tagMatureSally Lays the Bricklayers

Sally Lays the Bricklayers


The other night as I was relaxing over my favorite scotch at the neighborhood bar, I heard an interesting conversation. I was on my way from work and had stopped for a brief drink before I headed home to my wife Sally. We are a bit old-fashioned and have an old-fashioned marriage; I work for the money and Sally spends it. I do pretty well so she doesn't have to work. Instead she stays home and takes care of the cooking and cleaning as well as being involved with the PTA and all of the other things a suburban housewife does during the day. This particular week she wasn't going to any meetings because we had workmen at the house adding a brick patio to our backyard. So Sally stayed home to make sure the workmen were doing the brick work and not gold bricking.

I was thinking about work so I wasn't paying much attention to the people around me. Then I heard someone say, "You know all of those stories about bored suburban housewives. I never really believed them until today." I looked over and saw a rather muscular young man talking to his friends. One of the friends replied, "I tell you, I didn't either, but I'm a believer now."

The conversation was confined to four guys. They all looked to be in their late 20s and early 30s. As I listened, it became clear that they were all construction workers who were meeting after work. They had all worked in the area that day. Apparently two of them had just returned from a rather interesting job. I continued to eavesdrop while they described their adventure.

"Yeah," said one of them, "we arrived at the job site at 8:00 this morning. The lady of the house met us at the door in a rather revealing negligee. I guess her husband had already left for work and she was just lounging around the house."

"Well, didn't she know you were arriving to do the work? Why wasn't she dressed?" said one of the friends.

"I didn't know why at the time." the storyteller answered. "Anyway, she was an older woman in her early 40s. A Mrs. Robinson type. Older and a bit plump, but still a knockout. Maybe her husband likes to have her lounge around the house in negligees. I don't know. At any rate, the negligee was one of those black babydoll types. Her tits were really large and her nipples were pretty obvious through the top."

"Yeah, we just figured we caught her unexpectedly," his companion piped in, "she introduced herself as Sally, I think it was, and she pointed out the area where she wanted the patio."

"Sally?" I thought to myself, "it couldn't be." My wife Sally and I have fantasized about threesomes on occasion, but I couldn't imagine her actually doing something like that with strangers. I grabbed my drink and moved to the next barstool where I could hear the conversation better.

"We got to work. But it didn't end there," the storyteller continued, "this is what happened." And he began his story.

The two workmen spent the first couple of hours digging out the area for the patio, filling the space with rock and then adding sand and leveling it. The woman of the house came out just around the time they were taking their morning break. She had changed from the negligee into a low-cut white tank top and white swimming suit bottom. She was a little chubby but still a looker. They were only twenty feet away so both of the workmen could see her breasts through the fabric of the top. As she pulled a lounge chair into the grass of the backyard she noticed the workmen watching her. She gave them a little smile and ask how the work was going. They replied it was going fine and she laid down in the chair. The two workmen started placing the brick on the sand. Fitting the brick together took some attention so they didn't really notice the housewife until thirty minutes later. She had left the chair and was standing near them with a pitcher of ice water and three glasses.

She asked if they would like some water and they replied that they would. After pouring each a glass of water, she poured one for herself. As she took her first drink, some of the ice moved forward in the glass, pushing more water at her than she expected. The water spilled past her face and onto her front. Her shirt was soaked and the thin material plastered itself against her nipples. "Shit, that's cold," she said, "but on a hot day like today it feels pretty good." At that point she noticed both of the workmen were staring at her breasts. "Would you boys be interested in taking another break?" she asked. She grabbed the hand of one of the guys and pressed it against her cold wet breast. When he didn't resist, she pulled him to her and gave him a kiss. She whispered in his ear, "My husband is at work and I am bored and horny. What do you say?" When he stammered that he was interested but couldn't leave his friend to do all of the work, she replied that she was inviting both of them.

