tagLoving WivesSally Laid Back at the Office

Sally Laid Back at the Office


I recently changed my career from being a sheltered kindergarten teacher to the more exposed dynamic world of sales. After just 6 months in the new job, Dave, the owner of the company, took the sales team of 5 women out to lunch to celebrate the good sales that month. Since I had brought in the highest sales that month Dave gave me a ride in his sports Mercedes to the restaurant, while the others went in their own cars.

The lunch was great fun with a lot of banter and jokes, which got raunchier as more wine was consumed. Unfortunately for me quite a bit of the banter was directed at me, once the girls discovered that my husband was away on an extended business trip.

The girls were all commenting that they would not be able to wait as long as I did for my husband's return before getting some sex. They could not believe that I did not even own a vibrator and had been always been loyal to my husband even though he travelled frequently.

"I love my husband and am quite happy to wait for him for sex," I kept replying as they teased me relentlessly.

"But Sally, I know you really enjoy yoga without getting into the full spiritual side of it. Good sex is like yoga without the spiritual element. Making love is like yoga with the complete spiritual thing. You can really enjoy both levels of involvement!!"

I tried to brush off the comments but they stung a bit -- but I had to admit that they did make me realize that I was missing out on sex with my husband.

I was quite relieved when Dave finally suggested it was time to return to the office. I wanted to get away from the girls' comments and digs at my sex life. It was good to get into Dave's car and just sit back and relax for the drive back to the office. I relaxed even more when I heard Dave tell the others that they need not go back to the office that day as it was getting late, besides the fact that we had all had quite a bit of wine to drink.

"So Sally, the girls gave you a hard time about not having sex, with your husband away," Dave said patting me on the knee as we drove away.

We chatted about it for a while, and he seemed so caring and considerate that I started opening up to him. Yes I did miss my husband and I even admitted that I was missing sex as well. Somehow the conversation was quite relaxed even though a fair bit of sex was discussed. It felt strange that I never discussed my sex life even with my closest friends and yet here I was being quite open with Dave. Probably it was the wine eased my inhibitions a bit.

As we got to the office, Dave invited me into his large corner office and offered to give me a shoulder massage to get me to relax more before I went home.

"I am supposed to give quite a good massage," he said giving me a modest sort of smile.

I thought I should be going home as everybody else had, but it felt quite special to be invited into the boss's office. Besides which, the prospect of a shoulder massage was quite attractive.

Dave pulled up a chair for me and as I sat down he moved behind me and started to massage my neck and shoulders.

"Let me help you relax and try to forget about the other girls."

The massage was great. Soon he had me totally relaxed and chatting freely again. Somehow Dave soon got the subject onto my travelling husband, and got me talking again about the sex I was missing. While chatting casually Dave dropped quite a few comments about how sexy I was and that my husband was very lucky. He made me feel great.

"Dave I don't think that is a good idea!" I reacted quickly as Dave's massaging hands moved to undo the top button of my blouse.

"Oh, don't worry. I just wanted to open up your shoulders a bit more so that I can massage them better," Dave calmly replied as he undid the second button and pushed my blouse just off my shoulders.

I didn't quite know what to do but since he did not go any further I let it ride. After all, the massage was really relaxing. I closed my eyes and let my mind drift off thinking of my husband and his travels. Dave kept me in a state of bliss rubbing my shoulders and slowly working his way down my arms. Too late I realized that Dave was sliding my partially buttoned blouse even further down my arms. Before I could react my blouse had slipped over my breasts and had trapped my arms at my sides.

"Come on Sally," he said sensing my tense reaction, "Surely other guys have seen you in your bikini before!!"

Well at least my breasts were covered up by my lacy bra. I felt a bit guilty about allowing this, but convinced myself that the situation was under control. Dave knew I was married and he would surely respect the fact. He had shown he was a caring considerate guy.

I closed my eyes again as the massaging continued, and was soon quite relaxed about Dave seeing me in my bra. It did feel a little naughty, but also a bit exciting for Dave to see me in my bra. I knew that he would be able to see my nipples through the lacy bra, but that added a small thrill element. Next I felt a gentle kiss on the inside of my neck. It felt very sexy, giving me goose bumps all over and made my nipples stand out.

