tagBDSMSally Ch. 01

Sally Ch. 01

byRosko Busby 2005©

There are key moments in life which, when looked back on, change your direction and perspective completely.

The seminar which Sally was contracted to cover certainly changed her life, but in the most unexpected way.

Sally was a 24 year old free lance journalist writing for magazines like Hello and FHM and occasional items for the local radio and newspapers when this story took place.

Nottingham born in 1980, she was brought up since she was 12 years old by her grandparents on her Dad's side after her mum and dad were killed in a car crash in 1992. Despite this traumatic childhood she has become a level headed and intelligent woman. Her mother's parents were Hong Kong Chinese and the physical blend of European and Asian has produced a very beautiful young lady indeed.

She looks a lot like a tiny Phoebe Cates being only 5ft tall with straight shiny black hair, but naturally slim and athletic. She has brown eyes and an oriental creamy coloured skin. She's never been short of boyfriends as she has the kind of looks that makes lads go weak at the knees and immediately fall in love with her.

At the time that this episode in her life took place she was in a relationship with John, an older married man from Beeston near Nottingham. The sex with him was great and he knew how to treat her in bed and she loved the intimate attention. He had that happy knack of making her feel very special and loved. The only thing he ever asked her to do was to have a Brazilian waxing on her pussy on regularly which he was more than happy to pay for. She was Ok with this and quite liked the feel of satin knickers on her bare pussy.

One thing was obvious to Sally that he was never going to leave his wife for her and Sally really did not want settle down etc just yet anyway. Their purely sexual relationship suited her nicely thankyou. She was free to do what she wanted and could always rely on him to give her a good fucking whenever she wanted.

Sally had graduated from university with a 1st Class honours degree in English and was lucky enough to walk straight into a journalism post at a features magazine. She's a typical modern young woman in that she knows what she wants and she went self employed just over a year before this all happened to her, allowing her to travel quite a bit around the world and get more money as well. Sally's a very self assured woman normally and she's usually in charge of her destiny but she was certainly not in control, in fact she was totally unable to control what eventually happened to her during these eventful times.

The story really starts on Friday 11th June 2004.

She was contracted by a National Sunday newspaper to do a report on a seminar about "Pornography and the Media in Britain" which intrigued her as she'd no real experience of the subject other than the occasional porn sites on the Internet which she and John looked at from time to time. She used to experiment with John after watching some of the sex videos and she found it enlightening and sexually stimulating. Unfortunately John could not measure up to some of the studs on the screen and tended to come rather quickly as he got so worked up. It never really bothered her as she was happy with the orgasms she enjoyed with him.

Sally really didn't know what to expect from her trip, but she was curious as she booked an overnight stay at the hotel in London's Soho where the seminar was taking place and when she arrived in the early afternoon she dropped her case in her well-appointed room. She freshened up and went down to the conference room just in time for the seminar's start at around 3pm.

The Chairman of the meeting opened the event with a short speech and a few people took the platform to air their biased views on pornography. Sally thought most of it was "bollocks" until a good looking guy in a loose fitting suit took the platform and immediately Sally recognised him from her time at university and she started to pay attention. He was Professor David Robinson, a professor of human biology from her university in Nottingham. She'd had quite a crush on him at the time, but that was as far as their acquaintance went. He was now about 40 and very trim with broad shoulders.

As he was about to start his presentation and whilst he was looking around the room she caught his eye. He looked somewhat longer at her and returned her gaze, obviously with some recognition, which made Sally's heart flutter. David had made a mental note to speak to her afterwards.

His presentation was very clever and he used two very pretty girls to work a digital projector, which shone images on a large screen behind him. Sally was sure that she recognised them both as fellow students at Nottingham as well. David started his speech by getting right down to the basic points.

"Sex is the most natural act performed by every animal on earth to re-create their species. We humans are no different but can enjoy so much more than other animals. We have the mental ability to enhance that pleasure but, for various reasons in history, we have tried to hide the act from public view. We have created a squalid, tainted public view of what people, so naturally, enjoy and spend much of their lives thinking about." Sally was taking notes and trying to concentrate.

