tagBDSMSalad Bowl - Kink Edition

Salad Bowl - Kink Edition


Too many toys, too little time.

Recently, my husband and I faced a serious dilemma. What do you do when you have more sex toys and kinky ideas than time? Juggling our two careers with three kids still at home, we don't have a lot of chances to let loose with the really "unconventional" fun. Often, we wasted time trying to decide which toys to use in what manner. When you might only have an hour of "empty house time," even 5 minutes can really cause an impact. Generally, I tend to be the more creative member of our team, while my husband is far better at putting ideas into motion. Luckily, I was struck with an idea that seemed like the perfect solution, which hit me about two days before we had a "date night," when all three kids would be gone.

Salad bowl is a game known to most people who have kids. Generally, the players get scraps of paper and jot down a word or set of words that convey an action, emotion or object. The paper is then folded and tossed (pun intended) into a large salad bowl. The players take turns pulling out the scraps of paper and must convey the idea that has been written down on the paper, without using words. The other players take turns guessing until someone comes up with the correct answer. It's like a game of charades, with a twist because the players come up with the topics that are used.

My proposal was that we write down several sex acts/toys on individual pieces of paper, which would then be folded and placed in a large bowl. Then, when it was game time, one of us would pick three pieces of paper and hope for a winning combination. The subjects were generally divided into three categories: sex toys, sex acts and sex scenarios. The concept of "sex scenario" was added by me at the last minute with purely selfish intent. I had proposed ideas which my husband had shot down previously since they rely on role playing. I thought this would be a good vehicle to force his hand (it worked with varying success).

The following list is an exact replica of what was written down on the pieces of paper.

SEX TOYS: hand cuffs, leg cuffs, electro-stimulation wand, anal hook, anal vibrating rimmer, nipple clamps, bit gag, blindfold, clothespins, vibrating eggs, and sex swing.

SEX ACTS: anal sex, tied to bed, tied to ceiling by hands, flogging, blow job, sex outdoors, sex on stairs, sex in kitchen, hard spanking, shackled to bed, hands tied behind back, chained and left, caning, shock to specific body parts (penis, clitoris, nipples, anus), hanging by arms with one leg up and bent at angle, oral sex, sex while tied to bench, feet handcuffed to hands, anal hook attached by chain to a bit gag, figging, duct tape restraints.

SCENARIOS: (my scenarios were as follows) puppy play, walk in public with vibrating eggs in pussy, strangers meet in bar and end up in bed, naughty tutor, (my husband's scenarios were as follows) choose fetish category online and recreate the third video, Sue the submissive, Sue suspended by feet and fondled, 3 input Sue.

As we sat down for our first round, we figured we had better come up with some more specific rules. Some combinations simply would not work together. For example, it wouldn't make sense to attempt figging while engaged in anal sex. Our final ruling was that the first draw would take priority over the second, and that the second draw would take priority over the third. In the end, we just decided to follow the general spirit of the idea and use it as a way to generate kinky fun.

Our first game occurred on a Friday evening. We had no idea where the night would take us, and so the sense of anticipation was very high. It almost felt like Christmas morning as we sat naked and cross legged on the bed, with a salad bowl between us. We had made a pact that there would be no whining, we would leave the night in the hands of these tiny pieces of paper. With baited breath, I pulled the first slip of paper. "Strangers meet in a bar and end up in bed." SCORE FOR SUE! That was one I had hoped would be pulled. What luck! My husband, who is not much of an actor, had shot down that idea about ten times in the past. HA! I had a look of elation that matched his look of dejection in intensity. He was up next and pulled "Walk in public with vibrating egg in pussy." Ok, that didn't seem too bad to me, and we could definitely combine the two. The last pull was on my shoulders. "Blindfold." Nope, it was not compatible with the previous draws, although my husband argued it meant I had to wear my sexy, dark sunglasses.

We looked at each other, shrugged our shoulders and proceeded to get dressed. Before leaving, my husband inserted not one, but two eggs into my pussy, for which he had remote controls that he stowed in his pocket. I didn't think to put on a sexy outfit, but should have. A short drive from our house, sits the center of town, with plenty of restaurants/bars. My husband let me out by the front door of a bar we tend not to frequent, and went to park. The idea was that I would go to the bar, order a drink and that he would then pursue me after he entered. Trying to walk normally with two vibrating eggs in your pussy is not very easy, and I walked somewhat gingerly, almost on my toes.

