tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSally Likes Showing It Ch. 03

Sally Likes Showing It Ch. 03


We reached the boat ramp at the lake and as I got ready to back the boat into the water Sally climbed on board. “How long will it take you to get there?” she asked as I put the plug in the back of the boat.

“At least an hour and a half. “I said as I looked up at her standing by the wheel. The way the sun was shining on her I could make out her dark nipples through the material of her halter-top as I smiled up at her. You sure you want to take the boat up and not the truck?”

“Yes! I hate driving with the trailer bouncing all over back there. Besides it will only take me about 20 minutes to get there and I can drink a cold beer while I wait for you!”

“Ok then give me a kiss and I will see you in a while!” I stepped up to the side of the 26’ day curser as she bent over the side and kissed me. “I love you baby!”

We kissed and I got in the truck and backed it and the boat into the water. Sally fired up the 350 Chevy and I watched as she backed the boat slowly off the trailer. She waved to me as she backed out and then turned up out giving the big boat the gas and was soon around a point of land and out of sight. I pulled back onto the highway and in a couple of spots got a glimpse of her speeding up the lake until the road turned away from the shoreline.

An hour and forty-five minutes later I pulled off of the highway and down onto what was basically a cow path the led to an old rusted gate. Sally and I had bought the land 10 years earlier and had hopes of putting a house up on it some day but for now it was just where we went camping. It was still a mile down to the water from the gate and the old road was so rough it took another 15 minutes to get down to where I found Sally setting down an ice chest under a shade canopy she had set up!

I parked and then walked over to her. Sally was sweating lightly giving her soft skin a slight shine as she pulled 2 beers from the ice chest and plopped her butt down on it. “Dam next time I’m driving the truck! I didn’t realize what all you had to do to set things up before I would get here!” she smiled as she ran the cold beer can between her breasts as she looked at me. “If you get the tent set up I will set up the stove and then we will be ready for dinner right after we take a swim!”

We went about or work and in no time I was picking up a towel and walking to the cool water. I stopped by the boat where Sally had beached it and pulled off my sweaty T-shirt and threw it onto the bow. “You going to put on your suit?” I called to Sally as I turned to watch her walking to me.

“Nope, I wasn’t going to. Do I need to.” She smiled at me knowing I wanted to see what she had bought. “You’ll see it soon enough but for now I’m going to show you another kind of suit! MY BIRTHDAY SUIT!”

I watched as she untied her top pulling it off as she waded out into the water. She stopped as it reached her knees and pulled off her Daisy Dukes and rinsed them both out in the water. I must have been standing with my mouth open as I watched her breasts hanging and swaying back and forth and how her nipples stiffened as she splashed water on her self! “What? You look like you have never seen me with out cloths on before!”

My dick was getting stiff as I pulled off my own shorts and tossed them with my shirt. “I tried for years to get you to go skinny dipping and you wouldn’t even do it at night! Now here you are standing right out in broad daylight as naked as you can be! Fuck Sally! YOU LOOK HOT!”

She smiled at me splashing water at me. “No kids!” She said and turned diving in the cool water and swam out the few yards to a floating dock I had built for the kids to swim around and play on. She pulled her self out of the water and stood there nude smiling at me. “Well are you coming?” she called.

“All most!” I yelled back at her as I dove in and swam out to her.

I climbed up the ladder to find her lying on her back letting the after noon sun shine on her, in my eyes, perfect body! We sat there talking softly to each other until we could hear a bass boat coming across the lake. I thought Sally would slip into the water but instead she just waved at the 2 guys on it as they whooped going by!

We had lain there long enough to dry out and sense neither of us had any sunscreen on spots that had never seen the light of day before I said. “Come on. I am hungry and we both need to put some cream on or we will be in trouble!”

Sally stood up laughing. “Yes we don’t want to burn that pecker do we?”

“Oh hell no!” I said as she dove into the water with me right behind her.

Neither of us put any thing on enjoying the freedom and each other as after noon turned into evening and then night. We roasted marshmallows and ate them like kids and really for the first time in years found out that we not only love each other we liked one another!

“You know I love my kids but I think I like not having them around.” She said with a smile as she stuck a gob of half burnt marshmallow into her mouth and shook her tits at me in the fire light.

“Yea, it’s almost to bad Mark and Tina are coming up.” I ran my hand over her shoulder enjoying the softness of her skin. “I would like to spend the whole weekend like this!”

“Well, most of what I brought to wear is a little more reveling than you might think and Tina knows about it because she was with me when I went shopping.” She stood up stretching, pushing her breasts out as she did. “And I think you will be happy with what she bought as well! Now come to bed with me and rub some cream into my back!”

We went into the ten and I picked up the cream as Sally lay on her tummy. I began working the cream into her skin starting on her shoulders and working down to her bare bottom. “Does she know about our new found fun?” I worked more cream into my palms and then worked from the small of her back down over her ass cheeks puling them open and letting my thumbs slip into her crease! “Yes, a little. Umm baby easy!” I worked down in between her thighs and with a soft sigh Sally opened her legs giving me complete access to her woman hood! I worked my fingers into her slowly opening her, spreading her vagina lips as I let my thumb bump into her now exposed clit.

“Are you hard baby?”

“Oh yes!” I said

“Do you want to be in me?”




“Lay down.”

I did as she asked and felt her set up in the darkness of the tent.

“Here!” Sally took my dick in her hand. “Let’s put it in!” she let it slip into her wet hole as she guided it in sinking slowly down on me. She leaned forward letting her clit grind into my pubic mound as she kissed me. “Is this what you wanted?” She pinched my nipples as she began to mike me with her pussy muscles. “Did you want me to fuck you?”

Sally had never talked much in sex and had never been the aggressor before and I suddenly found I was very close to coming! “Yes, yes I like it very much!” I whispered to her as she bit and nibbled on my neck!

Do you want to cum in me?”

I pushed up into her as she moved on me for the first time. “Oh god baby! Oh!” was all I could say.

“That’s it give me what I want! I’m ready Sammy cum in me!” I let out a groan as the first shot of milky hot liquid shot out of me and in to her! “That’s it baby fill me up with it! Oh yes I want it in me Sam!” I rolled her onto her back and began to pound into her as I shot the last of me seed deep into her belly!

Suddenly as fast as it came it was gone and I felt like she had ripped my guts out! All I could do was lay trembling on her as she stroked my face and hair. “That’s it baby I feel you in me! I feel how hot you are and how hot your cum is in me!” I started to move but she pulled me back tight to her breasts. “No! Stay here! Let me enjoy feeling you Sam!”

We lay like that until I went soft and slipped out of my wife. My dick was sticky with cum as I move to the side kissing her. “What about you? Let me do it for you!”

She pulled my face to hers kissing me softly. No just hold me! You gave me what I wanted this time! “You can make me cum next time.” She kissed me again. “Now go to sleep my love!” and I did holding her close to me!

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