He then shocked everyone all by showing a naked girls and men in various stages of the sex act as the Professor explained in graphic detail what is legal and illegal under the restrictive almost naive laws of Britain. Sally smiled at this style of presentation. "It's designed to shock" she thought. He continued by showing a limp penis, then a picture of the same penis fully erect. Sally was rather taken aback as the man on screen was obviously very well endowed indeed. Much, much bigger than Sally had ever enjoyed. Once again no face showing.

The presentation continued in this way for a while as he explained the hypocrisy of the pornography laws and the silly rules, which caused so many problems. Pictures were flashed up briefly of a couple having sex, firstly, with no genitals showing then the same couple with everything in full view. Sally noticed in the short time it was on the screen how much the man's erection stretched the girl's pussy.

After his presentation Sally looked around the room and there were other people like her were in various stages of embarrassment but most people were applauding a brilliant presentation. He'd made a very strong case for limited legalisation of public access to the most normal activity of having sex. The chair of the meeting made a suitable closing speech and the seminar ended at around 5pm.

They all trooped out and Sally found herself right behind the Professor as they reached the foyer. She touched his arm to attract his attention and, as he turned round, she congratulated him on his presentation. He looked straight into her eyes and then looked her up and down. Sally felt very strange, as he seemed to mentally undress her with just his gaze. Her heart fluttered as she looked back at him. "Thank-you, er—Sally," he said looking at her I/D badge. "Yes that's it - Sally. I thought I recognised you. It was at Nottingham Uni a few years ago wasn't it? Would you like a drink?" he asked and she nodded "Karen and Angie will join us in a moment once the gear is packed away." Even his two handed handshake had a strangely erotic feel. He almost caressed her hand which was very sexy.

David bought a round of drinks and they managed to find a table near the window looking out towards the BT tower when Karen and Angie joined them. They were both about Sally's age but around 5ft 6" tall with lovely figures that clearly showed through their stylish and expensive trouser suits. Both were natural blondes with lightly tanned complexions. David informed them that Sally had been at Uni at the same time as them, although neither girl could really remember her as they were on different courses and their paths hadn't crossed too often.

"I'm doing a report on the seminar and the porn industry for a big Sunday newspaper and you seem to be the key to my piece?" Sally blurted out without taking a breath. "Would you be willing to give me more information about your involvement?"

Karen gave her a nice smile and nodded to the others. "Go on then. Fire away Sally; what do you want to know?" "What's your connection with the pornography industry as you seem well versed in the laws and you seem to have access to some very candid photos?" she asked them as a group.

The three of them looked at each other and sorted of nodded in agreement. "Angie, David and I actually produce erotic films, or porno films if you like to use that term," said Karen straight out. "We take part in many of the films ourselves and we've all been fucked and had orgasms on film. We make films about people enjoying sex, rather than false, meaningless, choreographed porn, soap opera stuff that's normally found on Internet films etc. We, and all the others which help us, enjoy our work and get well paid as for doing it."

Sally must have had her mouth open as she tried to take in Karen's candidness and what she had said, for David laughed at her demeanour. "Have we shocked you Sally? Was that not quite what you expected perhaps?" he asked with a broad smile which she found quite disconcerting as he was looking at her in that piercing way again which made her quite nervous but made her slightly excited as well. She tried to answer at the same time as her mind was conjuring up visions of them having sex.

"I must admit I hadn't guessed that you actually starred in the films but I felt that you must be involved in the production side somewhere," she stammered. Even as she was saying that, it suddenly dawned on Sally that the naked bodies she'd seen on the screen during the seminar could have been them. All she could think of was that lovely big erection and she stared down at David's groin area with that vision in her mind. "Those pictures on the screen earlier," she stumbled to get her words out, "were they pictures of you?" She felt quite distracted as her imagination was going into overdrive now. "Yes. We thought if we used our own images then there would be no copyright issues with some of our other stars," said Angie quite openly. "Did you like what you saw then Sally darling?

