tagLoving WivesSally Brings Home...

Sally Brings Home...


Sally Brings Home a Christmas Pie

I'm very lucky because Sally my gorgeous 32 year old wife, and mother of one, is a really horny love slut. We have a very adventurous sex life and are always willing to try out new things and ideas. I allow Sally when she wants to 'experiment' occasionally with other men; however the only rule is that we don't have secrets about our lives and share everything with each other. We are both open with each other and often discuss our sexual likes / dislikes and fantasies. It was recently that my lovely Sally gave me one of the fantasies we had talked about as an early Christmas present.

The week before Christmas Sally's firm always had an office party before they finished work early for the seasonal break. All the staff, casuals and temps were invited to this party and it was usually a jolly affair where the bosses let the alcohol flow freely. On the day of the party Sally got ready for work as usual applying her makeup and doing her hair. She looked stunning in her fishnet stockings, short black pleated skirt, white blouse and black work shoes. Just before she went out of the door she called me over, embraced me, gave me a quick kiss and said 'wait in for me this afternoon I should be back about two.' That was fine by me as I had already finished work for the Christmas break and didn't have any other plans for the day.

As the day went on I tidied up the house and kitchen and got on with a few odd jobs; but always at the back of my mind I was thinking how Sally was getting on at work, and more importantly how her office party was going. I busied myself until just after 2.30 p.m. I heard a taxi pull up in front of our house as Sally finally returned home from work and the office Christmas party.

Sally came in through the door and I met her. I must admit that she did not look her best She was certainly a little tipsy and her hair was slightly messed up and her white blouse seemed to have lost the smart ironed creases it had when she went out that morning. Sally pulled me towards her and gave me a really sexy wet alcohol flavoured kiss, her tongue snaking out in to my mouth and gently sucking on my tongue. Breaking away from our embrace she said quietly 'I've been a really naughty girl.'

Now usually when Sally announced things like this it meant that she had found a good hard cock to fuck and wanted to share the experience with me. I knew she would graphically tell me about it, which would make her feel even hornier and end up with me getting a great fuck.

'Do you want to come upstairs to the bedroom and tell me about it?' I said. Sally replied she would love to do that and couldn't wait to tell me exactly just how naughty she had been that afternoon. She made her way to the stairs and went up to our bedroom; I followed her up watching the sexy sway of her arse as she wobbled seductively up the stairs in her slightly drunk manner. In the bedroom Sally sat down on our bed with her feet together on the floor and said 'sit on the chair darling and I'll tell you all about the office party.'

I listened intently as Sally explained to me exactly what has gone on that afternoon. She said that she had been flirting with some of the office juniors and as the party progressed she drank more wine and became more brazen and open in her flirting with them. Eventually two of the office juniors, Pete and Andy had bluntly suggested that they go with Sally to somewhere a little more private, and like the little slut she is, she willingly agreed.

The two men took Sally to one of the empty committee rooms, locked the door and pulled down the blinds. She told me that they had wasted little time with preliminaries and she had simply got on to the large boardroom style desk, lay down, and said to them 'fuck me.' She said she didn't even remove her knickers but just pulled them to the side to reveal her smoothly shaved pussy and let Pete slide his hard cock deep inside her. She said that as Pete was fucking her Andy was thrusting his cock rhythmically in and out of her mouth. She explained how the young men eagerly used her and when Pete shot his load of sperm deep in her pussy Andy took his place for some sloppy seconds. She then licked Pete's cock clean of any of their combined juices. She told me that when Andy eventually came inside her she quickly tidied her hair and clothes up a bit, thanked the guys and got a taxi to bring her straight home.

After telling me how her pussy had been used that afternoon Sally then lay down on our bed and un-buttoned her black work dress and said 'here you are then darling here's your Christmas present.' As my cock started rising I realized that Sally was giving me one of my fantasies that we had talked about... a fresh sticky cream pie.

She slowly and seductively pulled down her white transparent knickers gradually exposing her smooth completely hairless pussy. It was shiny and glazed with the double load of Peter and Andy's fresh come. She lifted her bottom up from the bed and slipped her knickers down her legs taking them off and threw them at me. 'Smell those lover' she said. I picked the flimsy knickers up and brought the sopping wet garment to my nose. I deeply inhaled the scent of her love juice and the unmistakable aroma of sperm from the soaking gusset. Holding her knickers under my nose made my cock grow harder and made butterflies turn in my tummy with the sexual excitement.

Sally lay on the bed and spread her legs open for me. The sight was magnificent. As she spread her legs her puffy swollen love lips pulled apart revealing the shiny fresh gooey mess within. Her thighs and smooth pubic area were glazed with sperm, and some was lewdly trickling out of her pussy down her thighs. She whispered to me 'come and make me clean, eat me, eat all of my lovers sticky sperm out from my pussy.'

I didn't need asking twice and moved forward diving in between her legs. I breathed in deeply savouring the bitter smell and enjoying seeing the wetness of her slit. I poked my tongue out and lapped at the edge of her sticky opening. The contact of my tongue made Sally moan, 'oh yes' she said. I slowly licked from the bottom of her sticky lips up towards her clit tasting the salty sticky come as I went. I probed deeper inside her with my tongue and felt the bitter taste of her juices mixed with the sperm run to the back of my throat I drank greedily savouring the taste of her fresh double cream pie. As I licked and sucked at her pussy Sally' moans turned gradually to whimpers, and as I licked at her clit I knew she was getting close to coming. Rhythmically circling her clit with my tongue I reached up and pinched her nipples hard through her work blouse, she loved this and it sent her over the top and she came on my tongue. As she came her pussy spasmed, and globules of sperm leaked out from deep within her and I swallowed it all down savouring the salty bitter taste.

As her orgasm subsided Sally begged 'please fuck me now, give my pussy some more come.' Not wanting to disappoint I willingly obliged. I took my hard cock out, roughly pushed her legs further apart and sunk my cock in one smooth thrust deep inside her slippery pussy. Whether it was her recent orgasm, or the remnants of sloppy seconds that I hadn'tmanaged to eat, my cock disappeared in to her smooth pussy with a disgusting slurping sound. I was feeling so horny and turned on that I only had to pump for a few thrusts until I erupted my spurts of come deep inside her.

As I pulled my cock out Sally's pussy looked well used. It was gaping wide open and I could see my sperm coating her lips and hole. I think it was one of the horniest sights I had ever seen. I picked up her used wet knickers and wiped her pussy with them, soaking up my fresh load of sticky sperm as she pushed it out from deep within her pussy.

I enjoyed the cream pie Christmas present that Sally gave me and am considering talking her in to letting Pete and Andy come round to our house one night soon so that I can have the pleasure of tasting another even fresher cream pie.

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by Anonymous

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by 4yourpleasureiam10/24/17

I wish I could do that for my husband

But until I have a operation I can not so I will wish my partner would bring some home to me,

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by Anonymous07/26/17

a time to remember

my wife brought home a sloppy pussy one night and told me that our neighbor had took advantage of her while his wife and kids were gone,and she said he had a huge dick,but what really turned her on themore...

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by shang4011/28/16

Creampie is best

I am an Indian and loves my wife a lot.
When I came to know that she is going out one of her colleague i started giving them space which she used correctly. After coming home she used to smell him.

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by ju8streading11/28/16

the guy in this sounds like he wants to eat sperm from the source

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