tagLoving WivesSally Doubles Up

Sally Doubles Up


Sally my wife was giving me hard time on the phone because it was 11 pm and I was stuck on the M1 motorway still about 150 miles from home. I work away during the week and should in theory leave at lunchtime on Friday to get home at a reasonable time for the start of the weekend. I was held up by a late meeting and then hit the 10 mile tailback of traffic I was still in 3 hours later.

Our wedding anniversary was on Saturday and Sally had persuaded her sister to take our kids until Sunday evening. Friday was meant to be the start of a couple days and nights of eating out and of hot sexual experimentation since Sally's new found enthusiasm for sex.

To make matters worse the next-door neighbours' teenage kids were having a typically raucous party with music blaring and car doors slamming. Sally told me she was not going to wait up for me and not to disturb her when I eventually got home. So while I sat in traffic needing an urgent comfort break Sally rang off and started to get ready for bed.

The noise next door was keeping Sally awake and it was a warm summer night and a storm felt close which as she was terrified of them didn't make it any easier to sleep. She was also feeling horny as she had spent the afternoon thinking up things to do to me when I got home. Sally decided to try masturbating as this used to help her get to sleep when she was younger.

We had planned to buy some sex toys this weekend as part of our experiments but for now Sally would just have to use her fingers. She slipped her knickers off and gently began rubbing the palm of her hand over her shaven mound. She liked the pressure to gradually build up and started squeezing her breasts with the other hand. Sally has lovely fleshy 34DD tits with large dark nipples which she loves having teased until they are hard.

Sally began to think of her favourite fantasy as her fingers found her clitoris and started a small circling motion. She imagined being laid on a bed with two men kissing a caressing her while they slowly undressed her. They would fondle her breasts and kiss her naked body one would move between her legs place his mouth on her pussy lips and begin to prise them apart with his tongue. The other lover would kiss and tease her nipples and guide her hands to his engorged penis.

Sally's breath was coming faster now and her fingers were working faster on her clit, she moved her hand down from her breasts and pushed two fingers into her now slippery vagina. As she slid her fingers in and out she managed to rub the area between her pussy and her arsehole with her other fingers. She liked the sensation and could feel her juices leaking from her pussy and running down towards her tight puckered ring. Sally could feel an orgasm building up and slowed slightly to make the sensations longer and hopefully stronger.

Outside there was a sudden crash which jolted Sally back to reality robbing her of the pleasure she now needed. Sally sat up thinking the storm was beginning and decide to take a quick look outside. There was no rain yet and the sky although dark and menacing did not have any signs of lightning flashes. Sally eyes began to get accustomed to the gloom and she saw the reason for the noise, one of the fence panels had fallen into the garden. She could see a couple of shapes that appeared to be rolling about on the lawn.

Sally realised that the kids next door had fallen through the fence, not thinking she grabbed her robe and ran downstairs and out onto the patio. Her anger and frustration was going to be taken out on the trespassers. She shouted at the pair of teenagers that were not just rolling around but were actually fucking each other.

The pair jumped up and ran through the gap in the fence and Sally followed them. As Sally reached the neighbours house the teenage daughters came out and began apologising profusely. The younger of the two girls looked dishevelled and Sally realised she was one of the pair making out on our lawn. The girls promised that a couple of the young lads would fix the fence panel back in place and called them over.

Sally led the way back and the lads introduced themselves as Ricky and James. Sally supervised the lads putting the fence panel back in a caught a glimpse of their tight stomach muscles as they lifted the panel high into position. The fence panel was proving awkward to replace and so Sally reached up to guide it in as she did this her robe rose up to the cheeks of her bare arse. She didn't realise this was happening as both guys took a good long look at her naked backside.

Just as the panel slid into place there was a huge crack of thunder and the clouds opened a deluge of rain. Sally ran back towards our house followed by Ricky and James who now found themselves on the wrong side of the fence.

Even though they were only caught in the rain for a few moments they were soaked. The rain continued to hammer down outside and the thunder roared overhead. Sally went a found some towels for the two lads and then went to change her robe in our bedroom. She dropped her wet robe to the floor and realised she had been outside without her knickers on and she felt a quick pang of excitement at the thought.

Downstairs Ricky and James had taken their shirts off and were drying themselves and discussing Sally's naked bum. James wondered if Sally was alone and if she would be up for a bit of fun. Ricky called him a pervert as Sally was old enough to be his mother.

James laughed and was about to reply when Sally walked into the room. She gawped at the two half-naked young men in front of her and took a couple of moments before speaking. Sally said they could stay until the rain stopped and then asked them if they would like a hot drink. They both said they would prefer a beer so Sally went and found a couple of cans from the fridge and opened the wine she had chilled earlier that evening and poured herself a glass.

James and Ricky sat down on the sofa opposite Sally and asked if she was on her own in the house. Sally told them about our plans to go out for a meal and of my being stuck on the motorway leaving out the more intimate details. Sally asked them who the couple were who she had caught copulating on the lawn. Ricky shyly said it was him and the younger girl Sally had spoken to. James joked that Sally had stopped them before Ricky had finished.

Sally blushed slightly but James continued saying that Ricky had jerked off whilst Sally was arguing with the two girls. Ricky was now blushing and telling James to shut up. But James then said that he had been about to get into the older girls knickers when Ricky had brought the fence down.

