tagLoving WivesSally Gets The Sales Job

Sally Gets The Sales Job


Although this story is not a continuation of any other story it logically follows my previous two stories. The first story describes how with minimal persuasion my wife agreed to show her pussy to my best friend. The second story talks about how my wife first teased and the fucked my best friend Adam and got my permission to fuck just about anybody she wants without asking for my permission. This story is how my wife used her new found freedom to get ahead at work.

It was now a week since my wife Sally fucked someone other than me for the first time since we got married. She fucked my friend Adam and enjoyed every moment of it. It was always my fantasy to see her getting fucked by other men so I was not going to stop her from exploring her limits.

My wife worked for a call centre company that sold airline tickets to corporates and managed their trips. They had their call center employees divided in two teams, sales and service. Sally worked in the service team where she got calls from clients asking to make changes to their tickets. There was also a sales team that sold tickets to callers. The sales team gets a commission for selling each ticket. While the base pay in the sales and the service teams were the same, those working in sales easily made $700-$1,000 extra in commission every month.

Sally has been working in this company for about four years now as a service agent. Last year an internal job opening was posted and they were looking for someone to join the sales team. She applied for the job and did not get it. Then a similar position opened up again a couple of months back. Sally applied for the position again and did not get it. The only reason given to her as to why she didn't get the job was that there were better candidates in the competition. Sally looked at the performance of the candidates that were hired and knew that it was mostly BS. She was very frustrated.

Now in my discussion with Sally I learnt that the manager of the sales team was a real flirt. There were stories of him having fucked several women in his department. There were no complaints against him and the sales department were doing a great job so senior management turned a blind eye and could not be bothered.

Last month Sally's company celebrated a record year for profits by throwing a party for all employees and their family. It was during this office party that I got to meet the sales manager. His name was Ryan.

The party was in a upscale hotel in downtown Toronto. We drove to the hotel, had a valet park our car and made our way upstairs to the ballroom. We were about 20 minutes late for the event. By the time we walked in the room was crowded and full of people. I had worn a typical business suit. Sally was looking hot. She had worn a white top with frills on the side. It also had a deep cut in the front so the side of her tits were visible. Below the top she had a tight mini skirt. The yellow skirt was like two flaps wrapped around each other. The flaps held together by buttons and the skirt was cut higher where the buttons met. A lot of men in the crows appreciated the amount of legs Sally was showing. As we were walking through the crowd Sally introduced me to all her coworkers. She was totally pissed off with Ryan and tried to avoid saying hi to him. I noticed that a lot more women worked in Sally's company compared to men. Even Sally's current manager was a hot German lady. Just as we were walking around a guy came around and tapped on her shoulder.

"Hello Sally, How are you?"

Sally looked around and it was Ryan. Trying to keep it professional she hugged Ryan lightly and said "Doing good Ryan and how are you doing?"

"I am doing good Sally, really nice of you to come to the party."

Sally replied "Thanks, Ryan and BTW please meet my Andy."

We shook hands and exchanged some pleasantries. Ryan was a handsome guy. He was about same height as mine 6ft and had a very handsome face. He looked big and very well built. Later I found out that he worked out regularly and had a great muscular and toned body. It was no surprise that he would get plenty of pussy to puck whenever he needed. Ryan started flirting with Sally right in front of my eyes.

"That's a nice skirt you have Sally and you look hot in that top. Andy is a very lucky guy"

"Thanks Ryan. I don't see Lorna around" Sally said, trying not to get angry and change the topic. Lorna was Ryan's wife.

"OH she is here somewhere" Ryan replied.

Small talk followed. The rest of the part was uneventful for me but a lot of men stared at Sally's legs in the hot mini skirt. The skirt rode up a lot more when she sat specially the part where the two flaps met. At one point I think a lot of men caught a glimpse of her panties. I noticed it but did not ask Sally to cover up as I was enjoying how she was showing off.

We came home and Sally suddenly burst out

"OH that fuckin Ryan. What an asshole. He does not give me the job I deserve, he gives me a lame excuse for not hiring me and now that son of a bitch is flirting with me. It it was not the company party I would have given him a piece of my mind."