They'd done it again and she was almost lost for words as her mind went back to David's erection. "I thought they were beautiful," she managed to stammer.

Karen saw Sally's discomfort and decided to carry on. "Angie came up with the idea of making our own films after she and I had a threesome with David when we were back at Uni about 4 years ago." As Sally's eyes moved back to David's groin as Karen was speaking and then looked up at his face and she was embarrassed to see him looking straight at her again with that knowing half smiling look of his. She blushed strongly as he had surely seen where she'd been looking.

"What's so different about your films then," Sally asked rather sheepishly, getting quite distracted under the constant attention from David's eyes.

"The films are for women rather than just men. Also we don't fake anything. The girls in our films all have real orgasms and no acting. The man must bring the girl off before he can even think of coming himself. This works brilliantly and our girls enjoy real sex rather than something put-on or staged." said Angie with an almost wistful shine in her eyes.

"We use all manner of different sex aids to enhance the pleasure for the girl, and use bondage a lot as the girls seem to really get off on it. We've got some brilliant footage of girl's faces and bodies as the orgasms erupt and they are unbelievably erotic. There is something very special about a woman in orgasm you know Sally? Their look of pure animal ecstasy is unique to a woman. If her orgasm is well induced by her lover, then her whole body shudders and some girls ejaculate, just like men."

"David here is really brilliant at bringing a girl to orgasm and we've both enjoyed his skill many times," said Karen looking lovingly at David who finally looked away from Sally and returned her loving glance.

Sally was by now getting quite turned on and was starting to shake as her mind raced with all this explicit information and she looked around to see if anyone was overhearing them. No-one seemed to be taking any notice as she turned back to Karen.

"Have you a video that I could look at or borrow? There's a VCR in my hotel room," she asked quietly but the tremor in her voice gave away the fact that she really wanted to see the action. "I'd be happy to buy one so I can write a report on one of your films," she managed to carry on despite the rising excitement inside her. She sounded almost desperate and she was visibly shaking now and the three of them could see it.

"I think we can do better than that Sally. Do you still live in Nottingham?" Sally nodded. "Good. We're based in the Park area of the city and we want to start another film as soon as we can after we get back. Why don't you join us and you'll be able to see for yourself what it's all about OK?" Angie said quietly and Sally was lost for words for a second. Her mind was racing and her shakes got worse as she realised, almost in disbelief, that she was being invited to watch people being filmed having sex.

"We're hoping to try out a new girl from Nottingham who's absolutely beautiful and has real potential and we're fairly sure that she's up for it," said David looking at Angie and Karen with what could only be described as a knowing smile.

Sally took a deep breath trying to recover her composure, as she explained that she was staying overnight in London but would it be all right to look them up tomorrow when she got back around lunch time.

"Sally; we're looking forward to it and we hope to give you an insight as to how the business really works and you'll have an in-depth experience to write about. OK?" said Angie, and that knowing look went between them again; but Sally didn't pick up on it.

They exchanged mobile numbers and Sally left for her room where she spent a very fitful night, with all the thoughts of what she was going to witness tomorrow, going through her mind constantly. She was imagining how she would cope watching these lovely people having sex. She was turned on now just thinking about it.

She arrived back in Nottingham at about midday and went straight home. After her night's sleep, she'd had a few doubts about whether to go through with visiting them when her mobile rang, startling her out of her day-dream. It was Karen checking where she was and what time would she be coming over as they were ready to start as soon as she arrived. Sally's mind was made up for her and she started to get excited again.

She showered changed into a sleeveless black dress which flared from the waist to the hem half way up her shapely legs and she wore no tights as it was a lovely warm Saturday afternoon. Sally left her coat at home and set off on the short trip with just had a little handbag with her.

