Last semester was so depressing; I almost dropped out of school. I was miserable, alone, and yearning for some different kind of fun. I was sick of boys after High School and wanted a more sensual touch from a woman. I missed the intimate times with my step mom Sally and wished I was back at home again. Sally was only 35years old 5ft. 8in. tall, and blond like me, with voluptuous breasts and suckable cone shaped nipples. My step mom was strict but sensual at the same time. Whenever Sally announced that she was going to discipline me my clit tingled just at the thought of getting spanked. Even though Sally was strict with me she made sure I kept on the straight and narrow road so I would excel in school enabling me to go to college.

When I turned eighteen Sally and I became lovers. Sally took me to Maui alone for my graduation present and seduced me at Makenna Beach. We were nude sunbathing at little Makenna Beach and after a hot coconut oil massage we began kissing and ended up having sex right there on the beach. After eating my pussy until I came, Sally sat on my face and walked me through my first taste of her sweet pussy. Rubbing her labia all over my lips I stuck my tongue in her wet hole. The taste and smell drove me wild with lust. When she settled her clit into my sucking mouth I made her scream in orgasmic pleasure. That hour I became her lesbian lover. We did not even care if anyone was watching or not. Sally guided me through my first 69 with her climbing on top of me and pushing her pussy into my mouth. I felt her long tongue lick my wet slit so I just did as she did, like follow the leader. We both came in each others mouths.

We were awakened from our passionate bliss by cheers from another lesbian couple nearby who were kissing and watching us make love. They snuck on the beach during our hot 69. Sally and I proudly walked over to them and told the girls it was our first time together. Giggling, they told us they had guessed so and congratulated us for being so bold. The butch of the two who had her navel pierced and sported a tattoo of a snaked biting her clit, teased Sally saying, that if I were hers she would take me into the jungle behind the beach and whip my butt to celebrate. Sally told her that she must have been reading her mind. The butch got excited telling Sally that there is cane growing back there that makes a perfect switch. Sally smiled and told the girls to have fun and maybe we would share more when we got back. The butch one kiddingly told Sally to give a few swats for her too. Sally told her not to worry she would hear my cries very soon.

Grabbing my by my pubic hair Sally led me into the jungle nearby to a stand of cane growing by a coconut tree. I was still turned on from my orgasm but now I was going to be treated to a stinging caning. I really did not care, I would have taken a bull whipping I was so high on sex. I watched Sally select a nice size cane breaking it off from the bunch. It had some needed flexibility to it so Sally broke it down to a good four foot switch. Whipping it through the air a few times the switch made a familiar swooshing sound making the hair on back of my neck rise. I cringed at the thought of the thin cane dancing off my bare flesh making nice size welts. I had just lost my stripes I received on Grad Night for being bad. I did remember Sally promising to get me in Maui on the plane ride over. I think Sally really wanted to impress the other butch she loved to show off.

Sally ordered me to wrap myself around the tree warning me to not to let go before she finished the caning. Finally I came down from my orgasmic bliss realizing Sally was about to cane me good. Judging by the sternness of her face and general countenance I knew I was going to get the bad girl treatment. Sally knelt down and licked my ass cheeks all over promising if I took the caning well she would eat my ass for the first time. I found out later that her wet saliva on my bare ass cheeks would make the caning sting more. Swishing the cane in the air to test to see if I would obey her and hold on to the tree, Sally announced that I was going to get 21 lashes on my bare ass for eating her pussy and 13 on each leg for eating her pussy the second time. I began to cry but Sally consoled me promising that the licks would not be full strokes. Sally wanted to mark me and make me cry out so the bitch on the beach would not think she was too easy on me. I told myself that I would scream for her with every blow. Sally pulled my face to hers kissed me passionately then began ceremonially positioning herself behind me. She raised the cane to the sky and dedicated the caning to the goddess of Sappho.

I wiggled my butt in anticipation of the first strike. Catching me unaware Sally began the ritual dropping the cane from the Sun to the Earth. The cane seemed to swish through the air like lightning hitting my bare ass so fast I had no time to respond for the first four licks. When the painful blows finally registered in my brain my mouth opened and I did not stop screaming until the caning was finished. My butt was in flames and my legs wiggled and squirmed and Sally struck each one from my upper thigh to my knees almost making me falter and fall from the blows. I had to hug the tree hard to keep from stumbling. The caning did not take long maybe five minutes max. I was crying out of control hugging the tree.