The three of them walked into the family room through the glass patio door. The housewife sat down on a couch and pulled them down to site on each side of her. She turned to workman she had kissed and said, "I don't even know your name. I'm Sally." The workman introduced himself as Tom and his friend as Bill. Then Sally leaned over to Tom and gave him a long lingering kiss. As they kissed, Tom's hands moved up to the tank top and kneaded her wet breasts. She obviously liked it since she moaned. Bill moaned too, as one of Sally's hands rubbed his crotch. Then Sally leaned the other way and gave Bill a long kiss. As she finished the kiss, she slid down to the floor. Kneeling in front of the couch, she unzipped Tom and pulled out his cock. Soon she was licking and sucking on it. As she sucked, she continued to rub Bill's crotch. Then she leaned over and unzipped him as well, pulling out his cock and sucking it while she jerked on Tom's dick. Back and forth she went, sucking first one and then the other.

"I'm so wet," she said, "who fucks me first?" She got up on her hands and knees in the doggy position.

Bill stood up and got behind her. She was wearing a swimming suit bottom that tied at the sides so he just pulled on the ties and it fell off. Sally spread her legs and he pushed his cock against her wet pussy. He slid in easily and started pumping. As Bill fucked her from behind, she continued to suck on Tom. Each hard thrust of Bill's 7 inch cock into her pushed her forward on Tom's dick so that it went deep into her throat. Each time she nearly gagged on his nine inches. After fucking Sally this way for a while, the two men traded places. Sally's cunt was good and wet from her own juices and Bill's pre-cum. Still, Tom had to push hard and slowly to ease his larger cock into her pussy. Soon he was pumping his full nine inches deep into the horny housewife. She moaned in pleasure.

"Get on top now," Tom told Sally. He laid down on the floor and she straddled him, easing herself down on his straight hard cock. Tom grabbed her by the ass cheeks and started bouncing her up and down on his nine inches. Each time she came down, he could feel the tip of his dick push against the inside wall of her cunt.

Bill stood next to them jerking on his cock. Sally grabbed his cock and sucked on it as she bounced. Finally Bill pulled it out of her mouth and rapidly pumped it. Sally opened her mouth as he jerked so she could catch the cum when it finally flew out. In a few moments Bill moaned and jerked. Semen shot out of his dick and into Sally's mouth. The next spurt of cum missed the mark and hit her on the check. Sally, still bouncing up and down on Tom's cock, tried to catch the third spurt, which caught her on the chin and dribbled down onto one of her large breasts. Then Bill shoved his cock back in her mouth, shooting several more spurts of semen into it. Sally continued to suck on his cock, milking it of the last of its juice, then finally swallowed.

"Now fuck me on my back," Sally told Tom. They rolled over and his long cock continued plunging into the slut housewife's pussy. Sally's spread legs waved in the air as she grabbed him by the ass, pulling his hard dick deep into her. Finally he too grunted, shuddered and exhaled hard. "Oh yes," moaned Sally, "shoot your hot sperm deep into me. I can feel your hard cock jerking inside me." Bill continued to move his cock in and out as he poured his seed into Sally. Finally he was spent and pulled out, his cock slick with his cum and her juices. Sally immediately pulled her legs up to her chest. When Tom asked her what she was doing, she replied, "I'm on the pill so I can't get pregnant. I'm saving your cum to show my husband when he comes home tonight. I want to show him how I spend my time while he is working. It will make him good and jealous...and horny."

"No," one of the other fellows in the bar said at this, "I can't believe she said that. I'll bet it just pisses him off."

"I don't know," said the storyteller, who I now knew was Tom, "some guys do get turned on when their wives fuck other men." I could have told them that was true as I finished my drink and walked to the door, trying to conceal my hard-on. I didn't know for sure if it was my wife Sally they were talking about, but I kind of hoped it was.

The bar is only a few minutes from home so I still had a raging hard-on when I got home. Sally was there to greet me at the door with another drink...and wearing a white tank top and string bikini bottoms. "How was your day at work?" she asked. "Pretty much like usual," I replied, "I did stop at the bar on the way home and heard a very interesting story." Sally walked up to me and gave me a big kiss. When her hand slipped down to my crotch she noticed my stiff dick. "It must have been interesting to have gotten you this excited." she remarked, "Now I have something interesting for you too." She put the ties of her bikini bottoms in my hands and back away. As she did they came untied. She spread her legs a little bit and a little cum slid down her thigh. With that she grabbed my hand and I went upstairs with my old-fashioned wife for some old-fashioned sloppy seconds.

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