Though it was not a long journey she was quite wary, as Nottingham is not the safest place for a pretty girl on her own, so Sally decided to catch the new tram so far and then walk though the city centre into the Park estate. She was very impressed indeed when she got to their house. It was a large Victorian detached house set in its own grounds overlooked by Nottingham Castle. "It must have cost an absolute fortune in the centre of the city," she thought as she rang the doorbell, feeling quite nervous.

Karen answered the door and threw her hands up and squeaked as she lunged forward and gave Sally a kiss full on the lips which surprised her a bit, but she just assumed that they did things like that all the time anyway in their business. "I'm really glad you're here sweetheart. Come in, we're all ready for you," bubbled Karen, sounding really excited.

"Do you all live here Karen?" she asked. "We sure do," Karen replied. "It makes it easier when we need to work."

They went inside through the large entrance hall and straight ahead through a large lounge to a room marked "Studio" and Sally immediately saw recording equipment and various cameras on stands. Angie was working on them as they came in and as they walked in she stopped and almost ran over to kiss Sally in just the same way as Karen had, which Sally found slightly disconcerting as she'd only ever been kissed like that by men before.

The cameras were all pointing into the centre of the room. There was a red leather padded board about 18" wide and 6ft long attached to a stainless steel box frame which intrigued her as she went over to look closer. The board seemed to be in two halves hinged half way along. In the four corners of the frame were steel uprights with chains attached and on the end of each chain was a padded strap which Sally was looking at.

Karen saw her staring and said "That's our stage today Sally love. That's where you'll witness what we do all close up and personal, the best fucking you've ever experienced!" as Karen grinned and gave her a quick hug. "I presume you've never been tied up before Sally love?" and Sally suddenly remembered about the bondage they'd mentioned in the bar. "No I haven't," she stammered. "When you're really involved in it, you'll love it Sally. Trust me. Trust is what it is all about. You just have to relax and leave it all to us for we know what we're doing."

Anyway she hardly had time to think about what Karen had said before Angie, now back across the room at the console, smiled at Sally.

"Are you ready darling because we are?"

Sally saw David come out of an en-suite wearing just a bright red thong which just about covered his manhood. Sally's heart skipped a beat as she eyed up his wonderful body and especially the large bulge in his thong. She could see that even when not aroused he was a well-endowed man indeed. He had very broad shoulders and strong arms and legs but was not over-muscled. He had quite a bit of body hair but not too much. He kept what little hair he had left on his head, very short, which covered up for his bald spot. He must have been around 6ft tall and Sally could hardly keep her eyes off him. "Wow, what a man!" she thought to herself as she kept staring at the tiny thong which hardly left anything to the imagination. She realised that very soon that thong was going to be removed and that beautiful weapon of his would be revealed to her.

Karen went over the join Angie and, as she had already done the setting up, they were ready to start.

David came over to Sally by the frame and stood next to her looking lovingly down at her. "Ready Sally?" said Angie. Sally nodded as Angie called "ACTION".

"This was it!" thought Sally as her heart was going at a tremendous rate. She'd never watched anybody having sex before and she was shaking at the thought. Sally was looking over to the room where David had just come from looking for the new girl that David had mentioned yesterday and when no-one came out it suddenly dawned on her what was happening. She was the new girl. "Oh Jesus!" she cried out.

She felt David's hand on hers. "Sally, don't worry it'll be wonderful. Please be my co-star?" Sally was dumbstruck as she took in what she'd just been asked but she had no time to answer as David took her head in his hands and kissed her hard and passionately on the lips, his tongue exploring hers as she returned his kiss. He certainly knew how to kiss a woman she thought as their embrace became even more passionate. The feel of his near naked body was so consuming she almost forgot where she was as she let her hands roam over his bare torso. She had this almost uncontrollable urge to touch his bulging penis inside its cover but events overtook her.

The girls obviously knew what David had planned and were busy filming. David had already taken her silence as a positive answer and with her reaction to his kisses, he pulled slowly away running his hands all the way down her sides and legs to her feet where he lifted each foot in turn and removed her shoes.

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