I tried to calm Sally "It's ok, forget it, it's not like we need the extra money desperately, we are doing fine with my job"

"No Andy it's not like that, It's just not about the money. I deserved that fucking position. Some of the other girls that have got the job are new and don't know much. I don't know why the fuck I didn't get it"

"It's OK honey. You will get it sooner or later" I said calming her down. Sally mood didn't get better that day but eventually she got over it. She was in talking terms with Ryan but it was very cold and professional.

Fast forward to today. It was about 9:00pm I was naked in bed with Sally ready to sleep after a long day at work. Sally mentioned "I was told that a sales position is going to open up next week"

"That's good. I think you should apply for it. You have done even better at work over the last few months and you deserve it." I said

"That won't happen till that Ryan is the manager in that department"

I noticed that Sally had stopped saying Asshole Ryan, so it was a clear sign that things had cooled off between them. I took my hands and started rubbing her tits and said to her "Maybe you should use these to convince Ryan that you are the best person for the job" I was now squeezing my wife's tits.

"Are you sure?" Sally said "He will probably end up fucking me if I flirt with him"

"That will be so hot Sally. Thinking about Ryan pounding your cute pussy with his cock and you swallowing his cum makes me hard. We had decided that you can fuck your or my coworkers anyway honey so you don't have to ask"

"So how can I do this?" she asked, "I cannot just go and tell him that I will allow him to fuck me in exchange for the sales job. If the rumours about him are not true then I will be serious trouble"

"You have one week. Make him want to fuck you. I would say flirt with him, use words to show that you are available to fuck, then show some skin, then show some more skin, make him want to push you in the corner, lift your dress and fuck you like an animal."

All this talking made me hot and I took my wife's hands put it on my dick. She started playing with my cock and said "That sounds like a good idea, let me think about how I am going to do this. Let me think about this"

"Honey, can we do something about my dick"

"OH the pencil she said laughing, here it will not even take a minute" She started masturbating me and as she said I came very quickly. She avoided getting any cum in her hands. She released her hands, turned around and said "Good night honey, go clean yourself, I am feeling very sleepy"

I felt humiliated but the humiliation excited me. I got up, went to the bathroom to clean up the mess. I came back to find my wife already asleep. I was sure the next 2 weeks will be very exciting.

We didn't discuss Ryan the next couple of days. It was Friday and we were having dinner when my wife said "Honey, Sorry I forgot to tell you but in the last couple of days I have been flirting with Ryan. I think I am ready to move to the next phase of showing him some skin."

"Wow I said smiling, obviously you forgot. Can you tell me exactly what happened?"

"Sure Honey" she said. "Well after we had discussed the idea that I should fuck Ryan to get the sales job, my mind started thinking of how I do this. On Thursday I wore the tight black dress we got last week from the mall"

"Yeah I saw you wearing that when you came in the evening, you looked HOT" I said.

Let me describe what my wife wore to work. The dress is completely black and went from the neck to about an inch above her knees. So it did not show much skin. But when my wife got it and showed it to me I told her it is atleast one size smaller than what she should get if not a couple of sizes. It fit her like a tight glove. You needed very little imagination to see how my wife would look naked. The dress clung to her tits clearly showing how big and firm her tits were. It stuck to her belly and then to her shapely ass. Below the dress she had work black boots that ended just below her knees. The contract between her white skin and the shoes and the dress make her look so hot.

I brought myself back to reality and asked "OK then what happened"

My wife continued "Well we had a issue with a call being transferred between the sales and the service department so I had to go to Ryan and talk to him. Now the management has provided Ryan with a cubicle where he sits but he also has an office that he can use for private meetings. I sent him a message on the chat tool and he asked me to come over to his office to discuss.

I got up from my chair and started walking towards his office. Once ne noticed me walking towards me I made sure I had a sexy swagger in my steps.

"Hi Sally, how's it going" Ryan said staring at my body from head to toe.. I think he liked what he saw

"Good Ryan, how are you" I said

We talked about business for about 10 minutes and Ryan was continuously staring at me and my tits. After the formal conversation was over and just before I left Ryan got up from his chair and mentioned "Sally, you look different today. Did you change something?"