As I walked into the bar, I heard my name called by several people. Turning to look, it was with mixed emotions that I saw a group of friends who had congregated together after watching their kids play in a high school soccer match. Since several of them were very close friends, I had no option but to go over to their table. I inwardly groaned as several men and women stood up to welcome me with hugs, because my husband had activated the vibrating eggs just as I was getting out of the car. I had absolutely no idea if someone could actually feel the vibrations in my body that came from the two eggs, and I desperately hoped not. No fewer than six people stood to hug and kiss me as I held my breath and tried to stay as steady as possible. By the time I had made the huggy/kissy rounds, my husband had joined the group and was trying not to chuckle as he looked at me and tried to gauge my level of unease. In retrospect, as I sit here typing, he was probably relieved that he wouldn't need to play act the whole "strangers meet in a bar" schtick.

I was offered a seat on a bench where several of the group had been seated, but all I could think of was that my vibrating pussy would surely be felt by the people sitting there and my husband wasn't about to turn them off, as he sipped a stiff drink at a distance. We very politely extricated ourselves and would have left altogether, but that might have appeared strange, since we had just entered. At the bar, we sat down on stools. After our quick drink, we successfully made a sneaky exit past the large group. I barely made it home without masturbating because I was completely torqued up after spending half an hour being stimulated by the eggs. For better, or worse, the first round did not go exactly as intended. But, after we arrived at home, we did fuck like rabbits, traditional style, for a good long time. We did have a good laugh at our failure and wondered if our friends had been clued into our deviance. "It could have been worse, fate could have had you suspended by your ankles, hands tied behind your back with an anal hook chained to a bit gig while being fondled," my husband said with a wistful sigh.

Our second attempt at Salad Bowl - Kink Edition went somewhat better. It happened about two weeks after the first round. Again, we sat naked and across from each other on the bed. My husband pulled the first piece of paper. "Electrostimulation Wand." I had asked my husband for one, and he does love to indulge me. The intensity of the shock can be controlled easily by a knob on the device and there are different attachments that control the way in which the current is applied. Pulling that paper as a first draw seemed like good luck because it could be combined with most other activities. The second piece of paper was drawn as we held our breaths. "Nipple Clamps." I exhaled loudly and thanked my luck stars that it wasn't suspension by ankles. Finally, the third draw revealed... "Sex on Stairs." Getting down and dirty on the stairs has been something that I have longed to do for many years. It seems like such a simple thing, but for some reason, we've never found the time nor inclination during our thirty years together to give it a try. Hey, we are busy people.

We very briefly talked mechanics and decided that the safest and most comfortable way to accomplish this assignment was for me to be on my knees and facing the stairs with my husband behind me. But, the trick was to work the wand into that scenario. In the end, we decided that he should be sitting on a stair with me straddling him, which would leave his hands free to use the wand on me. Off to the stairs we went. He sat on a wider step at a curved turn in the staircase and I sat on top of him just in front of his erect penis. My husband is not a small man at 6'2" and 210 pounds. It was a very tight fit to try and straddle him in the stairway. Luckily, I am tiny and nimble and with his arms around my waist, we were able to hold a safe position. I held his face in my hands when we kissed, because I love the way my fingertips barely reach up to his cheekbones (he really does dwarf me in size). He came up for air to announce we had forgotten the extension cord for the wand. After a frantic search through the garage, we reset on the stairs and he proceeded to make love to my nipples with his mouth, sucking, nipping and drawing them in so sweetly, first the right and then the left. My hands fisted in his hair as he drove me higher. When my nipples were erect, he applied the nipple clamps and I hissed loudly as each clamp was applied. He continued to gently lick the tips of my nipples that protruded from the grip of the clamps. Watching as his mouth worked its magic on my poor nipples, my passion grew as did the level of moisture in my nether region.

The time soon seemed right for me to mount him, and that is just what I did, slowly while I looked directly into his eyes. His large cock completely filled me, while his hands continued to hold me steady at the waist. The look of complete satisfaction on his face spurred me to rise and then plunge back down, over and over again, while my hands were locked behind his neck. At first, my whole body participated in the piston like movements. But, soon I leaned over to resume kissing and just moved from the waist down. When he could sense my approaching orgasm, he whispered in my ear that it was time for the wand. I swallowed deeply and moved my body back up as I continued to fuck him for all it was worth. I drew my arms up over my head, bent at the elbows so that I wouldn't be tempted to push the wand away. He grabbed the wand, turned it on and let loose on my clamped nipples with a medium size current that was just enough to push me into a frenzied orgasm. My pussy convulsed as my electrified breasts reveled in their sweet pain. Because the kids were out, I didn't have to worry about keeping quiet. By nature, I'm a loud person during intercourse, and I literally screamed as I enjoyed my salad bowl climax. My husband followed with a more quiet orgasm just as I was finishing. A screamer, he is not. Overall, our round of Salad Bowl was a rousing success.