"Ohhhh - that felt good" I said almost involuntarily, keeping my eyes closed.

They opened rapidly though when I felt Dave's hand drift down my chest and gently caress the underside of bra covered breasts. Instinctively I tried to bring my arms up to stop this intrusion, but I found them still trapped at my side in my partially buttoned blouse that was around my waist. Oh hell, I was not able to cover myself up.

"Dave, don't you think your massage is going a bit far now," I resorted to, as verbal protest.

Embarrassingly, my hardening nipples were clearly visible to Dave and showed that my body actually enjoyed the caressing.

Chuckling at my confusion and continuing the stimulating caresses Dave looked directly at me.

"Sally, you really have great breasts. I bet your husband loves them."

Well he still respects the fact that I'm married I thought. I knew I had nice breasts and was pleased for his compliment.

I found myself really quite enjoying Dave's gentle touching and was a little disappointed when he stopped.

"I want you to look me in the eyes and give me a few truthful answers. Will you do that?" he asked in a warm caring tone.

"Well, I guess so" I responded, not knowing what to expect.

Still being trapped in my blouse and looking deep into Dave's eyes had me feeling like he had me a bit under his control. It was a strange sensation but also gave me a little thrill.

"You look at little excited, and your nipples are hard. I would like to see you tits. Wouldn't you like to show me how beautiful your tits are?" he asked, moving his hand back to gently massaging my breast through my bra.

A bit shocked at this development and the undeniable pleasure of his touch, I looked down to see what he was doing.

"No Dave -- I don't think we should be discussing this!" I retorted.

He responded by smiling at me and sliding a hand inside my bra. He massaged my tit skillfully, giving my nipple a few tweaks. Since we had been married only my husband had touched my breasts. I could not deny the thrill that another man touch was sending through my body, and my nipples were now rock hard. But I knew it was wrong and struggled to get my arms out of the blouse.

"Does that feel good?" he said, chuckling at my clumsy struggles.

This felt very wrong! I was a married woman but had to admit that Dave's massaging of my tits was having a deep and very pleasurable effect on my body.

"Come on -- don't you want to be just a little naughty? Wouldn't it excite you to show me your beautiful tits?" Dave continued persuasively. I was getting very turned on by his fondling now and found myself excited by the prospect of showing them off to another man.

I had never let another man see me topless, but persuaded myself that I would just enjoy the moment (and let Dave enjoy it) but that things would definitely not go further.

"Yes Dave - I want you to see my tits," I answered him a bit shakily as my excitement grew. Dave gave me a big, warm smile as he unclipped my bra, slipped it off my shoulders and started fondling my exposed tits.

"Hell you have gorgeous tits Sally. What a waste having them trapped in a bra!! You should be showing them off to the world" he joked.

Having got over the initial shock of allowing myself to be exposed, I starting relaxing and really enjoying his expert ministrations. As he started rolling my nipples with a bit more pressure I couldn't stop a moan escaping from my lips.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm," I closed my eyes and tried to think of making love to my husband as I was getting rapidly more horny. Dave shattered my short lived dream when he suddenly released my tits and stepped away from me.

"Showing off got you quite turned on I see" he chuckled.

"Now I want you to take off your blouse and bra so that I can see your tits without any clothes in the way. Then I'm going to suck your nipples and get them nice and hard" Dave said in a more commanding tone of voice.

I found his candid sex talk quite thrilling but worried that things were going too far. I sat there torn between my loyalty to my husband and my growing passion.

"Sally, look me in the eyes again! Your husband is far away travelling. Follow your instincts. You know that it will feel great to have your nipples sucked. Isn't that right?" in that commanding tone again.

My resolve was weakening and Dave was right -- I really loved having my nipples sucked. I stood up facing Dave and struggled out of my blouse, letting it and my bra fall to the ground. Here I was now totally topless in front of my boss, and finding it unbelievably exciting. I tried not to pay any attention my growing need and the moistness between my legs.

Dave just stared at me for a while, and then motioned for me to sit next to him. He gently pushed me back and quickly started sucking and licking my nipples while massaging my tits. He really knew just what to do to really turn a girl on.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Dave -- what are you doing to me?" I groaned.