"Thanks for the compliments" I said smiling seductively "I just got some new clothes that's it"

"You look great; it's like a new you that I have not met yet."

"Yeah I thought it was time to get a new wardrobe" I said smiling seductively. "What new do you see in me?"

"UMM, well the dress and the boots, they make you look so...beautiful..." Ryan said

"Beautiful or sexy" I said now flirting with him.

"Sexy and it shows off how HOT you are" replied Ryan. He waited to see my reaction as he wanted to make sure that I did not get angry or feel offended.

"Wow, thanks Ryan, I am happy that men find me sexy. You look smart yourself. You know I would have been even happier if I moved out of service to sales. You rejected me two times"

Ryan replied "I don't know if you know Sally, there will be a position in sales opening very soon. If you keep up and continue what you are doing then you may just get it.

"Really" I said faking my expressions "thank you for your encouragement and kind works" I said that and hugged him. Ryan took advantage of the opportunity and hugged me tightly making sure he could feel my tits press against his chest.

My My, he had a hard body. I was enjoying being squeezed by him. I let him hug me a little longer than normal and then broke off the hug and said my byes to him. I could see a bulge in his pants. I was happy.

Then today when I went to work, I wore a polka dot shirt which was made of very thin material. It also clung to my tits. I also wore a black knee length skirt that was very tight and again showed my shapely ass. I wore black shoes and put on red lipstick, left my hair open to the sides.

Ryan saw me while I was walking into work. The first half the day passed uneventfully. Around 3pm I got a message from Ryan "Hey Sally, do you have a few minutes, I wanted to discuss the call yesterday, I am available in my office"

"Sure, see you in 5 minutes" was my reply.

I walked into Ryan's office and he was sitting on his chair while I walked in. We exchanged pleasantries and discussed business. I had done a very good job in handling the business issue so Ryan was happy.

So I added "So Ryan, do you think I am keeping up and continuing from yesterday. I don't want to miss this sales opportunity."

Ryan stared at my tits and said "Yes, you are not quite there yet but you are getting there. I am sure if you keep working hard, take some chances and try different things you will stand out"

"OH Thanks Ryan I said squeezing his hand, I appreciate it. Do you like this dress? You didn't make any comments today so I was not sure"

"I like your dress Sally, you look HOT I especially like the top. I think you can make it look sexier on you." Ryan replied.

"How can I do that?" I asked playfully.

"Just open the two buttons on the top" You can show a little cleavage, it will make you look sexier."

"What else" I added.

"You should wear shorter skirts; you have sexy legs, no point in hiding them."

"OH thanks Ryan, your comments make me feel special" I said continuing to flirt with him.

"You know management here are looking for well-rounded personalities and not just hard workers. I think the new you is getting close to being such a person"

I thanked Ryan and got up to leave. I hugged him once again and once again Ryan made sure he pressed his chest against my tits. He moved and hand and rested them on my ass just squeezing them a bit. I did not stop him and let him have some fun.

I went back to my desk and that was my day.

"Wow that was good. You are making progress" I said, now very excited "Are you going to allow him to fuck you next week"

"Let's see" my wife replied "I think Monday I am going to show him my legs and maybe pussy a lot of tits and take it from there." If I have reasonable assurance that I will get the sales position then I will allow him to fuck me or I will keep teasing him.

Monday came and I was working from home. Sally had to go to work. The morning routine was normal for both of us. Sally got ready and was about to go to work. I looked at her and was a little disappointed. She was wearing a black coloured top that was buttoned up. She was wearing a black blazer above that. She wore a red shirt which ended just below her knees. The skirt and the top were tight and showed her sexy figure really well, however it did not show a log of skin. I casually commented to her

"Honey, I don't think Ryan will be able to see any pussy or tits." I said looking at what she was wearing.

"You will be surprised what a little adjustment can do" Sally replied

"What do you mean?" I said quizzing her

"I have a plan, I will text you and we can talk about it when I come back. Don't call me or message me. If my plan works your wife will come home well fucked" Sally replied

I got excited but didn't say anything to her. She kissed me and headed off to work.