The third salad bowl encounter was about a week after the second. Once again, we sat naked and across from each other on the bed. My dream came true as "Naughty tutor" was pulled first. Because it involves play acting, my husband had not agreed to participate in the past. I could barely believe my luck and knew he was cursing his! The next piece of paper read caning, which was definitely possible with the tutor idea. With one draw left, I crossed my fingers once again as I said a quick prayer that I wouldn't be suspended upside down. Happily, it read "Duct tape restraints," which would further compliment the first two.

My husband is definitely an all or nothing guy. He really committed to this round by going in search of a clip board, paper and pencil as props. We decided to stay on the bed, in the interest of comfort. Since math is his favorite subject, he drew up a five question "test" for me to answer. Very purposely, I missed every single question and handed it back to him to grade. He noted, with a strong sense of disappointment in his voice, that my first answer was definitely wrong. Out came the duct tape, and soon my bare ankles were bound. As he wrapped the tape around my ankles, he did make a point of telling me what a naughty math student I was. We had never used duct tape before and I found the base nature of the restraint to be a complete aphrodisiac.

The second math question was equally wrong, and my wrists were also quickly bound effectively, with the tape. Once again, I was made to listen to a very earnest lecture about my wasted math potential whilst my "tutor" restrained my hands.

The error in the third question was noted next and my husband flipped me over on the bed. A very hard spanking followed which, as usual, caused me to yelp in distress. It certainly did make me wet, however.

The clipboard was again grabbed by my dear tutor and he did his duty by informing me that the fourth question was off by a factor of a zillion. In the past, our attempts at caning had been half-assed (another pun, intended). Somehow, because we had committed to putting it down on the scrap of paper, it took on a more serious connotation. My husband positioned me on the bed, knees drawn up and ass in the air. I looked at him, watching to see if he would cave, since he doesn't usually like to cause me pain. His hand was drawn back and then flew forward with the cane firmly gripped. The searing pain took my breath away as I screeched. My "tutor" explained that this was definitely for my own good as he proceeded to cane me to a total count of five. I survived, but made a mental note that caning is not to be taken lightly in the future. I was undeniably wet from the experience, but my ass hurt like hell.

As the fifth question was reviewed and found to be wrong, I wondered what type of punishment might be meted out. I could clearly see that his dick was fully erect as it jutted out from his body, and hoped that it would soon be put to good use. As I was still on my knees with my head on the bed, my pussy and ass were both ready and waiting for him. Down went the clipboard, and up went my tutor, onto his knees, behind me. The suspense was killing me... into which haven would he go? The head of his dick started to enter my pussy and I exhaled loudly as some of my sexual tension was released. The marks from the caning burned as his thighs hit my sensitive skin, but I didn't care. The pain was a sweet addition to the pleasure of his cock hitting the back of my channel. Over and over he kept thrusting forward while giving me a crazy lecture about the importance of math.

My hands were still bound by the tape and ended up between my knees. I lifted them up and was able to scrape my fingers down his thighs and he continued to pound me. I was screaming and moaning and crying out "please don't stop" until I was hoarse. My first orgasm shook me from my head to my toes as my cunt jerked in a frenzied fit. It was followed by an overly sensitive period during which he continued to torment me with the intensity of his all-out fuck frenzy. I gathered my wits as well as I could and acted as the break wall to the crashing waves of his ramming dick. My second orgasm snuck up on me when he grunted out a warning that he was "so" close. That almost never fails to send me over the edge. We enjoyed an orgasm together, my body quaking as he eventually stilled and unloaded his ejaculate into my waiting body. Together, we collapsed on the bed, spent from the intensity of the experience. I would say the third round went really well, especially since it forced my husband into trying something that he had declined in the past. He really did seem to enjoy it in the end.

Overall, Salad Bowl - Kink Edition is a great game, especially for people with limited time. I hope this story serves as inspiration to people who find they are in the same boat. We plan to continue our game. Please give me feedback and let me know if any of you are interested in our future rounds... we have a "date night" coming up next week...


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by Anonymous04/24/19

Fill this doctor's prescription...

The story is worthy of a careful reading. Direct and specific enough to take a loving couple through their own date night experience, it is meant as fun and delivers exactly that. A.S.

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by HappilyLockedMan02/11/19

All The Better For Being True

Thank you for sharing this delicious story.

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