Sally kissed me congratulating me on my obedience in taking her licks so well. My ass and legs were well marked with welts from her cane which stung like bee stings. Dropping to her knees Sally spread my asscheeks and began licking up and down my crack as promised. I had had boys eat my ass before but never like this. Sally found my anus and pushed her tongue inside me. I began rubbing my pussy on the tree trunk to stimulate my clit as Sally licked me. The tongue fucking I was treated to totally made me forget my welts as I humped the tree till I wildly came. The orgasm made me so weak Sally had to hold me afterwards. Sally wanted to keep the cane so she made me hold it as we walked back.

Sally paraded me back to the blanket past the lesbians stopping only to show me off and gloat about her power over me. They both complimented Sally on the marks from the caning telling me I was a brave girl to take it so well as I dried my tears. I felt quite secure being Sally's girl. We ran to the water and jumped in the surf. The salty ocean water made my ass and legs burn but it felt good to be back in the water and heal my wounds.

Running back to the blanket Sally told me to get on all fours because she had another surprise for me. I thought I was going to get another paddling over my welts but I obeyed anyway. To my embarrassment I saw Sally take a dildo and harness from her purse smiling nastily at me. It looked about six inches long and about an inch in diameter. I was glad to see a smaller dildo because I was new at being taken this way. Strapon sex was not new to me. I had seen Sally's videos without her knowing and watched woman fuck each other and fuck men in the ass as well. The dildos in the videos were huge compared to the one Sally was about to do me with. I had also secretly used Sally's vibrators on myself and was able to get off when no boys were available.

Wiggling my ass while Sally strapped on her "cock" I was quite excited to have her screw my pussy so the girls could watch. In High School my girlfriends would take turns fucking their boyfriends while we watched so my shyness was long since vanished. Sally finished strapping on her cock and began stroking it as if she were making it harder. She told the lesbians they could join us. They quickly ran over to see me deflowered. They finally introduced themselves as Jenna and Jan both foxy brunettes.

Sally had the girls grab my arms which seemed weird. Kneeling behind me I felt Sally pour the oil into my crack and began massaging it into my anus. I was suspicious now, but it was too late to fight it with two dykes holding me down. Sally rubbed two fingers into my virgin butt making sure it was well lubricated. I feared the worse as I felt the head of the dildo slide up and down my crack looking for my tiny anus. From reading about anal sex in books that Sally had, I learned it was important to try to relax and let go to minimize the pain. I took a deep breath and let it out just as Sally pushed the head of the dildo into my virgin butt hole.

Jenna the butch giggled and told Sally to fuck me so I would never forget it. Sally told Jenna to just watch and hold me down or she would be next. I was afraid especially with two strangers holding me down. Sally told me my first time would be a little squeamish but I would soon get used to it. Jan stroked my hair and told me to relax and let go and just enjoy. When I finally gave in Sally pushed the dildo into my virgin ass with one slow thrust. My sphincter muscle twitched out of control trying desperately to extricate the invading dildo. The girls held me tight as I struggled through my impalement. I knew now why Sally had me held down I was frantically trying to escape her thrusting dildo. Being fucked in the pussy was fun but getting screwed in the ass was totally a different experience. I had watched boys fuck each other at parties but they liked it. This was surely for domination only. As Sally sawed my anus in and out with full thrusts of her "cock" the lesbians loosened their hold on me as I began to move with the rhythm of the ass fucking.

Sally told Jan to get beneath me and eat my pussy and gave Jenna the use of my mouth. I was going to be ravished by three women at once. Jan crawled beneath me and immediately began licking my pussy making me forget the dildo in my ass. Jenna grabbed the back of my head and pushed her pussy into my face rubbing it all over my mouth. Sally behind me resumed fucking my virgin butt. I had no choice but to eat Jenna's pussy, enjoy Jan licking me, and feel Sally fucking my butt. I thought to myself what a welcome to the world of Sappho sex. Sally fucked me until I wildly came in Jan's mouth feeding her a squirt of come.

