[June 1843]

[Jenkins family plantation, outside Charleston, South Carolina]

"How many niggers you have working here?" Thomas asked.

"We have 25 Black slaves, 20 field workers and 5 house slaves," I replied. "And in this family, we don't call them niggers."

"That's what they are, Robert," Thomas said.

"Maybe in your world," I said. "WE call them by their names, and refer to them as slaves or Blacks. They are still human beings. They eat, sleep, breathe, and walk the same way we do."

"Hrrrumph!" Thomas grunted. "I suppose next you'll be telling me you're going to emancipate them. Where do you get these stupid ideas?"

"We're not going to emancipate anybody," I said. "However, I've noticed they work harder when they're treated more like humans. It's all a practical matter. You ever notice we always have the best crops in the state?"

"I still think it's a stupid idea," Thomas said. "You do what you have to, I suppose."

[July 1845]

"How's the plantation?" Thomas asked.

"Don't rightly know," I said. "My dad says it's doing just fine. I wasn't really cut out for being a farmer."

"So you do... what, exactly?" Thomas asked.

"Life of leisure," I said. "I have enough money from selling my share of the inheritance that I can live for two lifetimes on it. Own the house free and clear, and grow a few crops in back as a sideline."

"So is it just you here?" Thomas asked. "You ever get lonely, Robert?"

"I did take one thing from the plantation..." I replied, letting my voice trail off. "Sally!"

"Yes, Master?" Sally stepped into the room.

"Please prepare tea for myself and my guest," I said.

"At once, Master," Sally replied.

"Just one... slave?" Thomas asked me.

"All I need is one," I said. "Nice-looking, too. She has awesome legs."

"Don't go there," Thomas replied. "I wouldn't even think about it with a nigger."

"Sally is NOT a nigger," I said. "She is my assistant."

I wanted to ask Thomas why, if he never thought about having sex with a Black woman, his personal house slave had given birth to two mulatto children in 3 years, but thought better of it.

[June 1847]

I suppose if two people share a residence for long enough, they become very close. Sally had become such a part of my life that she now called me "Master Robert", or sometimes just "Robert" – and it didn't bother me. We were like two peas in a pod. Her lovely, trim, well muscled, curvaceous body was becoming impossible for me to resist. Finally, I decided to no longer fight the inevitable.

"Sally," I called quietly.

Sally appeared. "Yes, Master Robert?"

"Please take off your clothes, Sally, and lie down on the bed," I instructed her.

She hesitated momentarily, but after looking at my face, she saw I wasn't making a joke. "As you wish, Master," she said.

I stripped along with her. She lay down on the bed, face down. "You are beautiful, Sally," I whispered. I kneeled on the bed next to her, reached down, and began to slowly massage the back of her neck.

Sally let out a soft moan as my fingers slowly worked downwards towards her shoulders. I continued onwards, moving to her back. As I massaged her, I gently ran my fingertips up and down her spine. I could feel her body shiver with excitement.

"Robert," she whispered, "that feels good."

I worked down her back, then moved downwards and started at her feet. I pressed more firmly on the thickened sole of her feet. She giggled as I caressed her sole. I worked up to her ankles, slowly working her muscles. She was beginning to relax visibly.

Continuing upwards, I massaged her lower legs, carefully working out several knots in the muscle. When I popped the knots she moaned with pleasure.

"Master," she husked, "don't stop."

I finally reached her upper legs. I spread her legs apart and began softly stroking as much of her inner thighs as I could access with her on her stomach. I could feel her quivering with building excitement.

"Turn over, Sally," I said.

She did so. I had full access now, and teased her inner thighs with my fingertips. I reached upwards and slid my finger over her slit. She gasped with excitement. I moved upwards and began licking her breasts, starting at the base.

I moved my tongue upwards until I was circling her nipple. I took her firm, muscular breast and began sucking, while I pinched her other nipple gently between my fingers. Sally reached down and held my head in place with her arms. Her moans were increasing in volume as I bit gently on her hard nipple.

"Oh, yes," Sally squealed. "Robert, don't stop! Keep sucking!"

I swirled my tongue faster and pinched her nipple harder. Then, breaking away, I repositioned myself so that my tongue was at her dripping slit. I licked up and down a few times, causing her to squeal and clamp her legs around me.

I slid my tongue inside her and began to slurp up her love-juice. Her legs squeezed me even tighter. I found her clit with my tongue and began circling. She began bucking wildly and let out what sounded like a primeval howl as she flooded my face with her honey.

When her body stopped spasming and her legs relaxed, I looked up. Sally was grinning from ear to ear. "Wow," she said. "That's the best I've ever felt."

I smiled. "I'm glad you liked it," I replied.

I positioned myself between her legs. I rubbed the head of my rock-hard rod against her slit. She reached down and tried to pull me into her. "Okay, here goes," I called, sliding into her steaming box.

Sally was very ready. It hadn't been more than a minute before she came again, squeezing my dick with her internal muscles. I slowly thrust into her, building a gentle rhythm that gradually increased in tempo.

I began to thrust into her harder and faster. She climaxed over and over, each time making me a little bit hotter. Her long, dark legs wrapped around my waist, locking me into her body. Her fingernails clawed at my back as she pulled me down onto her, thrusting upwards with her hips.

I felt myself building towards climax. Sally's hot body gripped me with increasing intensity as she dried to draw the liquid out of my hard dick and tight balls. "Please, Robert," she moaned, "fill me up!"

She hadn't long to wait. After yet another of her orgasms, her pussy squeezed me with red-hot intensity, and I couldn't hold back. I felt like a quart of liquid lead was pulsing out of my throbbing cock. Sally moaned with satisfaction as I overflowed her box, dripping our fluids out onto the bed.

When we came back down to earth, Sally smiled at me. "Master Robert," she said, "that was the best sex I've ever had."

"I'm glad," I responded. "I think you're wonderful to have around. It makes me happy that you're happy."

[May 1848]

"Thank you for emancipating me, Robert," Sally said.

"I'd like you to stay of your own free will, not because you're my 'property'," I said. "You're a wonderful companion in every way. Be mine, Sally. I love you."

"I love you too, Robert," Sally said. "I'll stay and be with you."

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