Around 02:00pm I get a text from my wife "Ryan just called me to his office"

I was excited and wanted to txt her back to make sure she fucks him but remembered her instructions on not to message or text her.

Another text at after some time "He has a hardon"

Then after a few hours another text

"Honey, Ryan's cum is so tasty; he is so big, not a pencil dick like you. And BTW I got the sales job. Will be home soon"

I had an instant hard on reading her message. I took my cock out of my pants and started stroking it slowly trying to imaging what happened at work. My mind was racing. How did my wife show Ryan her pussy? Where did he fuck him? Did anyone see? How big was Ryan? etc etc.

I was so lost that I did not notice my wife parking her van and coming inside the house into our bedroom. She sae me eyes closed slowly stroking my pencil dick.

She came close to me, smiled at me and without saying her word dropped to her knees and started sucking my dick. I was so excited that I came within 5 seconds.

My wife laughed and said "You came too fast even by your standards; I am still so horny.. Can you lick my pussy.?" Without waiting for my answer, my Wife just sat on the computer table right in front of me and spread her legs. She raised one of her legs such that her knees were near her tits, she raised her other leg and put it on the arm of the chair I was sitting on. My wife's legs were split wide open and I could see that her pussy was used by a big cock. It looked red and well used. I also noticed that she did not have panties on.

This made me more excited and I started slowly locking her clit. Her pussy tasted a little different, I think I could taste some of Ryan's cum on her pussy. It was a little salty but did not taste bad at all. In fact I kind of liked the taste.

"Do you want me to tell you what happened at work?" Sally said

"UMM sure" I said without taking my tongue off her wetness. Here is her story

In the afternoon Ryan called me to his office to discuss a client file. I told him I will be there in 5 minutes. I picked up my file which had about 200 pages printed information about the tickets he had purchased, money he paid etc. Then I texted you and went to the washroom to make some adjustments.

I unbuttoned the first 3 buttons of my blouse. Anyone standing in front of me could see my lot of my tits and even some of my bra. Then I pulled my skirt up and folded it on the top neat the wsit so instead of it being a few inches above my knees it was just below my ass. I looked at myself in the mirror and it got me excited. I put the blazer back on to hide the unevenness at my waist due to the folded skirt and It covered my tits and the open buttons.

I quickly walked into Ryan's office, said hi to him and sat down. I sat like a good girl with legs crossed facing him, so even though I was showing a lot of legs it was not too much. I was busy looking through the file giving Ryan the information he needed. From the corner of my eye, I could see Ryan staring at my legs while we were talking trying to get a peek at my panties.

This was the clue I was looking for. I stood up and told him "I think they didn't turn down the heating in the office, isn't this meeting room especially hot?"

"Yes, I think a bit" Ryan replied.

"I hope you don't mind, I am going to take my blazer off" I said smiling.

"Go ahead" is all Ryan said.

I put the files on the table got up and I took off my blazer. While taking it off I used two fingers to spread my top from the front so that most of my tits and some of the bra cups were clearly visible. While sitting down I made sure I sat in a way such that my skirt rode up giving Ryan a good view of my legs and my thighs. I was so wet, I wanted to jam my fingers in my pussy and cum right there, but I held back.

Ryan was now openly staring at my tits and I feigned ignorance by looking at the files and providing him the papers he needed. He alternated between my tits and legs hoping to get a peek at my panties. We were almost done discussing business and were about to review the last couple of sales when I casually straightened my legs and opened them up giving him a peek of my panties. I didn't put them back together so Ryan had a continuous view. I could clearly see a hard on. Ryan got a good view at your wife's panties for 2 minutes when the review was completed and I was about to leave. Just before I got up Ryan said "You are doing great Sally, keep it up, the rate at which you are progressing I am sure the sales job will be yours"

"Thank You Ryan, I said quizzing him, when are you posting the job, When will be the interviews, you know I really want the job" I was now leaning in front of him, bending a little and putting a hand on his arm and showing him more tits.

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