tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSally Likes Showing It Ch. 01

Sally Likes Showing It Ch. 01


I walked into the kitchen to find my wife Sally standing by the counter talking on the phone. I felt my self lengthen as I ran my eyes over her 5 foot 9 inch frame as she stood there in a short white pleated tennis skirt and a white peasant blouse with white three inch heals making her all ready long legs look even longer! It was easy to see that she was braless as her 36b breasts pushed out the thin white material of her top showing me her dark nipples! She smiled at me as she talked and I smiled back as I watched her nip’s grow hard under my gaze!

Sally hung up the phone and went to the fridge. “Hi baby! Want a beer?”

“Umm, yes that would be nice!” I said as I watched her bend over just enough to let me see the cheeks of her ass. “Say are you being sexy for me to night or did your boy friend just leave?”

She smiled as she walked over to me giving me a kiss me as she sat down my beer. “Yep you walked in the front as he walked out the back! Fucked me good and hard to!” she laughed. “You ass hole you know it’s only for you!”

I took her hand putting it on my bulging pants. “Well it worked! Are you wearing any panties?”

“Good I very much wanted to turn you on and no I am not! Now what do you want for dinner?” She kissed me again then stepped back looking at me waiting for an answer.

“You know what? Why don’t we go out?” I said as she looked at me.

“Ok,” I could see her face cloud up and knew she was trying hard not to loose it after dressing just for me. “Umm ok then, I’ll go change.” She had turned away from me when I stopped her.

“Wait baby! You didn’t let me finish!” Sally had not ever turned down a dare or bet in the 15 years we had been married and I was hoping that would not change now as I felt my self-dripping in my pants. “I dare you to stay dressed just as you are!”

Sally turned back to me and standing with her legs spread to shoulder width she put her hands on her hips and said, “What are you saying?”

“I’m saying I dare you to stay dressed just as you are and go out to dinner with me! I am saying you won’t do it!” I smile knowing I had her!

She rocked from side to side as she looked at me. “It has to be worth more than just dinner, and what, well how am I going to, what if some one sees me like this? Some one we know!”

“You just have to not bend over, that’s all!” I could see her thinking hard about it as she walked back over to the bar. “What else will it cost me?” I asked.

“You have to take me to the beach tomorrow!”

Fuck I hate the beach! “Done!” I stuck out my hand and she shook it. “And you can pick the restaurant and it can be dark if you want!” I smiled at her as I finished my beer and stood up. “I will give you that!”

I really thought Sally would be a little shyer than she turned out to be as she picked up her purse. “Do I need this?”

“Nope lets go!” and I was right when we got to the door!

“I don’t know Sam!” she lifted up the back of her dress showing me her bare ass cheeks as she stopped and stood in front of me. “I really don’t have anything on!”

“Well ok, wait right here!” I rushed back to our bedroom and to her panty drawer. I knew what I was looking for and found them right away stuffed into the back of the dresser. I almost ran back into the hallway! “Ok come with me!”

I was so excited I was trembling as we walked out to my truck. Stopping at the passenger’s door I held out the T-back thong panties I had picked out for her! They were made of white silk and very tine! In fact the last time I has seen her in them they just covered the front of her slit not going up over her pubic mound at all and the back was nothing more than a string!

“You can wear these if you want to but you have to either put them on here out in the parking lot of the restaurant or the bet is off!”

“Honey!” Sally looked around and all though the truck was in our drive way the house next door had a good view of us standing there talking. Her breathing had changed making her breasts move on her chest as she looked past me at the neighbors’ house!

“Nope that’s the bet!”

Sally got a defiant look in her eyes as she looked at my cock straining to get out of my pants. “You really are liking this aren’t you?” She looked around again then back at me and looking me in the eye she pulled her skirt up high around her waist fully exposing her closely trimmed blond bush and ass to any one looking as she stepped one leg at a time into the panties and pulled them up! She held her skirt up as she adjusted them and then smiled at me as she let it fall into place!

“Is that what you wanted?”

“God Sally! Yes!”

She opened the truck door and made a big deal of getting as I watched her pull her skirt up high so I could see her little panties as she sat there. We talked about the day’s events as we drove to the restaurant never bringing up how she was dressed or that it was really turning me on and it wasn’t until I pulled into the driveway she realized it was vale parking!