Jenna needed more stimulation than I could give her but she stroked my hair and told me thanks for pleasuring her. Jan crawled out from under me and kissed Jena sharing my come in a hot kiss. Sally removed the dildo from my butt pulling me to her kissing me passionately. The four of us ended up next to each other Jan and I on our backs as our butches sat on our faces for more oral pleasures. Jenna and Sally french kissed each other while we ate their pussies till they came. Exhausted, we all too a swim in the warm ocean water to cool off.

Needless to say my trip to Maui would be very memorable. That was only one day of fun and I had more to come. Maybe later in another story!

The spankings continued but were more erotic and very sexual. When I went off to college I missed my step mom and the closeness we shared. She encouraged me to find other woman and explore my sexuality. Being hooked on Sally, I would fly home on holidays and we would pick up where we left off spending most of our time in bed.

Remembering my first day at school made me wet. When Sally escorted me to my dorm room she locked the door behind us wanting some private time before my roommate arrived. Pulling me to her bosom she gave me a long deep French kiss forcing her salivating tongue into my mouth like a snake. When she broke the kiss I was quite flushed and very turned on. We had made love all week at home eating each others pussies, yet both of us were still hot for more. I pushed my face into her large breasts kissing them through her blouse and began slowly kissing my way back up to her lips stopping at her neck to caress it with my tongue. As we kissed she forced her right breast from her pushup bra baring it for my lips offering me suck. I could not resist and suckled her nipple like a baby. Removing her blouse and bra, Sally felt relieved from the tightness of satin and lace enveloping her 36D breasts. My whole body glowed as she bared her breasts for me. I did grow a little scared because Sally always removed her bra when she was about to spank me.

Sally pinched my ass through my jeans smiling telling me with a twinkle in her eyes that she wanted to give me a goodbye spanking. Lowering my head sullenly I knelt at her feet obediently waiting. I watched her slowly unbuckle her thick black leather belt from her skirt. My ass cheeks tightened at the thought of her belt searing my bare butt. It reminded me when I had my last real hard spanking after my graduation party. I snuck home late and Sally surprised me at the door. Lifting my dress and reaching into my panties she found fresh come in my pussy. Smiling confidently because she had personally fed me my birth control pills she knew I would not get pregnant. Because I did not use condoms Sally was pissed and told me to come to her bedroom after I slept off the night. She whipped me with that same belt the next morning before breakfast. That afternoon we went for a walk on the beach and Sally caned my ass with thirteen strokes with me bent over in the facing the ocean waves. Sally caned my legs dancing me all the way back to the blanket where she ate my pussy into oblivion. I think I screamed more from that orgasm than from the caning.

Grabbing me by the wrist Sally stripped me naked warning me that I was going to get one of her long waling lickings, making butterflies sicken my belly. Sitting down, Sally pulled me over her lap, holding me down fast with her free left arm. Doubling up her strap she raised it high and let it fly across my bare cheeks. My whole body snapped forward as the blow seared my flesh. Spanking me with her leather belt until my ass cheeks sizzled I cried out after every blow. Sally promised me more of the same nastily snapping the belt off my bare flesh if I did not do well in school. I promised screaming the whole time she licked my ass cheeks with the strap. Finally Sally had me bend over the bed so she could strap my ass with full swings of the belt. These licks blazed my cheeks like wild fire making me cry out even louder.

In tears Sally laid me on my back, forcibly opened my legs leaned forward and stuck her tongue in my pussy. Pressing me into the sheets Sally ate my pussy till I came in her mouth. My pussy tingled and my ass hurt "good" for a week afterwards making me yearn for Sally all the more.

At first I had to masturbate alone fantasizing about lesbian sex to get off. I did not want any other lovers but I soon grew too horny to resist. Sally even encouraged me over the phone to find a lover. Sally taught me to use my masturbation times as a sex magic ritual to concentrate my sexual energy to bring a lover into my mind and my life.

I missed both the sex and the attention with her leather strap and paddle. I called her all the time just to be close to her especially when I was naked and rubbing my pussy. Our Maui trip always kept me horny when I thought about the fun we had.

Sally told me that soon I would have fun at school as well so just be patient and do well in school!

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