Sally could feel her nipples harden and took a quite glance down to check that they weren't showing but Ricky and James both noticed and she only managed to draw attention to them. James took this as a sign to go a bit further and asked Sally if she was turned on by seeing Ricky shagging his girlfriend.

Sally blushed again and before she could say anything James moved across the room and knelt in front of her placing his hands on the arms of the chair. James leant closer to Sally and planted a kiss on her mouth. Sally went to push him away and stand up but only managed to thrust her breasts in his face. James put his arms around her and pulled her up to her feet. Sally could feel his naked chest against her hands and felt his nipples harden under her fingers.

James pushed his mouth to hers and slid a hand down and groped her backside, Sally opened her mouth slightly to say something but felt James tongue push just beyond her lips. She allowed it to enter her mouth and felt the tip swirl inside. Sally relaxed and responded feeling the warmth tingle inside her pussy. James slid his hand around the front of her robe and worked his way inside brushing his fingers over her pubic mound. Sally rocked her hips towards his hand but it was already moving up her stomach to her breast. James grasped the flesh and gently squeezed making Sally kiss him harder.

Sally groped for James cock through his jeans and found the outline of a sizable erection she squeezed it gently feeling it twitch in response. Ricky couldn't just watch any longer and stood behind Sally and grasped both the cheeks of her arse in his hands and started to massage them.

James and Ricky started to strip Sally's robe from her body as she fiddled with James' belt buckle. Ricky pushed Sally's top up and she raised her arms to let it be pulled over her head. This exposed her breasts and James placed his mouth over one of her nipples and sucked it into his mouth. Sally gasped at the sensation and then felt Ricky's arms circle her body and pull her back to him. She felt his bare chest on her naked back and his groin pressed against her buttocks.

James managed to free his belt and soon had his jeans around his ankles and then he pulled his long, thick erection from his boxer shorts and rubbed the head against Sally's belly. Sally reached down and gripped the James' cock and started to slowly wank him. Ricky's hands had reached her pussy and his fingers were sliding up and down her opening gently teasing her lips open.

James turned her around to face Ricky and bent her forward so she could feel his cock rub against her arse. He pushed harder and found the entrance to her pussy and then eased the tip of his cock inside. Sally pushed back to meet him wanting the cock deep inside her. Ricky had pulled his cock out and eased Sally's head down towards it rubbing the tip against her chin.

Sally realised one of her fantasies was coming true, getting fucked by two men although she had always thought one of them would be her husband. She reached out and grabbed Ricky's cock and guided it to her mouth. She could still smell the sex juices from his fuck in the garden as her lips kissed the end and took it into her mouth.

James' thrusts forced her mouth further onto Ricky's cock and for the first time she felt it touch the back of her throat. Sally had never tried to deep throat a cock before as she was always too eager to get it rammed up her pussy but as she already had a cock up there she sucked Ricky further into her throat. James quickened his pace as he neared his climax and Sally ground her hips into his groin as he stiffened and exploded inside her.

James pulled out of Sally's cum soaked pussy and she dripped juices on the carpet. Sally took Ricky's cock out of her mouth and said "It's your turn to fill me with cum!"

James had sat down on the sofa so Sally knelt in front of him and Ricky took up position behind. She grabbed James' now limp cock and began licking the end trying to get some life into it. Ricky found her entrance easily slipped inside making a squelching noise as he began driving into her.

James was massaging her tits again and Sally felt an orgasm start rising with each of Ricky's thrusts. This one she was definitely going to experience and gave him encouragement every time she took a breath from her cock sucking. Ricky gripped her hips and pulled her cheeks apart with his thumbs exposing her puckered arsehole. He then reached around to her dripping pussy and rubbed Sally clit. Sally began bucking back as her orgasm spread through her body and felt spasm after spasm wash over her.

Ricky stopped thrusting to let Sally catch her breath and scooped some of her juices up in his fingers and started to rub it between arse cheeks and onto her arsehole. He pushed a finger into Sally's tight hole making her gasp and start to object but then he slid it further in a then started thrusting it in and out slowly. Ricky slipped another finger in and began easing Sally's arse wider.

James' dick was fully recovered now and Ricky withdrew from Sally saying "Let's double fuck her!" Sally didn't understand what Ricky meant but let James manoeuvre her so that she straddled Ricky and slid onto his cock. James then positioned himself behind her and pressed his throbbing cock against her arsehole. Sally began to resist but Ricky pulled her close to him and allowed James better access.

Sally yelped as James pushed the head of his cock into her but relaxed as the pain subsided. James eased out again then thrust back in gradually inserting his cock to the hilt. He then rocked back and fore slowly fucking Sally's virgin arse. Ricky could feel James' dick against his through the thin membrane between Sally's arse and cunt this made his own cock twitch and feel even harder inside Sally. Ricky could feel his cum rising and then he erupted into Sally.

James own orgasm was not far behind as the tightness of Sally's arsehole brought him to climax. He withdrew slowly and let Sally roll off Ricky's limp prick and sit back against the sofa as the juices of two guys leaked out of her cunt and arse.

Ricky and James sat either side of Sally and kissed and caressed her for a while before saying they had better get back to the party before they were missed. Sally kissed them both passionately as they left the house and then crawled slowly upstairs to bed. This time sleep came easily as she drifted off dreaming about being fucked by more men.

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