I never dreamed that it could be so erotic to have another man sucking and licking my nipples. My passion levels were climbing rapidly and the slit between my legs getting quite seriously wet. Dave could clearly sense my state of arousal. He kissed me full on the lips while subtly parting my wrap-around skirt with one hand. He kissed me again as he caressed my exposed thigh and slowly slid a hand up it until he touched my pussy through my panties.

"NO DAVE! I am a married woman" I cried out in panic. I knew I should stop this right there, but I was finding it very difficult to ignore my body's messages.

Dave responded by kissing me again and continued rubbing my pussy and clit through my panties. He knew he had me close to the giving in to him. My mind told me to close my legs but my body refused to respond.

"Sally you are incredibly wet and horny right now. You are a married woman, but your body is telling you that you need to be fucked. Your husband is not here to fuck you, so you need another man to give your cunt what it is craving right now. Let me take control."

I was stunned by this dirty talk, but found it turned me on ever more. Ever more driven by my pressing sexual needs I relinquished and nodded my head in consent.

"Good. Stand up, face me and strip off completely for me. I want to see absolutely naked and exposed."

As I dropped my skirt I realized that it was now only my small thong preventing me from getting fucked by another man. The huge thrill of being naked in front of another man, knowing what he wanted to do to me, was now completely dominating any remaining mental conflict.

As I stepped out of my panties I could feel the moisture easing out of me. I was trembling in anticipation. I could not believe how exciting it felt to be naked with another man, about to be fucked.

"You look incredibly sexy!! Now come and sit her, open your legs wide and finger your cunt, while I get undressed."

This was embarrassing. I had never touched myself in front of anybody before. Sexual need, however, soon took over and I complied, shoving 2 fingers in my dripping pussy. Far from being embarrassed, I found it hugely exciting as I worked myself with total abandon, watching Dave strip off.

He sat next to me again with a very hard cock pointing straight up. Dave instructed me to get down and suck his cock. I did not hesitate. I was so horny and in need of a really good fuck. I would do anything to get to that point sooner, rather than later. While enjoying his manhood in my mouth, I had one last fleeting thought about my husband. Would he like to see me doing this? The idea of that possibility was seriously thrilling, and drove me close to my orgasm.

Sensing the state I was in Dave lifted my head and looked me straight in the eyes.

"Sally, do you want me to fuck you?"

"Yessssssssssssssss" I answered, desperate to get release.

"Sally, I think you had better ask me nicely to fuck you," said Dave teasing me.

"Oh Dave, please fuck me now. I really want it," I panted, not caring how in control Dave was.

"Can I fuck you whenever I want, even if your husband is in town?"

I was stunned but too far gone to deny Dave anything. "Yes. Yes. Yes. Whenever. JUST DO IT DAVE."

With that he lead me over to his huge desk, made me lie on my back with my arse on the edge. He then splayed my legs, lifted them onto his shoulders and gently nudged my cunt lips with his cock. It felt incredibly erotic lying there with the lights fully on, legs wide open and my cunt and tits totally exposed. Since lunchtime I had been converted from a naïve, conservative, loyal wife to a wanton sex machine.

"Ohhhhhhh that is soooooooooo good" I exclaimed as Dave shoved his cock up my sopping wet cunt.

Soon I was approaching orgasm and my whole body was shuddering in anticipation. I wailed in frustration as Dave stopped pounding my pussy.

"Oh God Dave, don't stop now!!!"

"Sally - tell me you want me to shoot my cum right up your pussy, just like your husband does."

I was so desperate for an orgasm that I wantonly submitted to Dave's control again.

"Dave please shoot your cum right up me, just like my husband. But do it now!!" I begged, feeling totally submissive to Dave.

With that Dave pumped me with a few long strokes, while massaging my clit. Very quickly both of us reached resounding orgasms.

Lying on the desk, getting my breath back I felt Dave's cum oozing out of my pussy. In my totally satisfied state I found myself realizing that indeed there was indeed a difference between sex and making love -- just as the other girls had said.

I was really looking forward to making love to my husband soon again, and with revived vigor and interest. But I was certainly also was going to explore a lot more in the way of pure SEX!!!

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