Sally looked at me with a question on her face and when all I did was smile at her she smiled shaking her head and left her skirt bunched up so her panties and long legs on display as I pulled to a stop! I watched the young mans face as he rushed up to open the truck door for her and almost tripped as he got a look at my wife’s panties and exposed pussy showing through them as she opened her legs! “Thank you.” She breathed as she stuck her leg out to the ground not closing them until her toes lightly touch the concrete and she slipped out! His eyes went to her breasts as she let her skirt fall into place and smoothed it out as she waited for me to get around to her! Her cheeks were flushed as I kissed her softly and with trembling hands hooked her arm in mine as we walked into the place.

Sally was quiet as we waited for our table and as I looked around I only saw one person looking at her and it was a lady. When we had been seated she looked at me. “Umm, is there something I need to know about all of this? I mean we have been married for a lot of years and I have never seen you like this!”

“Well, you know I have always liked it when you would wear skimpy things for me.”

“I know but not like this!” She put her hand on top of mine on the table. “Sam do you want me to expose my self to other men?” She moved over a chair setting next to me. “Is this what this is all about?” She got a shocked look on her face. “Oh God! Do you want me to fuck other guys?”

“NO!” I looked around not wanting to be heard. “No way is any one to touch you but me,” I looked into her eyes. “But it just makes me crazy hot thinking of you showing off like this! It has always been something I have wanted you to do but I didn’t want you to think, well what your thinking! Sally I am so worked up I could cum in my pants!”

Our drinks came and as the waiter sat them on the table he couldn’t take his eyes from her breasts! Sally leaned back giving him a better look as she smiled up at him before he turned to walk away. She looked back at me. Is that what you wanted?”

“Yes!” I breathed

“She leaned into me kissing me softly. “If I told you I liked it what would you say?”

“I love you!”

“Well I am very, very wet and I don’t know if I can wait to get home!”

“Then lets don’t!” I stood up. “Come on we can get something later!”

I threw some money on the table and watched as Sally stood up not pushing her dress down in back leaving her naked ass exposed until she had taken a couple of steps and then she smiled at me as she adjusted it! We walked out and the kid had not even moved my truck yet it was happening so fast! Sally waited for him to open her door and as she sat down gave him the same show just in reverse letting him look at her crotch as she put her left leg in and with just enough hesitation she lifted up the other smiling at him like she didn’t know what she was doing!

I didn’t even have us out of the drive way as she pulled my stiff cock out of my pants and started to slowly pull on it. “Tell me about this new game, my love.” She said as I tried to think about driving and not her hand!

“I don’t know sweet hart! I just like the idea some one might get a look at you that’s all! I mean to night might have been a little over the top but god I loved it! I mean did you see what you did to that kid!”

I looked to the side to see Sally smiling. “He was a little excited!” she said.

“A little! Hell he will be pounding it for a month thinking about you!”

“Pull over!”

I did as she asked stopping under some trees as she slipped off the little panties letting them fall into the floorboard. “Slide over here!” She said and as I did she lifted up and slid over me still facing the front. “I want you in me!” Was all she said as she took my cock in her hand and guided it into her soaking wet hole!

Sally was trembling as she sat down on me taking me all the way to her womb in one long slow move! “Oh god!” came from her as I hit bottom and I could feel her fingers as she started pulling on her own clit! She leaned forward putting one hand on the dash pushing me even deeper into her hot love canal as she began to milk me with her pussy muscles! She wasn’t moving on me at all and didn’t need to as she pulled on and then strummed her clit with her finger!

“Oh god Sammy you have made me a slut! Oh baby I am so close! Wanting to show it o, o ohhh godddd! Yeessss baby! OHHHhhhhhhh shit! Fuck me!”

She lifted up off of me just enough to give me room to pump into her as she came her juices leaking out over my dick and down my balls!

“Yes that’s it baby fuck me! Oohhhhhh!” I pistoned into her as the cars and trucks sped past us on the road!

“I’m coming Sally! OOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhh!” I pushed as deep into my wife as I could trying to push my cum into her belly! “Ooohhh god!” Rope after rope of my hot seed shot into her and mixed with her own juices as she leaned on the dash with one hand and tried to turn to kiss me!

“Oh holed me sweet hart!” She said as my dick spurted the last gob of my love into her!

I cupped her breasts as she leaned back into my chest and I kissed the back of her neck. We sat like that as my cock grew soft and slipped out of her and our mixed juices ran from her and over my balls!

Sally kissed me as she slipped off of my lap. “Well I guess we have some things to talk about when we get home then don’t we?” she said with a smile as I moved back behind the wheel!

“Yes I guess we do!”

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