smaller woman's pink nipples against her palms. Johanna was surprised to feel a silicone knob pressing between her thighs, when she heard "Thigh harness" whispered in her ear, followed by a tongue tracing along the edge of her earlobe. Cricket had grabbed a kitchen chair, and she sat down on it just on the edge of Nick's view. An average sized green dildo was strapped to her thigh, and she eased the blonde down onto it so that they were both facing him.

Jo sighed with pleasure as the ridged tool slid inside her. This was one of her favorite positions, and Cricket was familiar with its advantages too, as the flushed and still slightly winded black haired sexpot behind her trailed fingers over a sensitive nipple and an even more sensitive clit. The hot breath on her neck was enough to drive Jo wild by itself, but Cricket was encouraging her to move up and down on the toy. Her eyes were closed to allow her to take in the sensation of having all her most sensitive spots stimulated at once when a shadow moved across her face.

Nick was unable to resist exposing himself further in order to watch the show inside. He stood at the door, forehead leaning against the glass, hand pumping away at his very substantial cock. Jo found herself watching his show as well, and the very visible pleasure she was giving him magnified her own pleasure until she was thrusting madly against the toy, fingering her own clit as Cricket kept up the pressure on her nipples, desperate for release. A well timed kiss to the nape of her neck finally triggered the explosion she'd been searching for, and as a gush of fluid ran down Cricket's thigh Johanna let out a yelp of pure delight.

Nick stared for a moment, then brought his own release splattering against the window glass, not that the women inside even noticed. As they wandered out of his sight, he began to be aware of his precarious situation again. He considered pounding against the glass some more, but he could hear his shower running and decided it was probably pointless.

He was starting to get a bit chilly, though. The sun was nearly setting, and now that the show had ended his member objected to the draftiness and was trying to shrink enough that it was sheltered from the early fall chill. At least this allowed him to cover it with one hand- a small blessing he was grateful for when he realized that several of the bolder neighbors in his courtyard were waving and grinning up at him.

Inside, the two women had emerged from the shower and were gathering up their clothes.

"And did we learn anything today?" A fully dressed Cricket stood in front of the door with one hand resting on the broom handle.

He scowled. "Let me in, it's cold out here."

"Oh, we will," the J-girl chimed in. "Just as soon as you can tell me what my name is."

He ran through several guesses with no success, and she was starting to look a bit annoyed. Then Cricket came back to the door and said "I think that was enough for today. You teach them too much at once and they never absorb it," she smirked. Then they released the broom handle and bolted out the front door before he could decide whether it was worth chasing after them still naked.

He was alternately pissed off and incredibly turned on as he reconsidered the afternoon's events. Finally, with no date on the horizon, turned on won out and he headed off to his bedroom to rewrite history more to his liking. There, taped to his hand cream, was a note from the girls.

"Dear Nick- Next time, either come up with better excuses, or just tell us that you're seeing other people too. It'll save you lots of trouble. PS: It's Johanna, you moron. PPS: Never use the name of your penis as your password. Love and kisses, Johanna and Kate."

Underneath was written the URL for one of his online personal ads. He turned on the computer to find that his old photo had been replaced with a shot of him pressed against the door, pounding to be let in.

Another note on the side of his monitor informed him that it would be taken down in 72 hours, and if he gave a full apology to both of them they'd promise not to send it along to Cate, Emily and Tess. What caught his attention was the PS on this one: "Maybe we can do it again sometime. If your apology is good enough, we might even let you be on the inside of the glass." It was signed only with two lipstick prints. Nick felt a sudden need to retrieve the hand cream he'd tossed across the room in irritation...

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